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Dadonequus Discord Part 278

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  1. >You both appear near the ceiling of the main chamber of the castle where the Crystal Heart is floating in the middle. Fully repaired and reformed.
  2. >You were both floating. And, something else was obvious as well.
  3. "..We're invisible right?"
  4. >Discord nods "Of course, better to scope out what's going on than just come right in. That way we can catch that monster in the act! Now let's see..."
  5. >You and Discord look downward towards the ground. There were two groups. The Mane 6 were together, discussing something. Meanwhile, the mysterious faux wizard was speaking to Cadence and Shining Armor. The baby seemed to have happily hopped onto the back of his neck to give him a hug.
  6. "There he is, right there."
  7. >You point him out to Discord. The only other thing of note was that Princess Celestia nor Luna we're in the room. Where did they go?
  8. >Discord looked down, then sighed in relief as he wiped the sweat from his brow "Oh thank Tartarus, he's trying to take Cadence away instead. And right in front of her husband too, very daring."
  9. >....Really?
  10. "I...Don't think that's what's going on. "
  11. >You gently dog paddle in the air towards them to get a better listen.
  12. >"I would have never thought that Discord would ever inspire anypony. That's pretty rad" Shining said, amazed at the very sudden turn around of Discord's attitude, at least from his perception
  13. >"Well, him and his son actually. It was so odd, they just barged into my home and just seemed to know I'd have the answer. I couldn't believe how well they worked together. And their argument certainly had me fooled." Sunburst let out a meek chuckle "I almost thought they hated eachother, or maybe it was desperation. Whatever it was, their words made me realize I could make a difference despite being bad at magic. Your highnesses, are you really sure it's alright to make me your magical adviser? I really meant it when I said I wasn't too good at casting spells. "
  15. >"Maybe not, but we wouldn't be standing here without your vast knowledge of magic. You put aside your personal fears to bring an answer none of us knew, not even my stepsister. I think you earned your title. And besides" Cadence giggles as the baby nuzzles on him "I think our baby likes you too"
  16. >"Oh, mhmhm" Sunburst let's out a sheepish chuckle "I suppose that's as good a reason as any."
  17. >Hmmmnnn
  18. >You dog paddle up to Discord, who was eyeing Fluttershy. She seemed happy and safe.
  19. "Yo, Discord. They made that guy some sort of adviser. He also said we're the reason he came to the castle, how about that ,huh?"
  20. >"Indeeeeed" Discord smirked as he pondered, giving another glance towards Fluttershy "Then that would mean dear Fluttershy would know, they ALL would know. Are you thinking what I'm thinking Anon?"
  21. >Lordy, he was gonna flaunt it
  22. "Yeah, I am."
  23. >You weren't too enthusiastic just going and flaunting it however. Not in front of ALL of them with Celestia and Luna looming somewhere in the shadows. But maybe, well. What if you were able to make a joyous and wonderful occasion instead of a narcissistic one?
  24. "But how about this? What if we complete the plan by acting completely humble and kind. Y'know, something Fluttershy wouldn't expect, yet would make her happy. And would even garner the attention of the mane six?"
  25. >"Hrnnnnn? I do like making Fluttershy happy. But why should I care about what the rest of them think?" Discord wondered
  26. >...was it that hard for him to realize how bad he'd look if he fucked this up?
  27. "Because if you make them mad at you, Fluttershy will be sad. It'll be too obvious this time. Oh!"
  28. >One more thing
  29. "The pictures, we need to get those ready. She's gonna smile so hard even Pinkie Pie would be jealous"
  31. >"Ohhh yes! The pictures!" Discord chuckles at his own forgetfulness "That would make her happy? Wouldn't it? And I just thought of something of my own. Since Celestia and Luna are more in the know than anypony else. They will surely try to have a private chat with us to discuss the going ons of earlier. Yes, all we have to do is make sure we don't divulge any of our true intention and they will have no choice but to see how great we truly are. Then she will admit to thinking we we're up to no good and apologize. Imagine it Anon, Celestia, apologizing to us..." Discord let's out a sinister chuckle "Then I could tell her of my business with Mister Rich, she'll be soooooo overwhelmed that she'll have no choice but to make a statue of me for the center of Canterlot"
  32. "What's with you and wanting a statue of yourself?"
  33. >It was rather curious
  34. >"Nothing really, I don't even care about a statue. I just want SOMETHING out of this endeavor. Do you know how hard it was to be such a good outstanding citizen? And, hrnnn actually" Discord just realized something he forgot "Speaking of pictures, I never did manage to take any at all. I wonder if that's going to upset anypony."
  35. >You shake your head
  36. "Probably not given all the chaos that storm caused. Also, y'know. They can't complain because it was free in the first place."
  37. >"Drat!" Discord threw his paw around in frustration "Not a single pony traumatized by our shenanigans."
  38. >You giggle as you roll your eyes
  39. "Nope, but it'll be fine if we can make Fluttershy super happy right?"
  40. >Discord crosses his arms and looks away, still grumpy at the utter failure his plan was "Yes....it would be nice to make her "Super Happy". Alright then Anon..." Discord raises his talons to snap you both in front of the mane six. "You lead on this time..don't disappoint me" Discord snaps, and you both instantly appear in front of the mane six.
  42. >"It really is quite amazing to hear that this all came about due to Anon and Discord. Everytime there could be some doubt to the moniker of Hero Colt, Anon proves us wrong again by doing something absolutely astonishing. I'd like to think that instead of Discord being an influence on him, it just might be the other way around. And from what I can see, it's all for the better." Rarity remarks speaking highly of the both of you . And that, you think. Would be your cue to speak.
  43. "Well Miss Rarity, I'd say in this situation. Me and my dad managed to pull this off mutually. I mean, if you remember. We we're here on a vacation. And he was pretty upset about the storm."
  44. >"Oh come now Anon" Discord does a warm smile as he leans over to pet you gently on the head "I was just worried about everypony, that's all. That dreadful storm was beyond my abilities and I was afraid I'd lose everypony...especially you Fluttershy" Discord gives her big ole eyes. Even if some of that was a farce. That last part definitely wasn't.
  45. >"Discord...oh Discord" Fluttershy's mouth slowly curved into a smile as her eyes became glistened with tears. She instantly dove into Discord and hugged him tight. It was an unexpected moment. Even Discord seemed slightly confused as he, as if guided by the natural force of friendship, wrapped his arms around her for a sweet little hug "I'm so happy you and Anon are ok!"
  46. >"Well, why wouldn't we be? I am the master of chaos you know....we're you really worried?" Discord held her up at eye level. She nodded as tears slowly flowed from her eyes.
  47. >"I was, I felt as if you wouldn't listen to what I said and would have tried something. I didn't know you'd actually go and help try to fix everything."
  49. >"You're not mad are you?" Discord slightly cringed as he looked away, he actually felt a little bad that he didn't listen
  50. >"Not at all. You did a good thing Discord. And you know what I find very wonderful?" She tilts her head with an adorable little smile, eyes closed.
  51. >"What's that?" Discord didn't expect to feel a tender feeling in his heart. And yet, he didn't mind it much.
  52. >"You're not holding it over anypony, you're not boasting, you look genuinely heroic.I'm so proud of you Discord." Futtershy nuzzled her head into his chest as he brought her in for another hug.
  54. >Discord holds her in for a hug for a moment. going silent.
  55. >"Well ain't that the darndest thing, ah didn't even know ya had this side of you Discord." Applejack comments
  56. >"Well, it's not one I'm willing to show so often Applejack. This is a special occasion, since I was oh so worried about everypony. But..Of course.." Discord puts Fluttershy down gently as he steps back to let you present the photos. "I'm only one half. I do think the other does deserve a little recognition and attention. Especially the attention part because he might have something you will want to see."
  57. >"Oh well of course." Fluttershy smiles warmly at you, an inviting warmth "Anon, come here. You look like you could use a hug"
  58. >...Hugs! Y-..wait!
  59. "As long as Rainbow Dash doesn't laugh at me"
  60. >"What? Nah, not me. Not like I haven't hugged Fluttershy before. Besides, it's not like we're in public or anything. It's cool" Rainbow Dash reassures you, she was being pretty cool about it. Enough that you immediately went for a hug. And with Fluttershy, it was the snuggle nuzzle type of hug. So...gooooood.
  61. >And..OH RIGHT!
  62. >After the hug, you give Fluttershy a smile as you go into your saddlebag to pull out the photo envelope.
  63. "Here Aunt Fluttershy, these are the photos you wanted"
  65. >"Oh? Oh" Fluttershy started to shake with excitement. She beamed a wide smile as she took the envelope and slowly opened it She wanted to see her little nephew looking super cute and adorable. But when she gazed upon the pictured. She was instead impressed by...
  66. >"Oh my...Anon" She said with mouth agape as she cycled through the photos "These...are amazing!"
  67. >The rest of the ponies move and crowd around to take a look.
  68. >"Woah, lookie! Nonny looks like one of those princes from those picture books. All cool and strong. Like, right before a big battle!" Pinkie pointed to one photo where you stood up, looking ahead with a determined yet cool look. As if this would be the battle for the ages, but you had to remain cool to not lower the morale of your men.
  69. >"And look at that one. Anon's lookin' like he's gonna give some sort of speech" The photo Applejack was referring too had you looking down, your hoof out to silence a crowd before making an important speech.
  70. >"Oh! I like that one, I've seen old artwork of Starswirl the Bearded in a very similar thinking pose. It's amazing how exact it looks. Anon, I didn't know you knew anything about Starswirl the Bearded. What made you want to emulate his pose?" Twilight asked,.
  71. >Hell, you didn't know. You don't even remember really posing. Just being blinded and blown back by Photo Finish's picture taking. But holy fuck, did she really take these? Did she...perfectly take every shot from a workable pose as you tossed and squirmed during the photo shoot? How the fuck did she do that?
  72. >But you could hear it in your head how she did it
  73. >Da Magicks
  75. "I uhhh, Well. Truthfully, I was just posing"
  76. >"Oh....Well, Since we're on the subject. Maybe we could do another tade in study where I teach you some history about Starswirl and you help me understand Chaos Magic a little more." Twilight's offer, struck you...as a little odd.
  77. "You're still interested in chaos magic? I mean, My dad would be a better teacher than I would"
  78. >Discord would never do it, in fact. He sees this as an opportunity to mess with you just a little. It was like a sudden compulsion. "Oh but Anon, she asked you. Which must mean you're a pretty good teacher. In fact, with everything you've learned from me thus far. I'd think you could spend a whole day teaching Twilight a thing or two about chaos magic. I'd even go on to say that you are almost as knowledgeable as I am. As if you had gazed upon the work of chaos from behind a magic window of moving pictures"
  79. >You flinch from his words. A whole day? A WHOLE DAY?! WAS HE DOING THAT ON PURPOSE?! Twilight was fine, but you didn't want to be stuck a whole day with her teaching and.....ech...learning.
  80. >"Anon knows that much? That's so fascinating!" Twilight starts to geek out a little "Finally, a way to understand chaos magic without being messed wit-...I-I mean" Twilight chuckles sheepishly, realizing she was about to make a put down on Discord "Without having to bother you, since you're usually busy with something"
  81. >But...but..you didn't even agree to this yet!
  82. "I didn't actually agre-"
  83. >"Splendid! I'd recommend the next day Anon has no school. That way he doesn't need to worry about anything school related. I'll even give his horn unlimited amounts of charges for any demonstration he may want to do" Discord smirks as his eyes shift to you and wink.
  84. >Your mind immediate comes to a boil. Goddammit Discord, Why?!
  85. >But his actual reasoning?
  86. >Toying with you was too much fun. Even if he did like you as much as he did.
  88. >But it hadn't sunk into your head yet, that he was also giving you a day's time of unlimited power again.
  89. >"That's great! I'll have to make sure to set up the castle library like a little classroom before then!" Twilight was already excited. She did love to learn new things and further her study on magic. She'd never use chaos magic of course, but to learn even MORE about it without running the risk of shenanigans was an opportunity she couldn't pass up.
  90. "I..Uh...ugh"
  91. >You give up almost immediately. If you objected, you might ruin the moment. Maybe Discord knew that.
  92. "No, yeah. Got it. I'll make sure to bring my A game."
  93. >"Your "A" game must be impressive if these pictures are anything to go by. They are simply exquisite. Each one filled with personality and poise, it's as if it's a whole different pony and yet it's still you. Prince Anon...hrmmm" Rarity pondered on that for a moment "Thinking on our current situation,Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do lack an heir of their own. Wouldn't have just been precious had Anon had been their son instead?"
  94. >What?!...No! Luna already told you how it would be. Fuck that noise.
  95. "I'd..well. It sounds like it could be good. But I like dad best. And Aunt Fluttershy too!"
  96. >"Awww Anon, and I like you too. As one of my favorite family members." Fluttershy didn't want to exclude her parents after all. And gives you another gentle hug. "These pictures are so beautiful Anon. You really don't mind me keeping all of them?"
  97. >You didn't really care to keep them really. But you wanted once for Diamond.
  98. "Let me just have one for my marefriend. And you can keep the rest."
  99. >"Aha! That's what I was forgetting! Anon, sweetie, you simply must tell us how that sleepover went. And don't spare the juicy details" Rarity was very intent on hearing this.
  101. >"Ugh, c'mon Rarity. It's a kid's sleepover. Don't we have something important to talk about?" Rainbow Dash didn't really want to hear this part. Really, she just wanted to play with the baby now. And see how good of a flier she can be.
  102. >"Rainbow Dash! Don't be a prude! It's more than just a sleepover. It's the building block to Anon's social standing and relationship building. To not hear how it went would be to doom him to having no advice in case anything went afoul." Rarity snapped back at Rainbow Dash pretty hard. It was clear that something like this was important to her.
  103. >"Sheesh, ok ok. Didn't know it was that important.I'm just saying, I followed them on their date and it didn't look like Anon needed ANY kind of help." Rainbow Dash reminds her friends, trying to solidify her point so they could consider moving on anyway. But no dice.
  104. >"Yes well, that was then. This is now." Rarity then looks to you with a gentle smile "Go on Anon. Tell us what happened"
  105. "Well, Rainbow Dash is sorta right. I didn't really need any help"
  106. >Even though it got forced on you.
  107. "All we did was play a few games. drink tea. And danced"
  108. >"Danced? You danced with her?!" Rarity stammered. she seemed simply entranced by those words.
  109. "U-umm..yeah..is that bad?"
  110. >"Quite the opposite! Oh, its actually very very romantic. The prince, dancing with his princess a beautiful waltz in the moonlit night. Ohhhhh!" Rarity put her hoof to her head and nearly fainted back from the romanticism of the situation.
  111. >Applejack caught her on the fallback and gently pushed her back to her hooves "Alright Rarity, no need to overdo it."
  112. >"Sorry Darling, but young love is just so beautiful. I couldn't help but feel such joy for the young couple." Rarity said, truly impressed.
  114. >"Oh my, young couple? Do you really think Anon and Diamond Tiara are really that far along? Aren't they a little..well..too young to be considered an actual couple?" Fluttershy thought it was cute, but didn't want things to go too far too fast. She didn't want it to end in a way that would break your heart. She honestly thought it was very cute puppy love.
  115. "It may, it may not. You never know. Love is like a ship on a seaward adventure. You never know where it may lead or what you'll run into. But it's clear that our little colt here has made an actual commitment to this relationship. And from what I can tell, he's mature enough to handle it."
  116. >Fuck yeah! Rarity calling it exactly as it should be. You did like Diamond Tiara, and you did dance with her, and for fucks sake, you wanted her. So yes, she was right. You were mature.
  117. "I'd like to think I am. Yeah, I think I've been handling this just right."
  118. >"O-ok, if you're sure. I won't say anything about it. But always know I'll be there if you need to talk Anon" Or more exact. Fluttershy meant she'd be there if something DID go wrong.
  119. >"Speaking of maturity and handling situations. I was wondering if we could borrow young Anon for a moment...and of course, you too Discord. My sister and I wish to speak to the both of you in private." A voice says from behind.
  120. >Oh fuck! It was Celestia and Luna. Just...sneaking up from seemingly out of nowhere.
  121. >"Ahhhhh, Princess Celestia" Discord's smile turns near sinister for a quick moment. Which confused you, what could he possibly hold on Celestia at this moment? "May I ask why privately?"
  122. >"We just wish to congratulate you and Anon and speak to you both on some matters that pertain to the both of you." Princess Celestia hesitated for a moment. Like she was trying to think of a reason to get the both of you alone.
  124. >"Princess Celestia, should I come too? This sounds very important" Twilight asks, she didn't know why Celestia wanted to see the both of you alone.But as a princess, she felt it was her place to be there too. The others ponies said not a word. Respecting Celestia and Luna's presence. And trusting in their wisdom
  125. >Celestia shook her head gently. Of course Twilight couldn't be a part of it. Not if they wanted to be frank. "I'm sorry Twilight, But this is a matter between us and them. and..Fluttershy, you needn't worry. I can feel that those words fill your heart with fear."
  126. >Fluttershy looks down, she DID feel those feelings, she didn't know why it had to be THAT private. It sounded scary "They do, they didn't do anything wrong. Did they?"
  127. >Did you?
  128. >"No, Neither Discord nor Anon did anything wrong. In fact, you might say this is our way of congratulating them. you all should prepare to go home instead of waiting on us. This might be a while. And we don't wish to keep you here on our account." Celestia explains, her voice as calming and warm as the sun itself. It helped put Fluttershy's mind at ease.
  129. >Nobody argued further. Absolutely no one. the respect for Celestia and Luna was pretty high. Even with Twilight's status, she didn't want to argue further than that. Although, she did want to inquire why it had to be in private. And she would ask Celestia later. Discord of course, just follows along with it. And hugs and bids Fluttershy ado, You do the same. Leaving all but one of the photos to Fluttershy to do with what she pleased with as Celestia and Luna led you both into another room to chat. You felt a chill in your soul. Scared on what they REALLY wanted to talk to you both about.
  131. >The room the princesses took the both into you seemed rather empty. As if Cadence and Shining Armor hadn't found a use for it yet. It felt. Kind of ominous.
  132. >But as you stood, a little worried. Discord had a big grin stuck on his face. Feeling very accomplished. "So, here we are. Now then, what could the immortal princesses of Equestria want to say in private to the lord of chaos and his partner in, in this case, heroism."
  133. >Celestia made a single nod. And smiled at Discord. "Well, first. I'd like to congratulate you and Anon on a job well done. Luna and I are quite impressed that you would put aside you're chaotic machinations of your mind to not only have a peaceful vacation without causing any trouble. Which that of in itself, is remarkable. As well as actually inspiring a pony to come with everything we need to restore the Crystal Heart back to it's former state."
  135. >It actually made you smile. You felt humbled as you bowed.
  136. "Thank you Princess Celestia. It's actually an honor hearing that from you."
  137. >Discord bows as well, much more gentlemanly than he normally would. "Indeed, I am truly ecstatic to hear that you acknowledge our skills and abilities in saving Equestria. Although I could do without rewards. I do wonder what you had planned to award us with however. And I do not mind at all that you would even carry out an order such as...say...A statue of me in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire? Perhaps one for Anon here as well and Ponyville? Or did you have something else in mind?"
  138. >"Actually, that would be the extent of our appreciation. We are just happy to hear that you are willing to make an effort to change your ways completely. We do not think you need a reward, the happiness of your friends seems good enough to us." Luna steps up. Explaining exactly the "reward" you'd both get.
  140. >"uhm..what?"Discord seemed baffled that THAT was it. "Excuse me Princess Luna, am I to understand that we are not being rewarded with something monetary? What about a parade? A parade to show just how amazing chaos is and how I and Anon are great and all that?"
  141. >Celestia didn't act smug on her next words. But you could sense it. She was using Discord's own words against him. "I thought you could do without rewards."
  142. >"Yes, I can. I am just wondering why there isn't any at all! Anon and I saved the Empire. We saved it from something much more dangerous than some stupid dark unicorn" Discord tried to keep his cool and still act humble. But, he was so damn puzzled as to why there was no reward.
  143. >"Well, I suppose we could have a statue made of you..." Celestia rubs her chin as she thinks.
  144. >"Only suppose?" Discord wonders, trying to be cautious with his words.
  145. "Would I get one too? I-I mean. I don't really care, I am the hero colt. But y'know...it sounds kinda cool to have a heroic statue kind of like the one Spike has got."
  146. >"Hrmm?" Luna was surprised by those words "I thought the title of "Hero Colt" bothered you Anon."
  147. "I mean...it used to. But, look. Check this out, I dimension hopped and actually saved an Equestria ruled by these two business ponies. It actually felt REALLY cool and it kinda..well. Got me used to the idea that being a hero is actually kind of great, It's just, y'know. Nopony here really will ever know about it. So it kinda stinks."
  148. >Luna stops for a moment. Then she nods, she actually believed it "I see, sister...I don't see why we couldn't accommodate this request."
  150. >"I don't see why not" Celestia smiles a sweet smile, as if it was a really great idea
  151. "Woah, really?!"
  152. >That seemed so cool. Your tail was even wagging at the idea. You had a big goofy smile on your face.
  153. >Celestia and Luna nodded. Then Luna began to speak again. "Yes, of course. They would be small and only have a small mention compared to the extremely large statues of us, Twilight, Cadence, Shining Armor, and Sunburst. Sunburst being the centerpiece of the set due to his amazing knowledge and the fact that he braved a terrible storm to bring us exactly what we needed to save the Empire. Yes, in fact." Luna began to tap her hoof under her chin. As she thought of a way to make it even grander "We'd have to make sure to make an extra statue of Spike standing next to yet another statue of Sunburst to remind everypony of the true heroes of the Empire. Does that sound right to you sister? I don't wish to be too bold, as you have handled such things for much longer"
  154. >Holy shit...w-was Luna also...being smug? That whole thing. She was...undermining you and Discord.
  155. >"Sounds good to me" Celestia let's out a tiny little giggle.......wait a second...we're you both being messed with?
  156. >"WHAT?! WE'D HAVE TO SHARE A SPOT WITH ALL OF YOU?! WHY EVEN?! AND WHY DOES THIS "SUNBURST" CHARACTER GET SUCH AN IMPORTANT SPOT! WITHOUT ANON AND I, YOU'D ALL HAVE BEEN PONYCICLES BY NOW!" Discord huffed, utterly annoyed that he'd have to share a spot with anyone he didn't like or know.
  158. >"Discord..." Celestia let out a sigh as she spoke more calmly, more regally and official. She closed her eyes as she explained "Yes, you and Anon are the ones who gave Sunburst the idea. And for that, we are grateful. This is the truth. But from our understanding, it was Sunburst who made the dangerous trek through the storm to reach us before things got so terrible that the Crystalling itself couldn't take place. He had knowledge of the spell and the way to cast it properly. Something you nor Anon knew. Sunburst is the true hero, and his reward has already been given. He has the honor of becoming the royal family's personal magic adviser. As for you and Anon. Your rewards are the acknowledgement that you helped, and the amazement that you, Discord, would give up your ways, even for a moment, to help save the friends you care about. Your reward is the fact of knowing that your friends are safe and appreciate you. It is my humble belief that this is enough. Anypony would be proud to have the love and respect of their friends" Celestia sounded so...right..for some reason. Even though it slightly bothered you. In fact, without you. You nor Discord would have found Sunburst and things would have been to shit. But...how could you argue her words without sounding like a douche?
  159. >Oh..but of course Discord would take offense. "He's the "True" Hero? HIM?! Oh nononono, that's wrong and you know it!" Discord got up in Celestia's face as she poked at her chest. Celestia stayed calm, but Luna did not like how he was acting.
  160. >"Hold yourself Discord! There is no need to act so childish. My sister's words hold true. You should feel honored to have done that much!" Luna tries to hold in her anger at Discord's reaction. She knew he was just being himself. But poking at her sister? It rubbed her the wrong way.
  162. >"Hmph!" Discord huffed as he crossed his arms. Actually stepping back and heeding Luna's words, but only as so far as touching Celestia "Let me remind you again. Anon and I we're the ones who gave him the idea. If you want to be even more exact. Anon was the one who set up my magic for me to find his EXACT location. Without us, we'd not be standing here right now."
  163. >"We understand that, and as we said. We thank you. But, as we understand it. Somewhere along the way you and Anon ended up in an argument. Leaving Sunburst to venture out on his own to bring the answers to us. Perhaps, had you helped him the whole way it may have been different. But you lost sight of your own objectives. And that is something undeserving of the word "Heroism". Had the situation, dire as it is, had been slightly more dangerous. It wouldn't have mattered what you had done for it would have already been too late." Celestia frowned, it actually seemed to hurt her to say that. "I didn't wish to mention that fact."
  164. >And you could feel why. Being reminded of the argument in such a way. ouch...yeah. Now you saw why you weren't full fledged heroes on that part. You both fucked up in the end.
  165. >"........and that has to do with anything why?" Discord asks, completely not understanding the issue.
  166. >Your ears lower as you look down in shame of that fact.
  167. "..Because our argument could have meant doom anyways. We could have lost everypony because of it...Fluttershy included...ugh..."
  168. >Discord immediately stops upon hearing that. his ears literally deflate as he gulps. "...That could have truly happened?"
  169. >Celestia and Luna nod.
  170. >"Indeed, Sunburst came during the last moments. Any later and we would have surely perished" Luna remarked.
  171. >ooooogh
  172. "Ok.....yeah...I get it at least....I'm really sorry about that. Discord, hey.umm..I'm really sorry about everything mean I said back there."
  174. >Discord immediately gave up. He never even considered that it was an actual fuck up. Sure, he considered Sunburst being a fuck up and thats why he got angry. But after the fact? nope. "Yes...I..accept your apology. Would you accept my apology for being a tad too, strong? Is that a good word?"
  175. "...yeah, it's fine. I guess we did kinda screwed up in the end huh?"
  176. >"I suppose we did. Hmmmm..." Discord thought on it for just a moment. Then accepted it. He accepted it with actual dignity "Well Celestia, Luna...for once, you may be right. We did make a grave error, something very very rare" Discord, just as quickly as he became sad, quickly snapped back to his normal and arrogant self "But just to be clear, there would have been a parade for us if we had seen this through. Correct?"
  177. >Celestia giggles at that and nods "I suppose there would have been. Yes, I don't see why not. That would have been agreeable to you, right?" Celestia looks to Luna.
  178. >"I suppose, it seems like it'd just bolster his ego. But it would have been credit where credit is due."
  179. >"Then it's agreed, should a situation like this EVER pop up again. We'll expect a parade upon our success. And with that being said." Discord does a bow "We bid you ado, I can only take so much of these truthful accusations of my mistakes."
  180. >"Unfortunately, we can't let you both leave just yet" Celestia says...wut? Why? Wouldn't that be it?
  182. "Something else? What else is there?"
  183. >What else could it possibly be?
  184. >"It's actually has to do with you more than Discord. Anon, let me ask you something. What do you know of talking puppies?" Celestia asks, and despite sounding serene and gentle. Those words sent a chill down your spine.
  185. ".........uhhhhhhhhmmmmm"
  186. >"Ohhh haha" Discord chuckles "Well then, I can see this has nothing to do with me. And even if it did, this is where my part ends. With that...." Discord once again puts on a trilby as he waves to you "See you at home...partner" And then he just POOF. Vanishes.
  187. >...that bastard.
  188. "......"
  189. >You chuckle nervously as you look back at the princesses
  190. ".....Well then, look at that. He just...left me"
  191. >The princesses just continue to stare at you.
  193. "......ok....how did you know about the captain?"
  194. >"I would have something to do with that. I've seen him within the dreams of young Applebloom. She seems quite taken with him. Treating him as if he belonged to her as a pet." Luna admits.
  195. >......
  196. "....Isn't it weird how you just keep looking into dreams like that to spy on me?"
  197. >Luna becomes a little more serious thanks to that remark. Looking at you with a stern look. "It is my duty to protect the ponies of Equestria, Anon, even through their dreams. So no, it's NOT "Weird". I'd think you'd have a little more respect for the craft."
  199. >Luna takes a moment to ease herself. She felt maybe she was taking it too personally. But still. "At least, I think you would have. Given you're able to figure out you're in a dream whenever I am present within it."
  200. "No, I do. It's really cool..but"
  201. >Spying? on fillies?...crreeeeeppppyyy
  202. "Ya know, finding out all this kind of information through others dreams just seems a little off to me. That's all."
  203. >"I do it to protect Equestria Anon. As for that puppy, it is most definitely the same one from Applebloom's dream. It is the changeling captain." This, Luna was sure of.
  204. >"So then Anon. Can you explain to use why he'd be here in the Crystal Empire?" Celestia asks you, in a calm and gentle way. As to not scare or startle you. Internally, she was extremely wary and even a little angry. But she would keep those feelings at bay for now. Not wanting to jump to any conclusions.
  205. "Truthfully? I don't know. He wasn't even the original captain. He's just a dumb runt that Chrysalis made captain just to spite her old one. And that is a whole different can of worms right there. My guess is probably the same as yours. He was spying. But..."
  206. >You sigh, because that sounded reallllllyyy bad.
  207. "I doubt anything is gonna happen. He's dumb as bricks and Discord has made sure he nor Chrysalis can change when their in Equestria. Also, before you ask. They are the ONLY two Discord let's out."
  208. >"And what of his relationship with Applebloom? A farce, correct?" Luna wanted to know this. And Celestia made sure she herself was listening. Because this was something that needed judgement.
  210. "Surprisingly....no. The runt, "Scrappy" as she she calls him, actually likes being her pet and being friends with her and Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They have this whole thing going where he explains all of Chrysalis's plans to them while he lies to her just to keep everypony happy. Chrysalis knows he hangs with them, but she expects him to lie to them. Which HE HAS NOT been doing. And that's the oddest thing to me. He wants everypony to be happy. But he's lying to the one bug that he has the highest respect for. Part of me thinks he doesn't even realize he's doing it."
  211. >Both Princess Luna and Celestia were silent upon hearing that. And started whispering to eachother. They were nodding to eachother and everything. It made you feel uneasy.
  212. >"Anon, I'm going to ask you a single question. Because this is more important than you realize." Celestia suddenly becomes serious again. Mega serious. You couldn't blame her. You realized yourself that she was probably thinking that he was spying on the baby...which he probably was.
  213. "What is it?"
  214. >"Are you sure you can handle the changelings? Are you still sure of this? It seems to me that Queen Chrysalis's ability to scheme hasn't been hindered too much if she can still send her spies. This is VERY serious Anon. We suspect she sent him here to spy on Flurry Heart." Celestia oh so badly wanted you to say no. She was worried you were losing your grip on the situation.
  215. >You didn't hesitate on this one. This..you were sure of. And you felt you knew what Celestia wanted. And you couldn't let her have it.
  216. "I do, look. Believe it or not. But when I crossed dimensions to save that other Equestria. Chrysalis came along with me. We did it together. She even risked her life for me. She lost a wing. And, well. The Chrysalis of that world was actually reformed. She watched over a bunch of orphaned foals who were imprisoned by the kings there."
  218. >"I was aware of your dimension travel. My sister and I had found it remarkable to be honest. But, I didn't know that much. She actually gave her life to save you? Is this really the truth?" Luna was stunned. She couldn't believe it. Celestia seemed a little more trusting on this. But still astonished nonetheless
  219. "Yeah, it was pretty cool. Without her, that world would have been doomed. She trusts me, and I trust her...mostly. There's a lot of ifs. But now that I know it's a possibility. I feel I can handle it. As for the runt. Please, let me handle this."
  220. >"......Anon, I believe you. and I will stay to my word. But I expect you to find out exactly why he was there and what he told his queen. have a letter sent to me through Spike as soon as you can. I'll be waiting for it. I expect the truth from that letter Anon. If I deem the situation too dangerous, or that you lied to me. I will come to Ponyville immediately. And your secret about the changelings. I will have to let both Cadence and Twilight know. And then WE WILL deal with them ourselves. Is that clear?"
  221. >...shit.
  222. "C-crystal....."
  223. >"Good. I suspect Twilight and her friends have already boarded the train home. We'll be leaving as well. I assume you will just use your map to go home immediately and question Queen Chrysalis. Correct?" Celestia was asking...but you felt she was TELLING you.
  224. "Y-yeah..."
  225. >"Good, Anon.have a pleasant day." Celestia nods to you
  226. >"And a wonderful evening. Be safe, young Anon" Luna then nods after.
  227. >......fuck.
  228. >You bow to them. and stay respectful as possible as you bid them farewell. There was plenty of puddles outside you could use to return home. And home...was exactly where you were going.
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