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  1. Thu, Mar 28, 10:00 PM
  2. Hi Adam,
  4. I sent you a message in game, requesting a meeting to discuss the direction of the Sciomancers. My reason for this is that the world keeps turning, even though the revamp has yet to happen. There are issues with trampling in on one another's territory within the city, and some guidelines on what the purpose is supposed to be would go a long way in clearing these things up. Since I received no response to that message, I figured it might have been lost in the masses that you receive, hence this email.
  6. As it is, I have feared starting anything up at all within the Sciomancers, for fear that whatever I do might come undone by whatever event is later pushed through by Admin when the revamp happens. It has happened before, and it is just a massive drain of energy. Instead I am left with a guild that is simply... waiting.
  8. My suggestion is to focus Sciomancers on all things Shadow, which makes perfect sense, to be honest. What this means, practically, is we need to transfer the knowledge, research, and guarding against the Shadowbound from the Syssin to the Sciomancers. Robyn is already on board with this, but ICly it requires Severn stepping in. The reason is that Severn has informed the Syssin that they may not share information with anyone at all, and they stick to that religiously. A simple message from Severn, as a response to the requests that have been sent by message, would likely be enough to set some small things in motion. That would give the Sciomancers something to focus on, while we wait for the revamp.
  10. I was unable to poke you on Discord about this, and figured you had turned off private messages. It is either that or I have gravely offended you with my pushes the other day, and you have blocked me. If so, I am sorry. :(
  12. Give Scarlet a hug.
  14. /Jessica (Player of Teani)
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  17. Tue, Apr 9, 9:11 PM
  18. Hi Raz,
  20. I tried sending this to Tiur on the 28th. Soon after, there was an announcement that coding was done for the revamp, but that doesn't address my email, and I have yet to receive a response. Could you please tell me what is going on?
  22. /Jessica (Player of Teani)
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  25. Apr 10, 2019, 7:02 AM
  26. Hi Teani, thanks for reaching out.
  28. I don't have a simple answer I can give in response as changing up a guild's direction is something that requires a fair bit of internal discussion and decisions. I'll prod Tiur and get him to get the ball rolling on that, and I'll get him to reply to you with an update when we know more.
  30. Thanks!
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  35. Apr 10, 2019, 8:56 PM
  36. From Tiur
  37. Sometimes things do get undone. That is the nature of life. The Sciomancers have had, at least as we see it, clear role in their mastery of Shadow and the boundaries they push. They are the experts in the element, as much as any mortal can be without being a representative of Severn. Sciomancers have never NOT been focused on 'all things shadow'. Shadowbound and Shadow are two different things; Shadowbound are the task assigned to the Syssin being an extension of Severn's order/will. That's a people issue, and different than monitoring the plane. Sciomancers won't have complete ownership of an entire element that's related to an entire tether.
  39. So if you're needing lore things that can be worked out, contact Imvra! They exist just to answer questions and help get things started. I also think the revamp should make it pretty clear that Sciomancers have a focus on Shadow. But the Syssin shouldn't push off their charge... Sciomancers are the ones they're supposed to be watching for Shadowbound, after all.
  41. For discussions of organization direction, role, and lore, you should reach out to Imvra who can better sit down with you and walk you through things.
  43. Consulting with Imvra, we have come to the following conclusions:
  45. 1. The Sciomancers have a clear focus of monitoring the Shadow plane's borders with Prime, as well as the other accessible planes. They should be concerned with what is happening in Dendara, for instance, however not in a position to assist.
  47. 2. Sciomancers are masters of the element as much as mortals can be, without being direct representatives of Severn.
  49. 3. Organizations will always have overlap.
  51. 4. Organizations are left waiting as much as the leadership chooses to stand still and not work with the depth, variety, and atmosphere their organizations have.
  53. 5. Sometimes things get overwritten or undone. You choose to work within that understanding or you don't.
  55. 6. The Shadowbound is a task personally assigned to the Syssin from Severn. This is a people issue and a completely different focus than the Sciomancers have watching the larger tapestry and planar activity.
  57. 7. Shadow is an element. It is a plane. It is the anchor of an entire tether. Other organizations will have their own point of entry and their own relevance to it.
  59. ---------------------------------------------
  60. Then, instead of responding to the email, I sent this:
  62. Sent By: Teani on 15 Apr 2019, 05:53
  64. (To Imvra): (( I would like to set up a meeting to discuss the Sciomancers, information about Shadowbound, symptoms of said taint, information regarding connections to Czjetija, the celebration of Mystery and Shadow and what that entails, as well as any other pieces of lore that has been lost (due to poor records keeping) or never quite shared with this guild. I knew there would be follow-up questions to my request for guidance, and a need for clarification, which is why I asked for a meeting in the first place. A simple email is just not enough. At least the email gave me a few specific things to ask about, which was more than what I had before, so there's that! I would also like to discuss some of the items that were listed back to me in that response from Tiur, which he says he responded to after discussing them with you. ))
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