MGE Side III Levin Dil

Feb 21st, 2020
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  1. Diva Introduction
  2. • Diva: Levin Dil
  3. • Species: Thunderbird
  4. • Favorite Color: Blue
  5. • Favorite Type: “Ah, well I guess the kind of strong spirited guy who can keep up with my beat.”
  6. • How to Spend a Holiday: “I don’t feel comfortable taking a day off you know, so having a small gig is best but… after that, a tour around an instrument store? I can’t decide.”
  8. Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
  9. Ah, yeah. I’m that song maiden.
  10. I’ll be showing you around today if that’s alright, nice to meet ya.
  11. Huh? The way I’m talking is calm compared to my appearance? I’m not performing right now you know.
  13. Our diva, Levin, is the leader and base vocalist of the most popular charismatic band in Saida, “R3(Rights Rights Rights)”. We call her “Sis” or “Big Sis”.
  14. Big Sis is admired all throughout Saida… no, not just Saida, she’s an awesome person whose name is known in the other islands and even other countries.
  15. When she sings, the place trembles, and although it’s a very beautiful voice, it cleaves through the air, and it’s like the place becomes totally different, it really is a thunderous song.
  16. Hearing her song, being scorched by it, and chasing her down, arriving at this island… I think there’s no small number of people like that. I was the same.
  17. It’s like the place is filled with lightning from her words, but I think that’s cool.
  18. If we song maidens are frozen before a man, she’ll scream out “Just fuck him before you start going on about bullshit!” while lightning streams from her back.
  19. Big Sis doesn’t have a man yet, but I’m sure if there is a man that strikes her, instead of beating around the bush, she’ll immediately fucking ravish him…♥
  20. I suppose I also want to follow Big Sis’s example…♥
  21. Big Sis takes good care of all the song maidens, and we respect her.
  23. However, no one knows much about Big Sis’s past. She doesn’t talk about it, and she wasn’t originally a monster from Saida.
  24. I hear she wandered in to Saida some years ago, but I don’t really know where she came from.
  25. She’s definitely an unknown wanderer, but anyway, I hear Big Sis’s sudden debut was totally “crazy”.
  26. Yeah, I didn’t see it directly so I don’t know much, but I’ve heard some rumors.
  27. On the day Big Sis showed up in Saida, purple lightning poured down all over the city like thunderous applause, almost like the whole island was welcoming her.
  28. At Big Sis’s first live performance, her lightning was too strong, and the neon lights all around Saida burst, plunging the city into darkness for the first time since it became a demon realm, everyone got excited from the situation, and a huge number of couples were born out of all the men and women fucking like crazy.
  29. Everyone seemed shocked from seeing Big Sis like that. Big Sis’s band member, now her pal, the thunderbird “Leora” is a legendary solo guitarist that was number 2 to the diva at the time in Saida.
  30. She was a loner who didn’t work with anyone, but it seems she was paralyzed by Big Sis’s beat, and she invited her to form a band as the base.
  31. “Reina”, the Raiju in charge of drums, is also an amazing person. It seems she was a master of the lightning taiko that performed “Court Service” in the capital of Zipangu, but after hearing the rumors of Big Sis, she decided to leave the capital.
  32. The former diva wanted to focus on fucking her husband, so she was desperately looking for a successor, but then in the same year she turned up in Saida, Big Sis became diva with the speed of lightning.
  34. TL Notes: Levin and the song maiden use a lot of slang/casual speech.
  35. Regarding "R3 (Rights x3)", I couldn't help but wonder if it was engrish "Lights x3". I left it as is though because I felt the author would have at least known to write it as "L3", but you never know.
  36. Levin is refereed to as 姉貴 and 姐さん (Aneki and Ane-san), which are typically used by yakuza/delinquent types. Both mean "older sister", translated here as "Sis" and "Big Sis".
  37. Levin refers to herself as 俺 (Ore), which is a masculine pronoun. The song maiden refers to herself as アタシ (Atashi), which is fairly girly for her punk rock appearance.
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