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Dec 15th, 2012
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  1. The Basilisks behind her stopped. The smoke from the pounded defensive line a few hundred yards away began to clear, revealing huge explosion scars in the Earth. As Lord Commissar Felicia Fiera of the 1st Cadian Colony Containment Company, or CCCC, was looking at the enemy line through her binoculars. “Heretic scum!” she shouted, handing the binoculars to one of her Command Squad members. Felicia was a rare breed, not only was she from a noble family, and therefore worked her way up the rank in the Imperial Guard with great speed, but she was also a skilful tactician and strategist. It was her who successful defended the Manufactorium on Silius Prime from Orks of the Warboss Gitstompa, before riding out, power sword in hand and plasma pistol in the other, on a newly produced Leman Russ Annihilator, which was so new it didn't even had a paint job on. She also lead the charge of the Vostroyan 3rd Company against the dug-in Tau on Reven III which successfully broke a hole in the Tau gun line and allowed Stormtroops to surge forward and encircle the Tau, ending a battle which would of cost millions of more Imperial Guard lives before it would be won. She had a smooth, but scarred face, surprising for somebody of her position, but it helped reassure her troops under her command and inspire morale for them at the same time. She had amber hair with golden highlights running through it, it fell down to her shoulders and was kept in a neat and proper by her Commissar hat, with her fringe only just creeping out from under the cap. Her round, dark eyes gave her the presence and authority she needed and demanded, when she was around, you obeyed or you were punished. She had been fighting for three weeks, as of yet no reinforcements had arrived, but the Star Port was held, and as long as it was, the planet would not fall. It happened just over three weeks ago, a huge storm racked the world and the Hive City habitation blocks especially. The Planetary Defence Force, or PDF, reported to the CCCC of the strange happenings and the second-in-command, Captain Kurkzov Hagard, relayed his command, the PDF to investigate the situation and report any other strange activity. Kurkzov didn't bother Felicia, who was asleep in her chambers at the time, as he thought it was nothing more than a naturally phenomenon and that concerns were from just the wild minds of fringe worlders. Within fifteen minutes Kurkzov got his reply, the reports stated that the entire Hive City was empty, that the entire population centre, the only one on the planet, was engaged in debauchery around a profane statue, reports of orgies of sex, food, narcotics, alcohol and violence was happening. The PDF officer in charge reported that when one of these civilians was approached, they would open their arms wide open, encouraging the PDF soldier given the task to embrace them, of course everybody performing in this act was completely naked and this man was no exception. When the soldier asked the civilian to put on clothes and stop what they were doing, the man just smiled and shook his head, before turning back to join in the 'festivities'. The PDF Officer asked what they should do, Kurkzov replied “This is a colony planet, if we... make cuts to our total manpower, the planets self-sufficiency will be effectively frozen for years, maybe decades, no, use non-lethal force to remove those who refuse to comply with your demands” the PDF officer in charge knew exactly what “making cuts” t othe manpower total of the planet meant, he had to use his force of fifty thousand men and women, mostly volunteers and general militia wanting a stable job, food and shelter, to move over half a million civilians who were filling the huge plaza with their bodies, food and various other forbidden items; right in the centre of the plaza was a profane statue, not only was it depicting graphic sexual acts, covered in myriad colours of paint, but those who had made it had the audacity, the mental fortitude and the basic guts to incorporate the Emperor statue which had stood in the centre of the very plaza. His golden form was him triumphantly raising his sword in victory, an ancient xeno race, long extinct, dead at his feet. Yet, the population had taken it upon themselves to add a sculpture of a naked human female, bending over in front of him, buttocks raised and pressed against the Emperors armour where his crotch would be. Such a violation of the God Emperor could not be excused, but orders were orders. The PDF officer ordered his force to surround the orgy, covering all exits with a mass of bodies, Lasguns raised, bayonets attached. With a loud order, the PDF officer ordered those tasked , to physically restrain and remove the civilians around the statue and move them to the planet invasion bunker, built on request of the Planetary Governor, who himself was involved with the 'festivities'. However, as the PDF soldiers grabbed the civilians, they would all go limp, falling to the floor, becoming incredibly heavy due the dead weight effect, the storm had been increasing in magnitude all the while and vox transmissions could not be performed, the first civilians had not even made it to the PDF cordons when a high bright violet lightning bolt plummeted on the statue, melting the Emperor statue and everything else. With this spectacle, the entire population stared at the scorched and melted statue, which glowed with an Erie aura, similar in colour to the lightning bolt that hit it. It was when the PDF officer ordered the continuation of the mission when an extremely loud, cruel but powerful cackle emanated from the mound of molten metal, and as the PDF and civilians stared at the mound of twisted and ruined idol, with liquid gold still dripping off it, did they see something wonderful. As they stared, the aura grew in size and deep in the centre, all of them could see themselves, their friends and family, everybody they cared about, laughing and playing, enjoying a veritable feast of both food and flesh. As their jaws dropped, the vox crackled as Kurkzov desperately tried to get a reply as what was happening, as the evil laugh and seemingly woken up the entire 1st CCCC, including Lord Commissar Felicia Fiera, who stood in her snow white underwear, but cap still on, as she asked for reports and checked scanners for signs of an invasion fleet, but it was clear, the laughter had not come from any electronic equipment, then where had to come from?
  3. As the PDS and the worlds population were mesmerized by what they saw, they were asked one question “Do you want this?” to which, unsurprisingly, every single one of them said “Yes”. As soon as all of them had said, or thought, yes, than the statue, or where the statue used to be, exploded in it's violet aura, engulfing the entire Hive Ciy in a purple, shimmering dome. This could be seen from the Start Port, and Felicia ordered and immediate scout party to go check it out., but they never reported back, once again all they heard over the vox was laughter followed by screams. The scout team and it's Salamander reconnaissance vehicle had been lost. This was enough for Felicia, and she ordered the immediate defensive deployment around the Star Port, the creating of heavy fortifications and emplacements and most importantly a man constantly on the planetary vox control and sensors which scanned the current system in search for passing ships, Rogue Traders, Merchants or passing Space Marines or Inquisition ships. Anybody who can help, anybody who could send a message. Unknown to Felicia at the time, but the explosion off the statue was no mere light show, but a way of turning those who agreed to the visions they got and those who didn't, those infirm or ill alone in their Habitation Block, were killed. Those who survived had been turned. Turned away from the Emperors light and towards the alluring light, like a moth to a flame, the light of Slaanesh. To top it all off, from the remains of the statue, a large and powerful, but frighteningly beautiful and terrifying Keeper of Secrets appeared, a tall and lithe mockery of a human female, as it had bestial arms with long and slender fingers, it's chest was filled with a large pair of breasts, both with spikes through the nipples, forming the points of the Chaos Star, which was finished by a circle linking them all together. The Keeper of Secret, which proclaimed itself as “Mor'gatha the Pleasured One” also was 'blessed' by long strands of rope like hair coming from her head, as if they were spikes on an ancient Terran porcupine. With an evil chuckle, and a slap of her ass-cheeks, she ordered her now enthralled, but naked, civilians to raid the armoury of the PDF and equip themselves for battle, they did so without question. The Keeper of Secrets ordered the PDF to assault the Star Port where the 1st CCCC had been since their deployment, protecting the Skyshield Landing pads which would allow invading forces to deploy en mass. But now, they faced a battle not from Orks or Tau, but from their own, from those who should be protecting the civilians of the Imperium. As it was, then thousand PDF and half a million Imperial citizens, lead by a Keeper of Secrets, was ready to fight and die for Chaos, lured by it's tricks and false promises. Within an hour of the recon team going missing did the first wave of PDF charged towards the still under construction encampments and positions. As it was, Lord Commissar Felicia Fiera had ordered the use of the stationary Basilisks and Manticore gun platforms. The combined fire from such powerful guns destroyed the PDF as they charged with Flak armour and lasguns blasting. Any who made it through were cut down by disciplined volleys of lasgun fire as Felicia and Kurkov organised the defence of the Star Port and ultimately control of the planet.
  5. Several days had passed and every hour, on the hour, had a wave launched itself against Lord Commissar Felicia and her force. The PDF had numbered around ten thousand men and women, trained to a basic level by CCCC sergeants before being assigned to a PDF companies. There had been five of these on this planet, two thousand each, but all of them had been combined under one for the mission which ended so badly. Around a thousand PDF had been killed by the CCCC, which itself numbered at around only five thousand men and women, five companies of Basilisk artillery, each company made up of three Earthshaker Cannon emplacements, Felicia also had access to five Manticore emplacements and enough rockets for each to fire it's full amount ten times. She also had access to several vehicles, from Salamander Scout Vehicles to a dozen Leman Russ medium tanks. Felicia had ordered them to be dug into tank pits to reduce their overall profile and for their front and sides protected with walls of thick sandbags. She was going to defend the Star Port to her last breath. As the smoke cleared and the destruction of the PDFs' defences showed how superior her force was, but without support, she would be unable to retake the Hive City without more manpower. “Any news yet, Captain?” she asked, turning to Kurkov who was reloading his bolt pistol “I'm afraid not, my lady, but we won't stop trying, these heretics will pay soon enough” he said, aiming down the sights of his pistol before holstering it and cleaning his power sword which had finally tasted blood as a PDF had ignored grievous amounts of pain before Kurkov removed any more resistance by removing the heretics head. Felicia smiled, but she was uneasy, she knew what was in the Hive City, out of range and view, she knew what Chaos Daemon waited there, a Greater Daemon no less, and she just couldn't stand the knowledge the enemy was there. She patted Kurkov on the shoulder as she walked along the trench network, out the exit and headed towards the command HQ. Inside she looked over the planets layout again on the table screen. It was basically barren apart from the Hive City, the Star Port and the huge mining complex the population toiled in. She looked over it and sighed, removing her cap and wiping the sweat off her brow before replacing the cap and looking back at the map. If only there was a way to reduce the tide of bodies that would appear if she launched an attack on the Hive City. She zoomed in where the statue used to be, the plaza was surrounded by tall buildings, administrative, economic, Habitation block and to the north was the Governesses Palace. She stared at it intently, it was a huge, grand building, with the tallest spires on the planet, it also contained a huge under-ground bunker and supply rooms with a Override Control Room inside. It was in this realisation that Felicia shouted out loud “That's it!” before she picked up her weapons and headed back to the trench line. The Imperial Guard troops were laughing and playing card games and telling stories of past heroics, they knew the PDF stayed to a one hour schedule, for what reason, she didn't know, but it meant she and her troops could resupply and rest.
  7. She had made it down to where Kurkov was standing, talking to other officers on where they were to stand and give orders to. He didn't hear Felicia walk with purpose behind him, but he did hear “The Override Control Room” she said loudly to so she could be heard over the other Imperial Guard troops. Kurkov turned around and signed the others to leave them in privacy, when they were out of earshot he said “Override Control Room? All major buildings that have important personal have them, I believe, however, that the Governess asked for one to be built here, what about it?” Kurkov asked, genuinely increased in what she had to say “Remember how the lightning disrupted electronics during the period?” she asked walking up to the table with a paper map lying out on it, looking over to Kurkov who nodded in response to her question “Well, most major planets have defensive systems, Sabre Defence Platforms and AA emplacements” she continued looking down at the map, before picking up a marker and started drawing “That is correct, forgive me, my Lady, but I fail to see what this can offer us in terms of victory” he said moving over to the table to see what she was doing on the map “Well, Captain, you forget that defensive systems also include Tarantula Sentry Guns are also part of the defence network” she said, lifting her head up to smile at Kurkov, revealing her pear white teeth, her beautiful lips glistering with wetness from being licked by her tongue in anticipation of her plan reveal “Well, the Governess of this planet seemed to have good connections in terms of equipment, so you're probably right” Kurkov said, folding his arms and looking quizzically at Felicia “Well, Captain Hagard, if we can make it to that control room, we can repair the system and bring those Sentry guns back online. With them online, they'll target anybody who isn't in CCCC clothing. Therefore, they will be attacked where they are the most dense, forcing them to leave the Hive City and come in range of our guns, from there, it's a simple case of clearing up the mess after” she spoke with pride at her plan whilst looking at Kurkov
  8. “Well, it goes to show why you're a Lord Commissar and I am just a Captain, you think of the big pitrue, I think of the now” Kurkov said humbly as he bowed slightly toward Felicia, this cause he to blush slightly but she quickly shook it off and turned the map to show Kurkov her plan. “In short, I'll lead a group of Storm Troopers after the next wave and get into the Governess Palace. We'll activate the defence network before exiting the city and returning back before the next wave starts”
  10. Felicia and her ten hand picked Storm Troopers had successfully entered one of the administrative buildings near to the Governess Palace. Most of the civilians remained in their perpetual pleasure state as they continue their various acts in the plaza, the Keeper of Secrets was nowhere to be seen, but it didn't matter. Felicia ordered the best shot of the group to shoot a composite plasteel zip line from the fifth floor of the administration building down to the 3rd floor of the Governess Palace, perfectly placed above the door from the what was assumed to be the bed room to the balcony. The Storm Troopers latched on to the zip line, and two went first and as they landed, they set up to cover as Felicia came down, as gravity took her, she could hear the moaning and various other sounds, such as food being eaten, drinking, laughing and screaming in pleasure as some men and women were being beaten by others using whips, while even children engaged in all of the various 'actives' Felicia just turned her head towards the balcony and dropped off, landing on her feet. The other Storm Troops quickly followed. The opened the balcony doors and made they way inside, hot-shot Lasguns pointing forward, while Felicia kept her hand on her power sword hilt and kept her Bolt pistol by her side. They proceeded through what seemed to be the governesses bed room, they reached the lavish double doors at the end, made with expensive Metal Wood, a wood as strong as the hardest metal out there, however, while aesthetically pleasing, it was expensive and rare meaning it wasn't used in weapon manufacture unless it was a special request by a prominent member of the military. Felicia ran her hand down the door, it really did feel like metal, she resented it being used on such a thing, but she had much bigger problems to think about. As they opened the door, they were greeted with a spiral staircase going downstairs, to the second floor, they quietly made their way down the stairs, lasguns pointed at the hallway they could see the further they went down. As they did so, they could once again hear the ecstasy the population was enjoying out there, this had gone on for at least a week yet they still wanted more, Felicia shook her head, she didn't understand it. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, there was a hall way in front of them, with five doors on each side, with a large door at the end of the hall way, to her left, as she came down the stairs was the next part of the spiral staircase leading down to the first floor. Felicia looked around as the Storm Troopers remained in combat stances, awaiting anything, Felicia sighed, she had no choice due to the limited time she had, the next wave would launch in fifty minutes, and without her and the Storm Troopers, enough might be able to get through and cause the CCCC to lose control of the Star Port and therefore it's communication array, meaning no help would arrive for a long time. Felicia decided as she strode forward before going “OK, I need one of you on each of these doors here” she said pointing a the doors, as soon as she had finished her sentence the Storm Troopers made their way to each of the door, Lasgun trained at them “So, we're looking for the Override Control Room, it might be with other security consoles, but if you find it, come and get me straight away, as only I have the ability to Override the security default setting” she said heading to the door at the end of the hallway and placing her hand on the handle “Understood? We have at the most forty minutes before the next wave and we have no idea how big it will be, so we need these Tarantula Sentry Guns to help us as soon as we can” she said, lying about how much time they had in order to increase urgency of the situation “OK, you all know the plan? In and out as quickly as possible, using the balcony on the third floor again to enter the 1st floor of the administration building Whomever gets there first must create the zip line!” she said pulling down the handle “I also recommend fixing bayonets” she smiled as she opened the door, power sword drawn and pistol aimed outwards. The Storm Troopers did as suggested and entered their doors in unison, the only sound the moans and laughter from outside.
  12. Felicia entered the room, it was lavish and well decorated, to her left a door to another room, but she ignored it and went forward, peeking around the wall corner as she did so. It her amazement she saw it, the grand control room, the wall covered in screen, showing camera feeds from thousands of locations, processing sound and voices in order to check for criminal activity or worse, heresy. It seemed though whoever was in charge of the security room didn't care at all about the planets safety. It seemed as though more care was taken in the presentation of the room, as it was covered in carpets, the walls covered in fine art and a lavish armchair, more commonly seen in a lounge was used as the chair for the console. Felicia was taken back by this, but she had no time to be and stood up as she pressed buttons and enter commands into the console, tying to bring up the option to override the default system and allow her to target the heretics. As she signed and took off her Commissar hat and shook her head, it was sweaty from the tension and heat generated by the machine, she was about to begin another attempt when she heard a door opening behind her and the sound of footsteps, Felicia turn round, quick as he bolt of lightning earlier, pointing her gun at the direction of the sound, instead of a enthralled PDF or civilian, there stood the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Felicia had been around men a lot in her life, but she wasn't completely oblivious to women being in the military, at first she met the Sisters of Battle, feeling they could be a little be less uptight, she had also me a few Imperial Guards women, who, like her, might be battle-scared but still retained a cold and haunting beauty. The woman in the room wore a stunning purple suit dress, her hair was a a deep bistre and she must have been in her late thirties, but Terran standards. Felicia noted the aura of authority that the woman gave off, however this didn't make her lower the Bolt pistol in her hand and, with extreme sternness “Who are you?! Answer in the name of the Emperor!”
  13. “I could ask you the same question” came the soft reply, as the woman moved over to the reinforced windows and looked down on the depravity before them “But I also know who you are, Lord Commissar Felicia Fiera, or should I say Lady? I've never met a female Commissar before, like alone a Lord!” she continued pressing her hands against the window in order to get a better look around the plaza below. “The Imperial Guard do not discriminate. Women have the same potential to achieve greatness in the Imperial Guard than anybody else! Now! Answer my question before this mere woman accidentally pulls the trigger and puts a bolt pistol round in your head” Felicia said with great anger and annoyance. “Well, I am Governess Isabella Portaire, wife of Governor Gerald Portaire” she said with a air of superiority and arrogance which the nobles often had. While Felicia was from a noble background, she had taken it on herself to work towards the top in a job that many nobles would wimp and the thought of hearing. Felicia lowered her pistol and let go off her sword hilt before turning to the console again “I can use some help here Governess, for some reason the codes I enter don't respond, has the console or the system been changed at all recently, Governess?” Felicia asked, still typing frantically at the console buttons, the Governess didn't reply. “Governess? We need to get the Tarantula Sentry Guns back online, and need them on, now!” Felicia said angrily, turning around to confront the gorgeous, but virtually useless in terms of the war effort, but she had gone, vanished, Felicia Fiera hadn't noticed the door open or the Governess go anywhere, she walked towards the door that the Governess had come out of originally. As she opened it, she wasn't grreated with a buildings room she was believed to be there, she was greeted with an all encompassing miasma which seemed to float in one base but cover the entire area, the miasma was a rolling mix fodark red, deep Terran plum and obsidian black/ Felicia knew what this was, she knew what it meant, but it did nothing but make her more determined to end it and end the control the Keeper of Secrets, who by now was a confirmed presence of the planet. Thankfully there had been few, if any, daemonic possessions, perhaps their continued euphoria and otherwise total obedience to Slaanesh had meant any wayward pyskers were to dim in the warp for any passing daemons to see. “Aw, you ruined the fun” came a voice from where Felicia had just been working on the console, she back peddled to look at who the voice was from, her heart pounding as she knew what this meant “Playing with people is a past time of mine, you see” said the owner of the voice, the Governess herself as she walked towards the concerned Felicia who, herself turned quickly to the exit out of the room, ready to call out for her Storm Trooper bodyguard, but as she pulled the door towards her, she was greeted with a plain Ceramite wall, Felicia turned to face the on-coming Governess, bolt-pistol raised in anticipation, but she had gone again, Felicia stepped forward, confused and worried, the sound of the console the only sound in the room, Felicia lowered her bolt-pistol “What in the Emperor is going on?” she said out loud before feeling a pair of arms reach around her “Why, it's play time?” came the Governesses' voice from behind, and with that, Felicia felt an overwhelming drowsiness take over her before she blacked out completely.
  16. Felicia awoke, her eyes bleary made out the floor, her head was throbbing slightly, but she was alive, as she made her way up slowly along the floor, her first view was that of the lower part of the suit dress of the governess, the whiteness of her flesh of the top of her foot could be seen and a pair of bright crimson high heeled shoes could be seen. Felicia made her way up further to meet the gaze of the Governess, but she noticed an intense tightness around her neck, she quickly angled her eyes down and saw she had a large metal neck shack binding her to the cold wall behind her. This turned out not to be the only bound part of her as both her outstretched and skyward arms were also bound, separately apart but by the same type of tight metal shackle. Her feet where also bound, apart the same as her hands, but no loser. While she could barely move the way she was she was also bound around her waste, just below her naval but above her pelvic bone by another metal band, just as tight. “Ah, you're finally awake!” the Governess exclaimed, clapping her hands together in a single loud bang which caused Felicia to jolt all the more awake. “Good, I was getting impatient! She said as she walked over and tipped Felicias' face upwards by placing a cool hand at the base of her chin and tilting it carefully upwards “Try not to slouch, it'll damage that pretty neck of yours” the Governess suggested, she was wearing Felicias' Commissar hat as she turned away and sat down on a large armchair. They were not alone in the room, the armchair was flanked by a fully naked girl each, who were both covered in Chaos tattoos and symbols, the main one, going from their lower chest to below the naval was the mark of Slaanesh. “What is this place?” Felicia spoke, with a slightly dry mouth and an extremely foggy mind “Well, I'm glad you asked” Governess Isabella said, admiring her female guards. “I bet you're wondering what was in that closet, aren't you?” she asked leaning forward and straight at Felicia, who didn't respond “Well, I'll tell anyway, for a long time, at least twenty cycles of this planet, we've been worshipping the Great Powers and the Dark Prince in particular, he offered my husband and I a world of constant pleasure, all we had to do was give him our useless souls” she said waving her hand on the word souls
  17. “Useless souls?” Felicia managed to say “By the Emperor woman, do you know what you've done?!” she said shouting as loudly as she could and struggling against the binds, but it was both useless and painful “My dear Commissar” Isabella continued
  18. “LORD Commissar, if you don't mind” Felicia interjected
  19. “Fine, LORD Commissar it is, but it matters little now” Isabella smiled “As I was saying, we sold him our souls and our whims were fulfilled, our sex life was indescribable, but, we wanted more... I wanted more” she conditioned, standing up and pacing around the room “So, what did I do? I offered the only thing I could, the souls of the half million Imperial citizens on this planet” she stopped pacing, laughing at the thought, before stopping suddenly. Felicia was aghast at what she was hearing, a citizen of the Imperium not only sold her soul to the Dark Powers, but those of her charges, damning them as she had damned herself “You monster” Felica spat struggling once again
  20. “Monster? I prefer the title 'Orchestrator of Pleasure' if you don't mind” Isabella replied, turning to face Felica as she did so “I also find it laughable that you, a lapdog of the Imperium could call ME a monster!” she shouted, moving closer to Felicia and grabbing her face by the jaw roughly “You sent billions to their deaths everyday. You sent thousands to death in this planets mines! And for what? To mine for resources to find an unwinnable war!” she continued, pushing Felicias' face to the side and letting it drop against the neck bind “It's not unwinnable, we will smite those who don't follow the Emperor, we will purge the alien and we will claim what is rightfully ours back again!” Felicia shouted defiantly, refusing to believe to what she heard, she had heard it all before, so this was nothing “My poor girl, you know nothing” the Governess said while shaking her head in disappointment “With my citizens souls forfeit, my husband decided to attract the attention of the PDF and the CCCC. He cared nothing than worshipping Slaanesh and reaching higher heights of pleasure. I, thankfully, play the long term game. So, as part of the deal, I asked for various extras, one of them being turning the Governesses Palace into my very own doll house” she smiled as she walked over to one of the guards, who stood still as statues throughout the entire conversation, she pulled one close to her and kissed one on the lips, deeply “And humans, are my dolls” Isabella said, turning to face Felicia again as the guard returned to her original position “And, like a doll house, I can change what the the rooms look like on a whim, that door you opened happened to be--” Isabella was cut off by Felicia “The Warp?!” she said, shocked.
  21. “No, you silly girl, if you stayed into the Warp, you'd go insane! As would I, for the moment, so no, the easiest way to explain it, is that it's a kind of WebWay that can go short distances, allowing me to go from room to room instantly” she continued, walking away and raising her arms in triumph at the very thought of it “Then” Felicia asked “How did you get behind me?” she finished. Isabella turned back towards her, began to walk towards her and disappeared, before arriving at her side and whispering in her ear “Like that”. Felicia was stunned, she had never been in the presence of a heretic for this long, she wished only to put a bolt-pistol bolt in each of their heads. “I've used this trick, another gift of Slaanesh, to watch you, dear Felicia” Isabella continued, signalling a guard to something behind her and facing Felicia again “You see” she said as she kicked off her shoes to the corner of the room “I know what you get up to at night” she continued as the guard began to pull what sounded like a zip from behind her down, before helping her to remove the suit dress from her Governess, revealing a beautifully shaped and proportioned, completely nude, woman in it's place. Felicia's heart rate increased, she could feel it bump against her rib-cage, even through her Commissar trench coat, whether this was because of the sublime nude woman in front of her or the thought she had been watched in the night by her, she wasn't sure. Isabella turned and walked back to her chair, Felicia couldn't help but stare at her perfectly shaped ass, as her hips went up and down as she walked slowly to the armchair. She sat, lifted her legs up, one by one, and placed them on the armchairs arm rests, and spread them as she leant back in the chair. She signalled for the other guard, who walked in front of her, turned, knelt down and placed her face against Isabellas' sex, before starting to lick slowly. “Now, onto the subject at hand” Isabella said, seemingly oblivious to the woman between her legs “I want you to give me the security clearance codes to remotely turn off the Star Ports automated defence system” she continued before Felicia could interrupted “Comply, and those who surrender who be spared and embraced as one of us and free to enjoy the unbound pleasure the Dark Prince can provide” she spoke while stroking the blonde hair of her partner beneath her legs “Refuse and those who surrender will be subject to the worse possible torture imaginable” Isabella stared confident eyes into Felicas', who stood, or rather, held in place in front of her “Never” came the defiant reply, this caused Isabella to sigh and she signalled the other, unoccupied girl over to Felicia “As I said earlier, I know what you get up to at night, I've watched you, with both men and women obeying completely what you order to them to do, perhaps, this will change your mind” Isabella smiled and used her spare hand to start massaging her breasts.
  23. The girl who stood in front of Felicia knelt down on both knees, while a uninformed observer who expect the girl to head for the crotch, the girl didn't, instead she put her hands on Felicia's Imperium issued Commissar boots. The girl tilted the boots up slightly, before leaning her head down and grasping one of the laces in-between her teeth, before tilting her head upwards so her gaze met Felicia's and began pulling the lace, slowly, away. It fell to the floor as Isabella said “Good!” whether that was to her girl or Felicia's, Felicia didn't know, but Felicia turned and asked the Governess “What are you doing? What is she doing?” looking down at the girl who know had the lace not in her teeth and was pulling it free as well “You know perfectly well what she is doing” Isabella replied, watching the girl intently as she touched herself. The girl by now had undone the thick, strong laces and the boot had gone limp, but remained tight on Felicas' foot, as was Imperial Guard requirement. The girl slowly moved her way to the tongue of the boot, but as she did so, she moved her left hand, which had been lifting up the boot at the hell along with the right hand, up the back of Felicia's leg. She shuddered as the cold hand moved slowly from the back of her shin, along her hamstring up to the back of her knee, before returning back down again. She did this over and over while she gripped the top of the tongue of the boot with her teeth and pulled it upwards so the boot became lose. She brought her hand down from her leg, gripping the heel of the boot before lightly pulling it forward so it came free, before pulling it upwards so it slowly came off as Felicias' feet conformed to the movement of the boot. A sweet mix of sweat and fruit could be smelled as Felicias' sock covered foot was revealed. The sock was army regular, going up to just below the rim of the boot, thick to provide comfort on rough ground and to provide additional warmth in cold planets. While the planet she was on wasn't covered in snow or ice, it was by no means warm and the socks were often required during the night for the inhabitants, unless they were in a huge orgy pile Felicia thought as the girl lifted her foot again and brought it closer to her mouth. She began to slowly kiss the thick, black sock, moving from the heel to the tip of her toes, this sent occasional sparks of pleasure through her feet and up her legs, for Felicia had always enjoyed foot play. During the boring nights, she would randomly select a man or woman in her command and order them to massage her feet, she had never taken it any further, for fear of losing the respect of her soldiers, while a foot massage was believable in the tough, leather boots she had to wear. The girl had moved from kissing, to licking the centre of Felicia's sole, deep licks through her sock, the mixture of leather from the boot, the sweat from her feet and the fruit from the soap Felicia used mixing into a delightful, if strange, taste, something the girl thought very hard about. The small, deep licks became much more frequent, and not limited to her sole, as the girl moved to the heel, moving from one end of it to the other with her tongue, not caring that it was becoming dry as a bone. Felicia was fighting the sensations it provided, the pulses of pleasure, the occasional tickling it provided, she closed her eyes to try to resist, but it made it all the harder as she thought of past lovers and of those she had eyes for now. “Wow, she seems to like that, doesn't she Lord Commissar? What about you? Do you like it?” asked Isabella, still sitting there with the girl between her legs, licking away.
  24. “No, no I don't” Felicia lied as another pulse went up the back of her leg, causing her to gasp slightly “Don't lie girl. I'll ask you again, give me the clearance codes and I'll tell her to stop” she replied, waving her hand from side to side dismissively. Felicia didn't want her to stop, but she was a Lord Commissar, so she'd die before risking the lives of her men. So, she didn't reply, “Fine, I guess I'll carry on with my plan” Isabella said, lifting the head of the girl who had been working on her and signalling her to leave. The girl on Felicia's feet had begun to move her hand up and down her leg again, massaging and pressing deeply into her skin, as she let out small gasps of pain in response. The girl returned from somewhere, carrying a vox-caster, she placed it on a nearby desk and connected it up with several wires, walking back to the Governess and handing her a small device which had a switch on, before returning between her legs. “This device here, turns that machine on and off, it is connected to the planetary wide communications system. Including the one in the Star Port. With a flick of this switch I can make anything within near proximity to it be transmitted around the planet, for anybody to hear” Isabella smiled, biting the end of the device seductively as she did so “I guess you know what that means, so, I'll ask again, give me the codes and I won't turn this one” she said as she aimed the device towards the vox-caster in anticipation of the response. “I won't, there is nothing you can do to me that will make me give it you, heretic” Felicia spat as another long lick was felt through her sock. “So be it” Isabella said as she flicked the switch.
  27. As she did, the girl at Felicias' feet stopped licking and turned around, silently, to the Governess, who just nodded. With that, the girl, pulled the sock slightly down, just so the tip was off her foot, before applying her teeth and slowly pulling it off, causing slightly tickling to come over Felicia, who suppressed it. Without warning, the girl continued her licking of Felica's feet, causing Felicia to call out, immediate she tried to put her hand over her mouth, but as it was bound, she couldn't do anything about it. To the CCCC stationed at the Star Port, they were surprised at the suddenly noise “What on Holy Terra was that?” Kurkov asked, looking up at the sound system speaker nearest to him. The girl continued as she had before, licking up and down her foot, around the edges of her heels, up the sides, all the way rubbing her leg with her free hand. Felicia tried her best to hold it in, but the sudden sensations caused her to call out or gasp as it happened. This didn't less a bit when the girl began licking in between Felicia's toes, one by one, she would start at the hell of her foot before slowly making her way up and pressing hard as she flicked the space in between her toes, moving her head slightly above Felicia's foot to get a better angle. As Felicia moaned and gasped slightly the girl continued this for some minutes before inserting her little toe into her mouth and sucking hard on it. This caused Felicia to shout out and try to arch forward to stop her, but felt the resistance of the many restraints stopping her. The girl moved one by one, putting each toe in her mouth and sucking deeply and greedily on them, running her tongue around them and between her toes as she did so. The big toe was the best for Felicia as the girl moved up and down on it a she sucked as if it was some faux-penis, faster and faster, Felicia could feel the sexual excitement grow in strength by this single act as her loins stirred and her nipples became hard. As the girl turned her tongue around and around the big toe as she sucked it in and out, she rubbed her legs with the tips of her fingers, up and down up and down as if she was combing her. The excitement was great for Felicia but she had so far kept it in check, but all control was lost as the girl slowly removed the big toe, biting slightly as she did, before devouring the entire five toes on Felicia's feet on one go, causing Felicia to yell in pleasure as she did so, the Imperial Guard completely oblivious to what was happening. The girl sucked up and down the toes, sloppily as Silvia dripped everywhere, licking in between the toes with her mouth, rolling it around the individual toes, one by one. “Well, I think we've found your weakness Lord Commissar” Isabella said cheekily as she pushed the head of the girl away and ordering her to remove the other one of Felicia's shoes off, which she did in the same way as the other one. With two girls in front of her, breathing slightly heavier Felicia managed to speak “Is that all you got? I expected more” she smirked as what she had just received was nothing but pleasure in her mind “Believe me, I do, I should remained you, my attack begins in twenty-five minutes, you cannot win, but you can limit the suffering of your men” Isabella said, crossing her legs and staring at Felicia, while the two girls both licked her feet. “You know my answer” Felicia said before leaning back and closing her eyes. Isabella got up, walked over to Felicia “Good, it allows me to do this” she said while unbuttoning the huge brass buttons on Felicias' trench coat “Stop!” Felicia cried but this fell on deaf ears as the entire coat was unbuttoned and pulled apart, unable to fall due to the position she was in, Isabella's hand managed to squirm it's way in Felicias' shirt, just above the naval and between the buttons, slowly rubbing her belly with an extremely light touch of her hand, this caused Felicia to squirm a bit, for it was not pain she felt, it was a kind of itch, deep inside her that radiated all the way to her back, the move Isabella did it, the worse and more intense it got, Felicia let out a half sigh half tut as she tried to squirm the sensation away, but it was no use. Isabella’s' hand moved further and further up her body, before reaching her breasts, which were not small, but hardly big, but small and perfectly formed, perfect as it meant not having to wear a bra underneath and she didn't get a crushed chest with the jacket on. Isabella continued her feather touch, the girls continued their licking and Felicia continued to resist making any sound. Isabella massaged her breasts lightly, as if she was moving a dial on a machine, before lightly tweaking her erect nipples between her index finger and her thumb. Felicia released a breath of air through he gritted teeth. This caused Isabella to smile as she snaked her way down to the middle of the shirt before using both hands to rip it apart, tearing it open, buttons flying everywhere, revealing Felicia's smooth skin and breasts to her, the coldness of the metal restraint could now be felt, causing her to pull her belly in, but she couldn't keep it like that and let it press against, causing her to yelp while she became accustomed to it. “Shall we begin?” Isabella said, extending both hands, not to Felicas' breasts, but to her armpits. They were smooth and hairless, but slightly dew laden with sweat, but Isabella didn't care as she began to lightly run her hands from her armpits down her side and then slowly up her back. Each pass caused the itch sensation to grow, making Felicia squirm harder and harder to remove the sensation, but it was no use. As this increased she began to panic, she was running out of time and if she didn't escape soon, she, well, she didn't want to think about it. Isabella brought her out of her thought “You want to scream, don't you?” she asked Felicia who's eyes were still closed as she squirmed around and around, trying to rub her back against the wall, the cold touch of metal or ceramite soothed the feeling for a brief section. “I-I won't!” Felicia said, eyes still closed as she closed her mouth again and squirmed in big jerks.
  28. “Well then!” Isabella said, grasping the buckle of Felica's army pants and undoing it, pulling the belt out completely before throwing it to the corner of the room, Felicia tried squirming again, but for a different reason as Isabella unbuttoned her pants and let them fall to the floor, or as far as they would go, before running a single finger in the area where Felicias' slit would be, through the fabric of her white panties. “I see you've gotten wet over nothing” Isabella said loud enough for the vox to pick it up as she rubbed her wet finger against her thumb as she inspected it. “Eyes front! They could attack any minute!” Kurkzov shouted at his men, who all faced front straight away, their eyes turned away from the speaker, Kurkzov looked at the speaker in despair, he knew that voice. Isabella was now rubbing her hands up and down Felicia, occasionally lifting her hands so it was only barely touching her, Felicia was breaking, she couldn't cope with this feeling, but she had worse to come. As, without warning, Isabella stopped rubbing Felicias' body but began to tickling her under her arms. This caused Felicia to gasp out as she began to laugh, she lurched against the restraint, her arms tried pulling against theirs and so did her legs. Isabella continued, both hands under her arms, just when Felicia thought it couldn't get worse, the two girls began to tickle her on the soles of her feet. She was uncontrollable, unable to move and unable to stop the tickling barrage, she was at their mercy as Isabella moved from her underarms to her belly and from there her neck, the girls moved from her feet to the backs of knees and her lower back before returning to her feet. This continued for five minutes, but felt like five hours for Felicia. The laughing was carried over the planet, the Imperial Guard began gossiping and asking what was going on, Kurkzov tried his best to restore order, but it was lost. Isabella asked Felicia the same question again “What are the security clearance codes?” as she increased her intensity and frequency of tickles, Felicia was lurching all over the place, straining this way and that way, completely restrained even under such torment “O-O-Oka-O-O-O-OKAY!” she managed to get through huge bouts of laughter and Isabella stopped and ordered the girls too, she waited until Felica caught her breath, she was leaning forward, her head hanging over the restraint, her arms limply slacking but held up by the metal cuff, she was like a puppet doll let to fall when the strings went slack “Th-The-The codes” are she said panting for breath, Kurkzov having to put a few bullets in deserters who started to flee “The code is...” she said gasping for breath as her body ached from the punishment she received
  29. “Yes?” Isabella asked expectingly, leaning in closer, the thought of hundreds more worshippers of Slaanesh by her hand a magnificent proposition “The code is... 1...2....3” Felicia sighed and hesitated after each number “The code is, 1, 2, 3.... FUCK YOU!” she said as she spat in Isabella’s' face, unbeknown to her, this caused the Imperial Guards to cheer in support, Isabella wiped the spit from her face. Leaned in close as she pressed her knee deeply against Felicia's crotch and began rubbing it back and forth, the wetness seeping through, she brought her face right up to the smiling and defiant Felicia “You've made such a terrible, terrible mistake, my girl” she said, walking away as the girls continued their tickling command, the door closed behind Isabella and the sound of laughter fell away. As she walked to her balcony to address those below her.
  31. It was twenty Terran years before the emergency vox communication was heard by a passing ship. The ship was part of the Night Swords, returning from another emergency aid request in another region, picking up on the signal by chance they landed a strike team to look for survivors after hails had failed. Upon landing in the Star Dock, they found large parts of it in ruin, as they passed through the destroyed and once bustling Star Port, they saw containers with Adamantum just left untransportable. As they reached the exit to the route to the city, they saw several skeletons hanging by rope from the dock entrance, all of them were in Officer uniforms, with one of them clearly a Capitan. Above them were the words “Punish the Non-Believers!” as the Night Swords moved forward, they saw skeletons and parts of them in the trench network before them, boxes of ammunition, guns and heavy weapon emplacements were unmanned and half broken. As they made their way to the Hive City, they decided to take a long route to the cliff which over looked the entire city. When they got their, however, they were greeted with such sights which turned even their gazes away. Space Marines have seen many horrors in war, but if you were to ask the few that remember what they saw, they refuse to talk about it, simply stating it was not for mortal eyes to see. When they got back to the Battle Barge “Fierce Retribution” there was a discussion on what they had seen, with one overheard as saying “There isn't enough blessed promethium in the entire Imperium which could cleanse that Emperor forsaken place” however one thing was clear, that it had become a daemon world. With that they planned to enact Exterminatus, the final answer in defeating the scourge that is Chaos, before the Cyclonic Torpedo's were lauched, however, they received a hail from the planet surface, it was using Imperial Security Codes, out of date ones, but codes nonetheless. Thinking an outpost of Imperial citizens had survived, they answered the vox, what they got was loud, panting breathing, followed by a husky and dry throated reply of “You should come join us Heavy breath It's so much fun” the words end there and were replaced by a mixture of laughing and screaming. The noise was so abhorrent that the Space Marines tuned it out using their extra sensory abilities. It was rumoured many asked for Mind Wipes of the event after. Whether that was the voice of Lord Commissar Felicia Fiera of the 1st Cadian Colony Control Company, nobody can be sure, as both the recording, her personal file and her voice sample for voice recognition purposes have been removed from all Imperial records. Some witnesses to that horror maintain that the recording is kept by the highest circles of the Ordo Hereticus and kept protected by the highest level of security and clearance. Whatever they use that terrifying and torturous recording for, well, none dare think about it.
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