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Dec 3rd, 2017
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  1. You can't resist me, can you? Well. Here's what's going to happen today. I am going to tease you. I am going to edge you. I am going to touch you. I am going to suck you. I am going to fuck you. And you are not going to touch yourself. You are going to keep your hands off while I make your cock ache and twitch and pulse. You think you can resist not touching yourself?
  3. Well, I don't care if you think you're in control of that cock of yours. I don't care if you think you're the one in charge. Here's the truth: Whether you touch it or not, you will cum. You're going to explode in pleasure because I can do anything I want to that cock of yours. Because that's all you are. A cock. Do you understand? Good. Then let's get started.
  5. I need you naked, of course. And when you've done that, I want you on you on the floor for me. Grab a pillow to rest your head on, and get on your hands and knees. Good boy. Close your eyes and start breathing in and out slowly. Take a deep breath in. Hold it. And then slowly blow it out. Again. Big breath in. Hold it. And then slowly out again. Keep breathing like that. Good boy. Feel all the stress leave your body as you breath in and out.
  7. Feel your eyes getting heavier as your cock gets harder in eager anticipation of what's going to happen to it. Deep breath in. Hold it. And slowly breath out again. Good boy. Now, can you feel the room change around you? You're no longer where you were before, you're now in my lair. This is where I bring boys when I want to have my way with them. When I want to torture them. When I want to milk their cocks of all the cum they have. And now you're here.
  9. My toy. My cock. All mine to do with as I please. I think I'll start by running my fingertips slowly over the backs of your thighs. Can you feel them graze over your skin? Oh cock, you're already leaking pre cum for me. This is so easy. I love making your cock twitch like that. I love being in control of you. Now... what should I do with you? Do you want me to stroke you? Do you want me to suck you? Do you want me to fuck you? Mmmm... maybe later, cock. But I need to tease you first.
  11. I need to run my hands and fingers all over you. Over your legs, up the small of your back, onto your chest, down your stomach and onto your thighs. Gently rubbing and stroking every inch of you apart from that one part you want me to rub and stroke.
  13. Later, cock.
  15. Now bury your head in that pillow, keep yourself on your knees for me.
  17. (snap fingers) Do you hear that, cock? (snap) Every time you hear me snap my fingers (snap), your cock is going to twitch and tense in pleasure. (snap). You feel that? (snap) Every time you hear it (snap),it will send a wave of pleasure through you, you'll tense up (snap) and your cock will twitch. Eventually, I'm going to snap and you're going to shoot your load all over yourself. Got it? (snap)
  19. (pause)
  21. (snap)
  23. Good boy.
  25. Ok, cock. It's time to start the fun. I'm going to stroke your cock now. Don't be alarmed when you feel my hand. Soft and warm and smooth, rubbing up and down your shaft, my thumb playing with the precum leaking out of your tip. I'm leaning over you as you're on your hands and knees. My tits resting on the top of your back and my hand reaches round to stroke your cock. (snap)
  27. I'm going slowly now, just teasing you as I stroke your hard thick cock. Oh, you are so hard for me. I'm so looking forward to making you explode and spurt cum everywhere. But I'm going to enjoy the journey first. (snap)
  29. Slowly roll over for me. Turn over so you're lying flat on your back, your legs bent at the knee. Now, cock. I'm going to have to taste you. I'll start by kissing your neck (kissing sound) and working down your chest (keep the sounds going). My hair trailing over your skin as I move downwards. Finally, my mouth reaches your cock. (snap)
  31. (blowjob sounds here and throughout this section) I start by just gently kissing your tip, licking the precum off your tip and tasting you slowly. Fuck, that precum tastes good. (snap) But I need to take you all the way into my mouth. (snap).
  33. (for this section, I want you to improvise a little. Make it last a good few minutes. Somewhere between 3 and 5 would be ideal I think. Mix in blowjob sounds with various moans and comments like 'fuck you taste good', 'I want to take you so deep in my mouth' etc. and add in the occasional snap as well. Start slowly and build it up as you go.) (keep going, until...
  35. Ok cock, it's time for you to start thinking about cumming (snap). (blowjob sounds) Feel my mouth on your cock as I keep sucking and slurping and fucking you with my mouth. (snap). Feel yourself get towards that edge (snap). Get right on the edge of cumming (snap) (Keep sucking) (keep moaning). I want you to cum for me. Ok, cock? (snap) (snap). Cum (snap) (snap) (snap). Cum for me (snap) (keep snapping) do it. Cum for me. (moaning, sucking snapping...)
  37. Oh, cock. Did you manage to resist not touching yourself? Did you cum for me? Good boy. Until next time...
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