Playing with werewolves

May 23rd, 2022
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  1. Billy and Georgia were in the living room. Billy was at the window that led out to the tiny balcony. Georgia was on the phone.
  2. "I'm not getting anything out here," Billy said. "Is he sure?"
  3. Georgia murmured into the phone. "Yes. He's sure it circled this way. It should be in sight from where you are."
  4. "It isn't," Billy said. He turned his head over his shoulder and said, "Harry. Are you all right?"
  5. "I'll survive," I said, and paced over to the window. "It followed me here, huh?"
  6. "Something's outside," Billy said. "Something we've never run into before. It's been playing hide-and-seek with Kirby and Andi for an hour. They can't catch it or get a good look at it."
  7. I gave Billy a sharp look. There weren't many things that could keep ahead of the werewolves, working together. Wolves are just too damn alert and quick, and Billy and company had been working Chicago almost as long as I had. They knew how to handle themselves-and in the past couple of months, I'd been teaching my apprentice a little humility by letting her try her veiling spells against the werewolves. They'd hunted her down in moments, every time.
  8. "So whatever's out there, it isn't human," I said. "Not if it can stay ahead of Kirby and Andi." I crossed to the window and stared out with Billy. "And it can veil itself from sight."
  11. Turn Coat Chapter 5, Page 33-34
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