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  1. /cm/ pastebin or something
  3. ~Pre-game~
  4. Sub out the tired players, never sub out the GK regardless of condition.
  5. Make sure the RMF is taking left corners and LMF is taking right corners.
  7. ~In-game~
  8. Subs at 60, sub out the two most tired players please.
  9. IF LOSING (or like, tied when we need a win I guess) AT 70, sub out the LMF for the SS and move them forward into position, make sure everyone is in position please.
  10. IF WINNING AT 70, just sub out the third tired player.
  12. ~In case of a red card or suspension~
  13. -If it's a CF,
  14. Start us off on Preset 3 and put in 2 DMFs if Len-kun is suspended. If it's Nagisa, then swap Len-kun into his position and then sub in the DMF.
  16. -If it's the AMF,
  17. Start Preset 1, put the bronze CMF in the AMFs position then sub in a 2nd DMF.
  19. -If it's the CMF,
  20. Start Preset 1, sub in a second DMF in his spot.
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