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Aug 5th, 2020
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  1. ===Pregame===
  2. Check if the managers have agreed to play +2 for the entire game (they likely have)
  4. ===If +2 all game has been agreed===
  5. Start on Preset 3. Sub in one of the two bench SS's. LMF on right corners and RMF on left corners. Set whichever of these players has the best condition to join the attack: Greece Douze Point, Cancelledvision, Memedova, We Don't Want A Putin. If tied, pick your favourite. Go +2
  7. ===If it's a regular game===
  8. Start on P1. Sub best conditioned. LMF on right corners and RMF on left corners
  10. ===At 60===
  11. ==IF LOSING BY 2+==
  12. Go to P3, go +2, set the right SS to join the attack. Sub the LM, RM and right SS
  14. ==Anything Else==
  15. Go to P2 and make subs. Sub the middle CB, DMF and CMF.
  16. Epic Sax Guy should always be the middle CB. If he isn't starting, sub him on at 60 regardless of condition. If he started, move him to the middle CB slot and set him to join the attack.
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