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  1.  1. Create a program that gives you a word and you have to type it correctly. Make it read a list of words from a text file and then ask you to type them. 2. (A sneaky way to get yourself to make an interpreter (on accident) ) Make a storytelling program that gives the user two choices. Depending on their answer, give them a new set of choices so that the story unfolds in a cool way. 3. (Also a sneaky way to get yourself to make an interpreter (on accident) ) Make a program that reads questions off a text file and then give you the possible answers. You have to choose the correct answer to progress. 4. Make a program for children that asks them math questions (1-2)||(6*5) 5. Make a program that generates a predicted velocity of an object flying at a certain speed, height, and angle. 6. Make a program that takes an insult, and returns how angry it is. You cannot use the same insult over and over again to get the program angrier. In fact, by doing so you make him unangrier. 7. Make the back-end of a website (Node is a lot of help BTW) that automatically blocks attempted automated attacks and rick rolls them. Keep their ip for a week and then take it off your blacklist. 8. Make a music generator (Just use diads and triads from a square wave generator that are in the same key) (Also, midi is good, but a little more confusing). 9. Make a program that generates vertices and then connects them in a random fashion. (Easier than you may think once you understand the .obj file format). 10. Make a simple dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge game. 11. Learn how to make a window in openGL (just knowing openGL would probably get you a job (Don't even get me started on Vulkan!) ). 12. Make a snake game. (Arrays are easy, but try other ways too). 13. Make a graphing tool so you can take math notes in HTML in class and just write the equation and then see it get graphed (Makes you the cool guy in school and also gives you a lot of incite into the HTML canvas. A lot of fun if you add color and rotate the canvas context. Makes great collide-scopes!) 14. Make a racing game where you need to avoid hitting the objects to survive. Just use the left and right arrow keys. 15. Make a program that periodically annoys your friends by sending them emails (Easy if you have gmail) or texts (really hard to do without a pay-to-use API). 16. Make the Matrix loading screen. Just read memory our of bounds in C/C++ with command "color a" turned on in command prompt for an easy attempt. 17. Make a website for all the troublesome equations you use frequently in classes that you take. That way, all you have to do is plug in the number ad you're done (!BEWARE OF FLOATING POINT NUMBERS!). Easily replaced with Excel, but a lot of fun none the less. 18. Make a program that you can take notes in (Another one of those that will get you into making an interpreter if you get serious). 19. Make a web-scraper. That's it. 20. Make a RAT (remote access tool) that you put on a friends computer that you can use to do annoying things with. Easiest with Windows 7 and C/C++/C# and .NET. I use mine to randomly press the e key when a certain someone is annoying me. 21. Make a program that says nice things about you at certain times of the day. Gets creepy if you use Windows and C/C++/C# to make your computer say it out loud. 22. Make a program that changes the color channels (r,g,b,a) of an image so that way you can make it greyscale, change the hue, and just other filter things. 23. Make a program that performs AES encryption -> Easiest with Java BTW. Also try you hand at sha256 hashes for some fun. 24. Make a window in SWING/AWT in Java. 25. Make a window using the Windows API *Throws up in C/C++/C# 26. Make a window using JavaFX. 27. Make a window using SDL in C/C++/C#. 28. Make an image editor. (Not as easy as you may think) 29. Learn webGL (useful for learning GLSL, which is valuable) 30. Make an neural network to recognize cats (YouTube tutorials are great, but stay away form the Python ones. Python is garbage!) /* There you go my fellow coders. Have fun trying some of these examples. God knows I did */
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