MagiReco Main Story 9 - Momoko

Sep 9th, 2018
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  1. Momoko
  3. 9.11 Momoko 1
  4. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  5. Momoko: "Alright, those people from before are here. We'll face them head on and won't let a single one escape!"
  7. 9.11.1 (from 9.9.1 Yachiyo 3)
  8. [in a hallway, we see one black feather]
  9. short black black feather: "..."
  10. [screen wipe; we see Team Momoko]
  11. Kaede: "fu... yuu... fuu..."
  12. "Momoko-chan, Rena-chan, we've caught up!"
  13. Rena: "We've got to ask them where they're going!"
  14. Momoko: "Also, we need to ask them about Iroha-chan."
  15. "What they're going to do once they take her wherever..."
  16. [screen wipe; we see the lavender white feather now]
  17. lavender white feather: "Kuh, it seems you've split into two groups."
  18. "What's going on with the other team?"
  19. short black black feather: "The team carrying the soul gems is trying to keep their distance."
  20. "So they're taking a detour through a separate annex."
  21. lavender white feather: "The problem is the bodies..."
  22. short black black feather: "Yeah, we heard a report that they were following Futaba Sana."
  23. lavender white feather: "I'd like to stop them from escaping from the underground jail."
  24. short black black feather: "That's what we black feathers are here for..."
  25. [we see two more]
  26. lavender white feather: "Thanks, I'll leave it to you."
  27. [battle]
  28. [in battle]
  29. short black black feather: "..."
  30. "I'm here to stall you!"
  31. Rena: "At least you're modest enough to not say you'll defeat us."
  32. "It seems you know our difference in ability!"
  33. Momoko: "Let's quickly follow the ones who went ahead."
  34. Kaede: "Why don't we just ask these people instead?"
  35. Momoko: "That's certainly an option too."
  36. TO: 9.12.1 (Momoko 2)
  38. 9.12 Momoko 2
  39. in a hallway
  40. Momoko: "That was harder than I thought... if only they would just give us information..."
  42. 9.12.1 (from 9.11.1 Momoko 1)
  43. [in a stairwell]
  44. Momoko: "Kuh, we totally lost them!"
  45. Rena: "Those feathers didn't say anything in the end..."
  46. Kaede: "Even though they'd been betrayed..."
  47. Momoko: "Unlike that white feather from before, there are a bunch who've thrown away everything."
  48. Rena: "But, what should we do?"
  49. Momoko: "For now, all we can do is go down!"
  50. [now in a hallway, we see Momoko and the pink-haired white feather]
  51. pink white feather: "..."
  52. Momoko: "!?"
  53. "Speak of the devil, it's that white feather from before..."
  54. Rena: "Out of the way!"
  55. "We've gotta follow those feathers who just went by!"
  56. pink white feather: "Here... I'll..."
  57. Kaede: "Eh... Even though you helped us before..."
  58. Momoko: "You should understand."
  59. "You're the ones who will suffer for believing in Magius."
  60. "You still feel like reaching towards the possibility of destroying your own future..."
  61. pink white feather: "..."
  62. "I don't understand."
  63. "Why have I fought up until now..."
  64. "It should have been for myself."
  65. "I thought that even if I didn't believe in Magius, I'd be fine as long as I believed in release..."
  66. "That's what I thought..."
  67. "But hearing that I've just been destroying my own future..."
  68. "I don't know what's right anymore..."
  69. Kaede: "Then you can think it over with us!"
  70. "Not leaving it to anyone else, not relying on anyone else."
  71. "Let's think about the future of magical girls together."
  72. Momoko: "That's right."
  73. "We can exchange words once more, and this time, decide together."
  74. "For ourselves."
  75. Rena: "In exchange, you have to make sure to tell us your point of view though."
  76. pink white feather: "My point of view..."
  77. "..."
  78. "But..."
  79. "If I give up, I give up, and release doesn't happen, then I..."
  80. "Even if that doesn't happen, and my friend turns into a witch... then I... I..."
  81. Momoko: "Oi, don't drive yourself into a corner! At least you'll be fine inside Kamihama!"
  82. pink white feather: "But, my friend..."
  83. "Not many people really understand me..."
  84. "If I were to lose her..."
  85. "If she became a witch... I..."
  86. "I couldn't take it!"
  87. [a flash of light, and she's emitted a purple noose]
  88. Momoko: "Oi oi, seriously..."
  89. Rena: "It must be your bad timing, Momoko, to have to face a doppel right now..."
  90. Kaede: "The variation's getting bigger..."
  91. Momoko: "It must be because my timing was too good at the helipad..."
  92. [battle]
  93. TO: 9.13.1 (Momoko 3)
  95. 9.13 Momoko 3
  96. in the hallway of Hotel Fendthope
  97. Momoko: "A doppel with this timing!? Gimme a break..."
  99. 9.13.1 (from 9.12.1 Momoko 2)
  100. [in the hallway]
  101. Momoko: "We somehow held that off..."
  102. Rena: "Jeez, gimme a break already..."
  103. Kaede: "Are you alright?"
  104. pink white feather: "..."
  105. "In the end, if I believe in Magius, and release continues..."
  106. "We're still going to have our futures caught up in it..."
  107. Momoko: "Yeah, I'm sure..."
  108. pink white feather: "sigh..."
  109. "It feels like I've woken up... just a bit..."
  110. "I'm sorry..."
  111. Momoko: "It's alright as long as we're both okay. Once it's all over, let's talk again."
  112. "At least then, would you be able to show your face?"
  113. [she leaves]
  114. [the pink white feather sends something via telepathy...]
  115. pink white feather: "Wait!"
  116. Rena: "Hey, what now!? We're in a hurry here!"
  117. pink white feather: "Just now, I got a message from the other Feathers that Tamaki Iroha has been captured..."
  118. Rena: "W-What? Now we've gotta hurry even more!!"
  119. pink white feather: "Even if you start chasing now, you won't be able to catch the Feathers from before."
  120. Kaede: "Ehh!?"
  121. Rena: "Then, what should we do!?"
  122. pink white feather: "Please break..."
  123. Momoko: "Break what?"
  124. pink white feather: "If you break the floor and go down that way, you'll still make it."
  125. "You should run into Tamaki Iroha and those Feathers."
  126. Momoko: "But, this building itself is a rumor."
  127. pink white feather: "I will handle the rumor."
  128. Momoko: "Are you sure?"
  129. pink white feather: "Yes, I decided to side with you, so go on."
  130. Rena: "There's no turning back."
  131. pink white feather: "Yes."
  132. Rena: "..."
  133. "sigh... Then, I'll blow a hole in this thing!"
  134. Kaede: "I'll help too!"
  135. Rena: "Alright, let's do this, Kaede!"
  136. Kaede: "Yeah, Rena-chan!"
  137. [they use magic]
  138. Rena: "RYAAAAA!"
  139. Kaede: "YAAAAH!"
  140. [a bear head comes out]
  141. bear head: |uobear(⌾×⌾)bearuo|
  142. [the pink white feather attacks it]
  143. pink white feather: "Hah!"
  144. bear head: |!?be(O×<)ar!?|
  145. pink white feather: "Now, hurry!"
  146. Momoko: "Thanks!!"
  147. [battle]
  148. [in battle]
  149. pink white feather: "I'm sorry, even though you were looking forward to it so much..."
  150. "I betrayed you..."
  151. TO: 9.14.1 (Momoko 4)
  153. 9.14 Momoko 4
  154. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  155. Momoko: "Alright, at this rate, let's keep going down to the first floor!"
  157. 9.14.1 (from 9.17.1 Iroha 4 and 9.13.1 Momoko 3)
  158. [in a hallway]
  159. Momoko: "Dammit, there's one more floor left!"
  160. Rena: "Momoko, go!"
  161. Kaede: "Yeah, Rena-chan and I will handle here!"
  162. Momoko: "Heh, you're stronger now, Kaede."
  163. Kaede: "I've been fighting with all of you, after all."
  164. Rena: "No time to get caught up reminiscing!"
  165. "We're short on time!"
  166. Kaede: "Yeah, Rena-chan!"
  167. Rena: "Last one!"
  168. [Kaede attacks it]
  169. Kaede: "Yaaaah!"
  170. [Rena attacks the floor too]
  171. Rena: "Uryaaa!"
  172. [a hole opens, and another bear head shows up]
  173. bear head: |uobear(⌾×⌾)bearuo|
  174. Rena: "Momoko, hurry!"
  175. Momoko: "Got it!"
  176. [she goes down]
  177. Kaede: "We'll be down soon!"
  178. [in the first floor lobby]
  179. Momoko: "Oof!"
  180. "..."
  181. "If that white feather isn't lying, then they should be coming here..."
  182. "Ah, that looks like..."
  183. [battle]
  184. [in battle]
  185. brown braid black feather: "You are..."
  186. long black black feather: "You forced your way down here, huh."
  187. Iroha: "M-Momoko-san!"
  188. Momoko: "She was right on the money, it seems."
  189. "Iroha-chan, I'll save you now!"
  190. "I'll be able to take two black feathers just fine!"
  191. [after battle]
  192. [Momoko attacks the two feathers]
  193. long black black feather: "Augh!!"
  194. brown braid black feather: "Dammit... we're almost there!"
  195. Momoko: "This is it for you!"
  196. brown braid black feather: "Kuh..."
  197. [the feathers both collapse]
  198. Momoko: "Iroha-chan, are you alright!?"
  199. Iroha: "Y-yes... Thank you very much..."
  200. Momoko: "By the way, why haven't you transformed?"
  201. Iroha: "Actually, they took away my soul gem..."
  202. Momoko: "Wha... Seriously?"
  203. [screen wipe; we see a long blonde-haired white feather]
  204. blonde ponytail white feather: "Togame Momoko... You've made it all the way here..."
  205. Momoko: "This time someone from outside..."
  206. [Iroha senses something]
  207. Iroha: "Ah, it's these people!! They have my soul gem!"
  208. Momoko: "They're the ones carrying it!?"
  209. Iroha: "Yes!!"
  210. brown braid black feather: "H-hurry! At least get the soul gem!"
  211. blonde ponytail white feather: "Got it!"
  212. Momoko: "Oh no!"
  213. TO: 9.18.1 (Sana 6)
  214. TO: 9.20.1 (Momoko 5)
  215. TO: 9.19.1 (Yachiyo 5)
  217. 9.20 Momoko 5
  218. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  219. Momoko: "This is bad, they're getting away with Iroha-chan's soul gem!"
  221. 9.20.1 (from 9.14.1 Momoko 4)
  222. [in the lobby of Hotel Fendthope, we see the long blonde-haired white feather and a brown braided black feather]
  223. blonde ponytail white feather: "Wha?! That's Togame Momoko... So she made it here..."
  224. brown braid black feather: "H-hurry on ahead! At least deliver the soul gems!"
  225. [screen wipe; we see Iroha and Momoko]
  226. Momoko: "Oh no!"
  227. Iroha: "Momoko-san."
  228. Momoko: "I won't make it!"
  229. [screen wipe; the white feather gets attacked by somebody]
  230. blonde ponytail white feather: "Wha... Who is it this time..."
  231. [we see Rena and Kaede]
  232. Rena: "Seems we made it down in a good spot."
  233. [screen wipe; back to Iroha and Momoko]
  234. Iroha: "Rena-chan, Kaede-chan!"
  235. Momoko: "Hurry and stop them!"
  236. "They have Iroha-chan's soul gem!"
  237. [screen wipe back to the white feather, Rena, and Kaede]
  238. Rena: "Wha!?"
  239. "Jeez, stop running away with people's lives literally in your hands!"
  240. Kaede: "Give back Iroha-chan's soul gem!"
  241. blonde ponytail white feather: "What bad timing..."
  242. Momoko: "If anything, it's good timing."
  243. Rena: "Hmf. I'm not Kaede."
  244. "That rumor wasn't any trouble at all."
  245. Kaede: "I got a picture of Rena being surprised by a rumor that popped up."
  246. "I'll share it later..."
  247. Rena: "When did you do that!?"
  248. Kaede: "Just kidding."
  249. Rena: "Kaaaeeeedeee!"
  250. blonde ponytail white feather: "..."
  251. [she runs away]
  252. Rena: "Hey, don't think you can sneak away while we're squabbling."
  253. blonde ponytail white feather: "Tch..."
  254. Kaede: "Let's take it back, Rena-chan!"
  255. Rena: "Of course!"
  256. TO: 9.21.1 (Momoko 6)
  258. 9.21 Momoko 6
  259. in the entrance to Hotel Fendthope
  260. Rena: "We won't let them escape. Kaede, make a wall!"
  262. 9.21.1 (from 9.20.1 Momoko 5)
  263. [we see the long blonde haired white feather in the lobby of the hotel]
  264. blonde ponytail white feather: "I won't be able to proceed any further..."
  265. [screen wipe; we see the long black haired black feather]
  266. long black black feather: "pant... ugh..."
  267. "I will... open a path! Go while you can!"
  268. [Kaede attacks her]
  269. Kaede: "You won't!"
  270. long black black feather: "A wall of grass!?"
  271. [Rena pops up]
  272. Rena: "Hello there."
  273. long black black feather: "!?"
  274. [Rena attacks]
  275. Rena: "Sweet dreams!"
  276. long black black feather: "Guh..."
  277. [the black feather collapses]
  278. blonde ponytail white feather: "..."
  279. "I suppose I must retreat..."
  280. [Momoko attacks]
  281. Momoko: "Before you can do that, we'll be taking that back!"
  282. blonde ponytail white feather: "Ah"
  283. "Gaah!!"
  284. "The soul gems!"
  285. Momoko: "Dammit, they fell on the floor!"
  286. blonde ponytail white feather: "In this case!!"
  287. "Anybody! Destroy the soul gems!"
  288. Momoko: "Wha!?"
  289. [we see two black feathers]
  290. brown braid black feather: "Gu...uh...!"
  291. long black black feather: "If I can get one hit!"
  292. ???: *NOOOOOOO!!*
  293. Momoko: "That voice!"
  294. Sana: "Please, let this reach!"
  295. brown braid black feather: "Gah... sorr..."
  296. [the black feather collapses]
  297. long black black feather: "It's alright, I will do it!"
  298. Yachiyo: "We made it in time somehow."
  299. long black black feather: "Eh? Nanami... Yachiyo..."
  300. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu!"
  301. Mifuyu: "I've retrieved all the soul gems."
  302. [screen wipe; we see team Momoko]
  303. Rena: "Mifuyu-san!?"
  304. Kaede: "Everyone's gathered!?"
  305. Momoko: "Mifuyu-san... You're on our side now, huh..."
  306. [screen wipe; Mifuyu transforms]
  307. Mifuyu: "Please leave this to me."
  308. "Assault Paranoia..."
  309. [she uses her magic; we see the long black black feather in a moonlit desert]
  310. long black black feather: "This is..."
  311. Mifuyu: "I'm glad everyone's soul gems were alright."
  312. long black black feather: "Is it really you, Mifuyu-san?"
  313. "You are betraying Magius..."
  314. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry..."
  315. [she attacks, and the world returns to normal]
  316. long black black feather: "...Ah."
  317. [the black feather collapses]
  318. TO: 9.22.1 (Everyone 1)
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