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  1. [11:29:24] <Protected Text> whispers: hey man, what's the policy on mythic alts
  2. [11:29:34] <Protected Text> whispers: daborg here
  3. [11:29:40] To <Protected Text>: errrmmmmm
  4. [11:29:42] To <Protected Text>: good question
  5. [11:29:48] To <Protected Text>: what exactly do you need
  6. [11:29:51] To <Protected Text>: in terms of info o:
  7. [11:29:57] To <Protected Text>: we're having an officer meeting tomorrow so I can ask
  8. [11:30:21] <Protected Text> whispers: Tbh, I am enjoying my rogue to some extend, but I picked up my warrior again and I'm just having 10x more fun
  9. [11:30:42] To <Protected Text>: fair
  10. [11:30:49] To <Protected Text>: I mean for rerollers it's a bit different than alts
  11. [11:31:05] <Protected Text> whispers: problem is my warrior is still BoD geared
  12. [11:31:10] <Protected Text> whispers: needs some work still
  13. [11:31:26] To <Protected Text>: Ill just mention it on monday
  14. [11:31:28] To <Protected Text>: and see what they say
  15. [11:31:31] <Protected Text> whispers: kk ty
  16. [11:31:39] To <Protected Text>: normally we're quite flexible with gearing people up who want to reroll
  17. [11:31:40] <Protected Text> whispers: Im not saying I definitely want to reroll this very moment
  18. [11:31:42] <Protected Text> whispers: haha
  19. [11:31:55] <Protected Text> whispers: I am just bored of the rogue playstyle compared to fury
  20. [11:31:57] <Protected Text> whispers: too much downtime
  21. [11:31:58] To <Protected Text>: well if you actually think you're having more fun, then we're tottally fine with it
  22. [11:32:15] To <Protected Text>: we'll just need to discuss it a bit in terms of viability for the next bosses
  23. [11:32:19] To <Protected Text>: we might want you rogue for za'qul f.e.
  24. [11:32:28] <Protected Text> whispers: that's cool
  25. [11:32:40] To <Protected Text>: but yeah I'll give you a better answer on monday/tuesday :D
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