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  6. FILE GH-230
  7. -Authenticity
  8. -How the machine works, gravitational distortion of dimensional membrane
  10. FILE GH-231
  11. -Importance of cause and effect
  12. -Persistence of effects
  13. -The importance of conscious decision
  15. FILE GH-232
  16. -Mass divergence event
  17. -Symptoms of divergence
  19. FILE GH-233
  22. FILE GH-234
  23. -What to do with the information
  24. -Talk of possible returns by J.B.
  26. FILE GH-235
  27. -Events persistent through dimension, even after M.D.E.
  55. K.B.: So we should consider the possibilities of dimensional time travel? And why not go back to the time before the M.D.E. happened?
  57. J.B.: We should really stop calling it time travel, because in order for me to explain this properly to you you have to let go the notion of linear time travel. As I have said before we should call it dimensional travel, I did not come from your future, and you are not in my past. There is no natural possibility, no physical way for you to go back into time of your own dimension. However, it is possible for you to step outside this dimension, enter an, almost, identical dimension AND arrive there in a different, almost identical time.
  58. So basically, you can’t see Queens Wembley performance in YOUR 1985 or 6. But you could in someone else’s.
  59. Now when you step BACK IN to your own dimension, you will be right back here, in the present, 2012.
  60. So it’s not time travel, but dimension travel. I can’t stress this enough…
  62. K.B.: So if I would use it to go that concert, would they play the same songs? Would they wear the same outfit, is the event exactly the same?
  64. [cont.]
  65. J.B.: Well, another thing you should start considering now is the importance of cause and effect. We call it the Law of Importance. What we have learnt is that nature assigns probabilities to causes, it gives it weight so to say. As a matter of fact, we have even found there is a distinct difference of importance in causes produced by sentient or non-sentient decisions, I will get back to that in a moment. Now the way nature discerns importance, is by the amount of causes an effect has. An effect that has had many causes, is deemed more important than an effect with less causes.
  67. Lets use a simpler example, lets use the concept your presented earlier. Me in the so called ‘future’ writes down lottery numbers, steps into another dimensions past, make myself some money, and return with the loot.
  68. Now here is why that is –most likely, not to happen.
  69. And now I will have to explain how important causes and effects actually are. The reason for an effect to PERSIST throughout dimension is directly calculated by the sum of its causes, and the weight-importance, of said causes. The weight-importance, in turn, is calculated by the amount of energy spent.
  71. For instance: The lottery number is generated on a screen by a computer and it presents us with 10 random numbers. The random numbers are the eventual effect. The cause is a non-sentient computer calculation of only one. So to say, there is only one cause, and it’s very insignificant, as the computer could have generated any random number. This makes it HIGHLY UNLIKELY that this effect will persist throughout dimensions.
  72. So we know that if we are looking for information from the past or from the future, that has very little causes, it is most likely a waste of resources trying to pursue that information.
  73. Now effects that are important, that have many intricate causes, conscious decisions, many variables etcetera, increase the importance, and thus persistence of an effect.
  74. Millions of people making a conscious decision to vote for a certain political party, has many complex causes, and there for the effect is highly likely to persist throughout dimensions.
  75. However, there are always anomalies of course, and with the divergence I was talking about earlier, these anomalies have become more severe, and more persistent.
  76. Fun example, I looked myself up on the internet in your dimension, and in this one, I have a little tiny scar or dimple between my eyes I don’t have as I stand here before you.
  78. For the second question, I believe it was among the lines of ‘why not go back to before the M.D.E. and prevent it all together?’ Well you know now that would only fix that dimension, If I were to return back to my own, things would still be the same.
  87. FILE GH-232// M.D.E.
  89. J.B.: Well what you have to envision is, all dimension are kind of locked inside a, a, bubble so they say. We call it a membrane that protects dimensions from colliding with each other. However all these bubbles are connected in the multiverse. Sometimes where the membrane intersects there might be a little bit more tension, a little bit more energy which can cause small insignificant anomalies, you are already aware of those I know.
  90. However with what you did, that with this machine you released such an incredible amount of power that the membrane between the dimensions was first weakened in 08 and then finally punctured at the end of 2011. This puncture we call the start of an M.D.E., a Mass Divergence Effect. A direct effect of an M.D.E. is the ‘bleed-in’ anomaly. This means the puncture in the dimension causes the two dimension to try and reach equilibrium. Try to envision it as two chambers, one with hot air, one with cold and a door in the middle. When you open the door, the two chambers mix and equalize until the temperature is somewhat stable throughout the rooms. That’s what is happening RIGHT NOW.
  92. Now I know you’ve all been a little drunk on the recent media attention you have received because of your incredible findings, this M.D.E. and bleed in anomaly is very damaging for both dimensions. To everyone’s dimension actually. Let me stress again this happened on an interdimensional scale. I’m not blaming YOU precisely for this event, it’s also us, we all did this, throughout all dimensions. And therefor it’s imperative we fix this as quickly as possible.
  94. Symptoms are that causes and effects throughout A and B seem to either disappear or entwine. Again I give you an example of two dimensions to make it understandable, keep in mind this is on the big scale too. So, we see the bleeding in effect in other dimensions as well, and it causes mass disturbance anomalies. It first starts of slow, with signs of mass hysteria. We would notice people would misremember things about their own past first, but as more time progresses and more divergence occurs, the anomalies grew. The mass hysteria spanned globally to a point were people were disputing entire historical events or political movements from the past.
  95. At first the hysteria was about a past long ago, but grew closer to the present very quickly.
  96. We only figured out divergence must’ve occurred when suddenly causes in the past, and probably future too-we don’t know, produced an entirely different effect WITHIN our timeline. As an example, basic experiments done in the past, would yield different results in the present.
  97. We became very worried about all our calculations, from nuclear reactors to flight travel, as they slowly became different.
  99. FILE GH-234// FORWARD
  101. K.B.: What should we do with all this information?
  103. J.B.:
  104. The whole reason I’m here is to find out what happened at the start of the M.D.E., because we didn’t know what was going on. You have a head start now, we send a few people to different dimensions with this information, so basically we all have a head start now.
  105. You must hope to find out how to revert this mess, so you will be able to save your own world, in the process, we hope to find out how to, so to say ‘cure’ ours.
  106. For now, I suggest you do it in silence. As nothing major will happen in the next few years, but you will see the signs of what’s going on. Study it, don’t brush it off as insignificant like we did.
  107. I think that if you would bring this out in the open, mass hysteria might occur. This might cut our funding, and don’t forget, you and I are on the same payroll. If you are able to revert this, no one even NEEDS to know, you’ll be the silent, unsung heroes of ALL.
  108. In the next few days I will walk you through all the basics, all the things you have to take in account to really be able to tackle this problem.
  109. After that, I’ll return home, and work on the problem there. If we are still around in the next decade, I will return to you around march 2020 for a check up, and then again for the big event I talked about earlier.
  113. K.B.: What are the events persistent throughout dimensions, from which we can obtain information?
  115. J.B.: In anticipation to that question I have made a list of specific persistents, as we call them, I will present it to you later. I can’t be truly clear about the start of it, as the start is not persistent. However in a few years time, when the political and social climate starts to heat up and destabilize, we saw a widespread of false information throughout the dimensions. False information spread by regular people, but also scientists, politicians, and media outlets.
  116. Around the start of 2020 things will escalate faster and faster. An increase in seismic and volcanic activity is possible, but only half persistent – we don’t know why.
  117. In February of that year, sometimes on 4th, if not, then definitely on the 29th, a coronal mass ejection will destabilize Europe and parts of Asia for days. Confidence and trust in technology and science will understandably dwindle.
  118. From that point on people will have endless debates, sometimes hugely televised or streamed, sometimes in a back room, about basic science, biology, and geography. Heated discussion will divide people into confined groups, leading to violence.
  119. Some will do the ‘experiments of old’, simple measurements of basic science, and will find different results. They will be ridiculed, until official scientific institutes will try to discredit them, and find THEY produce different results as well. Needless to say, mass panic will follow.
  120. Religious people will make a very convincing argument the rapture has come, and we are now in limbo, or at least that’s what I got from it.
  122. Then will come the big event. If we are not able to fix anything, the last reasonably normal year we will know as humanity is 2025. On the 12th of December that year, in the early morning for continental europe, the hole we punctured before will now succumb under the constant pressure and rip open. A merge of dimensions if you will. The rip will last about 3 days and not all of you will be there on the 15th. Expect major anomalies, things popping in and out of existence, written letters changing before your eyes, buildings changing direction, deterioration, or even the entire structure. The worst and most destructive are buildings, or large objects in general, popping into other objects, causing destruction on a massive, MASSIVE, global scale.
  123. Many of you will think of it as a dream, and will tend to even more stupid decisions. Governments will think they are at war with another.
  124. Because our most important equipment is deep underground, it’ll be mostly unharmed. However destruction and death will take place here as well. After all that; it took us a while to regroup and find a way to survive. We then started to repair the machines and try to figure a way back. We didn’t want to live in the apocalypse, and were determined to roll it all back.
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