Softail (Fluttershy one shot from /spg/ prompt)

Mar 25th, 2020
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >Neighbor nextdoor has a pony
  3. >a little yellow pegasus mare with a wavy pink mane and a long tail
  4. >you've only seen her a few times with your neighbor but...
  5. >she doesn't seem very happy
  7. >one day, you get home from work
  8. >and you notice something odd
  9. >there she is, the little yellow pony
  10. >she's hiding behind your bushes on your property, and she's covering her little head with her hooves
  12. >then, you notice your neighbor stumbling outside his front door, obviously drunk
  13. >there's a belt in his hand, and he looks real pissed off
  15. What do, SPG?
  17. Response:
  18. "I think some of your property found it's way behind my bushes," you call out to your neighbor, gesturing to where the little mare is cowering
  19. >The yellow pony looks up at you in terror
  20. >"Fuck!," your neighbor says smacking the belt into his palm. "Sorry about that"
  21. "No problem. Just don't want you thinking I'm the kind of asshole who harbors runaways"
  22. >He laughs and begins wobbling toward you
  23. "She is a looker, isn't she?"
  24. >"That's all she has going for her, really," he slurs. "Most of the time she's an ungrateful bitch"
  25. >By now he's reached your property and is reaching down to grab the mare by her collar
  26. >She struggles a little, making the task more difficult for his drunk self
  27. >"Like right now, for example"
  28. "Ever think of selling her and getting a more compliant mare?"
  29. >"All the time, but there's no way I could get back what I paid for her"
  30. "You put a lot of miles on her?"
  31. >By now he's gained control over the pony and she's ceased any struggle
  32. >He smiles at you
  33. >"You could put it that way"
  34. >He pauses for a moment and you can practically see the wheels turning in his drunk mind
  35. >"Why? Are you interested in taking her off my hands?"
  36. "I could be if the price was right. I'm not eager to buy someone else's problem, but I wouldn't turn down a deal if you're eager to trade up"
  37. >He sighs
  38. >"If things weren't so tight right now I'd take you up on that"
  39. "Well think about it. What do you figure she's worth?"
  40. >"I know what I paid for her, but..."
  41. "Yeah, it's like buying a new car - the value gets cut in half the moment you drive it off the lot"
  42. >"You can say that again"
  43. >Suddenly a devious smile comes over his face
  44. >"I might consider a trade, though"
  45. >What is he thinking?
  46. >What do you have that this guy would want?
  47. >That would be worth about...?
  48. >"I haven't seen you ridin' much over the last year or so"
  49. >Fuck - your Softail!
  50. >But he's right, you don't ride as much as you used to
  51. >The guys you used to ride with on weekends, well...
  52. >One is in jail, one sold his bike when his wife had a kid and the other moved to Atlanta
  53. >But still that bike is a part of who you are!
  54. >Or maybe who you used to be
  55. >You know exactly what it's worth because you've thought about selling it several times
  56. >It's a pretty expensive toy to just have sitting in your garage most of the time
  57. >And it's been almost five months since you last took it out
  58. >Fuck
  59. >Well you always said you didn't want to be one of those old bikers with a cane
  60. >And if you sold it now you could honestly say you've never laid a bike down
  61. >There were a few close calls, but you've never laid one down
  62. "I think my bike might be worth a little more than your pony, given the condition she's in.."
  63. >"What do you mean by that?," he asks belligerently
  64. "Come on, man," you say with a chuckle, "We both know you don't go easy on her"
  65. >He returns the laugh
  66. >"No, I guess you could say I don't"
  67. "So maybe kick in a few grand to make it more of a fair deal?"
  68. >"How much are you thinking, exactly?"
  69. "Does four grand seem about right?"
  70. >"Four grand?! If I had an extra four grand I would have taken a vacation this yea!"
  71. "And if you had my Softail every weekend would feel like a vacation"
  72. >"Shit, let me think about it. At least I'm taking this one for one last ride first"
  73. "Any permanent physical damage and the deal's off"
  74. >"Fair enough"
  76. And that's how Anon traded a Harley for Fluttershy.
  78. >Be Anon
  79. >The next morning your neighbor called you and asked if the deal was still on
  80. >Two thousand dollars and his pony for your bike
  81. >You reminded him it was four thousand and he asked if you could wait a month or so on the other two
  82. >He seemed eager
  83. >You don't really know why you're agreeing to this, but why the fuck not?
  84. >Your life has felt a little stale for a while - maybe this is what you need
  85. >Time to break old patterns
  86. >He arrives around noon with the pony in two and some paperwork under his arm
  87. >You've already got the title to the bike
  88. >As soon as they enter the house Lady, your dog, jumps for joy
  89. >"Hi Lady!," Fluttershy says to her, "It looks like we're going to be living together now!"
  90. >The dog's excitement is visible
  91. >"Oh, I don't know," she says to Lady, "I'll have to ask him"
  92. >In the foreground your neighbor is asking whether you have a beer to make the paperwork easier
  93. >You wander to the fridge to grab two of the four beers remaining in the six pack you bought a couple days ago
  94. >It seems early to start drinking but it's five o'clock somewhere
  95. >And this is a little emotional for you - the first time you'll have been without a bike since you were eighteen
  96. >You're selling your dream bike - well not really your dream bike, but as close as you were ever likely to get
  97. >For a pony?!
  98. >You pop the tops off the beers and hand one to your neighbor, inviting him to join you at the kitchen table
  99. >He obliges
  100. >"She really gets along with Lady, doesn't she," he offers
  101. "Yeah. It's pretty cute. A couple of times I've seen them at the fence between our yards and it's almost like they understand each other"
  102. >"She's really into animals. Every time I leave the room the tee-vee is back on Animal Planet. Maybe she'll be less mopey with a furry friend to play with"
  103. "She's mopey?"
  104. >Gee, you wonder why!
  105. >"Like an ingrate," he replies. "I mean I know things aren't perfect, but if I keep a roof over your head and see to it you get fed the least you can do is pretend to be happy to see me when I get home from work?"
  106. >He takes a swig from his beer
  107. >"That's not too much to ask, is it?"
  108. >Now your attention is divided between him, signing the title to your bike over to him and hearing what the pony is saying to your dog
  109. >You could swear you just heard her say, "Kinda like that, but a lot more penetrative, unless I'm misjudging this whole thing"
  110. >Lady responds with some typical German Shepherd vocalizing
  111. >Fluttershy responds, "I know he's a good master. I know you love him. I'm just saying it's going to be more difficult for me to see that in him, at least at first. You'll be understanding, right?"
  112. >Shit, what the fuck was that?!
  113. >She's talking to your dog like they understand each other
  114. >Is she crazy?
  115. >Holy shit, are you in the middle of a terrible deal?
  116. >Trading your hog for a batshit insane pony along with a couple thousand dollars?
  117. >Wait
  118. >She is really pretty and her paperwork is as easy as taking a pic of it on your phone
  119. >"I think you have to have her chip verified to complete the sale sometime in the next three months," your neighbor offers
  120. "Yeah, when you pay me the remaining two grand"
  121. >"Coming soon. But in the meantime I'd like to get down to the DMV to get tags for the bike. That OK?"
  122. "Fine. You used to have what? A Sportster?"
  123. >"Sportster Twelve"
  124. "This will be so much better on longer rides, and it won't shake the fillings out of your teeth!"
  125. >"I can't wait. I've been jealous ever since I sold it to buy her. For me it was a big mistake. Here's hoping it's different for you"
  126. >He holds his nearly empty beer bottle up to clink against your almost full one
  127. "It could be. I'm in a different place now. Still trying to figure out where that is, exactly. But I have a couple cousins who are State Troopers. They can get her chip read when the time comes"
  128. >You take a swing of your beer in solidarity with your neighbor, regardless of the fact you don't really like him all that much
  129. "Text me when you need access to the garage. Or just come up to ring the bell - Lady will let me know you're here before you can ring it"
  130. >As you see him out you hear Fluttershy saying to Lady, "I know you don't care, but I'm sure that's why he's stingy with the treats. He doesn't want you to get fat and unhealthy. That actually is a trap you can fall into and not even realize it until it's too late"
  131. >As soon as your neighbor is out the door you turn to Fluttershy
  132. "I just traded something I really loved to get you out of that situation"
  133. >"That scary, loud, dangerous machine?"
  134. "That beautiful machine, yes"
  135. >"I appreciate it very much, master!"
  136. "Let's not be so formal. Call me Anon. But do you? Do you really appreciate it very much?"
  137. >Lady barks
  138. >"OK, I'll ask him!," she replies to your dog
  139. >What the fuck is this?
  140. >The pony is blushing
  141. >"S-she wants to know if I'm just another pet or more like your new girlfriend"
  142. >This is what your dog and your pony are talking about?!
  143. >Even if it's just a put on it's fucking gold!
  144. "How about somewhere between the two, leaning towards pet but with girlfriend obligations... How does that sound?"
  145. >"See?," Fluttershy says to Lady, "It's not like you happily licking him when he masturbates. He's going to be putting that thing into me whether I want it or not. Big difference!"
  146. >WHAT?!
  147. >That only happened a few times after you and your last girlfriend broke up!
  148. >Or more like for a few months after - that period is a little hazy
  149. >And it's not like you've entirely stopped letting her join in if she expresses any interest
  150. >Which she does sometimes because she's a dog and they're like that
  151. >Right?
  152. >Lady responds with a grunt
  153. >"I guess that will make my status higher than yours," Fluttershy answers, "but we can still be friends, right?"
  154. >Lady barks. A happy, affirmative bark, not a threatening one
  155. >"I'm so happy about that, Lady!"
  156. >Then she turns to you
  157. >"Lady knows all about how bad things were next door. She assured me things won't be like that here"
  158. >What the fuck do you say to that?!
  159. >Are you going to go along with this whole she can talk with Lady thing?
  160. >You've heard weird things about ponies, so it doesn't seem completely crazy, but...
  161. >How do you respond?
  162. "I'm not abusive. I'm not a mean drunk. I'm not going to hit you"
  163. >"But you're still going to...?," Fulttershy asks, bursting into tears
  164. >You laugh, then stop when Lady whimpers, then shoots you a look you've never seen before - like she doesn't recognize you
  165. >Fuck!
  166. >Could this crazy mare turn your fucking dog against you?
  167. >You're NOT having that!
  168. "Why else would a guy buy a pretty mare like you? But I did this as much as to save you from an awful situation as for my own gratification"
  169. >"So you're equal parts white knight and opportunist?," she says, then turns to Lady, "I'm sorry you had to hear that"
  170. "Are you implying a dog wouldn't understand that?"
  171. >"I'm sure she does. But that isn't how she talks about you"
  172. >GODDAMN!
  173. "Well what do you expect to happen when a man buys a pretty mare? What makes you think a sexual interest in her wouldn't be a part of it?"
  174. >"Nothing. Just so much wishful thinking on my part, I guess. I'm sorry. I'm speaking out of turn, master. You have every right to punish me for that"
  175. "Oh, come on. I didn't buy you to punish you. Quite the opposite in fact"
  176. >"How is taking me when I have no say in the matter NOT some kind of punishment? It'll have the same result - I'll feel bad about myself again..."
  177. "The last thing I want to do is make you feel bad about yourself, Fluttershy. That doesn't change things, though. Any man who buys you would expect..."
  178. >"But I'm great at working with animals. It's my special talent. I can talk with them and they understand"
  179. "That's what it looks like, I'll give you that. But given the way most animals are treated in this world I'm pretty sure most folks aren't too eager to hear their opinions about it"
  180. >She looks down at her hooves and says in a very quiet, small voice
  181. >"I'm the Element of Kindness..."
  182. "I have no doubt you're kind. But kindness alone doesn't get you very far in this world, does it?"
  183. >Fuck, she's starting to cry again
  184. >Lady whines
  187. >Be Anon
  188. >The crying stopped and now you're just watching the interaction between Lady and Fluttershy
  189. >Evidently they can communicate verbally with each other
  190. >But things are taking an interesting turn
  191. >"Of course I could see things differently if I felt the same way you do about him," Flutters says to Lady
  192. >You appreciate Lady's advocacy even if it is a moot point
  193. >You love her, too
  194. >"What do you mean I'll eventually see things that way so it doesn't matter?," Fluttershy asks. "You know what I've just been through"
  195. >Time for another beer
  196. >By the time you get back you hear Fluttershy saying,"YES! It's still rape even if he's nice about it. What do you mean know my place?!"
  197. >You chuckle as you take a sip
  198. >Lady's a good girl
  199. >Always has been
  200. "You're my property now. You know that. Lady is right, know your place. I'm not gonna be mean about anything"
  201. >German Shepherds are the best dogs until they break your heart when their backs give out
  202. >Hopefully Lady is nowhere near that
  203. >"No, I don't think I'm being too entitled about the whole thing. Not in the least. I have a say over..."
  204. "You know you don't"
  205. "You believed Lady when she told you I was good and kind. You still believe it or you wouldn't dare to talk like you are"
  206. >Fluttershy looks down at the ground
  207. "I'm guessing if you'd spoken like this to your previous master things would have gone very differently very quickly"
  208. >"A good man wouldn't..."
  209. "Why not? I bought you. And part of why I bought you was to stop his obvious mistreatment of you. But regardless I own you now, so you still have to obey me. If I told you I wanted you right now you'd have to..."
  210. >"You wouldn't want me right now," she replies. blushing heavily. "I still have him... his... in me"
  211. >Of course he had to go for one last fuck before bringing her over
  212. >Leaving her with a parting gift
  213. >What a scumbag
  214. >For all he knew you were planning to get right down to business and end up with his spunk all over your...
  215. >He's probably laughing to himself about you getting his sloppy seconds right now
  216. "Then I guess a bath is in order"
  217. >"A bath?"
  218. "Sure. You're mine now. Let's get all of him washed off of you"
  219. >She's still looking down at the floor
  220. >"It's going to take a lot more than a bath for me to..."
  221. "Being his bedmare must have been traumatic for you. I could see it. Being mine is not going to be like that"
  222. >"But I'm still going to be a bedmare"
  223. "That's what you are, so make peace with the idea. I'll let you have a little time to do that, but realize you're a new toy, and whenever you get a new toy you want to play with it right away"
  224. >"Like a pet, but with girlfriend responsibilities," she says flatly
  225. "You know it. But let's get to that after a bath. Give you a chance to get used to my touch"
  226. >You reach out to gently pet her face and she flinches
  227. "Yeah, You've got to get over that"
  228. >She's suspiciously eyeing the beer in your other hand
  229. "I know he's a mean drunk, but I'm not. Ask Lady"
  230. >"I believed her when she said you were kind," she replies. "I guess I just got my hopes up too high when I heard you were buying me. You know, about what the situation would actually be like"
  231. "You didn't think I wanted you as a bedmare?"
  232. >"I hoped you didn't, even though I knew I was kidding myself"
  233. "Hell, even Lady knew"
  234. >"I know. I feel so foolish now"
  235. "Maybe a bath will make you feel better?"
  236. >"Maybe it will"
  237. >You lead Fluttershy up the stairs toward the second floor bathroom where you have a decent sized tub
  238. >Lady follows along
  239. >"She's a little jealous of the attention I'm getting," Fluttershy offers, "but happy she's not the one getting a bath"
  240. "Oh, she likes playing in the water"
  241. >"He says you love the water," Fluttershy relays to Lady. "Oh, I see. It's the soap you don't like"
  242. "Well she needs it when she's a stinky doggo"
  243. >"I'm not telling her that!," she says, then pauses. "He says you need the soap when you get too... aromatic"
  244. >Then she laughs
  245. >"I agree everyday IS a bit much unless you're all sweaty. Or an adolescent"
  246. >She pauses again
  247. >"I know you never went through that. Probably a good thing given the life you have. Going into heat would probably just make you miserable"
  248. >She chuckles again
  249. >"Well think about how they are all the time, now make that ten times as bad for a short time. You're really not yourself"
  250. >Your pony is talking about sex with your dog
  251. >This is not what you expected
  252. >"It's like agony if you resist and... well, pregnancy if you give in." She drops her voice to a whisper, "Sooner or later you're going to give in"
  253. "You even give in back in Equestria? You got any foals?"
  254. >"I lived way on the edge of town, and my animal sanctuary kept me pretty busy. It wasn't all that difficult to avoid stallions when I was... that way"
  255. "I'm assuming that was by choice unless Equestrian standards were very different. I'm assuming you had not shortage of interested stallions"
  256. >She blushes
  257. >"They all like the idea of you being theirs," she begins, "They'd love it if you'd just follow them around. But things in Equestria didn't work that way"
  258. "It was more of a matriarchy, right?"
  259. >By now the tree of you have entered the guest bathroom - it's actually got the better tub. You never got around to redoing the bathroom in the master suite because...
  260. >You've never had a woman living here with you long enough for that to become a priority
  261. >Or redoing the kitchen, for that matter
  262. >Or really any renovations - the place is pretty much unchanged from when you bought it almost a decade ago
  263. >Except for that it's filled with your stuff, and it was empty when you bought it
  264. >Now your stuff includes a pony what you just started filling the tub with warm water for
  265. >"Unlike your horses here stallions and mares were pretty much on equal ground there. Princesses ruling things helped with that"
  266. "Even when the mare was in heat?"
  267. >"That's the only time you'd see stallions get pushy. That's why I stayed out of town when I was... that way. I knew myself"
  268. "Meaning?"
  269. >"Nuance is hard. Not that it matters here, but there it did"
  270. >The tub is about half as full as it ought to be
  271. >You look around to see which girly products your ex left
  272. >Half a bottle of green apple bodywash stands on the windowsill
  273. >That should do
  274. "Go on"
  275. >"When your natural tendency is to either be a doormat or massively overcompensate for being one..."
  276. >That makes sense
  277. "So you're a total hazard for stallions in a matriarchy?"
  278. >She blushes again
  279. >"Let's just say I'm not made of stone, so I knew when it was wise to stay away from them, even if it was agony"
  280. >She suddenly looks very concerned, like she said something wrong
  281. >"Not that there's anything wrong with liking rocks. Rarity dated Tom for a moment, and he was a rock. One of Pinkie's sisters may have had a thing with a rock as well"
  282. >Your head is spinning
  283. >"And Discord was turned to stone for a long time, and he and I had a thing before I ended up here"
  284. "So dating stones or former stones was a thing in Equestria? Can't say I see how that works. What about other ponies?"
  285. >She blushes even harder, if that's possible
  286. >"Weeeeeeelllll, Rainbow Dash was really more of a friend, but when we were younger we had a little bit of... experimenting, before Gilda..."
  287. "What was he like?"
  288. >"She"
  289. "Oh, so you were a lug?"
  290. >"I don't know what that means"
  291. >The tub is now ready to go
  292. >You turn off the water
  293. "Get in. It means Lesbian Until Graduation"
  294. >She steps into the tub as you look around for a clean washcloth
  295. >God, it's a fucking miracle you actually have one because you never use the guest bathroom!
  296. >It's a little dusty, but it's clean
  297. >You dunk it in the water, pour on some bodywash and bring it up to her back
  298. >She's so engrossed in conversation that she doesn't remember to flinch
  299. >This is good
  300. >"If by graduation you mean leave Cloudsdale then yes. My earliest experiences were with her. I may have thought about colts, but they were way too mean and scary to actually interact with"
  301. "So you're really just a sensitive type," you say, soaping her down
  302. >You're going to have to address the tail area soon
  303. >Just don't rush it
  304. >"I suppose. I understand how animals see the world, but with ponies... I just know everypony could do so much better. And that goes double for people"
  305. "An idealist with a side of social anxiety?"
  306. >That's actually kind of hot in an anime way
  307. >Not that you were ever big into that, but you did watch a few beyond Akira when you were a kid
  308. >Who are you kidding?
  309. >You still watch Toonami if it's all that's on Adult Swim when visiting your parents and they've gone to sleep
  310. >Not that you'd admit that to anyone
  311. >"I suppose you could put it that way... Ooooooh!"
  312. >You just got to her mane
  313. >Truth be told?
  314. >She's very attractive, not doubt
  315. >But with a wet mane?
  316. >Hnnnng!
  317. >It's gonna be hard to hide the state of your penis in a minute or so
  318. >Thankfully she has her eyes closed for the moment
  319. >You put down the washcloth to work the soap into her mne with your fingers
  320. >She's standing with her eyes shut, so she's not yet aware of the buldge in your pants
  321. >She not exactly leaning into you, but she's not recoiling either
  322. "Does that feel good?"
  323. >"Yes," she says in a very small voice
  324. >You grab the showerhead from its bracket and adjust it for a spray of warm water
  325. "Now we're going to rinse your mane"
  326. >No flinch as the warm water sprays down onto her head
  327. "Good girl. Now what about your wings?"
  328. >She shakes her head when you pull the water away and opens her eyes
  329. >"I preen them myself, but you can do under them if you like"
  330. >She raises them attractively and you retrieve the washcloth
  331. "They're beautiful"
  332. >"Thank you. It's just part of taking pride in your appearance," she answers. "I may not be a strong flyer, but that's no reason to neglect them"
  333. >Now she's noticed the buldge in your crotch and looks away from you
  334. "I think they're sexy. I'd actually love to watch you preen them once we're done with this"
  335. >"Is that a thing because no women have wings?"
  336. "What do you mean?"
  337. >"In Equestria preening wasn't considered any sexier than brushing your mane. Maybe a few unicorns and earth stallions had a fetish for it, but it wasn't a thing like that"
  338. >She steals a quick look at your crotch, then looks away again
  339. >"But when men see you do it they react like you've just lifted your tail"
  340. >You laugh
  341. "I never thought about it, but I guess most of the mares who turn my head are pegasi. Maybe it is because you have something no woman has"
  342. >What you don't tell her is that this is the first time you've actually touched a pegasus mare's wings
  343. >Even if it's just brushing against them
  344. >It's weird to feel such a birdlike feature on a creature who is so clearly a mammal
  345. >But not bad weird - sexy weird
  346. >You reach again for the showerhead
  347. "We ought to do your hind quarters now so you can feel really... clean"
  348. >She nods, blushing furiously and whispers, "I know you're aroused"
  349. "Yes I am, but there's plenty of time for that later"
  350. >"Even though I'm your property and you can just do whatever you want with me?"
  351. "Even though that's true we still have to live with each other. If I act like an asshole we'll both be miserable, and you've been through enough of that"
  352. >She sighs
  353. >"I guess I should thank you then?"
  354. "You don't have to. But you can when or if you feel like it. We'll do your tail last. But you probably ought to..."
  355. >She lifts her tail and you gently spray her backside with warm water, then apply more bodywash to the washcloth
  356. >A lot more
  357. >Then you gently get to work
  358. >This time she does flinch a little, but that's understandable
  359. >This isn't your first time with a mare, but you've only had one before her
  360. >An earth pony mare you picked up drunk at a bar
  361. >She must have taken one look at you and thought "meal ticket", because she let you take her home and let you do whatever you wanted
  362. >While being enthusiastic about it the whole time
  363. >You drove her home after that because you didn't trust having her around while you were asleep
  364. >But you hooked up with her a few times after
  365. >The sex was great, but the constant stream of needy text messages were more than you could handle
  366. >She wanted things to move A LOT faster than you were comfortable with
  367. >So you broke it off
  368. >She was really upset - much more upset than she should have been over just a casual fling
  369. >Which only cemented your assessment that you'd made the right decision
  370. >Thinking about this is still not enough to distract you from the position you're currently in
  371. >And your dick is demanding a piece of it
  372. >Soon
  373. "Let's do your tail and then we'll get you dried and brushed"
  374. >"You... We're... not going to...?"
  375. "Eventually, but I can wait until you're a little more settled in"
  376. >"I'm not blind. I can see you don't want to wait at all"
  377. "What I want even more is to prove Lady was right about me before making you jump right in to your duties. Better for both of us, don't you think?"
  378. >No response
  379. >You finish bathing her then dry her off, your dick pretty angry with you the whole time because you're ignoring it's demands
  380. >Then you start to brush her, making Lady whimper
  381. "You're a good girl, Lady," you say reaching over to pat her head
  382. >She pushes into you and starts licking your fingers
  383. "You're not going to get short changed here"
  384. >Turns out the tail is easy to brush
  385. >By the time you get to her mane you realize you might be in over your head
  386. >Look at you tough guy!
  387. >Brushing your little pony's mane
  388. >With a little guidance from her you get it looking pretty good - not as good as it did before the bath, but still quite attractive
  389. "I'd really like to see how you take care of those feathers"
  390. >She blushes, but sits on the bathroom floor in front of you and delicately brings up a wing as she leans her head toward it
  391. >Then starts carefully working individual feathers with her teeth
  392. >You can't say why, but it's one of the hottest things you've ever seen
  393. >A quick look at your jeans shows your cock straining against them, having already left a precum stain almost the size of a dollar coin
  394. >Fluttershy takes a break from adjusting a feather and sees what you're looking at
  395. >And suddenly a change comes over her
  396. >She tosses her head so her mane moves attractively
  397. >She bats her eyes at you, showing off her long lashes
  398. >"Oh you poor thing," she says, "it can't be comfortable to have that for so long without any release. Let momma take care of you"
  399. >MOMMA?!
  400. >You're not going to argue, and start taking down your pants
  401. >If she's going to try anything stupid with your pants around your ankles she'll have both your strength and Lady's loyalty to contend with
  402. >Your cock is at attention, wet tip glisteningly obvious
  403. >As Fluttershy approaches Lady joins her, coming in a little quicker and going straight for that glistening part with her tongue
  404. >Nice, but kinda sandpapery
  405. >"No Lady, this is my responsibility," she says, then looks up right into your eyes and adds, "Let momma make it all better"
  406. >Of course you let her
  407. >It's objectively an OK blowjob - she's neither a master of technique nor relying on sloppy enthusiam to get the job done
  408. >But she maintains eye contact, and after all this build up
  409. >Not to mention being a new toy with a nice wide pony tongue
  410. >Objectively OK pretty quickly becomes really good
  411. "I'm gonna"
  412. >"Mmm hmm"
  413. >Lady watches intently as Fluttershy keeps her mouth wrapped around you until she swallowed every bit
  414. >When she eases herself off you, finally breaking eye contact she asks, "All better now?"
  415. >Truth is you are, for the time being
  416. >You still want to fuck the hell out of her, but not right this minute
  417. "Much better"
  418. >Lady whimpers again
  419. "Do you need to go out?"
  420. >You have her full attention with the word "out"
  421. "Out?'
  422. >With that Lady's running out the bathroom and galloping down the steps in a rush to the back door
  423. >"Thank you," Fluttershy says
  424. "Ummm, I think I ought to be thanking you. That was nice"
  425. >"Your word, not mine. I mean for letting me save face in front of Lady. For letting her think I had some say in this"
  426. "You nearly had me fooled, too"
  427. >"Is that what you'd like? Me to fool you like that?"
  428. "No. Maybe at first if the other option is you being miserable, but eventually I'd like..."
  429. >You hear Lady barking from downstairs
  430. >It's her "Let me out" bark
  431. >"I understand. If the horseshoe were on the other hoof I'd probably want the same thing. I can't promise that's going to come soon, if at all. You understand?"
  432. "Like I said, we still have to live together"
  433. >"I'm doing my best to take that into account"
  434. >Another couple of barks from downstairs
  435. >"You should probably... Is it OK if I have a few minutes to myself alone?"
  436. "Take fifteen. You need anything to eat? I have carrots and apples, or I could salt a slice of watermelon"
  437. >"S-salted watermelon?," she asks almost breathlessly
  438. "Come down in fifteen - I'll have it ready for you"
  439. >More barks come from downstairs
  440. "I'm COMING, Lady!"
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