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  1. Greetings I hope everyone is having a great day/night I just want your attention about this recent thing that is going on within the whole groups and communities, They are these "Pearl Parties" that go on and get posted to these groups, I shouldn't have to take my own time to go out and actually find information to actually prove that these are clear MLM and Pyramid Selling and pretty much a scam, I have watched these for 1-3 month and they are getting ever so more popular, I just want people to know that these are indeed a MLM and Pyramid Selling schemes, I have got some information to back-up my claim provided in the picture, here is how these people work
  2. - They get a website-template
  3. - They get "starter" sets
  4. - They do constant giveaways to try show they are genuine (but really they are doing it for your money because these cost hardly anything to purchase
  5. I want everyone to know these "Pendants" and other things they sell can costs less than £3 EACH and they are charging upwards of £35-40 and claiming they cost MORE than they are selling them for, they do "sales" but these mean nothing to the actual price your buying them for, Please if you would like to do a great-gift purchase the pendants and oysters yourself for less than £5-10, Before anyone asks these are the EXACT same ones they are selling and they preach about how "925 Silver" is high-quality hence the price this goes to SHOW they are also lying about that,
  6. Please take a look at the pictures below and come to your own opinion.
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