Right In The Stomach

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  1. [11:16] Calista wanted to have a go, so before her sword fully fell into it's hold, she gripped the hilt again looking towards the Shimasu as they made their way to the sparring mat. Tilting her head to the side towards Koji.
  3. "Oh~ You're a swordsman - Interesting we could maybe look about getting you one later or finding someone to make you one of your skillsets"
  5. With that said her Shenlong form fully wrapped around her yet again, static clinging to her blue electrically charged tail, shooting up from there and going to her horns. Bouncing back and forth looking towards Calista.
  7. "I don't think we've met before but my name is Epona~. Good luck to you" she'd give a bit of a bow of her head, and with that she was ready to go at it.
  8. (Epona Maple)
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  11. [11:19] She wasn't sure how strong the teen was before her, but judging by the fact she was older, she was likely stronger. She wouldn't be holding anything back.
  13. Her staff is pulled, flames igniting around the Kitsune's body, floating bits of crystals could be seen within the flames. Prepared for the foxes use.
  15. "My name is Calista, Calista Shimasu. And yeah.. good luck."
  17. She could feel the ruby she'd impaled into her own side, the one in her hand. The latter not that much of an issue, though the former could make it hard to move.
  18. (Calista Shimasu)
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  21. [11:23] Koji would provide a small clap as he saw the fight before him slowly proceed to ensue.
  22. (Koji Zheng)
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  25. [11:27] Ichida watches the fight unfold and gives a slow clap to both of them, it seems they both were rather skilled in their own ways via magic and melee skills. Each round grew closer and closer it kept them on their toes and it kept Ichida on the edge of his seat the entire time.
  27. The battle concluded and Ichida stood there giving both of them thumbs up that battle was sure exciting that most he seen.
  29. "That was a wonderful spar you both did really well."
  30. (Ichida Rikiya)
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  33. [11:32] An interesting combination of magic was up on display, the child before her had quite the fire on her side, burning the girls clothes and doing more than just her fair share of actual display of crystal mixed with flames, getting the upperhand on her during one of the rounds and bringing her to her knees.
  35. "Oo~"
  37. She mentioned springing back to her feet, she was quite impressed with the display, putting the pressure on just a little more. Whether it was due to Calista being a bit younger and as a result unable to withstand the blows from Epona, or just not having the capabilities really to defend against the older teens display of her sword - Epona secured herself the victory.
  39. Slicing through the flames that engulfed the floor charging tight towards her smacking her in the stomach with the flat end of her sword, not hard enough to cause any sort of injuries, just enough to bring her to the ground.
  41. Moving over towards her she stretched her arm out with a warm smile. "You did very well!, I can't say I've fought any crystal magi before so this was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. I look forward to more displays from you in the future" Sheathing her sword after Calista either accepted the hand up or didn't, releasing her transformed form and looking over towards Koji.
  43. "Do you want to go looking for a weapon now Koji?"
  44. (Epona Maple)
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  47. [11:41] She had done her best, waves of flame leapt from her staff, crystals guided by her hand forming from ether to attack from the air around her.
  49. Though the other's experience and age proved to be too much, the initial clash resulted in her being thrown to the floor, the Kitsune's claws raking the wood as she stops and dives back into the fray.
  51. Pain was her friend, though even in a spar it still stung, the crystal in her side cutting into her... making her bleed a bit internally, the pain no small thing. It gave her an adrenaline rush, a rolling ball of flame striking the Drakanite forcing her down to her knees but not finishing her.
  53. At least she had done something.
  55. It wouldn't be but moments later, a sword breaking through her flames the flat slamming into her stomach. Her stomach. Driving her to the floor.
  57. As the woman approached to offer a hand the Kitsune would be gasping, a bit of blood soaking into her kimono. The shard she'd put there nearly ran the length of her body, the smack pressing more against the sharp end actually puncturing on the outside some. The result..? Bloody clothing.
  59. The pain was terrible, though she smiled through it even as she cried from the volume. Tahldrig would have to heal the outside flesh again.
  61. She was once more entering that strange state of raw adrenaline, fueled by pain, the feeling better than anything.
  63. She takes the offered hand, letting herself be brought up gingerly.
  65. "Thanks.. Maybe I'll win next time hm..?"
  67. She didn't seem to be very concerned about what must be the pain she was in, or the blood, if anything she looked happy. Even more animated than before, a grin on her face.
  69. (Calista Shimasu)
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  72. [11:48] With her arm stretching out she gets a good look at Calista by this point, writhing on the ground and gasping a bit. Epona looked on just a bit confused, and even more so when she stated to see the blood pouring onto her kimono. She was sure she hit her with the flat side of her sword, panic written on her face wondering if she had unintentionally sliced her open.
  74. Though with the young Shimasu now smiling right after she was going more from a panic state to just pure confusion. Eventually she gripped her hand lifting herself up.
  76. "Y-Yeah... Ma-Maybe?" she was still staring at the bloodied garb and her eyebrow was raised into her hairline. What sort of madness was going on.
  78. "A-Are you okay? You realise you're bleeding right - did my sword cut you? Do we need to take you to the clinic Calista?" She wasn't sure what to think in this moment, she just sort of waited to hear what Calista said or did.
  79. (Epona Maple)
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  82. [11:52] The young drakkan would give a small coy smile towards Epona. Her kindness was absolutely unrivaled when it had came to him. The young drakkan had given the nod to Epona as a thought. When he had seen the blood..
  84. "Whenever ready."
  86. "I wouldn't mind taking that of-"
  88. "Is she bleeding out?"
  90. The drakkan would ask, slowly wondering if the situation had risen uncontrollably as he thought it had played out. He didn't even keep track of the blood until now. The fight was honestly quite the spectacle.
  91. (Koji Zheng)
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  94. [11:54] Ichida rose a brow at the mention of blood, there weren't any fatal strike where there? He didn't remember seeing any or maybe it was jsut that fast. There didn't seem to be blade wound or anything like that.
  95. He pounder what could have been the cause of this sudden appearance of blood.
  97. Ichida rose up from the seat directing his attention towards Calista for a moment.
  99. "Does this have anything to do with the crystal ritual you did with your hand the other day? It seemed quite painful though this is just a speculation of course."
  102. Ichida awaits her answer.
  103. (Ichida Rikiya)
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  106. [11:58] She does her best to dismiss the issue, she didn't want her mother hearing about it.
  108. "I'm fine.. It wasn't your sword. It was --"
  110. She glances at Ichida, he had been there the other day hadn't he?
  112. "Yeah... except a bigger one near my stomach. I should have paid more attention is all... not let her hit me there.."
  114. And she says the last part with a bit of emphasis,
  116. "It is.. very painful.. quite literally stabbing sharp objects into myself...
  118. I'll be fine hmm.. I bled worse putting it in. Just ah... no one tell my mother, she'll worry."
  119. (Calista Shimasu)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. [11:59] Koji Zheng says, "....."
  123. [12:05] Cloudy irises shifted towards Ichida, as he mentioned some sort of crystalline ritual, she was only further confused since apparently there had been something similar in the palm of her hand.
  125. Calista managing to confirm what Ichida said which meant that this indeed hadn't been her sword but rather something far more perplexing.
  127. "I-. Why would you do that to yourself?" Though she would certainly make a mental note to not hit her anywhere near her stomach whatsoever.
  129. "Your mother doesn't know!? B-But" she was heavily conflicted, she understood wanting to keep a secret but something like this being kept from her parents she couldn't really get behind.
  131. "I- don't think I can keep that promise I-I'm sorry... This seems serious or at the very least I don't understand it and i'm sure she wouldn't want something like this happening to her child without her knowledge what if it ended up being worse than it is" she shook her head disapprovingly to herself.
  133. "If I see her before you tell her, I can't promise I won't tell her what happened"
  134. (Epona Maple)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [12:05] Koji Zheng says, "Expect like 10 minutes."
  138. [12:17] Ichida would listen to the conversation unfold though he didn't think Epona telling her mother was a good idea. At least one of her parents knew about this from his understanding and he could assume it's something to do with training.
  140. "Epona I'd advise against that for the simple fact her father knows this all to well. I may go as far to say he is helping her do this and it's a part of some special training she's doing.
  142. You telling her mother would hinder her progress if not stop it all together. I don't think anyone has the right to stop a person from progressing there skills even if the means of doing so are unorthodox to you.
  144. I'd say leave it be."
  146. Ichida took a few steps onto the dojo mat looking at Epona.
  147. (Ichida Rikiya)
  148. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  150. [12:23] She attempts to make clear of the situation, things were being misunderstood.
  152. "She knows the shard is there.. I talked to my father about it with her there. I just don't want her to know about this specifically...
  154. I have a medic in Levengard who is helping me when things like this happen..."
  156. Oh right.. she'd been asked a question.
  158. "It's to make my connection with my rubies stronger... letting them soak in my body. My mother knows about the training, I just don't want her knowing I bled all over the dojo.
  160. Once I get better with them, that won't happen."
  162. Her hand was holding the spot in question, staunching her blood with the kimono.
  164. "I should go back to Levengard and get this healed."
  165. (Calista Shimasu)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. [12:27] She'd glance over towards Ichida, though before speaking she listens to what Calista had to say. All that mattered to her was that her parents knew, anything that came after that was fair game in her mind.
  170. "That's fine then. I won't tell her about this 'specific' situation, so long as she knows what's going on with this training you've been doing"
  172. Listening a bit deeper by this point at the explanation as to why she was doing this in the first place. "I suppose that makes sense? I've never really seen or heard of training like that - but you're the only crystal magi I've ever really met so perhaps this is normal"
  174. Her finger goes to tap at her chin very lightly. "Alright~, do you need someone to walk with you there to make sure you arrive safely."
  175. (Epona Maple)
  176. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  178. [12:28] Calista Shimasu says, "I'll make it fine.. and most crystal Magi don't do this... it's to use crystals like only my father can."
  179. [12:29] Epona is still thinking on how strange this all was, but instead of getting in the way of her progress she'd simply step to the side allowing her to go right past them. "Okay if you're sure. Be safe on your travels" She'd give a warm wave to Calista.
  180. (Epona Maple)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [12:30] Calista Shimasu says, "You too."
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