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  1. Hi Yaz,
  3. I hope you have been well! I'm writing to you because recently I have been thinking about my medium-term career goals, and was wondering whether there are any opportunities for me to work on the Content Ingestion team. To give you more context, I will explain some of my thoughts and a bit about what I worked on at PINT.
  5. I left LinkedIn at the end of last summer to study math at Waterloo at the undergraduate level. I decided to do this because I had been extremely curious about math for a long time, and wanted to assess the possibility of an academic career. In the last year, I took many upper-year pure math classes. They have been extremely intensive but rewarding, and I've learned about really fantastical ideas. Additionally, I have taken on a research assistant position for this summer.
  7. During my studies, my goals became more clear. While I enjoy studying math, I do not want to abandon my software engineering education and experience. All things considered, I believe my time and abilities would be best utilized back in the software industry.
  9. For the bulk of my time on the PINT team, I worked on the Off-Connected project. I helped to implement the logic in our contacts/calendars sync jobs, verify that the new stack behaved at least as correctly as the old stack, and ramp our users from the old stack onto the new. I also worked on making sure that PINT's services were compliant with LinkedIn's inter-service ACL requirements that were introduced with GDPR.
  11. If there is an opportunity to do so, I would be very happy to work in Content Ingestion! I'm glad to answer any questions you may have, or to talk some more.
  13. All the best,
  14. Ron
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