[Histoire] Guild Bank Guidelines

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  1. Bank, farm, and contract usage guidelines for the NA-based guild [Histoire] on Elsword! Rules are subject to change at any time as the game updates.
  3. -Failure to heed to these guidelines will result in a warning.
  4. -Second infractions will result in a Rookie status until you have read the rules in their entirety.
  5. -A third infraction will result in your dismissal from the guild.
  6. -In extreme cases, the warning or Rookie status may be skipped entirely if the admin team believes that a member knowingly broke the guidelines and have no intention on correcting their behavior. An instant demotion or kick will be used========================================================================================================================================== if the team believes that a member poses a real threat to the sanctity of the guild bank.
  8. ==========================================================================================================================================
  9. Storing Guidelines:
  11. 1. Do not put armor, weapon pieces, or accessory pieces you've looted in dungeon into the guild base. This includes boss drops unless you get an okay from an admin.
  12. 2. The only exception to the first rule are Energy Shards, Ignia/Solace/Code Maya/Elrianode/Varnmiyr accessory pieces, and Drabaki's Wings. Additionally, please limit the amount of drops you store in the bank. If there are already Ignia's Spears in the bank, do  not throw another four in. Energy Disks are banned.
  13. 3. Do not put random Elrianode gear into the guild bank. If anyone is looking for a particular piece, they can ask in guild messages/chat or on discord. This also applies to El Tears.
  14. 4. High-grade magic stones as well as the normal teal magic stones and red-violet Advanced Magic Stones are now banned from the guild bank. If you ever need these, you may ask others for some. They are too plentiful and are rarely used among members to justify storing in our bank.
  15. 5. Only the current Magical Crystals are allowed at this time (Limit: 3200)
  16. 6. Furthermore, do not store old items that no longer have any practical use in the game anymore. This is stuff like town armor set upgrade materials (Berserker's Blood, Crystallized Ember Shards, etc.), alchemy essences, magic ice powder, armor scraps, old el crystals, etc.
  17. 7. High-grade magic stones are banned. The only exceptions are the special Critical and Maximize stones from Ice Burners (Limit: 100 of each). Regular magic stones (Limit: 2 stacks) and advanced magic stones (Limit: 4 stacks) are allowed. Dual stones are banned completely with the exception of Growth and Pursuit stones.
  18. 8. No gambling RNG boxes of any kind will be accepted in the guild bank. This is stuff like Gorgeous Jeweled Boxes or Old Wooden Boxes. If you need some, post a message in the guild menu chat thing.
  19. 9. HP+ only consumables are banned from the guild bank. Consumables that restore MP+ as well as HP+/MP+ are allowed (Limit: 600 of each unique consumable. For materials that can be used to craft such consumables at the town alchemist, only materials from Elysion, Elrianode, and Varnmiyr will be allowed (Limit: 400 each).
  20. 10. All NPC summoning cards are now banned.
  21. 11. No wyvern scales or accessories from GoD please.
  22. 12. No Ancient Silver Coins please.
  23. 13. No light orbs or light orb pouches please.
  24. 14. When storing materials (especially consumables), please try to keep the amounts reasonable (multiples of 25s or 10s or whatever). We do not appreciate seeing 3 Blessed Enhancement Stones and 1 Complete Recovery Potion taking up two whole bank spaces!
  25. 15. DO NOT FLOOD THE LOG WITH MASS STORING/WITHDRAWING. This applies to the donation of guild coins as well. If it appears that a member is trying to erase the bank logs, THAT MEMBER WILL BE PUT UNDER SCRUTINY FOR STEALING FROM THE GUILD BANK. Regardless if someone else did it or if something wasn't even stolen at all, we will be forced to question the member spamming the bank log and erasing previous messages. If someone else is guilty of breaking the guidelines, the player who erased the bank logs will be the one taking the blame.
  26. 16. Exercise common sense when it comes to putting items in the guild bank. If you think it's trash, DON'T PUT IT IN THE COMMUNITY BANK. LITTERING IS BAD!
  28. ==========================================================================================================================================
  30. Want to know what's helpful for everyone in the guild? We are not asking for these items, but if you want to help others out, here are some suggestions for useful items for everyone (listed in no particular order):
  32. 1. Guild Coins!
  33. 2. Mystic Stones
  34. 3. Energy Shards -- no Energy Disks please.
  35. 4. Mysterious El Flask Elixirs
  36. 5. Guild farm crops and their associated dishes
  37. 6. Elrianode Fragment Powder (Limit: 400 = 2 stacks of each)
  38. 7. Time and Space Crystals (Limit: 2000 = 2 stacks)
  39. 8. Barrier Fragments (Limit: 8 stacks)
  40. 9. Stella Powder Mix, Aqua, Ruve Herb, and Whole Grain Flour (Limit: 200 each)
  41. 10. MP Consumables, including but not limited to Warrior Potions purchased with AP (Limit: 600 each), Apples (Limit: 1200 Organic, 100 for other kinds) Complete Recovery Potions (Limit: 600), or Spirit Tea (Limit: 600) crafted in Elder.
  42. 11. Step 11 Jellies, El Tree Fruit, or Magical Crystals (Limit: 3200).
  43. 12. Orbs (Limit: 1 stack each, NO LIGHT ORBS)
  44. 13. Secret Dungeon Entry Permits, Heroic Invitations, Elrianode Defense Requests
  45. 14. Treasure Hunter loot (Limit: 200 of each, NO ANCIENT SILVER COINS)
  46. 15. Ancient Medal of Greed Cube & Ancient Medal of Proficiency Cube
  47. 16. El Shards (Limit: 1 stack for each element)
  48. 17. GoD/Alchemist Elixirs (Limit: 1 stack). To reduce clutter, we ask that members refrain from donating Blessed versions of elixirs.
  49. 18. Special Magic Stones (Critical & Maximize stones from Ice Burners)
  50. 19. Pursuit and Growth Dual Stones
  51. 20. IM goods / Ice Burners -- at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that we can stop someone who will steal it away to resell or something of the sort.
  52. 21. Ancient Iron/Guardian materials and wedges.
  53. 22. Dimension of Sinister Intent accessories
  54. 23. Amulets -- at your own risk.
  56. If you think anything else will be useful to others in the guild, feel free to put them in the bank! Please exercise common sense in these cases.
  58. ==========================================================================================================================================
  60. Condensed list of banned items from the guild bank:
  61. 1. Fusion Energy Disk
  62. 2. IB accessory crafting materials (the crafting option is limited in time, to avoid clutter over the long run, we will be banning them outright)
  63. 3. Tome of Amnesia
  64. 4. All RNG boxes
  65. 5. HP only consumables
  66. 6. Event items (especially Wallyland boxes)
  67. 7. Secret dungeon equipment and GoD stuff (wyvern scales and accessories)
  68. 8. High-grade magic stones that are not Critical or Maximize
  69. 9. Old enhancement stones
  70. 10. Unidentified fossils, magic ice powder, alchemy essences
  71. 11. Town specific craft materials (Berserker's Blood, etc.)
  72. 12. Weapon or armor scraps
  73. 15. Ancient Silver Coins
  74. 16. Light Orbs/Light Orb Pouches
  76. If you think it's garbage and/or no one will ever use it, don't put it in the guild bank. Littering is bad. Please exercise common sense when donating.
  78. ==========================================================================================================================================
  79. Withdrawing Guidelines:
  81. 1. Try to withdraw considerate amounts of items at a time. Don't be that ass who withdraws 99 Enhancement Stones and leaves one left in the bank. This rule also means that you should not withdraw unreasonable amounts of an item within a given time frame. You should not ever need more than a single weapon wedge at a single time, etc. What is unreasonable or not will differ from item to item. It will be up to the admin team's decision to decide what constitutes what is reasonable and what is not. However, members should exercise common sense as to what would be considered reasonable as that will be the primary basis for our decisions.
  82. 2. Try to limit your consumable withdrawals. If you don't need any for the day, please do not withdraw them. This will make sure that everyone has some to use as time goes on.
  83. 3. Please don't be that guy who takes stuff from the bank to resell on the board for ED. We will be making checks on the board from time to time and any found guilty will be simply booted without warning.
  85. ==========================================================================================================================================
  87. Guild Farm Guidelines
  89. You are free to grow any crop you wish whether it is for your personal use or for the guild's use! However, we do have some ground rules regarding the use of fertilizer. No matter what reason you may have for growing certain crops, fertilizer should only be used for crops that cost 10 tickets to purchase from Miyu. For the most part, it is more efficient to fertilize crops that cost at least 10 tickets to purchase and it allows us to preserve our limited fertilizer stock, which can be expensive to replenish in large quantities.
  91. ==========================================================================================================================================
  93. Contract Usage
  95. TBD
  97. ==========================================================================================================================================
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