RPG character profile - DE

Sep 25th, 2013
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  1. DF Name: DeathEnhanced
  2. Character Name: Nathaniel (Nate for short)
  3. Age: 34
  4. Gender: Male
  5. Sexual Preference: Bi
  6. Height: 5.11"
  7. Weight: 140 pounds
  8. General Appearance: White male, blue eyes, short black hair, clean shaven
  10. Clothing: Black Kevlar and plate metal Armour, nothing to heavy duty (Looks almost same as the exterminator reactive)but lightweight.
  12. Equipment: Flashlight, canteen, zippo lighter, gas mask,
  14. Weapons: Colt 1911, Kriss Vector sub-machine gun with holo sight and silencer, combat/survival knife.
  16. Personality: Quiet and reserved, paranoid and cautious due to previous line of work, always fearing an assassin has been sent to finally kill him.
  18. Likes: Cigarettes, reading, camping under the stars, cooking.
  20. Dislikes: insects of any kind, spicy food, loud music/noises.
  22. Skills: Survival techniques, marksmanship, close quarters combat, tracking.
  24. Weaknesses: highly sensitive eyesight, bright lights can blind him if no mask or tinted glasses are worn. Distrust: finds it hard to trust anyone, tends to avoid close relationships, exposed face: due to previous line of work (a victim seeing his face made it harder) he hates not wearing a mask, hates anyone seeing his face.
  26. Short Biography: Had an unhealthy obsession with warfare since an early age, was often in trouble for fighting. Joined the army at 18, left at the age of 28 after fighting in 2 wars. Spent the next 6 years working as a merc/bounty hunter/assassin for the right price, during this time he became paranoid of others, loosing his trust and faith in humanity. During a botched assassination he attempt he sustained 3 gunshot wounds to the abdomen and spent months in recovery. After which he wore protective Armour around even while not working. He choose to live off the grid, wandering out into the wilderness and surviving off the food he gathered and killed, venturing into society only to re-stock ammunition etc. During the outbreak he encountered only a few of the infected and to this day doesn't knew the full story of what happened to the world around him.
  28. Venturing out of the wilderness once more he hears tell of new settlements, of strange creatures part human and part creature, curiosity getting the better of him he goes to investigate.
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