Breakfast - Shimmer Light

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Unless you decide to just put random foods in milk and dump milk on them, this is your last liquid breakfast.
  2. >Pops, your last love.
  3. >Your heart and soul...
  4. >Something about them just tastes... weird today.
  5. >It's probably nerves.
  6. >About being on your last bowl of breakfast.
  7. >Then...
  8. >You already feel like you're sweating.
  9. >... You are sweating.
  10. >Gross.
  11. >You'll have to talk a shower after breakfast.
  12. >On an unrelated note, the moth sitting next to you seems to be a bit... jittery.
  13. >She has heavier breaths and she's lightly shaking. She has been like this for a while, but only this morning has it persisted.
  14. >It was usually only at mid-day and at night, but now...
  15. >You've questioned her about it, but she always disregarded the subject.
  16. >... You're worried.
  17. >...
  18. >No more.
  19. >She's always leaving you in the dark. True, many things are meant to be kept secret, but you have a good reason to at least ask about her health.
  20. >You put down your spoon.
  21. >... It probably would've been more epic if you hadn't just finished.
  22. >You have bad timing.
  23. >That doesn't matter now, only she matters now.
  24. >...
  25. >Yeah.
  26. >She's looking toward the bowl, expecting it to be slid to her.
  27. >You don't slide it.
  28. >Time to make a statement.
  29. "Hey."
  30. >Her eyes glare daggers into you.
  31. >Truly the end of times.
  32. >You steel yourself and continue.
  33. "You haven't been feeling well, what's wrong?"
  34. >Her expression becomes one of intense anger.
  35. >"I'm perfectly fine, Anonymous." She's angry enough to use your full first name. "Just pass me the milk so we can move on."
  36. >This is it, make or break...
  37. >...
  38. "No."
  39. >...
  40. >Silence.
  41. >She's slightly taken aback.
  42. >Then she recovers.
  43. >... Her eyes bring death...
  44. >So... cold...
  45. >What does life mean?
  46. >... Goodness, you feel yourself dying just looking into her eyes.
  47. >"Anonymous."
  48. >...
  49. >No.
  50. >"Anonym-"
  51. "No!"
  52. >Her stare ends and your rant begins.
  53. "You don't trust me in the slightest! I'm just trying to help you, and you snarl at me and bring me hell!"
  54. >You let it hang for a second.
  55. "We were bonding! Everything was going so well, we even got through a tough time, and we're still having it difficult!"
  56. >She averts her gaze.
  57. >She looks... sad.
  58. >It seems you've actually struck a chord this time.
  59. "... What's wrong?"
  60. >... Silence overtakes the room.
  61. >This had to be done... right?
  62. >Yes. Don't regret it, this is how it has to be. If you don't mend this, it may be broken forever.
  63. >She visibly inhaled deeply.
  64. >She sighs.
  65. >Her eyes are closed; she turns back to you.
  66. >Her eyes open.
  67. >They glisten...
  68. >"Anon..."
  69. >You simply wait.
  70. >"I-I'm sorry. I... haven't been feeling well, but it's just a minor thing."
  71. >She sounds sincere...
  72. "Promise?"
  73. >The question hangs in the air.
  74. >A light smile graces her beautiful face.
  75. >"I promise."
  76. >You smile in return. Maybe, just maybe, you can learn to actually grow together.
  77. >Unlike last time.
  78. >... Well, that sullied your thoughts.
  79. >She still seems positive, though.
  80. >Her forelegs open wide, as if she was inviting you in for a hug.
  81. >...
  82. >Maybe she is.
  83. >You go in for the hug.
  84. >And the two of you hold a great embrace.
  85. >She asked you for a hug and you accepted.
  86. >It feels nice.
  87. >She brings her mouth to your ear.
  88. >"Anon?"
  89. "Yes?"
  90. >"My name..."
  91. >...
  92. >She's serious.
  93. >...
  94. >...
  95. >"Shimmer Light."
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