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Dec 23rd, 2016
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  1. heaveN: may i ask
  2. heaveN: why are u targeting me oocly
  3. mennui: No. Your attitude is disgusting.
  4. mennui: I didn't even pay attention who was typing on /r
  5. heaveN: i said the exact thing u said yesterday to me
  6. heaveN: after i said chill
  7. heaveN: didnt meant to be rude
  8. heaveN: lol
  9. mennui: Shouldn't try to meme over ROOC
  10. heaveN: Yeah whatever udde
  11. heaveN: whatever*
  12. heaveN: wasnt even a meme
  13. mennui: "whatever "
  14. mennui: Keep speaking like that and you will be removed. Improve your attitude.
  15. heaveN: dude
  16. heaveN: i'm literally talking like that
  17. mennui: It was a warning.
  18. heaveN: my attitude is fine you're the only one complaining but ok fine i'll shut my mouth and try to do not have fun
  19. heaveN: if it's what ure asking
  20. mennui: You can have fun but show some respect over ROOC. Speaking to me like shit isn't considered fun.
  21. mennui: If that's your way of 'fun'. I don't want to see you on the faction
  22. heaveN: u did the exact same thing to me yesterday i didnt see that as being disrespectful but yes lets cut it out bc arguing right now is pointless
  26. C08:i6.KING-7 whispers on cp main: "<:: 63, criminal trespass. ::>"
  27. C08:i1.QUICK-6 radios on cp main: "<:: 63, criminal trespass at VU. ::>"
  28. C08:RL.QUICK-2 radios on cp main: "<:: // chill. ::>"
  29. C08:i6.KING-7 radios on cp main: "<:: // dont tell me to chill. ::>"
  30. C08:i6.KING-7 radios on cp main: "<:: // :--). ::>"
  31. [OOC] Charles Hammington: Or join the Unity Party, and get a 20 LP boost.
  32. C08:RL.QUICK-2 radios on cp main: "<:: // Who are you ? ::>"
  33. [Age:20|LongWavy Blond...] yells "He is trying to hurt me!"
  34. C08:RL.UNION-8 radios on cp main: "<:: // chill. ::>"
  35. C08:RL.QUICK-2 radios on cp main: "<:: // Oh right. You won't be anything. ::>"
  36. C08:i6.KING-7 radios on cp main: "<:: // lmao. ::>"
  37. C08:RL.UNION-8 radios on cp main: "<:: // chill all of you please lmao. ::>"
  38. C08:RL.QUICK-2 radios on cp main: "<:: // SoonTM. ::>"
  41. [LOOC] C08:RL.QUICK-2: I don't care if it's a single second.
  42. [LOOC] C08:i5.UNION-2: are you listening to me though
  43. dan96j has disconnected from the server.
  44. [LOOC] C08:RL.QUICK-2: Consider this your warning.
  45. [LOOC] C08:RL.QUICK-2: You're on thin ice
  47. Kenolino: hey mate, may I ask what was the reason of your arguing on ur cp?
  48. cuntcake: hey
  49. cuntcake: well, tbf, it was no argument in my eyes
  50. cuntcake: but ok
  51. cuntcake: I'm speaking with a friend atm, through a mic
  52. cuntcake: and basically, as a little banter, I jumped on his head
  53. cuntcake: and jumped down
  54. cuntcake: noone was around, just Mennui
  55. Kenolino: I can bet he didn't listen to you
  56. cuntcake: was about to continue on my way
  57. Kenolino: or told you that your attitude was disgusting
  58. cuntcake: and he started threatening to take my whitelsit down
  61. cuntcake: well, he is
  62. cuntcake: k, have time now
  63. cuntcake: right, I'll run it again
  64. cuntcake: more detailed
  65. cuntcake: had a little banter with a friend through a mic, just some jokes and etc
  66. cuntcake: we went near civie's spawn and had few jokes thrown around, through Discord
  67. cuntcake: then, I jumped on his head, to point out that his joke was trash, then immediately jumped down
  68. cuntcake: we were both about to turn around and patrol again, but Mennui came to us
  69. cuntcake: note, noone else was there
  70. cuntcake: just our two and Mennui
  71. cuntcake: he said things of type of "you shouldn't be doing this, this is not funny, resign if you want to fuck around"
  72. cuntcake: esplained myself, told him about the situation, all in a gentle manner
  73. cuntcake: explained*
  74. cuntcake: but yeah, he had his point to make, didn't want to listen to me
  75. cuntcake: I replied with a simple "lmao", as I simply jumped on my firend's head, and jumped down, not like I interrupted someone's RP
  76. cuntcake: there are so much many people that do way more serious stuff around and get away unpunished (even tho there's no point of punishing them), but he just had to warn me there
  77. cuntcake: now with a "hey, can you please don't do that man"
  78. cuntcake: but with a "your behaviour is filthy, and you are on thin ice"
  79. cuntcake: "resign if you want to do it"
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