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  1. <C><P F="8" /><Z><S><S X="15" H="57" Y="347" T="3" P="0,0,0,9999,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="6" H="57" Y="347" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="10" H="10" Y="315" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="20" /><S X="279" H="200" Y="37" T="1" P="1,0,0,0.2,0,1,0,0" L="28" /><S X="531" H="200" Y="398" T="1" P="1,0,0,0.2,0,1,0,0" L="28" /><S X="279" H="35" Y="135" T="6" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,180,1,0,0" L="160" /><S X="531" H="35" Y="304" T="6" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,0,1,0,0" L="160" /><S X="322" H="70" Y="-34" T="12" o="697394" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" c="4" L="284" /><S X="279" H="1000" Y="-360" T="12" o="324650" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,90,1,0,0" L="10" /><S X="277" H="10" Y="-297" T="2" P="0,0,0,5,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="278" H="10" Y="-445" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="531" H="1000" Y="799" T="12" o="324650" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,90,1,0,0" L="10" /><S X="68" H="10" Y="376" T="2" P="0,0,0,1.5,0,0,0,0" L="64" /><S X="488" H="10" Y="887" T="2" P="0,0,0,5,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="481" H="10" Y="733" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="10" /><S X="105" H="16" Y="382" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,30,0,0,0" L="20" /><S X="400" H="21" Y="22" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,180,0,0,0" c="3" L="800" /><S X="32" H="16" Y="382" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,-30,0,0,0" L="20" /><S X="70" H="25" N="" Y="388" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="141" /><S X="11" H="10" Y="374" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="20" /><S X="729" H="25" Y="129" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="141" /><S X="434" H="92" Y="354" T="6" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="30" /></S><D><T Y="116" X="729" /><F Y="85" X="71" /><P X="715" P="1,0" Y="502" T="42" /><P X="387" P="0,0" Y="325" T="45" /><P X="108" P="0,0" Y="157" T="43" /><P X="683" P="0,0" Y="127" T="5" /><P X="115" P="0,0" Y="381" T="0" /></D><O><O P="0" X="531" C="22" Y="305" /><O P="0" X="279" C="22" Y="132" /></O></Z></C>
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