Millow - Fast Delivery

Jun 24th, 2014
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  5. #This story was started by another poster in the poni preg thread, who asked for someone else to finish it.
  6. #I felt inspired this morning and took a shot at it. Warning, contains birth.
  9. "Hnnnnn! C'mon Dashie, concentrate!"
  11. Dash had tried to ignore the intensifying contractions, praying they were just another bout of false labor. If it were any other time, Dash would have been speeding towards the nearest maternity ward, but these were entirely different circumstances indeed....
  13. It was her final flight test, the one last all-clear that would open the final lock to Dash's dream: joining the Wonderbolts. For Dash, an absolute cakewalk....
  15. ...or it would have been, if Dash wasn't carrying what felt like an anchor around her waist. Her belly was swelled to it's limit with foal, her Wonderbolts trainee vest pushed upward slightly by the sheer size.
  17. Rainbow Dash, lead flyer at the academy, was pregnant.
  19. Spitfire allowed Dash to stay at the academy, but was expected to train with all the rest, though granting exemption from flight tasks that would have been to dangerous for her and her growing baby.
  21. >"Lesser recruits would have been tossed off this cloud by my own hoof, but if you can complete the training assigned to you, I'll give you a chance. DON'T screw this up...."
  23. "It has to be twins.....there's no way this would be this hard...." Dash thought woefully to herself as she pulled into a somersault. That stupid welcome back party at the Academy dormitories, that stupid, cute stallion that she was naive enough to sleep with.....
  25. Dash's thoughts were broken, though, by an almighty churn and clenching in her belly, causing her to groan loudly in midflight. It was as though a pair of invisible hooves was gently pressing down on her tummy, harder and harder until......
  27. her horror, Dash felt something give inside of her, and a warm, strange, hot wetness began to flood between her legs and butt. Her heart jumping into her throat, Dash looked grimly over her wing, and saw something that made her face burn red.
  29. Her hind legs were soaked and dripping.little sparkling trails behind her.
  31. "....n-not now!" Dash moaned, beads of sweat forming at her face. She was so close, just another trick, and she could land, and join the ranks of the Wonderbolts. Her body begged her to push, but Dash was so close to sweet victory, the chance of a lifetime. For a split second she thought about flying down to Spitfire as she watched from a far cloud, most likely unaware of what was happening to her. But if she stopped, had her foal, and laid in a maternity ward for a week, not to mention taking care of her foal, would Spitfire give her a third chance?! She had to wait just a little longer!
  33. But as she pulled into the last trick, a soft Immelmann turn, Dash felt another almighty contraction ripple through her womb, causing her to mistime the flapping of her wings, nearly making her lose control. It was too much to bear, and Dash found herself involuntarily bearing down, trying to push.
  35. A sudden fullness in her nethers made Dash feel as though a bucket of ice had cascaded into her stomach. Her cervix, fully dilated, no longer served as a barrier to the foal being pushed out of her, was slowly filling her birth canal.
  37. It was happening so fast. There was so much pressure, so much aching to give birth to the little foal. Dash felt her tail raise in the whipping wind, her hind legs parting as her body prepared for the birth of the little foal, or foals, inside of her.
  39. "NO!" Dash yelled out loud, crossing her hind legs tightly just as the foal's head began to crown at her nether lips. Dash wanted to cry out from the ache, but moreso from the frustration of it all. Just one more turn, and she would dive for the nearest cloud and push as hard as she could, not caring who saw her give birth.
  41. It was all or never now. With her legs crossed tightly, desperately holding in her foal for just a few more seconds, she pulled into the turn.....
  43. #Here is where I took over. Thanks for the inspiration, fellow anon!
  45. ...only for another twang of pain rocking her body to cause her to lose control momentarily.
  46. Twirling around in the air she managed to catch herself quickly, but also coming to almost a complete stop.
  47. It was no use. Her womb was contracting with each of her deep breaths, begging her to stop and finally push the foal out of her.
  48. But then she looked around the curve.
  49. There it was: The goal, so close had she not been pregnant, but right now every distance seemed too far to reach.
  50. Rainbow gritted her teeth and started accelerating again.
  51. "I can make it! I must!"
  52. With all of her willpower focused on keeping a straight course, she flapped her wings as hard as she has never flapped them before. The joints of her wings started to ache.
  53. Steadily, the goalposts came closer and closer.
  54. The inner pressure became unbearable, almost painful, but she was almost there!
  55. "AAAAAHHHH!!!!"
  57. Spitfire's sunglasses fell of her face. She stared at her stopwatch, shook it a bit and looked at it again.
  58. She passed. She honestly didn't expect Dash to make good on the time she lost during the course, but her final sprint made her pass, even if just barely.
  59. "Rainbow Dash! Congratulations, you passed! I honestly have to admit, I didn't expect someone in your condition to even finish the cou-"
  60. "AAAh!"
  61. Spitfire was interrupted by a loud scream.
  62. "What the hay is going on?"
  63. She looked around to find out from where the commotion was coming, but couldn't see the source. Also, where was Dash?
  64. She saw that the other Cadets were murmuring, whispering between each other, some of them pointing to a cloud not that far behind the finish line.
  65. "Cadets! Discipline!"
  66. The murmuring stopped, the cadets straightening themselves and going back into formation.
  67. "What is this about? Where is Dash?"
  68. "Ms...Ms Spitfire..I think she is on that cloud up there."
  69. "Why would she be up on that clou..."
  70. "Oooh!"
  71. "Dear Celestia...Soarin, you come with me! You two, get the medic team here, stat! The rest of you, back to the academy! NOW!"
  72. Confused, but obedient, the cadets dispersed and flew away as Soarin' an Spitfire flew up to Dash's cloud.
  73. On arrival, the first thing that happened was Soarin' passing out from the sight.
  74. "Great.", Spitfire growled.
  75. "Oooh, this is so not cool."
  77. Rainbow Dash was lying on her side, with her lower back turned a bit up, allowing her to spread her legs more comfortably.
  78. Her middle was trembling, constantly rocked by new contractions meant to help her push the foal out more easily.
  79. Her fur was matted in sweat, both from the exercise and she just barely finished and the exertion of giving birth.
  80. Her teats on the other hand glistened with sweat and tiny droplets of milk, ready to feed the soon arriving new mouth.
  81. "Ohh, uuuhnn!"
  82. Another contraction hit Dash, urging her to press harder. She could feel her belly tightening, her foal sliding out a bit more out of her stretched tunnel.
  83. Spitfire ignored Soarin' for the moment, walking over to Dash.
  84. "It's okay Dash, medics are on the way."
  85. "Did I-uh!-did I pass?"
  86. "DASH! YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF FOALBIRTH HERE! Concentrate!...and yes you passed."
  87. "That's good." She smiled a bit. "..AAh!"
  88. A particular painful contraction came over Dash. Spitfire noticed how fast her smile faded and took one of Dash's hooves into hers.
  89. "It's okay Dash, you're doing veeery good. You're almost done, just a few more pushes!"
  90. Dash clenched her teeth and pushed hard.
  91. "nnnnnnnggghh!"
  92. "You can do it Dash, come on!"
  93. "NnnnnnghhhhaaaAAHH!"
  94. And with that last scream, the foal finally glided out of her.
  95. Dash could feel how the pressure on her nether regions finally eased tremendously, a wave of relaxation washing over her.
  96. "You did it Dash! Congratulations!"
  97. "Yay me! Woohoo!"
  99. A tired laughter escaped her lips, almost drowned by her labored breath.
  100. "It's a filly, Dash!"
  101. Spitifre helped Dash pick up her new daughter as the medics finally arrived.
  102. "We came as fast as we could!"
  103. "It's okay gentlecolts. Looks like everything's o-"
  104. "Oh Celestia! What is- Aaah!"
  105. Rainbow Dash had barely calmed down as she felt the contractions coming again, the inner pressure that seemed to have ebbed coming back in full force.
  106. The medics pushed Spitfire aside and proceeded to the laboring mare.
  107. "Looks like twins to me. Ma'am, we'll take care of this now."
  108. "Tw-TWINS!?"
  109. Spitfire couldn't help but stifle a laugh at Dash's reaction to this new revelation, but then went over to her again to support her.
  110. "It's okay Dash. Just concentrate on your birth."
  111. "Aaah! You say that so easily! Ohh!" Dash yelled between pushes!
  112. "It is crowning! You're doing very well Mrs. Dash!"
  113. "THAT'S-AH!- MS. DASH!"
  114. A short silence came over the scene. Even the newborn filly seemed to look part in confusion, part in embarrassment at Rainbow.
  115. In the background, Soarin' came back to his senses, only to fall unconscious again when seeing the current scene unfold before his eyes.
  116. One of the medics broke the awkward silence. "Ahem. MS. Dash. You still need to push, please."
  118. Dash didn't need any encouragement to push further. She could feel the contractions, the pressure on her lower belly, fighting against the tightness of her stretching cervix, barely opening wide enough to pass her next foal.
  119. Spitfire went and picked Dash's hoof again.
  120. "Rainbow, I didn't know...the father, is he..."
  121. "I know who he is, Spitfire.", Dash replied, rolling her eyes. "I'm not that kind of mare."
  122. "Oh, well, in any case you have the full support of the academy."
  123. "He is one of the cadets..."
  124. "Rainbow! You know that it is against the rules for cadets to.."
  125. "Unnnnnnggghh!" A strong push let the foal slide out considerably, just past the shoulders.
  126. "We're almost done here! You're doing great, Ms. Dash!", one of the medics yelled.
  127. "Listen Spitfire, I know the rules, okay! It is a bit late for that right now! Uuh!"
  128. "Should we..should we get him?"
  129. Dash looked to Spitfire, surprise and some tears in her eyes. She saw Spitfire, looking back at her, with a gentle smile in her face. It was almost odd seeing her looking as soft as this.
  130. "Y-yes, please."
  131. Spitfire leaned down, listening to the name of the cadet Dash whispered to her. Then she walked over to Soarin, shook him awake (of course she held his eyes close before he turned around so he wouldn't just pass out again).
  132. "Listen Soarin', I need you to get someone from the academy here."
  133. They exchanged some words and then Soarin' set off to the academy.
  135. "Arrrghh!"
  136. Dash's eyes clenched shut. Her teeth gritted, she felt her entire body tense up.
  137. "Oooh, this is a big one.", one of the medics proclaimed.
  138. Dash was hit by the strongest contraction yet. every muscle in her body aimed at making her push on her lower abdomen. She could barely breath, as if the pressure in her lungs helped fight against the pressure inside her, pushing the foal out of her.
  139. Steadily, it moved further and further through her stretched entrance. She could feel every detail sliding past her tired nether regions, out of her.
  140. "GAH! Nnnngh!"
  141. And all of the sudden, it was over.
  142. "It's a colt! A big strong colt! Congratulations Ms. Dash!"
  143. A big wave of happiness washed over Dash, she felt incredibly relieved, even if a bit hollow.
  144. But that hollow feeling immediately passed when the medic gave her her second foal.
  145. Still lying there, too tired and exhausted form the birth, Dash just rested, tightly hugging her two foals, smiling as she felt the warmth of their little bodies against hers.
  147. -a bit later-
  148. Two stallions arrived at the cloud. One of them Soarin' who promptly started to blush profusely at seeing Dash nursing her foals.
  149. The other one a young cadet, still a bit green behind the ears, but earnest, motivated and a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol.
  150. "Rainbow, I don't understand. When we woke up after the party you said nothing happened, and then you said- why didn't you tell me? I'm so so sorry! I should have-"
  151. He was trembling.
  153. "I didn't want us to get kicked out of the academy. You know cadets are not allowed to have...intimate relationships with each other."
  154. "Who cares about the academy?! I can't believe you did this to me! I can't believe I did this to you! No! I-I have to take responsibility for this! I should have been there for you the whole time! Wh-"
  155. "Get a hold of yourself soldier!", Spitfire commanded.
  156. "Y-yes ma'am!"
  157. "Is it true what you just said? that you want to take responsibility for this?"
  158. "If what Dash says is true, then those are my foals as well. Yes ma'am. I want to take full responsibility for this."
  159. Spitfire looked back at Dash, staring at her with pleading eyes. She knew full well of the consequences an insubordination of such a degree had.
  160. She sighed.
  161. "Go to your family, cadet. Come on, everyone, let's leave them alone for a bit!"
  162. As she was flying away, she turned around one last time.
  163. "Listen. This kind of insubordination cannot go unpunished. But I also know what being a Wonderbolt means to you Dash. Cadet! I will see you 0600 in my office, understood?"
  164. "Yes, ma'am!"
  166. "He must be punished.." she murmured to herself. "But how..."
  167. "Maybe you should make him work at the maternity ward? I personally couldn't imagine a worse horror."
  168. Spitfire smiled. "Yeah, that should work out nicely, actually..."
  170. END
  172. First birthing stuff I ever wrote. I'm afraid not my kinda bag, but I hope you guys enjoyed some of it at least.
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