Broken Hopes (Twilight x Tempest)

Jun 22nd, 2018
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  1. >"Twilight dear, how do you like your eggs?"
  2. "Oh, I'm sure whatever you do for them will be fine"
  3. >The magenta colored unicorn of a rather tall stature looked from the pan before her to the voice from behind her.
  4. >There at the dining room table was a purple alicorn with her face glued to a book.
  5. >Her answers running on autopilot obviously.
  6. >She turned back towards the stove.
  7. >Shaking her head with a light chuckle.
  8. >"Scrambled it is then" she said under her breath.
  9. >Carefully stirring the eggs in the pan while they cooked.
  10. >For most unicorns, using their magic required almost no thought half the time.
  11. >It was like second nature once they got the hang of it.
  12. >But for this unicorn, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, she needed complete concentration for even the most basic of spells.
  13. >This is due to her broken off nub of a horn.
  14. >"Breakfast is ready!" Fizzlepop announced to her audience of one.
  15. >She tried to not let it wear her down.
  16. >Gently, she grabbed the two plates and lifted them on her back.
  17. >Walking out to the dining room table again.
  18. >The magneta unicorn noticed Twilight was still enthralled in whatever she was reading.
  19. >Her eyes scanning each word as if there were a story in the letters themselves.
  20. >Honestly, it was kind of endearing.
  21. >But annoying half the time.
  22. >"Uhh, Twilight?" she said outloud.
  23. >Warm plates resting on her back.
  24. >But no response.
  26. >Fizzlepop rolled her eyes.
  27. >She knew of a surefire way to grab her book obsessed girlfriend's attention.
  28. >First, she set the plates on the table.
  29. >Next she sat on the floor and held her right front leg upwards.
  30. >Hoof facing Twilight.
  31. >"Oh, oh no, the stove burned me once again" Fizzle deadpanned.
  32. >"If only there were some magic that could stop the horrible pain"
  33. >"...Preferably magic found in a pair of alicorn lips" she pretended to clutch her hoof in pain.
  34. >Before she knew it, a purple blur leapt to her side.
  35. "Berry, are you okay?"
  36. "Where's the burn?"
  37. "Do you need to go to the hospital" the panicked alicorn stammered.
  38. >The scarred pony began to laugh herself.
  39. >Her concern was adorable.
  40. >"Twilight, relax" she placed her hoof by Twilight's face.
  41. >"See?"
  42. >"No burn"
  43. >As Twilight leaned in to inspect the limb closer, Berry was feeling rather mischevious.
  44. >She booped the muzzle of the alicorn princess.
  45. >Snickering as she does so.
  46. >But Twilight was infected by this playful spirit.
  47. >So she kissed the underside of the hoof of the still giggling unicorn.
  48. "Better?" she beamed.
  49. >Fizzlepop felt her heart soar.
  50. >Things couldn't be better for her.
  52. >The two helped each other off the hard, crystal floor.
  53. >"...Can we eat now?" she nodded her head over to the still warm food on the round square table.
  54. "Mhm!"
  55. >Each pony went to opposite sides of the table.
  56. >Where they prepared to enjoy a delicious breakfast.
  57. >"So..." Berry began as she placed a napkin in her lap.
  58. >"Where is it you and Rarity are heading off to later, love?"
  59. >Twilight stopped mid chew as she gazed confused across the table for a split second.
  60. "Oh, you know how it is with Rarity"
  61. "A little bit here, and a little bit over there" she gestured with her hooves.
  62. >The mare's wings slightly outstretched.
  63. >"Ah, yes"
  64. >"But where is "a little bit here" and "a little over there"?"
  65. >Fizzlepop saw one of Twilight's eyelids twitch.
  66. >She cleared her throat.
  67. "...Canterlot" she looked down at the table.
  68. >Twilight's behavior was peculiar, but Fizzlepop paid no mind.
  69. >Because if there was something bothering her, she'd tell her in a heartbeat.
  70. >There was trust between the two.
  71. >"Oh, well that sounds rather exciting...I think" she rubbed the back of her neck unsure.
  72. >"Anyway, I'm sure you two will have a lovely time" she smiled.
  73. >Twilight's grin felt rather big than her usual beam.
  74. >Her eyes darting back to her book to her food.
  75. >"Twilight"
  76. >The alicorn looked to her with half-drooped ears.
  77. >"You can read while we eat you silly thing"
  78. >"I rather enjoy our quiet meals together anyway"
  80. >And as if saying that removed an enormous weight from her shoulders.
  81. >Twilight let out a deep breath.
  82. >She carefully flipped the book to a spot in the middle.
  83. >As she did she levitated a sheet of paper she was using as a bookmark out of the pages.
  84. >"Hmm, needs more pepper" Berry said as she tasted a scoopful of eggs.
  85. >Feeling bold, she tried to levitate the pepper shaker in the middle of the table over to her.
  86. >It made it about a few inches in the air when suddenly.
  87. >The top popped off and a dust of pepper assaulted Twilight's nostrils.
  88. >Almost instanteously, she sneezed.
  89. "Achoo!" it was rather forceful as it launched the small sheet of paper over on top of Berry's breakfast.
  90. >"I'm so so sorry Twilight, I didn't mean to-" she trailed off mid-apology as she noticed the sheet on her eggs.
  91. >From just looking at the design, one could tell this was for something fancy.
  92. >Something high class.
  93. >"Princess Twilight Sparkle, you are formally invited to Princess Celestia's Summer Solstice Ball..." her heart felt like it was beginning to fall.
  94. >She felt a chill go up her spine when she saw the date for the ball.
  95. >It was today.
  96. >"Uhh...Twilight?" she reread the entire thing maybe thinking she was misunderstanding it.
  97. >But it wasn't so.
  98. >Twilight was stone cold as she looked from the slip of paper to the pony reading it.
  99. >Sweat was dripping down her brow.
  100. >"What is this?" she laid the paper on the table.
  101. >But the purple alicorn didn't say a word.
  102. >Her eyes said everything.
  103. "Umm...uhhh...that's for a different Twilight Sparkle?" she fake smiled.
  105. >Hoping she would fall for it.
  106. >Berry felt herself beginning to frown.
  107. >"Twilight, please"
  108. >"Just be honest with me okay?"
  109. >Twilight looked down towards her side, but she slowly nodded.
  110. >"Now"
  111. >"What is this?" she pressed her hoof down on the paper a bit harder.
  112. >She looked up at Berry with a sad look in her eye.
  113. >Unsure if Berry was prepared to hear what she had to say.
  114. "It's an invitation...to a ball Princess Celestia is holding...in Canterlot" she sighed on the last part.
  115. >It took a minute for Berry to put two and two together.
  116. "So...you're going to Canterlot for this ball, not to go shopping?"
  117. >Twilight glumly nodded in response.
  118. >She was waiting for the big question.
  119. >She was prepping herself for it.
  120. >"...Why didn't you tell me about this?" Berry asked her heart feeling chilly.
  121. >But Twilight hid her face from Berry's hurt expression.
  122. >"...Oh my god" a sudden realization hit Berry like a ton of baby grand pianos filled with bricks.
  123. >"You're ashamed of me" she felt her hooves clutching at the table tight.
  124. >"Please...Twilight tell me that's not why" her voice sounding desperate.
  125. >But despite how much she begged.
  126. >The downtrodden alicorn still couldn't look her in the eye.
  128. >Her heart was feeling hotter as it thumped hard in her chest.
  129. >The room felt like it was closing in on the poor mare.
  130. >She quickly hopped up from her seat and began to pace back and forth near the kitchen.
  131. "...They...they would have just mocked you Berry" Twilight sighed heavily.
  132. "I couldn't do that to you..."
  133. >Fizzlepop felt the pricks of red hot anger flowing through her system.
  134. >"It's not like you even gave me a choice" her tone turning bitter.
  135. >"And it's not like I haven't heard the worst from ponies, Twilight" she raised an eyebrow towards her.
  136. >Twilight's ears drooped forward a little more.
  137. >Her wings covering herself like a blanket.
  138. >"I thought you trusted me" she said to break the silence.
  139. "I-I do!"
  140. >"Obviously not enough" she rolled her eyes.
  141. >Berry walked over to a wall nearby with pictures hanging from it.
  142. >Her's was beside a sunlight colored unicorn with a fiery mane, and a light purple unicorn with a swishy, azure looking mane.
  143. >She focused on the other purple unicorn.
  144. >Twilight had told her about this one.
  145. >Almost destroyed reality causing eternal destruction for everything.
  146. >Yet Twilight forgave her without hesistation.
  147. >Welcomed her in like she was family.
  148. >"...Do you wish I was Starlight, Twilight?" she asked with her back turned.
  149. >Not sure if she wanted to see her reaction.
  151. >Not sure if she wanted to see her reaction.
  152. "...Wha-"
  153. >"Charismatic, pristine, easy to get along with"
  154. >"Or would you rather me be Sunset Shimmer?"
  155. >She glanced over to the yellow unicorn's picture.
  156. >"Favored by Princess Celestia, alluring, kind"
  157. "I want you to be you Berr-"
  158. >"Funny, all I heard was "You're not important enough to ask Berry"."
  159. >Twilight's wings began to extend outwards.
  160. >Fizzlepop knew that was the sign she was getting angry too.
  161. "Berry, stop" her voice sounding stern.
  162. >This was ignored.
  163. >"I could place an ice cream cone on my head if that's what you wish"
  164. >"Would I be important enough then, Twilight?"
  165. >"Could you see yourself being in the same room as this...freak if I appeared normal?" she frantically gestured to herself.
  166. >Princess Twilight's shoulders slouched as her wingspan stretched out more.
  167. >Making her appear to be a very angry peacock.
  168. "Berry, please stop" she flared her nostrils.
  169. >"...Berry?" she asked as if that name was foreign to her.
  170. >"Don't you mean "Tempest" your highness?" she spat towards Twilight.
  171. >And like that, Twilight could feel her guard lowering.
  172. >Her wings fell back to her sides.
  173. >As a look of regret slowly formed on her face.
  174. >She looked up from the floor to see Berry's back walking away from the kitchen.
  175. >"If you come to the conclusion that you have royally screwed up your majesty." she said as she marched.
  176. >"Well, good for you"
  177. >With that, the betrayed unicorn slammed the door behind her shut.
  178. >Leaving the princess of friendship all alone.
  179. >To think about what she's done.
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