Xenos Hunters Session 46

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  1. #XenosHunters
  2.         -->|    YOU (antoine) have joined #XenosHunters
  3.         =-=     Topic for #XenosHunters is “Anselm, Sinbad, Hall Talon, Harbinger”
  4.         =-=     Topic for #XenosHunters was set by antoine on Friday, March 16, 2012 9:18:08 AM
  5.         =-=     Bennie is now known as Navarre
  6.         =-=     Mir is now known as Sinbad
  7.         antoine As Anselm soars ahead Sinbad's jump pack begins to struggle with Omniel's weight, the techmarine does a quick calculation before releasing the grapnel and dropping to the ground with a rolling thud. Balmung's missile suffers another issue, its aerodynamics are poor with a terminator riding it and it soon veers back to the ground where the space wolf bails before it explodes. This leaves...
  8.         antoine ...Sinbad slightly behind Anselm as they power on towards the looming shape above.
  9.         Balmung ++Navarre! Over here!++
  10.         -->|    Omniel (Scoops@A3892C0.10C22025.9497697.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  11.         antoine A hell talon swoops in at them but Anselm veers off, the little speck of a marine stopping on the vehicle for a moment before it explodes into shrapnel and a Iron Warrior pilot plummets to the ground. Anselm and Sinbad begin to assault the Harbinger as is ponderously turns to line up the Imperial Front lines for a bombing run.
  12.         Navarre makes sure to fix up Balmung's wolf before trudging along to Balmung, placing his diagnostor helmet back on. ++This has been a bad day, Balmung. And you! Riding a missile!? I may be an Imperial First, but the codex does not support this action!"
  13.         Balmung tries to shrug in his massive armor
  14.         antoine The Furies and Hell Talons dart around each other, weapons buzzing as they slowly pick each other to pieces. Both sides are reduced to nothing and the harbinger continues its ponderous turn back towards its hangar in the mountain.
  15.         Navarre ++Are they retreating?++
  16.         Balmung ++I'm not sure, Omniel can you raise Anselm or Sinbad on the vox?++
  17.         antoine The Imperator takes a step backwards and aims up, sending two massive plasma blasts at the bomber which only just miss the craft before it turns back to the main battle. As the bomber approaches the mountain you see droppings fall from it. They slowly drop in their parabolic arcs before sets of massive explosions the marine sized bombs level the fortifications where they hit, turning that...
  18.         antoine ...section into a slope of rubble, collapsed tunnel and broken rock. An entire section of the mountain detaches itself and crashes down on the enemy fortification, crushing and breaking up on top of it.
  19.         Omniel  ++Brother Anselm, Brother Sinbad, can you read me?++
  20.         antoine The base of the mountain in to the left of you is obscured by the dust thrown up by the hits. The Harbinger continues its struggling zoom climb as the mass of specs high above, marking out the marauder bombers called in by Balmung turn to line up the enemy fort line.
  21.         Sinbad  ++Yes? Brother Forge-Master?++
  22.         Navarre ++I think we have a way in.++
  23.         Omniel  ++Brother Balmung, I can raise them on the vox.++
  24.         Balmung ++Good.++
  25.         antoine The marauders soon break off, returning to friendly lines. They do however leave a present for the Iron Warriors the iron bombs crash with massive booms, the clusters set off smaller rapid fire explosions while the bursting flame of the napalm sends out a roar and the bombs fall from left to right and soon a 5km stretch of fortifications are partially collapsed and burning.
  26.         antoine A chimera appears nearby, medics rushing from its rear to recover the injured to be returned to the imperial rear
  27.         antoine Patriclus stares out blankly into the raging fires, “You smell that Joffery? Napalm son, nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of promethium in the morning. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' heretic body. The smell, you know...
  28.         antoine ...that promethium smell, the whole hill. Smelled like... victory. Someday this Crusade's gonna end”
  29.         Navarre will assist the medics with their injured... and see if Balmung and anyone else that wish to sortie into the veritable jaws of DEATH in the Land Raider that wishes to go.
  30.         Balmung ++Navarre can you see to the wolf?++
  31.         Navarre ++I already did.++
  32.         Balmung grunts in approval
  33.         antoine Patriclus heaves himself up onto Sinbad's doop, gripping its reins he asks, "Ready to advance honored marines?"
  34.         Sinbad  Doop licks a rock for taste, then takes it into its mouth after a long, "Dooop."
  35.         Navarre ++Personally, I think only astartes should continue on. We will be going via our Land Raider.++
  36.         Balmung ++The wolf will come++
  37.         antoine switching to the vox to communicate like the squad, Patriclus replies ++I must recover my honor brother marine inside.++
  38.         Balmung ++Where are the Ultramarines?++
  39.         Navarre ++Off somewhere doing things with their books.++
  40.         Balmung grunts ++Maybe they have something that could help us++
  41.         Navarre ++You want to contact them?++
  42.         Balmung ++They might have information on Oeris that we don't.++
  43.         Navarre thinks about it and gets into the land raider to use the vox. Or at least contact T'lon. ++Brother Salamander. Do you know what the Ultramarines are doing?++
  44.         antoine T'lon takes a moment to confer with someone before replying, ++Yes brother, they are ten kilometers to the North. They are pinned by a strongpoint and requesting Titan support.++
  45.         Balmung ++Perhaps we should help them out? Maybe show how we don't need some book to save their asses?++
  46.         Navarre ++I like that idea. Yes.++
  47.         antoine Particlus looks on, somewhat exasperated ++I will advance, I must re-unite with my master++
  48.         Balmung ++Omniel do you want to go save the sons of Guilliman?++
  49.         Omniel  ++I feel we are at least obligated to offer them support.++
  50.         Navarre ++Then that is what we do! The surviving knights and crusaders can go support their comrades... the three of us and surviving wolves should suffice to save the sons of Guilliman.++
  51.         Balmung ++Aye their armor might have gotten scuffed in the battle so Omniel maybe you should be prepared to help them repaint it. We don't want their egos being harmed do we?++
  52.         antoine Patriclus nods ++Very well. May the Emperor be with you.++
  53.         antoine Patriclus helps Joffery onto the doop and soon the Knights and Crusaders are sprinting off towards the mountain, leaving the wolf, Kant and the space wolves with you.
  54.         Balmung motions to the wolf and Kant to ride on top of the land raider
  55.         Navarre ++Alright, everyone into the Land Raider. We have some ultramarines to save.++
  56.         Omniel  embarks quickly. ++Let us hope we are in time.++
  57.         Balmung joins Omniel in the land raider
  58.         antoine If you are outside you would spot the trail of flame spilling out of the hangar the Harbinger entered when it went in for a landing.
  59.         Navarre enters the land raider and takes the driver's position. ++Where did you say they were requesting assistance?++
  60.         antoine T'lon leans over "10 kilometers North of this position"
  61.         Navarre ++Thank you!++ And away!
  62.         antoine The Landraider eats up the first few kilometers without incident, the occasional random artillery strike shaking the vehicle but doing no real damage. However as you drive along a friendly predator pulls out in front of you and you are forced to swerve which causes you to clip a anti-tank mine which rattle the Land Raider but does only a little damage.
  63.         Navarre ++That was fairly bumpy! Who wants to do the next round?++
  64.         Omniel  ++Perhaps I should drive?++
  65.         Omniel  moves up to take the controls.
  66.         Navarre ++Go right ahead!++
  67.         antoine The Land Raider swerves through the Imperial front, only catching one more Anti-tank mine before the ultramarines up ahead. They have taken a small redoubt in front of friendly forces but are under constant bombardment and suppressive fire from the main fort. The Imperator Titan 3km away is slowly making its way towards you as it removes enemy strong points.
  68.         -->|    Atlas (Red@32CD0857.8B3879FF.E89C825B.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  69.         antoine You negotiate some barbed wire and are about to finish the final stretch when you hit a set of half-buried tank tracks and the Land Raider wedges itself up on them, the tracks spin in place as Omniel tries to back up.
  70.         Navarre ++Do I need to get out and push?++
  71.         Omniel  ++It may be necessary.++
  72.         antoine Some of the artillery starts to diverge and shift towards your stationary, vulnerable, vehicle
  73.         Balmung stomps out the front hatch and heads to the rear of the tank
  74.         Navarre joins him!
  75.         Omniel  rev rev
  76.         antoine As the artillery slowly approaches you, throwing mud into the air the pair of marines manage to rock the Landraider back off the tank trap, Omniel bringing it to a stop facing a open path to take forwards. You think you hear some artillery behind you before the heavy booms resolve themselves into Atlas, the dreadnaught's engines pumping thick black smoke into the atmosphere as he lumbers up...
  77.         antoine catch you.
  78.         Navarre ++Why did you follow us?++
  79.         Atlas   "I FELT LIKE IT!"
  80.         Atlas   grumbles obviously confused. ++Wait you weren't following me?++
  81.         Navarre ++...++ Navarre throws his hands up and gets back into the LR.
  82.         Omniel  waits for everyone to get back in before resuming the drive towards the Ultramarines.
  83.         Balmung grunts and gets back in the land raider
  84.         Atlas   follows the land raider.
  85.         antoine As you approach T'lon adds "I have contact with the Ultramarines, the state they have found an underground passage into the mountain but cannot break through and the artillery is preventing reinforcements."
  86.         Navarre ++Then we will have to break through for them!++
  87.         Omniel  ++We are in a unique position to do so, it seems.++
  89.         Omniel  ++You will have your chance, then.++
  90.         Navarre ++Then let us get to breaking!++
  91.         Balmung grunts
  92.         antoine The LandRaider pushes through the bombardment, swerving as shells rain down beside you. An ultramarine pushes open a large hatch at the side of the redoubt.
  93.         antoine The Dreadnaught is slower and merely endures the bombardment to reach the hatch-way
  94.         antoine The ultramarine waves you inside from his position at the hatch.
  95.         Navarre will run into!
  96.         Navarre The hatch. From the LR.
  97.         Balmung stomps out and motions for Kant and the wolf to follow
  98.         Omniel  disembarks, heading inside with the others.
  99.         antoine The Kreiger powers through the mud to the hatch while the wolf limps forward.
  100.         antoine Gonmar gives ad grin to the ultramarine as he approaches, showing off a broken tooth. "Looks like Guilliman's sons need to be pulled out of the fire... again."
  101.         antoine a grin*
  102.         Atlas   endevours to get through the hatch.
  103.         Balmung laughs
  104.         Balmung ++What does your book say about this?++
  105.         Navarre ++Now, now brothers. No need to disparge our blue brethren. We have an undeground passage to breach.++
  106.         antoine Inside the ultramarines are hunkered down with sporadic bolter fire heard below.
  107.         Navarre ++So what seems to be issue that you can not seem to solve?++
  108.         antoine The Ultramarine closes the hatch behind you as T'lon and Decimus join you. ++Iron Warriors below, they have taken up defensive positions.
  109.         antoine ++
  110.         Balmung ++Do you know how many
  111.         Balmung ++
  112.         Atlas   ++Hrmmm.... In this state my combat effectiveness is compromised. Can any of you, my little brothers, help remedy my situation?++
  113.         Omniel  ++Ah, Brother Atlas.++
  114.         Omniel  readies his tools. ++I shall do what I can.++
  115.         Atlas   ++KNOW NOW THAT YOU HAVE THE THANKS OF ATLAS!++
  116.         Navarre ++So we have the Iron Warrios, below in defensive positions. If only we had some kind of warmachine to break those lines.++ He lets it sink in. ++Oh, wait. Battle-Elder Atlas! Would you like to bring death to the traitors?++
  117.         Atlas   ==
  119.         Navarre will point in the direction of the iron warriors. +There they are!++
  120.         Omniel  continues to work on the Dreadnought despite the outbursts.
  121.         Atlas   ++After my repairs that is.++
  122.         antoine The work is done well enough, the majority of damage repaired and bufffed out by the skilled techmarine.
  123.         Atlas   ++THANK YOU AGAIN LITTLE BROTHER! I AM IN YOUR DEBT! NOW IS THE TIME TO CHARGE!++ Atlas shouts as he charges twords the iron warriors bowling over anything in his berserk path.
  124.         antoine A lift sits ready to transport you down, it has been cleared of the ammunition it normally moves for you to take.
  125.         Omniel  folds away his tools and heads to the lift. ++Shall we?++
  126.         Balmung grunts and nods
  128.         Navarre will go to the lift. ++Shall we? We have some iron warriors to murder.++
  129.         Atlas   stomps over to the lift. ++COME BROTHERS THERE IS A LINE TO BREAK!++
  130.         antoine The lift shudders as it lowers the first wave while Gonmar waits impatiently.
  131.         antoine The lift comes to a halt as a stray enemy bolter round richochets off Atlas' chest plating. Ahead you can see half a squad of veterans and half a squad of scouts engaging entrentched Iron Warriors.
  132.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Navarre, Atlas, Ultra, Iron”
  133.         antoine closest to you are five Iron warriors behind a chest high wall, further back is a fixed emplacement with an autocannon and to either side of it are other chest high walls with a squad of Iron Warriors in cover there.
  134.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Navarre, Omniel, Atlas, Ultra, Iron”
  135.         Balmung charges forward at the nearest Iron Warriors
  136.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Navarre, kant, Omniel, Atlas, Ultra, Iron”
  137.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Wolf, Navarre, kant, Omniel, Atlas, Ultra, Iron”
  138.         Balmung stomps forward towards the nearest Iron Warriors
  139.         antoine The Iron Warrior draws a trench knife and deflects the blow.
  140.         Navarre will run to the line where the veterans are, and fire off a shot at one of the Iron Warriors.
  141.         antoine The trench knife shatters under the powerfields effect.
  142.         antoine Kant strides forward while a massive tongue of flamer fills the corridor in front of you. Catching the squad hiding in cover and igniting them.
  143.         Atlas   "HERETIC SCUM! ATLAS HAS COME TO BREAK YOU!" The dread shouts as it unleashes his autocannons on the other autocannons.
  144.         Omniel  follows Balmung's lead for a change, sprinting forward into melee and using the momentum to spear the nearest Iron Warrior on his breaching auger, the twisting motion sending the heretic spinning away with a gaping hole through his chestplate.
  145.         Atlas   One of the autocannons succumbs to Atlas's mighty autocannon barrage and it along with its gunner are utterly destroyed.
  146.         antoine The scouts fire their stalker bolters in rapid succession, removing five Iron Warrior Heads from the burning squad while the veterans do some damage but do not kill any of the Iron Warriors.
  147.         antoine The Iron Warriors ignore the blaze and return fire but their weapons jam, the Emperor must smile upon you this day.
  149.         Balmung cuts down one of the traitors and hacks at two more
  150.         antoine The Wolf trips himself up with his own attack.
  151.         Navarre would fire a volley of vengence rounds at one of the autocannon bastards!
  152.         antoine Kant sends another burst of flame into the cowered enemy squad, you swear you hear a muffled laugh coming from him.
  153.         Omniel  turns and spins the drill to dislodge the heretic's corpse, the whirling implement of death revved up completely now as he turns and plunges it into the next in line, like he were a particularly motivated factory robot arm that dispenses justice instead of soldering together small electronics parts.
  154.         antoine The far five Iron Warriors lose their heads to the scouts while the veterans finish off the last close Iron Warrior.
  155.         Balmung laughs ++It seems the young bloods are more accurate than the veterans++
  156.         antoine The Veteran Sergeant does not rise to the bait as your second wave including T'lon, Gonmar and Decimus arrive.
  157.         Atlas   ++WHO ARE YOU CALLING YOUNG?!++
  158.         Balmung ++Not you ancient one! I walk talking about our blue friends here.++
  159.         Atlas   ++Ah yes, those pathetic welps.++
  160.         Navarre ++We advance!++ Is Navarre command, as he makes a sweeping gesture down the cooridor. ++Once more unto the BREACH!++
  161.         antoine The veteran sergeant states, "Through this tunnel leads to the enemy forces underground base."
  162.         Navarre ++And we will break them OPEN!++
  163.         Omniel  spins his drill a few more times toc lear the ichor. ++Advancing.++
  164.         Navarre ++CHARGE!++
  165.         Atlas   ++I WAS MADE FOR THAT VERY PURPOSE!++ Atlas shouts into his vox before advancing.
  166.         antoine The tunnel continues onwards, the lights flickering as the power fluctuates, the strike team pushes deeper and deeper the conspicuous absence of enemy unerving.
  167.         Navarre ++Where are the cowards!++
  168.         Balmung ++STOP!++
  169.         Navarre ++Balmung?++
  170.         Omniel  ++Demolition packs.++
  171.         Balmung ++There are charges hidden++
  172.         Omniel  ++I may be able to defuse them.++
  173.         Balmung ++Melta bombs and demo packs++
  174.         Navarre ++Fantastic! Defuse them. Quickly!++
  175.         Atlas   ++I DON'T WANNA! But I shall comply.++
  176.         Omniel  pauses, confused. ++Hm. Strange...++
  177.         Balmung ++What?++
  178.         Omniel  ++We should have been caught directly in a massive explosion just now.++
  179.         Atlas   ++WHAT?++
  180.         Omniel  ++The Emperor protects.++
  181.         Navarre ++That he does!++
  182.         Balmung grunts in agreement
  183.         Atlas   ++PRAISE HIS GOLDEN THRONE!++
  184.         Omniel  ++Praise be unto him.++
  185.         antoine With the bombs seemingly duds, obviously disarmed by the holy hand of the God Emperor, the way is clear to advance.
  186.         Omniel  double checks them, then nods. ++The way is clear.++
  187.         Omniel  continues along, warily.
  188.         Atlas   resumes his march.
  189.         Balmung stomps forward
  190.         Navarre ++You heard him, brothers! CHARGE! We shall burn the sons of Olympia with fire and sword and faith!++
  191.         antoine You strike force heads even deeper, the foot prints of retreating Iron Warriors giving you direction and motivation.
  192.         antoine As you head deeper you find a dying Dark Son marine
  193.         antoine Only his upper body remains, the pinky flesh of his lungs are showing though his armour as he wheezes.
  194.         Omniel  comes to a halt. ++Brother Navarre?++
  195.         Navarre ++Yes.++ He goes over to the dying Dark Son. ++I bequeath to you brother, the Emperor's Peace. Rest now, for your long watch is over, your service paid in full. May the heroes of the Imperium welcome you to the Emperor's Table alongside them.++ He pauses. ++If you can talk, please... if you have any final words, they will be given back to your chapter.++
  196.         antoine The Dark Son coughs up bits of his lungs and blood as he mumbles, "Finally, in a univers-" *hacking cough* "of war I have found peace." He eyes focus for a moment before they roll and he begins to spasm.
  197.         Navarre admisters the Peace.
  198.         antoine His arms judder one last time before they fall silent.
  199.         Navarre *administer
  200.         antoine while a few corridors split off the main one continues past the body
  201.         antoine The group continues onwards, pushing past one of the few marine who has made it this deep into the enemy fortress.
  202.         Omniel  ++Brothers, I am detecting something unusual. I will investigate, and rejoin you shortly.++
  203.         Balmung ++What is it?++
  204.         Navarre ++We shouldn't split up!++
  205.         Omniel  ++My Auspex is noting an anomaly. It could be nothing. If you would, mark your trail that I may locate you easily.++
  206.         Balmung ++Where is it? I might be able to sniff it out
  207.         Omniel  ++The others may be in danger. I will handle this myself, that you might link up with them more quickly.++
  208.         Omniel  ++If it is serious, I will contact you by Vox.++
  209.         Balmung grunts ++Alright but hurry back.++
  210.         Omniel  nods. ++As quickly as I can.++
  211.         Omniel  splits with the group, heading down a secondary corridor.
  212.         Navarre ++ONWARD!++ Navarre would declare.
  213.         Atlas   proceeds, oddly quitely.
  214.         Balmung stomps allong
  215.         antoine As you continue you hear shouting ahead and horrible death screams.
  216.         Navarre ++Something wicked is this way!++
  217.         antoine The Beserker screams even louder, "AUGHR, I HAVE SEEN THE SKULL THRONE. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
  218.         antoine retcon
  219.         Atlas   begins to charge twords the screams!
  220.         antoine actually you would hear that
  221.         Navarre ++We know what we face!++
  222.         Balmung stomps forward
  223.         antoine As you approach the tunnel turns and a huge dome-like area grows closer, a massive 100m radius chamber.
  225.         antoine You spot Anselm battling a red power armoured menace while Sinbad hugs a Alpha Legionaaire.
  226.         antoine As you enter the room on the opposite side a new threat appears, a being of light, burning bright with blue and white Eldar walking about its feet. The Eldar daemon towers over you all as it leaves a burning trail behind it, one hand dripping blood while the other raises a massive sword.
  227.         Navarre ++...++ Navarre is not amused. ++ELDAR!?++
  228.         Balmung and his wolf growl
  229.         Anselm  ++Shut up!++ Anselm shouts as he lays into the Berserker Champion.
  230.         Sinbad  looks at the giant Eldar demon
  231.         Sinbad  shoves Oeris roughly away from him and brings up his blade
  232.         Atlas   ++I SHALL BREAK YOU!++ Atlas shouts as he aims his guns at the Eldar.
  233.         Sinbad  "HOW DID THIS EVEN GET HERE?!"
  234.         Balmung ++Gonmar! Think of the tales we will tell when we return to the Fang!++
  235.         Navarre is confused at the arrival of the Eldar. ++Don't just stand there! SHOOT SOMETHING!++
  236.         antoine Anselm cleaves through the beserkers arm into his torso, drenching the ground in blood and gore. The beserker uses his last strength to ram his other chain axe through his own neck, getting half way before expiring and falling to his knees and then face first into the ground.
  237.         Sinbad  "DID THAT THING FOLLOW YOU ALL?!"
  238.         Navarre ++It came from the other side!++
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