Nov 4th, 2017
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  1. USERNAME ↝ @yahjoon
  3. BIRTHNAME ↝ Koba Ezequiel Watanabe
  4. STAGE NAME ↝ Ezequiel (e-zee-kyul)
  6. CURRENT AGE ↝ 21 yrs old, internationally
  7. BIRTHDATE ↝ April 30, 1996
  9. NATIONALITY ↝ American
  10. ETHNICITY ↝ Japanese
  12. BIRTHPLACE ↝ Los Angeles, California
  13. HOMETOWN ↝ Osaka, Japan (moved there at the age thirteen)
  15. PERSONALITY ↝ when people happen to take a look at koba (or ezequiel,,), they instantly get the idea that he is someone intense or threatening because of how he looks and the way he carries himself around, koba is almost always quiet and has a blank face playing at his face. because of how he looks, he's asked on a daily by daring adults, teens, and even children if he's part of a gang. many people expect him to answer angrily with his hands in fists, though, the young man answers flustered as he's shaking his hands and head crazily because why?? would people?? think that?? because in koba's point of view, he thinks he's as normal as every young man in asia, though he doesn't know how the way he looks makes people think very differently from him. in truth, koba is actually a free spirit and smiles a ton, he's usually known as the healing smile among his friends and people that know him personally. he's incredibly easy going, he can be the friendliest with anyone in a heartbeat, and he's as soft as a puppy. on the other hand, koba happens to be somehow slow and clumsy, reasons as to why he's always quiet and blank because he doesn't want to cause anyone any type of trouble, because he can easily trip and bump someone on the train as easily as people think he is part of a gang.
  17. MAIN TALENT ↝ rapper
  19. FACE CLAIM ↝ @jjinno on instagram
  20. BACKUP FACE CLAIM ↝ @jeongjimann on instagram
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