MagiReco Main Story 5.7

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. This is Where I Belong
  3. 5.7.1
  4. [Momoko and Iroha are at school]
  5. Momoko: "Wow, that's quite something... so the Radio Girl was a magical girl..."
  6. "And now she's at Yachiyo-san's place?"
  7. Iroha: "Yeah, we decided to fight alongside one another."
  8. Rena: "Seems like you're becoming one big family now."
  9. Iroha: "Even Yachiyo-san is saying that this is all the people she can look after."
  10. Momoko: "Well there's Tsuruno and Felicia to deal with. If it were me I'd have a stomach ulcer already."
  11. Kaede: "Is it really that much trouble?"
  12. Momoko: "Oh, so you think you can handle it, Kaede?"
  13. Kaede: "Fwha!? Ummm..."
  14. [now she's imagining the proceedings]
  15. Felicia: "Hooah! I'm gonna go hunt witches! Go go go go!"
  16. Tsuruno: "I'm aiming to be the strongest! Come and fight me!"
  17. Yachiyo: "Hey, could you please quiet down?"
  18. Iroha: "Come on, everyone calm down."
  19. Kaede: "Ahh, uhh..."
  20. [back to reality]
  21. Kaede: "I don't think I'd have enough presence to do that..."
  22. "Maybe I need a gentle healing aura like Iroha-chan..."
  23. Rena: "And then Yachiyo-san's power as an adult..."
  24. Momoko: "Well, does the new girl seem to be fitting in well in all that?"
  25. Iroha: "Yes."
  26. "Some stuff happened at first, but finally it has calmed down."
  28. 5.7.2
  29. [the scene starts out gray]
  30. Iroha: *That day...*
  31. *After the Radio Girl incident was over, Sana-chan came with us to Yachiyo-san's house.*
  32. [Yachiyo's house fades in in the background]
  33. Iroha: *However...*
  34. Sana: "Ai-chan really did start off extremely sharp-tongued."
  35. [fade to black and back]
  36. Sana: "No matter what we played, Ai-chan was unbeatable."
  37. [fade to black and back]
  38. Sana: "After we started reading picture books on the internet, she started becoming nicer."
  39. Iroha: *As you can see, she was able to talk normally with me...*
  40. Yachiyo: "A picture book that was able to influence an AI... What is the title?"
  41. Sana: "Uh, umm... uhh..."
  42. "..."
  43. "I-I'm sorry... I don't mean badly by this, but..."
  44. Iroha: *But she is still too nervous to talk with other people outside of battle.*
  45. *Sana-chan hasn't opened her heart to them yet.*
  46. *Maybe, given that she felt so out of place that she wished to disappear, that's just how it is.*
  47. [the scene changes to the grocery store]
  48. Iroha: *Even when we go shopping together...*
  49. Sana: "Uh, I, don't need... any candy..."
  50. Iroha: *She always holds back on what she wants.*
  51. [back to Yachiyo's house]
  52. Felicia: "The hell? You're making the food taste bad! This is Yachiyo's cooking today, you know!?"
  53. Iroha: *She was even so gloomy when eating that she made Felicia angry.*
  54. *However, something Yachiyo-san said helped her close the distance.*
  55. Yachiyo: "Well, there are more of us now, so..."
  56. "Let's go shop for mugs for everyone."
  57. Iroha: "Mugs...?"
  58. Yachiyo: "Isn't using the guest cups every day kinda lonely?"
  59. Sana: "Mugs... for everyone.."
  60. [fade to gray]
  61. Iroha: *We then all went to go buy mugs.*
  62. [pink and white striped mug]
  63. Iroha: *My mug*
  64. [mug with blue and gold pattern on the top]
  65. Iroha: *Yachiyo-san's mug*
  66. [tall mug with yellow and orange stripes on the bottom and a ribbon pattern around the middle]
  67. Iroha: *Tsuruno-chan's mug*
  68. [short mug with narrower stepped bottom, cow pattern on top, purple stripes on bottom, and a red ribbon and bell between]
  69. Iroha: *Felicia-chan's mug*
  70. [flared mug with green and gold top and bottom patterns, green + patterns on the rest, and a cat]
  71. Iroha: *Sana-chan's mug*
  72. [all the mugs]
  73. Iroha: *Seeing all of the mugs lined up, Sana-chan's expression brightened a little.*
  74. [scene change to the kitchen]
  75. [Sana is smiling]
  76. Sana: "..."
  77. Yachiyo: "Gathering everyone's stuff in one place gives off a strange feeling."
  78. Sana: "Uh, yes..."
  79. Tsuruno: "Truly a symbol of our friendship!"
  80. Yachiyo: "It's not friendship, it's a symbol of partnership at best."
  81. Tsuruno: "Ehhh? It's the same thing, really..."
  82. Yachiyo: "For me, it's completely different."
  83. Felicia: "If I'm a mercenary, then what is Sana?"
  84. Iroha: "I'm an assistant..."
  85. Tsuruno: "And I'm Master's disciple!"
  86. Sana: "I... I am..."
  87. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  88. "How about our Zashiki-warashi?"[childlike gods said to bring good fortune to households they inhabit]
  89. Tsuruno: "No way, a youkai!?"
  90. Sana: "I am an invisible girl, after all... kind of like a ghost..."
  91. Yachiyo: "Zashiki-warashi stay a long time at places they feel safe."
  92. "So by saying so, I'm also expressing my own wish, you see."
  93. Sana: "...Yes."
  94. Tsuruno: "How nice!"
  95. Sana: "Before I was just in the way, but I'll be better as a Zashiki-warashi."
  97. 5.7.3
  98. [the background is the image of the mugs again]
  99. Iroha: *After that, each time Sana-chan saw everyone's mugs, her expression would soften a bit.*
  100. *She began to come out of her shell a little.*
  101. [scene change to the living room]
  102. Yachiyo: "Felicia, it's time for dinner, so can you stop your game and help me out?"
  103. Felicia: "Wait, I'm about to get a Japanese Black."[breed of cattle]
  104. Yachiyo: "Oh comoooon..."
  105. Felicia: "A cow!?"
  106. Yachiyo: "No."
  107. Sana: "Um, that game..."
  108. Felicia: "Hm? It's a city building game. It's pretty thorough so it's really fun."
  109. Sana: "Actually, umm, I play it too..."
  110. Felicia: "Really!?"
  111. Sana: "Ah, yes, whenever I was alone I'd just kill time..."
  112. Tsuruno: "Ohh, you've found some common ground!"
  113. "What kind of town are you making? Show your big sister!"
  114. Sana: "Uh, okay, here."
  115. Tsuruno: "Ho!? Uh-oh..."
  116. Felicia: "What's with that reaction, Tsuruno?"
  117. "Is it something awesome!?"
  118. "Uh-oh..."
  119. Sana: "Uh, is... is it that weird?"
  120. Iroha: "What's wrong, you two?"
  121. "!?"
  122. "..It's all walls and fields."
  123. Sana: "This way they can all eat, and nobody will attack them..."
  124. [fade to black]
  125. Iroha: *This was how we started playing a game together.*
  126. [switch to the kitchen]
  127. Sana: "Um, can I help in any way?"
  128. Iroha: "Well, could you peel the potatoes for me?"
  129. "I decided to make meat and potatoes today."
  130. Sana: "I think I can do it if I use a peeler."
  131. "Ah..."
  132. Iroha: "Is there something wrong?"
  133. Sana: "No, just that this potato looks like a face."
  134. Iroha: "Ah, you're right."
  135. *And we also started cooking together. Little by little we grew closer.*
  136. [back to the living room]
  137. Iroha: *So I started feeling like everything was good.*
  138. *I felt glad that she was getting used to us.*
  139. *But that wasn't true for Sana, inside.*
  140. *There was one last thing she had to do.*
  141. Sana: "Um, may I come home late tonight?"
  142. Iroha: "Yeah, that should be fine. What do you need to do?"
  143. Sana: "Um..."
  144. "I thought I'd stop by home one more time..."
  145. Iroha: "Your family?"
  146. "Didn't you not like being there, though?"
  147. Sana: "Yeah, that's right..."
  148. Yachiyo: "You need to finish your business there, I take it?"
  149. Sana: "Yeah."
  150. Iroha: "...Ah, I get it."
  151. "Come home safe, Sana-chan."
  152. Sana: "Yeah, I'll be going."
  154. 5.7.4
  155. Iroha: *What you read starting now is only what I've heard...*
  156. *Sana-chan apparently wanted to visit home once.*
  157. [night scene]
  158. Sana: (It's been a month...)
  159. (I wonder how everyone is doing...)
  160. (Maybe they've noticed that I've gone missing...)
  161. [at her house]
  162. Sana: "I'm home..."
  163. someone: "...hey, look..."
  164. someone else: "What is it?"
  165. Sana: (Everyone's home...)
  166. Sana's father: "Good job on the latest test. That's my son!"
  167. Sana's older brother: "It's perfectly natural to be able to solve this level of problem."
  168. Sana's mother: "If you get too conceited, your grades will drop, you know?"
  169. Sana's older brother: "It's fine, I got nearly full marks on all the past mock exam problems."
  170. Sana: "..."
  171. Sana's mother: "Also, did you hear, dear?"
  172. Sana's younger brother: "Oh yeah, I passed tryouts!"
  173. "I'm gonna play soccer with the club team!"
  174. Sana's father: "That's great, good work!"
  175. "This is all due to the blessings of your own hard work. Don't forget that mentality."
  176. Sana's younger brother: "Heh, of course!"
  177. "After all, I'm aiming to steadily climb to the top."
  178. Sana: "..."
  179. (Nothing has changed...)
  180. (Ever since the day they made me an outcast...)
  181. (This house is made up of only them....)
  182. (There's nowhere for a normal person like me...)
  183. Sana's mother: "I don't know what to do for dinner tomorrow, with both of you producing such great results."
  184. Sana's father: "Why not make two dishes?"
  185. Sana's mother: "You say that but you never help."
  186. Sana's father: "Then, shall I help?"
  187. Sana's mother: "I'm fine, you'll just get in the way."
  188. Sana's younger brother: "So strict!"
  189. Sana's older brother: "Ahaha!"
  190. Sana: (I'm glad they can't see me... I'm really glad...)
  191. "I'm so glad..."
  192. [in Sana's room]
  193. "They're still bringing up dinner for me..."
  194. "Even though I never eat any..."
  195. "Do they think I'm still holed up in my room?"
  196. (...This is probably the last thing connecting me with my family...)
  197. (If they stop bringing me meals, then our relation will truly be over...)
  198. (But that's fine by me...)
  199. [flashback to Yachiyo's kitchen]
  200. Iroha: "Well, could you peel the potatoes for me?"
  201. "I decided to make meat and potatoes for today."
  202. Sana: "I think I can do it if I use a peeler."
  203. [back to her room]
  204. Sana: (That home is now my home...)
  205. (That home where Iroha-san and everyone are!)
  206. [fade to gray]
  207. Sana: *Thank you for making me food all this time.*
  208. *But I don't need it anymore. Thank you for everything.*
  209. *Goodbye, everyone in the Futaba family.*
  211. 5.7.5
  212. [At Iroha and Momoko's school]
  213. Iroha: "Apparently, Sana-chan left a note saying that for her family, then came back."
  214. "She says that eating food with us is better."
  215. Momoko: "Wow, what a heartwrenching story..."
  216. Kaede: "Iroha-chan, you should introduce us sometime!"
  217. "I'll be her friend too!"
  218. ena: "Don't do it if you're just trying to awkwardly sympathize with her."
  219. "You might hurt her instead..."
  220. Kaede: "Then, what should i do!? ...wait, why are you tearing up, Rena-chan?"
  221. Rena: "I-I'm not crying!"
  222. "Some compost from your vegetable garden just got in my eye!"
  223. Kaede: "I don't bring any of that to school, though..."
  224. Rena: "Just don't be too awkward about it."
  225. "I *hate* people who give up halfway when trying to help a bullying victim."
  226. "Basically, it's fine if you're serious about it."
  227. "sniff... I'll be her friend too."
  228. Kaede: "Rena-chan!"
  229. Momoko: "Then I'll join in too."
  230. Rena: "Are you fine doing to Yachiyo-san's house?"
  231. Momoko: "Ugh, that's..."
  232. Iroha: "Haha"
  233. "Oh, I'm sorry."
  234. "I'm going to be going shopping with Yachiyo-san after this."
  235. Momoko: "Ah, okay. See you tomorrow at school, then."
  236. Iroha: "Yep!"
  237. "When you get the chance, let me thank you for helping me out!"
  238. Momoko: "Yachiyo-san's house, huh... They've even gotten mugs for everyone..."
  239. "Maybe it's time for me to stop being stubborn..."
  240. Rena: "You're finally going to make up with her?"
  241. Momoko: "I still have some questions to ask, but I don't have the courage yet."
  242. "Also, she's hiding something important..."
  243. "Well, that's true of me too, so I can't criticize her for that..."
  244. Kaede: "What are you hiding, Momoko-chan!?"
  245. Rena: "We're your friends, can you tell us?"
  246. "Come on, say it."
  247. Momoko: "...I guess so."
  248. "Well, here we go!"
  249. Kaede: "W-what is it?"
  250. Momoko: "Hehehe"
  251. "It's that I love you!"
  252. Kaede: "Fueh! Stop that, Momoko-chan!"
  253. Rena: "Hey, where are you touching!? That's really gross, you know!"
  254. [I presume she's tickling them, but who knows...]
  255. [battle]
  256. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno, can you get me the ponzu?"
  257. Tsuruno: "Yeah... ah!"
  258. Sana: "Are you alright?"
  259. Yachiyo: "Hey, don't spill it... Felicia, get me a cloth to wipe it up."
  260. Felicia: "I'm busy eating right now."
  261. Iroha: "Ah, I'll get it!"
  262. Yachiyo: "Is your uniform alright? Hopefully it doesn't stain..."
  263. Tsuruno: "It's fine, I'll get it out with spirit somehow."
  264. Yachiyo: "Somehow..."
  265. Iroha: "I brought a cloth!"
  266. Yachiyo: "Thank you, Tamaki-san."
  267. "sigh... So much trouble from just a little ponzu..."
  268. Sana: "Ah, haha"
  269. Iroha: "What's wrong?"
  270. Sana: "Nothing, it's just fun when it's this lively..."
  271. "..."
  272. "Um..."
  273. Iroha: "What?"
  274. Sana: "Everyone, why are you chasing after the Wings of Magius?"
  275. Yachiyo: "For me, because my best friend is with them..."
  276. Tsuruno: "I want to bring back the same person as Yachiyo!"
  277. Felicia: "I'm just helping out in exchange for room and board."
  278. Iroha: "I am looking for my little sister, and the Wings of Magius are connected somehow..."
  279. "Ah, you probably haven't heard of Tamaki Ui, have you?"
  280. Sana: "Oh, the girl you asked Ai-chan about?"
  281. "I'm sorry, but I haven't heard of her..."
  282. Iroha: "Also, what about her friends Satomi Touka-chan and Hiiragi Nemu-chan?"
  283. "I thought they might also be connected to Ui..."
  284. Sana: "Hiiragi... Nemu?"
  285. Iroha: "Huh? You've heard of her?"
  286. Sana: "No, umm..."
  287. Iroha: "Tell me anything you know, I want any lead I can get."
  288. Sana: "Yes... I've heard of her..."
  289. Iroha: "Where did you hear about her?"
  290. Sana: "In Ai-chan's barrier..."
  291. Iroha: "Ai-chan... knew her...?"
  292. Sana: "...The Wings of Magius were talking."
  293. Iroha: "That's..."
  294. "Could it be that Nemu-chan is a Wing of Magius?"
  295. Sana: "I-I don't know that much!"
  296. "I just heard the Wings of Magius talking, and they said..."
  297. "That she was dangerous, and that they'd have to use her power effectively..."
  298. Yachiyo: "It's hard to tell from that whether she's an enemy or an ally."
  299. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  300. "Even though Ui might be a Wing of Magius..."
  301. "If even Nemu-chan is..."
  302. Sana: "I'm sorry... I didn't realize this would make you worry..."
  303. Iroha: "No, we have to know in order to proceed."
  304. "I'm glad you told us."
  305. Sana: "I'm sorry..."
  306. Tsuruno: "Is there anything else you might know?"
  307. "Something that we don't already know, maybe?"
  308. Sana: "I was always with Ai-chan, while they were always in a different place..."
  309. "So I didn't hear much..."
  310. Tsuruno: "I see..."
  311. Sana: "B-but, I know a little about what kind of people they are..."
  312. "Above the Wings there are apparently three Magius..."
  313. "And I hear they're all very talented..."
  314. "Also, there's another girl who has the role of connecting the Magius and the other magical girls..."
  315. Iroha: "...Mifuyu-san."
  316. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  317. "Mifuyu has lasted as long as me as a magical girl..."
  318. "I'm sure she is very persuasive for other Kamihama magical girls."
  319. Iroha: "That reminds me..."
  320. [flashback to the sewer]
  321. black feather: "I'm told not to tell this to those other than the candidates, but..."
  322. [back to the living room]
  323. Iroha: "Is there some requirement needed to know the Black Wings?"
  324. Sana: "It seems so, but I don't know..."
  325. "I didn't have those qualifications, it seems..."
  326. "So I didn't ask much about the Wings of Magius."
  327. Iroha: "Who are these candidates, I wonder..."
  328. (What sort of people could become a Wing of Magius...)
  329. Sana: "..."
  330. [scene change to an overview of the nighttime skyline]
  331. Iroha: *The Wings of Magius protect *rumors*, protect witches, and are aiming for the release of magical girls...*
  332. *We've learned about them bit by bit...*
  333. *But not about Ui...*
  334. [now up to Iroha's bedroom]
  335. Iroha: "..."
  336. [flashback to where they were after the sewers]
  337. Mifuyu: "She might have become a Wing of Magius."
  338. [now to Ai's labyrinth]
  339. Ai: >|Aas aa *rumor*|
  340. >|I_kKNOw_TamaKIui...|
  341. [back to Iroha's bedroom]
  342. Iroha: "It'd be enough of a shock just to hear that Ui is a magical girl..."
  343. "But I just don't get it."
  344. "What does it mean that she knows of Ui as a rumor!?"
  345. "And even Nemu-chan might be a Wing of Magius..."
  346. "What should I do..."
  347. "Tell me, Ai-chan..."
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