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Gay/Bi Human(oids) Desc

pickleboy Feb 26th, 2012 66 Never
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  1. /setdescription [color=gray]Welcome! To #G/BH! While we do have a few rules the main purpose is to enjoy yourself and meet like minded players, to role-play your various characters with. Let's be honest, there are few Human(oids) on this site, mainly due to the ridicule they've faced, so the main purpose of this room will be to make those connections with people who want to play human(oids). Furries [color=red][b]ARE[/b][/color] allowed though if you are a human(oid) hating furry, then we ask you respectfully leave and contact none of our members or OP about your distaste for a human(oid) room. If you want, create a furry room, and we'll pass you the same courtesy. With that said, this is a [color=blue][b][u]MALE[/u][/b][/color] room. Meaning if you're not playing a male character we ask you log onto one, or respectfully leave. We known that [i]gay[/i] could include [i]lesbian's[/i] as well, but that's not the purpose of this room. Based upon recent developments [b][color=purple]Transgender[/color][/b], (Female to Male only), and [b][color=blue]Male-Herm[/color][/b]'s [b][color=red]WILL[/color][/b] Be allowed to play in the room IF they meet and follow all other rules of the room. [b][i][color=cyan][u]Remember it is optional for you to be here, and residing in the room is a clear acceptance and agreement that you have read and will follow the rules or face their written punishments.[/u][/color][/i][/b] [/color]
  3. [color=white]Room Setting: The generic setting of this room while in character is an indoor lounge. There are chairs, couches and other typical things one would find in such a setting. Feel free to elaborate. There is probably a bar but it is serve yourself unless someone ACTUALLY wants to be a tender. The room is 'anywhere' for 'any genre'. Think of it as a catch all.[/color]
  5. [color=yellow][b][u]Rules[/u][/b]
  6. ♦ Furries: Furries who are non-baised and are willing to RP and talk to humanoids are more than welcome in here. However, if your profile states 'no humans; only furries' or you have 'humanoids' in Nos then you may be asked to leave or kicked from the room if you lurk too long without saying anything. We don't mean to be rude but that sort of character being around sort of defeats the purpose of our room being geared toward a non-biased, humanoid friendly environment. However, if we see your furry character actually IC/RP with everyone (not just the other furries) we will not judge you on your profile.
  7. ♦ No OOC Fighting: This includes bitch fits, arguments, political debates, anything that can be considered as a shit storm. If you feel so strongly about your view that you must argue it to death, and neglect to find RP, than please use the PM feature or you will be booted. If an OP asks that you stop, and you continue they will enforce a boot, boot, ban rotation.
  8. ♦ In-Room RP'ing: We LOVE to see RP in the room, of any nature, though if your RP consists of constant one-line 'murrypurry' slice of life romance mushy, gooshy, cuddle, type sex, please move it to PM or respectfully leave. Any serious RP should consist of at least semi-para or better. This is not meant to disrespect those who play in short spurts but we like to see a bit more detail in here. Please reserve one-liners for silly RP only. This rule will be followed by a PM, boot, ban policy.
  9. ♦ Ads : While they are allowed in this room, use the ad feature wisely. By this we mean, if you post an ad, and you're looking for genuine RP, and not just using it for some idiotic attention whore purpose, the ad must be at least three lines long, detailing what you are looking for. If you cannot make a three lined detailed ad, then you probably should not be RP'ing. This rule will be enforced by a PM, boot, ban policy. Someone will first PM you, telling you to make your ad longer, and if you continue, you will be booted.
  10. ♦ Age Play - While Age Play characters [b]ARE[/b] allowed in the room, any character that is under the age of 16 will be disallowed from role playing publicly in the main room in a sexual content. Meaning, we should not see 11 year old boys running around ass raping puppies, or their favorite power ranger plush. If you find a person who is interested in age play with much younger characters than please feel free to contact them via PM, and RP as you would. Recognize that ageplay is considered a hard kink and hard kinks should generally be kept from the public eye. Inability to follow this rule will follow a PM, Kick, Ban policy.
  11. ♦ Rule on Trangender & Male-Herms: If you are transgender and you are female to male or a male-herm, you are fine as long as you have a penis, (Plastic or otherwise basically post-op only) Lack tits, and can accept the rules. This, like all our other rules are not open for debate. Discussion, yes, and if you are truly concerned, or confused about the rules, ask. We're more than happy to elaborate or explain. Cunt-boys, Females, Female Herms, and all of that is not allowed in this room because they are essentially females. Femboys are fine. Remember this is a [color=blue][b]MALE[/b][/color] oriented room. [/color]
  13. [color=green][u]Game Nights![/u]
  14. Θ Monday Night - Spin The Bottle + Truth or Dare
  15. Θ Tuesday Night - Role Play Night
  16. Θ Wednesday Night - "Name That Kink"
  17. Θ Thursday Night - "Are You Man Enough?"
  18. Θ Friday Night - World of "Lore" [/color]
  20. [color=white]• Games will be explained in the description on their given night. If there are not enough people to play the game then it will not start until there are. Game participation is not mandatory, ever. Just have fun. This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. [/color]
  22. [color=blue][u]Staff[/u]
  23. ♥ Owner - Shuuhei Amagasa
  24. ♣ Co Owner - Cad Bane
  25. ♠ Helper - Vegeta
  26. ♦ Helper - Dregan Stouthilt [/color]
  28. [color=red][b]Note:[/b] If you have a problem with a channel operator or with a rule, or don't understand something, feel free to PM Shuuhei Amagasa first, and then Cad Bane. If no one responds to you, please NOTE these people, because they are actually concerned about what problems you have with this room. Thank you. [/color]
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