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  1. prefix: '&3[&6SurvivalGames&3]&6 '
  2. party-prefix: '&3[&dParty&3] '
  3. Scoreboard:
  4.   Title: '&e&lSG'
  5.   Content:
  6.   - '&6&m-----------'
  7.   - ' '
  8.   - '&6Player'
  9.   - 'Kills/Deaths:'
  10.   - '&a%kills%/%deaths%'
  11.   - 'Coins: &a%coins%'
  12.   - 'Wins: &a%wins%'
  13.   - 'Games: &a%gamesplayed%'
  14.   - 'Rank: &a%rank%'
  15.   - 'Exp: &a%exp%/%next_rank_exp%'
  16.   - ' '
  17.   - '&eArena'
  18.   - 'Players: &a%arena_players%'
  19.   - 'Viewers: &a%arena_viewers%'
  20.   - '&6&m-----------'
  21. Messages:
  22.   No-Permission: You dont have permission to do this!
  23.   No-Console: Only players may use this command!
  24.   UnKnown-Command: Could not find such a command! use /sg for a list of commands!
  25.   Already-In-Game: You are already in a game!
  26.   No-Arena-Found-With-That-Name: Could not find an arena with that name!
  27.   Arena-Has-Less-Than-2-Minimum-Teams: The arena has less than 2 minimum teams!
  28.   Game-Already-Started: That arena has already started!
  29.   Arena-Is-Disabled: This arena is disabled!
  30.   Feast-Timer: '&cA feast is spawning in %seconds% seconds at %x%, %y%, %z%'
  31.   No-Spawn-Points: The arena does not have enough spawnpoints!
  32.   No-DeathMatch-Location: There is no deathmatch spawn location for this arena!
  33.   Arena-Rollbacking: The arena is currently rollbacking! you cant join yet
  34.   Arena-Full: That arena is full!
  35.   Player-Join: '&b%player% &6has joined the game! (&b%arenasize%&6/&b%arenamax%&6)!'
  36.   Players-Till-Start: '&b%arenasize% &6Players left till the game begins!'
  37.   Broadcast-Start: The arena &b%arena% &6is about to start in &b%seconds% &6seconds!
  38.   Game-Starting: Game is starting in &b%seconds% &6Seconds!
  39.   Not-In-Arena: You are not in any arena to do this!
  40.   Player-Leave-In-Lobby: '&b%player% &6has left the game! (&b%arenasize%&6/&b%arenamax%&6)!'
  41.   Player-Leave-In-Game: '&b%player% &6has been eliminated!'
  42.   Players-Remain: '&b%arenasize% &ePLAYERS REMAIN'
  43.   Game-Cancelled-Not-Enough-Players: Game has been cancelled because it does not have
  44.     enough players!
  45.   Player-Leave-Self-Message: You have left the game!
  46.   Kits-Disabled: Kits are disabled!
  47.   Cant-Buy-Or-SelectKit: You must be in an arena that hasnt started yet!
  48.   No-Available-Kits: Could not find any available kits!
  49.   Shop-Disabled: Shop is disabled!
  50.   Couldnt-Find-Player-Data: Could not find player data in the files!
  51.   Game-Start: Game has started!
  52.   Recivied-Kit-Items: You have recivied the kit &b%kit% &6items!
  53.   Spectator-Tip: As a spectator, you can left click air or right click a block to
  54.     access the &a&nspectator gui!
  55.   Game-Ending: Game ending in &b%minutes% &6minutes!
  56.   Chest-Refill-Warn: 'Chests will be refilled after: &b%seconds% &6seconds!'
  57.   Chest-Refill: All chests have been refilled!
  58.   Grace-Ending: 'Grace ending in: &b%seconds% &6seconds!'
  59.   Grace-End: Grace period has ended!
  60.   Game-Cancelled: Game has been cancelled!
  61.   Player-Settings-Vote: '&d%player% &6has voted for &e%option% &c(%votes%)!'
  62.   DeathMatch-Starting: 'Deathmatch starting in: &b%seconds% &6seconds!'
  63.   Game-Ending-In-DeathMatch: Game ending in &b%seconds% &6seconds!
  64.   Winner-Grats: Congratulation, You have won!
  65.   Normal-Player-Win-Earn-Tokens: You have earned &b%coins% &6Coins For winning!
  66.   Player-Win-Arena-Broadcast: The winner of the arena &b%arena% &6is &b%player%
  67.   Couldnt-Find-Nearby-Player-In-Radius: Could not find any nearby players in a radius
  68.     of &b%radius%&6!
  69.   Item-Disabled: This item has been disabled!
  70.   Kit-Selected: You will get your kit items when the game begins!
  71.   Couldnt-Find-Kit: Could not find that kit!
  72.   Spectator-Teleport: You have been teleported to &b%player%
  73.   Spectator-Teleport-Deny: Could not find that player in your arena
  74.   Not-Enough-Coins: Not enough coins!
  75.   Purchase-Item: You have purchased a(n) &b%item% &6x&b%amount% &6for &b%price% &6Coins!
  76.   Blocked-Command: You cant use non SurvivalGames commands In-Game!
  77.   Normal-Kill-Player-Self-Message: You have killed &b%target% &6and earned &b%coins%
  78.     &6coins and &d%exp% &6Exp!
  79.   Player-Suicide: You have killed your self!
  80.   Player-Spectate: You are now spectating the match!
  81.   Carepackage-Dropping: Carepackage coming in &b%seconds% &6seconds!
  82.   Carepackage-Drop: Carepackage has been dropped!
  83.   Carepackage-Cancel: Carepackage has been cancelled due to a new event!
  84.   Carepackage-Denied: There must be &b%height% &6free blocks above the location!
  85.   Carepackage-Denied-2: The carepackage can not be placed on a half block!
  86.   Sponsor-Self-Message: You sponsored the player &b%player% &6with &b%item% &6x&b%amount%
  87.     &6that costed &b%cost% &6coins!
  88.   Sponsor-Target-Message: You are being sponsored by &b%player% &6with a(n) &b%item%
  89.     &6x&b%amount%&6!
  90.   Sponsor-Full-Inventory: The player %player% has a full inventory!
  91.   Sponsor-Target-Full-Inventory: Someone tried to sponsor you but you have a full
  92.     inventory!
  93.   Coins-Restore: Your spent coins has been restored! (&b%coins%&6)!
  94.   No-Available-Arenas: Could not find any available arenas!
  95.   Arrow-Hit: '&e%player% &6is now on &c%health% %heart%&e!'
  96.   Global-Lobby-Cant-Teleport-While-In-Game: You cant do that while in a game!
  97.   Global-Lobby-Not-Set: Global lobby hasnt been set yet!
  98.   Global-Lobby-Teleport: You have been teleported to the global lobby!
  99.   Arena-Won-The-Vote: The map &b%arena% &6has won the voting! with &b%votes% &6votes.
  100.   Vote-Locked: Voting has been locked!;
  101.   Player-Vote: You have voted for the map &b%map%
  102.   Time-Skip: Time was skipped to &b%seconds%&6 Seconds!
  103.   Server-Restart: Server you were on is restarting now!
  104.   Player-Rank-Up: You have &aranked &6up to rank &b%rank%&6!
  105.   Not-A-Tier-2-Chest: Could not find this tier 2 chest!
  106.   Kit-Already-Unlocked: You already have this kit unlocked
  107.   Kit-Purchase: You have purchased the kit &b%kitname% &6and lost &b%cost% &6coins!
  108.     &aCongrats for your new kit
  109.   Join-Deny: You must have nothing in hand to use the join signs!
  110.   Player-Move: You moved! Task &ccancelled!
  111.   Player-Movement-Disabled: Do not move for &d%seconds% &6seconds!
  112.   Match-Reset-Kick-Message: You have been kicked due to a match reset
  113.   Cant-Vote-Any-More: You have reached your voting power limit!
  114.   Bounty-Set: '&b%player% &6has set a &cbounty &6of &a&n&l%cost% &6on the player &3%target%&6,
  115.     &e%target% &6now has a kill worth of &a%bounty%'
  116.   Bounty-Get: '&a&l&n%killer% &6has gotten the bounty set on &c%player% &6with a value
  117.     of &e%bounty%'
  118.   Bounty-Win: '&b%player% &6got the bounty that was set on him with a value of &a%bounty%'
  119.   Bounty-Fail: The player u have set a bounty on left or was not killed by someone,
  120.     due to that your money has been restored! &e(&6+&a%bounty%&e)
  121.   Spectator-Bounty_Sponsor-Deny: You cant do this right now!
  122.   Player-Modifier-Change: Your modifier has been changed!
  123.   Stats-Reset: '&cYour stats have been reset!'
  124.   Cooldown: You cant use this yet! &e(&b%seconds%&e)
  125.   Invalid-Entity: Invalid entity!
  126.   Warning-Receive: You have received a warning! &b(&c%warnings%&6/&c%maxwarnings%&b)
  127.   Warning-Kick: You have been kicked out of the game for exceeding the warnings limit!
  128.   Cant-Vote: You cant vote right now
  129.   Party-Create-Deny: You already have a party! if you want to create a new one, you
  130.     must disband/leave your current one first!
  131.   Party-Create-Party-Exists: There is already a party with that name!
  132.   Party-Create-Success: You have &asuccessfully &6created a new party with the name
  133.     (&b%party%&6)
  134.   No-Party: You dont have a party to do this!
  135.   Must-Be-Leader: You must be the party leader to do this!
  136.   No-Player-Found: Could not find a player with that name!
  137.   Player-Already-Invited: You have already sent this player an invitation!
  138.   Player-Already-In-Party: That player is already in your party!
  139.   Already-In-Party: You already have a party! if you want to join a new one, you must
  140.     leave your current one
  141.   No-Party-Found: Could not find a party with that name!
  142.   Not-Invited: You are not invited to this party!
  143.   Cant-Leave-Party: As the leader of the party, you can only disband the party
  144.   Party-Unknown-Command: Unknown command! please use /sg party for a list of commands
  145.   Party-Chat-Enable: '&6You have &aenabled &6party chat!'
  146.   Party-Chat-Disable: '&6You have &cdisabled &6party chat!'
  147.   Party-Disband: '&6Party has been disbanded!'
  148.   Party-Invite-Send: '&6You have been invited to %leader% party! use /sg party join
  149.     &a%party% &6to join the party!'
  150.   Party-Invite-Send-Expiration-Warn: '&6The invitation will expire after 30 seconds!'
  151.   Party-Invite-Expire: '&6The party invitation has expired!'
  152.   Party-Player-Leave: '&6You have left the party!'
  153.   Party-Player-Leave-Broadcast: '&b%player% &6has left the party!'
  154.   Party-Player-Join-Broadcast: '&b%player% &6has joined the party!'
  155.   Party-Player-Invited-Notification: '&6%leader% invited &b%player% &6to the party!'
  156.   Party-Player-Not-In-Party: The player &b%player% &6is not in your party!
  157.   Party-Player-Kick-Broadcast: '&6The leader has kicked &e%player%'
  158.   Already-In-Game-Party-Memeber: '&b%player% &6is in a game! they must leave before
  159.     you can join!'
  160.   Arena-Too-Small-For-Team: The arena does not fit all your party players!
  161. Waiting-State: '&aWAITING'
  162. Starting-State: '&6STARTING'
  163. INGAME-State: '&cINGAME'
  164. Deathmatch-State: '&cDEATH-MATCH'
  165. Disabled-State: '&4DISABLED'
  166. Rollbacking-State: '&cROLLBACKING'
  167. Starting-Deathmatch-State: '&cINGAME'
  168. Finishing-State: '&cFINISHING'
  169. NotJoinable-State: '&cNot-Joinable'
  170. Player-Death-By-Player:
  171. - '&c%player% &ehas been killed by &a%killer%&e!'
  172. - '&c%player% &ewas brutally murdered by &a%killer%&e!'
  173. - '&c%player% &eweapon could not stand against &a%killer%&e!'
  174. - '&a%killer% &egave a helping hand in &c%player% &edeath!'
  175. - '&a%killer% &ecould not resist killing &c%player%&e!'
  176. Player-Death-By-Falldamage: '&c%player% &efell to his death!'
  177. Player-Death-By-Lava: '&c%player% &ethought he can swim in lava!'
  178. Player-Death-By-Fire: '&c%player% &eburned to death!'
  179. Player-Death-By-Explosion: '&c%player% &eexploded into million pieces!'
  180. Player-Death-By-Unknown: '&c%player% &ehas been killed by &bUnknown Object!'
  181. Signs:
  182.   Header: '&3[SG]'
  183.   Stats: '&bStats'
  184.   Auto-Join: '&bAuto-Join'
  185.   Join:
  186.     Line-2-Color: '&0'
  187.     Line-4-Color: '&0'
  188. Inventories:
  189.   Kits-Menu: '&cKit Menu'
  190.   My-Kits: '&cMy kits'
  191.   Kits-Shop: '&cPurchase a new kit!'
  192.   Vip-Kits: '&cVip kits'
  193.   Items-Shop: '&4SurvivalGames &e- &6Items Shop'
  194.   Arena-Settings: '&9Arena settings'
  195.   Vote: '&4Vote for an arena!'
  196.   Player-Selector: '&4&nSelect a player'
  197.   Sponsor: '&6Sponsor'
  198.   Sponsor-Category: '&bSelect a category'
  199.   Bounty: '&cSelect an amount'
  200.   Spectator-Menu: '&9Spectator Menu'
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