Junkyard Gals

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  1. >Be me
  2. >Beelzebub
  3. >Lives at dump
  4. >Free rent
  5. >Free furniture
  6. >Live with 30 other gals like me
  7. >Paid by city to accept garbage
  8. >People pay us to claim garbage
  9. >Win win
  10. >Live next to Ignis
  11. >She handles the incinerator
  12. >Burns shit
  13. >Keeps the cold out
  14. >One day local gremlin stops by
  15. >Wants to build something
  16. >Cool
  17. >What?
  18. >Rocket propelled Wurm
  19. >Me and gals laugh
  20. >She’s serious
  21. >Laugh even harder
  22. >Finish laughing
  23. >She still wants to build it
  24. >Okay
  25. >What she needs?
  26. >Lots of random things
  27. >Me and gals help her find things
  28. >She’s paying for it
  29. >More we find the more she pays
  30. >Win win
  31. >Get everything
  32. >She starts putting it together
  33. >Uses Ignis as a blowtorch
  34. >Get old beach chairs to watch
  35. >Finishes it
  36. >Looks like shit
  37. >Basically a rocket with wings
  38. >This is stupid
  39. >Gremlin wants to test it
  40. >We have no Wurm to test with
  41. >Don’t need one
  42. >Just get something heavy
  43. >Find nearest car
  44. >Good enough
  45. >Have Oni gal in group set it up
  46. >Gremlin straps rocket to it
  47. >This gonna be good
  48. >Everyone hiding behind things for test
  49. >Probably gonna blow up
  50. >Ignis gal lights up fuse
  51. >Really just tied up rags covered in used oil
  52. >Watch fire make it to rocket
  53. >Nothing happens
  54. >Fuck
  55. >That sucks
  56. >Rocket starts screeching
  57. >Fire shoots out of it
  58. >Well shit
  59. >Starts to lift car up
  60. >SHIT
  61. >Lift off!
  62. >Car is flying
  63. >Can barely see it
  64. >BOOM
  65. >Explodes
  66. >Almost looks like a firework
  67. >Burnt hood lands by us
  68. >That was cool
  69. >Gremlin is happy
  70. >Success
  71. >Wurm would survive that so good enough
  72. >Crazy shit
  73. >Pays us
  74. >Leaves
  75. >Next day
  76. >Me and girls grilling on the car hood over napping Ignis
  77. >Aw shit
  78. >Gremlin is back
  79. >With a Wurm
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