Jul 21st, 2014
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  1. I respect that.
  3. I only reached out in spite of my poor behavior because I spent a lot of time thinking about it -- since I started counseling in January and up until like last week-ish -- and I realized that you're the first person in a while who I've consciously come to admire. You're unabashedly passionate about the things you love, have developed an identity/self that you've done well to assert and protect, and overall you're one of the most agreeable and clever persons my age that I've met.
  5. Pardon me if it sounds utilitarian but I wanted to reach out to you because I think it's worth at least trying to keep friends like you in my life. On another level I would rather express such sentiments no matter the outcome because that's part of the honesty I'd like for myself. I'm not really expecting this to magically make you less apathetic, nor am I really expecting this to do anything but kind of piss you off. I simply think that it's better to relay these things while I'm certain you're still listening.
  7. Sorry for the paragraphs, and thanks for reading.
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