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[Halo CE - TSC:E] Scripts in your map - Level Globals

FtDLulz Jun 12th, 2015 (edited) 56 Never
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  1. Navigate to tags\cmt\scenarios\b30_revamp\ and copy the globals folder to tags\levels\MAPNAME. Rename everything in there to your liking. Open the .project_yellow file in OS_Guerilla. In the globals override box, change it to 'cmt\globals\evolved\evolved_altmc'. These special globals enable your character to use the armor modules. Change the scenario explicit references to the .tag_collection in the globals folder you copied. Click 'Open' next to that box.
  3. In the Tag References dropdown there should be three items. Select the first. Change the tag to the .effect_postprocess_collection in the globals folder you copied. Do the same for the next one, except it should be the .shader_postprocess_collection. Same for the last one, except use .actor_transform_collection (IIRC). Save and close Guerilla. Doing this will make the VISR AA actually work instead of just making a sound.
  5. Now to get it working in your map.
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