hypothetical- running from the cops

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  1. Recent events have led me to ask a hypothetical question. If I had a felony warrant, would I  run from a cop making a traffic stop? In considering this question I thought about news items involving three local police departments: Largo PD,  Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, and Clearwater PD.
  3. The recent story of Jason Hiers, who may or may not have been running from Largo PD and whom LPD may or may not have been pursuing, is illuminating.<<>> Mr Hiers having become airborne and having struck another vehicle on Bellaire Causeway Bridge leads me to conclude that he either panicked or was closely pursued/heavily engaged by LPD.  If the latter, LPD's pursuit driving skills probably exceed my counter pursuit skills, and I would have to stop.  Down on the ground with my face in the dirt. Of course, anyone foolhardy enough to attempt high risk maneuvers on Bellaire Causeway deserves to get caught.  Even if one can make it to the light, there's nowhere to go. Traffic is usually too heavy too attain sufficient speed for one to elude the police, and I'd probably wreck like Mr. Hires.
  5. Then there's the sheriff's office. I have no direct recollection of the details of any pursuit, and had to look at the sad case of Justin Lewis and Josh McMahan, who double teamed a deputy as an indicator of the  proficiency of sheriff's deputies.<<>> If the SO's pursuit driving skills are as good as Deputy Bingham's wrasslin' skills, then there'd be no contest. I could not get away from them. I would have to stop. I know when I'm licked.<<>>
  7. Finally, there's the Clearwater Police with not one but two accidents involving police cars hitting police cars in recent weeks. Amazing, isn't it! Visualize every police chase pursuit scene you've ever seen in the movies. Think of the Keystone Cops who started it all. Think about cop cars hitting cop cars. Reflect. If this indicates CPD's pursuit driving skills, then my counter pursuit skills probably exceed their skills, and I would probably be safe to run. Just turn east and keep on going.
  9. A review of recent news items led me to reflect on the pursuit driving skills of local police departments compared with my counter pursuit driving skills. I considered the Largo Police Department, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, and the Clearwater Police Department.  In my opinion, the Largo Police and the Sheriff's Office are too bad to try to run from. For my own safety, I'd pull over and get down on the ground with my face in the dirt. Don't know about the Clearwater Police Department. The two accidents suggest that their driving skills do not shine with accomplishment. I have to wonder if I could out drive them. But then, I'm not the sort to have outstanding warrants, and would probably turn myself in if I did.
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