Preserved Blood (Protean •, Resilience •••)

Jan 16th, 2015
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  1. Preserved Blood
  2. (Protean •, Resilience •••)
  3. Usually, Vitae left outside the Kindred body for more than a couple of moments becomes inert; it's no more than a cocktail of old, dead blood from numerous mortal sources. However, with this Devotion your character can imbue an extended lifespan on her blood, giving its Vitae qualities a much longer shelf life. This makes her able to sustain and create ghouls, create Vinculi, or feed ancient Kindred long after the blood leaves her body.
  4. Some young Carthians call this one "GMO Blood".
  5. Cost: Special
  6. Dice Pool: Stamina + Occult + Protean
  7. Action: Instant
  8. When using Preserved Blood, first spend one Vitae. Your character leaks that into the desired vessel, and it takes up about a half liter's space. Then, make the dice roll. If it fails, the Vitae is rendered inert. If successful, you can spend a number of Vitae equal up to the successes rolled. The number of Vitae expended determines how long that single preserved Vitae lasts. After that time, the Vitae becomes inert. Until that point, it remains fully functional Kindred Vitae until imbibed or otherwise expended.
  9. Vitae Duration
  10. 1 One night
  11. 2 One week
  12. 3 One month
  13. 4 One year
  14. 5 Indefinitely
  15. This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.
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