Saned hosts list for client

TringaliLuca Feb 22nd, 2017 106 Never
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  1. sudo nano /etc/sane.d/net.conf
  3. # This is the net backend config file.
  5. ## net backend options
  6. # Timeout for the initial connection to saned. This will prevent the backend
  7. # from blocking for several minutes trying to connect to an unresponsive
  8. # saned host (network outage, host down, ...). Value in seconds.
  9. # connect_timeout = 60
  11. ## saned hosts
  12. # Each line names a host to attach to.
  13. # If you list "localhost" then your backends can be accessed either
  14. # directly or through the net backend.  Going through the net backend
  15. # may be necessary to access devices that need special privileges.
  16. # localhost
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