Jul 16th, 2017
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  1. Factorio
  2. +200cp - Failed colony
  3. +400cp - Megahive
  4. Roll(1d8)+0:7,+0 Total:7 7 - Free choice , chose crash site rolling again Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5
  5. 5 - Island chain . This is handy.
  6. Drop-in it's got what I want unfortunately
  7. This looks interesting , free for drop-in oh I love this kind of thing
  8. Tech tree-300 discount for drop-in stacking this with delineated crafting should be interesting
  9. body bank -200 handy for getting rid of those unfortunate curses
  10. modular armor:import battler G-300 , it's not Factorio without it
  11. Rocket silo: import my Omnium-400 Bio-omnics in space!
  13. Warehouse roboport-200 this will work nicely
  14. Crew:Retainers ,Monique, TJ,Leonardo da Vinci, Saitama
  15. ,Painwheel,Mother box
  16. - 200
  17. Retainers
  18. Drop-in
  19. This looks interesting , free for drop-in
  20. Factorio database -400
  22. ,Monique
  23. Engineer
  24. run the numbers free for engineer
  25. body bank -200
  26. green machine -200
  29. RJ,
  30. Drop-in
  31. This looks interesting , free for drop-in
  32. educated guess -100 discount for drop-in
  33. modular armor: import proto-adamantium plate mail -300
  36. Leonardo da Vinci
  37. soldier
  38. siege mentality, free for soldier
  39. just another gun -300 discount soldier
  40. provider chest -100
  42. , Saitama
  43. Engineer
  44. run the numbers free for engineer
  45. the conveyors will run on time -100 discount for engineer
  46. bamboo technology -300 discount for engineer
  48. ,Painwheel
  49. Engineer
  50. run the numbers free for engineer
  51. body bank -200
  52. green machine -200
  54. ,Mother box
  55. Engineer
  56. run the numbers free for engineer
  57. body bank -200
  58. green machine -200
  62. The plan: my nation needs defenses! Fortunately for once we have the labor force and resources to do it! Infinite liquid generators bootstrap more infinite liquid generators that let me cast foot thick hexagon shaped plates of Marvel Adamantine to form a great geodesic semi dome over our nation with regularly spaced automatic vault airlocks every fifth plate opening whenever something needs to leave and scanning incoming motion for whether or not they have intent to harm us and a GBE autoturret every second automatically sensing intent to harm us and replying in kind, it's not elitist as long as it's around the whole nation. Equally , and it's not fascist as long as everyone is free to leave at any time, which of course they are. naturally , I build an intensive hydroponics, air filtration and geo-engineering to counterbalance the effects of living in an airtight biodome and whenever there is an all clear. The upper doors open to allow air circulation, so long as bio scans read the environment as safe.
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