Dragon-Born for Cuddles

Feb 27th, 2016
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  1. prompt:
  2. >Anon has all the physical characteristics that dragons, etc, would consider cute
  3. >Anon is constantly being picked up and cuddled and fawned over wherever he goes, like some kind of lost puppy
  4. >Anon is not for sexual
  6. green:
  7. >You are Anon; wanderer, nomad, and an overall okay guy.
  8. >It's been about three weeks since you left Canterlot for greener pastures, and you don't regret a moment of it.
  9. >The ponies there got on your nerves like nothing else ever had.
  10. >You don't get it.
  11. >You really don't get it.
  12. >No, you mean that you literally cannot understand what those tiny horses were saying to you.
  13. >It's just "neigh" this and "whinny" that, and the next thing you know you've got a pony chewing on your pants.
  14. >No means no!
  15. >That shit was the worst.
  16. >But all that bullshit has led you to your destination: A sick looking collection of dragon caves.
  17. >You can tell that they're dragon caves because of all the dragons chilling in them.
  18. >"Esshk-nuh! Hitmnos tanlia rrooh'ge!"
  19. >Before you know it, you've been swept up in a rib-crushing hug from a giant lizard with wings.
  20. >If her inexplicable reptile-titties are any indication, you're willing to bet that this here is a lady dragon.
  21. >The creature finally relents and hold you out at arm's length, looking you dead in the eye.
  22. >She looks so excited.
  23. >"Kuunoh? Kim'jong rit? Ruive?"
  24. "Could you put me down, please?"
  25. >Apparently you can speak Dragon, however, and what you just said amounted to "yes, please cuddle me more"
  26. >Because guess what's happening now.
  27. >With all the grace and speed of an oiled gazelle, you are ushered into a cave, still in the arms of your strange, STRANGE foreign devil.
  28. >Your first clue that there are other dragons nearby would be the squeals of delight that now surround you.
  29. >"Klist'dom! Huuplo Calmari. Drap trips?"
  30. >Oh god, they're all looking at you expectedly.
  31. >Maybe if you speak English at them again they'll understand it this time.
  32. "Look, I just wanted some place to get away; somewhere remote."
  33. >"Eeeegal! Dist na'al rrribule ker'thal? Ker'thal!"
  34. >Fuck this. You're getting out of here one way or another.
  35. >You try to wriggle free from your captive, but you just sort of grind your face into her oddly-erotic Dragon-boobs.
  36. "Yes, yes. Ker'thal. Put me down before I fucking slap you."
  37. >Your new best friend hugs you closer and gives you a kiss on the forehead.
  38. >"Ist guul drep ker'thal! Ist guul drep ker'thal!"
  39. >Your other dragon friend chimes in, equally as excited as the one who has you locked away in her prison of tits.
  40. >>"Dal'mur, Calmari. Kin stechh blap Ker'thal. Krep? Krep?"
  41. >She nudges you with her elbow like she's sharing some big fucking secret with you.
  42. >You think you just got dragonmarried.
  44. -------------------
  46. >You are Sharpbite, and this little cutie right here just said your name!
  47. >Oh gosh, you don't know WHAT he is, but you're keeping him.
  48. >He's already got your scent on you, which means that his father won't take him back.
  49. >It's the only way.
  51. >Your dragonwife carries you deeper and deeper into the cave.
  52. >All around you, the natural light of the over-world grows dim and it becomes harder and harder to see where you're going.
  53. >The details of the rock walls, rough-hewn and unpolished, are soon no longer visible to you.
  54. >"Johm'sabi, drem. Ist uhg'reh till crrep! Urist quard, p'tahl?"
  55. >You know what? No. Fuck this.
  56. >You wriggle like you've never wriggled before but, much like last time, you only succeed in burrowing your face into her dragon-teats.
  57. >In doing so, you finally notice two bumWOAH okay wow
  58. >Those are dragon nips.
  59. >They sure do look ripe for a twisting.
  60. "Oh, Christ! Whoops. Maybe don't - wow."
  61. >Dragon-waifu stifles a moan and grips you just a little big titter you mean a little bit tighter to her chest.
  62. >You realize that you may have just molested a dragon.
  63. >Not your fucking day, Anon. Not your fucking day.
  65. ---------------------------
  67. >You are Sharpbite, and your new pet-slash-cuddle buddy just touched you inappropriately.
  68. >He's a mammal, right?
  69. >Mammels go into heat, right?
  70. >You might not have to break out the peanut butter this time.
  72. ---------------------------
  74. >You're Anon, and the dragon is now stroking your hair.
  75. >You cannot express in words just how uncomfortable you are.
  76. >You didn't ask for this.
  78. >While your new life partner brings you deeper and deeper into her dark, moist cave, you can't help but wonder where you went wrong.
  79. >Oh, don't get you wrong; you fully intend on leaving this shithole the second the dragon's back is turned.
  80. >She'll get up to go to the dragonbathroom and you'll make your escape.
  81. >Until then, however, you're at the mercies of what you are strongly suspecting to be your new waifu.
  82. >It was the sexual touching and the lewd moaning that tipped you off
  83. >Or maybe you're just extra-clever.
  84. >The deeper you go, the brighter things get.
  85. >You wouldn't think that things would work that way, but they does.
  86. >You can see that bright-blue bio-luminescent fungi sprawl across the wall, growing denser the further in you go.
  87. >Strange gems dot the walls as well, giving off an almost otherworldly glow. These things have been placed at regular intervals, giving you the impression that they've been placed there deliberately.
  88. >"Krill domp, Strahl. Ist bu'urn leff gretta."
  89. "No kidding."
  90. >Dragonwaifu's looking at you again.
  91. >Stupid asshole thinks that you can talk back.
  92. "What happens if I say Ker'thal again? Does that do anything for you?"
  93. >Dragonwaifu squeals again and holds you upOOHHH GOD OH GOD PLEASE STOP
  94. >"Wheee!"
  95. >Dragonwaifu is so delighted that you said a word in dragon-runes that she's decided to throw you up into the air and catch you, like you're her toddler.
  96. >"Wheee!"
  97. >Words can't express how terrifying it is to fall down towards a grinning dragon's head.
  98. "No no no no! Please, I'm sorry! Ker'thal! Ker'thal!"
  99. >"Wheee! Braph, Ker'thal!"
  100. >What does that word even MEAN?!
  101. >Oh god if she keeps this up you're going to be sick.
  103. ------------------------
  105. >Be Sharpbite
  106. >It's been about ten minutes since your new playmate threw up all over you.
  107. >This maybe isn't the best idea you've ever had.
  110. >Okay, Anon, review your situation.
  111. >You are in the warm, squishy grasp of a dragon while she slumbers on a pile of gold and jewels.
  112. >You guess that's her hoard.
  113. >Dragons have hoards, right?
  114. >She's got your face planted squarely between her lizard-breasts; a concept you've come to accept as a reality in the several hours you've been held captive here.
  115. >You're pretty sure she isn't cold-blooded, because god-DAMN do you feel mighty warm in her embrace.
  116. >The reason you're still awake is because that would be dumb, considering your plan is to escape.
  117. >Dragons sleep for like 200 years at a time, right?
  118. >Piece of cake.
  119. >You reach out and grab a few handfuls of treasure and try to slip that in between yourself and the dragon.
  120. >Maybe it'll be like giving a sleeping person a pillow to hug?
  121. >But no such luck.
  122. >Dragon-friend tugs you tighter aaahhhhH!!
  123. >She's grooming you with her tongue.
  124. >You're going to smell like dragon spit, now.
  126. --------------
  128. >Be Sharpbite
  129. >Be dreaming about your new friend/pet
  130. >He smells wonderful
  131. >You've got him spread eagle in front of you and you're about to get the D
  132. >Time to give his jank a tongue bath.
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