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  1. _*Info for epic gaming night:*_
  3. *Time:*
  4. -Friday August 2nd, aim for 5pm
  6. *Transit:*
  7. -You can drive to my house and park there, or you can use the GO Barrie line to train up to the Aurora GO Station and I can pick y’all up from there
  8. -My address is 32 Tamarac Trail in Aurora
  9. -Please let me know which way you’re getting here so we can make space for parking and plan out pickups from the station
  10. -*IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE GO,* PLEASE _PLEASE_ get off at Aurora station, immediately turn to the ***RIGHT***, and walk all the way down to the track crossing (I’m looking at YOU Ferhan🤣). This makes it easier for me to pick you up as it’s the side closest to my house :)
  11. -The LAST TRAIN out of aurora is at 10:40pm, if you plan on staying later there are busses that can take you to union until 1am, and if you stay over you can take any train back the next day (we can sleep in dw)
  13. *Food:*
  14. -Enchiladas !! My mom is making three types: beef, chicken, and veggie. The beef and chicken will be halal meat so don’t worry you haramies
  15. -Cake and other small snacks will also be provided
  16. -Please notify me of any allergies / dietary restrictions, I think I’ve got them all but ya never know
  18. *Other important things:*
  19. -Please bring a controller or two for use with smash, we have a GameCube adapter already so just bring what you’re comfortable using
  20. -If you plan on staying over _please_ let me know so we can make space, the max we can hold is 4-5 people for overnight stay so I don’t want to overbook and have someone sleeping outside🤣
  21. -We will be going in the hot tub too, please bring your swimsuits / towels if you wanna go in (which trust me you will!!)
  23. Can’t wait to see you guys here !!! ❤️
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