Welcome to Los Pegasus - Chapter 01

Apr 17th, 2016
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  1. Somewhere in the sizeless and infinite nothing between strands of causality, a small bubble floats. It has no speed, experiences no forces, and doesn't move in any way that can be tracked on a timeline. Within it looks to be a very cross unicorn.
  3. You are the draw of entropy in the flesh, chaos incarnate, in a name: Discord. You are having a delightful afternoon out in your front lawn. Slithering through the air itself, you note that the vast non-Euclidean space is in lovely disarray, your delightfully tacky and yet regionally appropriate lawn just the most wonderful bit of absurdity alongside the feisty terrain. You love a home with some teeth, anything to stave off the possibility of routine.
  4. You do notice, however, that something is missing. Snapping two taloned digits audibly you pull into being many a pink flamingo, gnome, and tall menacing plant, scratching beside a mismatched horn with a lion's claw as you cycle between different additions. Yes it's all quite silly but nothing quite has the right panache.
  6. If you could put a claw on it you'd say it's all just been done before quite too many times. You also weren't too keen on stone likenesses of yourself since the.. unpleasantries with the harmony-loving ponies. They weren't all bad, no, on the contrary they were quite a pleasure to mess with, but it seems that sort of behavior on your part was currently inadvisable. You really needed something new to spice things up.
  7. Today had been a rough day, with the ponies using some blasted old arcane items to thwart your plans for fun and reinstating their boring old harmony. This little bubble was far away from their monotony, but it too even was feeling stifling.
  8. If only there was a way to mix things up just a bit.
  10. Of course!
  11. It was so simple, perhaps you should just try moving the whole thing. Not the lawn, not the house, but the bubble. Perhaps altering a bit of the physics could shed some new light on the matter. Reaching into nothingness, you pull out a pair of goggles, a helmet already adorning your head and lab coat upon your patchwork serpentine form. You pull on two mismatched rubber gloves, your talons straining the stretchy material slightly. Floating higher, you observe your domain, snapping your talons.
  12. Everything moves to the right, and colors are a little more blue, but the pull of gravity is a little bit to the left... no, this won't do. You decide to try a few more positions. Some were more promising than others, some of them horribly ordered. One of the new arrangements was causing some of the far off rock bodies to weave in erratic paths with spectacular collisions, another seemed to have vast distortions of passing time in local spaces, and really truly you were having a bit of trouble figuring out just what to go with.
  14. Once more your fingers snapped and it appeared. Some strange tableau, wrapped up in an arcane shell. A very cross-looking mare, right in the middle of your lawn, unmoving and silent, like large snow globe. Slithering above this new addition to your lawn, you inspect it. The unicorn appeared frozen in time, and you could feel that the physics weren't quite right surrounding her. She didn't appear as stone, though, some sort of ratty carpet in a circle beneath her with a chunk of what appears to be a mattress resting on the bubble. Bits of cloth and a few odd objects about, you are certainly curious as to what is going on inside. Reaching for the bubble, you stop. A tenuous magical field holds the contents of the bubble frozen in place. If you prod this thing too much, you might set things off prematurely and end up sans your intriguing lawn ornament.
  15. "Not quite yet, little one," you muse aloud. She couldn't hear you. Probably. Either way, score one for you today with something new and exciting. You raise the goggles from your eyes, your outfit disappearing.
  17. It's been a long, harmony-filled day. No better break in the norm than finding a mystery without a known solution, and just leaving it there unsolved. Now somepony else can just stand on your lawn as an ornament. Much more fun than things in Equestria. Things are incredibly dull with the threat of further imprisonment in stone looming should you return to your normal way of doing things. The fun way of doing things, you mused internally.
  19. "This deserves a Siesta!" you proclaim, before snaking your way through your front door.
  20. The path through your house is ever-changing but you know it all the same. The pull of this dimension is tied to your power, after all, and hardly anything really ever feels out of the ordinary. Anything, that is, but new developments, such as your new lawn ornament. You crack a big, snaggletoothed grin as you cross the threshold of your living room, gravity switching down and up suddenly. Gracefully you float yourself to the couch, satisfied with your task of making home a little homelier for the time being, an oversized sombrero readily plucked from a ripple in the space around you to rest upon your head, serendipitous to your well-earned slumber.
  23. Your nap was fruitful, the unpleasantness of going through this dreadful reform process meant you'd have to spend more time with the latest group to thwart your sprees of unbridled glorious chaos. At least the one you hung about didn't seem as insufferable as the others. A bit of a doormat you suspect, definitely the least boisterous of the six mares. On that thought, you were apparently supposed to meander over to her cottage at some point soon, so you had said, the vague memory of agreeing to these terms, albeit under duress. As much as you loved some randomness, being petrified for a random interval of time was frankly a bit irksome, and you would rather avoid it even if it meant to consenting to the princesses' plan and the appointments made within. You had some time to kill before then, you surmised with a glance at the upside-down cuckoo clock on the living room wall. Perhaps you could admire your new decoration a bit more.
  25. Floating out of your living room, snaking through the hallway and the impossible architecture of your foyer, you make your way through your front door. There she is, the strange mint-green mare in a bubble. Screaming, it looked like. Maybe she had been in the middle of a yawn, but the panic in her eyes was rather apparent. Maybe a little creepy.
  26. Slithering through the air you weave your way across your lawn. With a snap of your claws you come upon a handsome chartreuse door floating firmly in place. Turning the knob, you gracefully exit your home through a floating doorframe in the sky above the edge of the Everfree Forest, a lush body expanding over wild terrain, untamed by harmony thanks to some of your prior exploits. Even the once formidable castle within lay in ruins; the forest flora's entropy-fueled reclamation brings joy to your heart.
  28. Above you, the sun has made its way about a quarter of the way across the skies, free of clouds. The blue seems so boring compared to the psychedelic purple of home sweet home. Below you, a stone's throw or so from the forest's edge lies Fluttershy's cottage, a quaint little affair with a living green roof and a picturesque creek running beside it. The property around the cottage contains all manner of living spaces for animals, from chickens to rabbits to the lone bear. You slink your way down to the penned off area. Perhaps you can stir up some chaos within. Nothing punishable, but something amusing at least. Within the hen house several large birds sit atop their eggs. A few nests remain unoccupied, the hens out and about in the fenced area pecking away at seeds. A grin spreads across your snout and you snap your fingers, performing a backstroke through the air as all of the eggs in the hen house are suddenly a deep blue color with lime green polka dots. Slithering back, you observe at a greater distance as one of the hens returns from her feeding. Frantic clucking ensues and soon all of the hens in the hen house are in uproar. You have yourself a good hearty laugh, floating above the scene. You hear a door creaking open and take that as your queue to shrink down to a small size and take to a less obvious position in a nearby tree.
  29. "Is somepony there?" asks a meek voice, its owner stepping out onto the front steps of the cottage. The yellow mare spots the fluttering of wings and her ears tuck back.
  30. "Oh dear, I wonder what's gotten into them," she wonders aloud as she makes a quick glide over to the pen. Your snap your fingers, returning the eggs to their normal color.
  31. "Girls, girls, what's wrong?" The pegasus inquires, sticking her head into the henhouse. Frantic squawking continues, but seemingly in response to her questioning. "mhm. mhm. Oh dear," she comments as the chickens make their racket. She opens the door to the hen house and steps inside. "But girls, they look perfectly fine to me." She continues, having seen the eggs. More squawking ensues, along with some emphatic flapping of feathers. "Well it looks like everything is fine now. How about I bring you all some nice seeds and we can all calm down," she offers. The clucking seems a bit less argumentative. "Good. I'll be right back." Fluttershy makes her way back to her house, swiftly as she came, and closes the door behind her. You meander from your hiding spot, making your way to her leafy roof. Finding a comfortable spot, you grow back to your normal size, resting in the canopy of the many short bushes and flowers that cover the cottage's terraced roof. The door opens and shuts once more, and you spot the pink-maned mare flying along with a bag of seeds in tow. After some fussing around with the chickens, she turns to her house, before letting out a startled "eep" and jumping.
  33. "Hello Discord, I didn't see you there," she greets you meekly. You float out of the foliage and straighten yourself up, landing on your hind legs.
  34. "Good morning Fluttershy. I am here as promised for my... appointment." This is so demeaning, having to take lessons on how to make friends and keep from offending the sensibilities of boring ponies.
  35. Fluttershy opens the door, holding the seed bag with her teeth, before flying in and setting down the parcel. She flies right back to her front porch, hovering before you.
  36. "I'm so terribly sorry, Discord, something had spooked my hens and I was in the middle of feeding them. I hope I didn't make you wait long," she apologizes.
  37. "Not at all. I presume you are ready for reforming all of," you twirl your fingers, "this?"
  38. You put a sarcastic emphasis on "reforming" but she doesn't seem to pay it any mind.
  39. "Why of course! I am very excited to make friends with such a fascination being such as yourself," she smiles, so sweet that your teeth almost hurt. She turns about, heading inside.
  40. "Joy," you reply, the light sarcasm lost. You disappear inside the cottage, your tail tugging the door closed as you follow.
  42. Months pass, and more and more your sessions with the mare begin to revolve around, oddly enough, tea. You daresay that you are beginning to enjoy the idea of having a friend. Fluttershy is quite soothing to be around, and it seems like she is open to letting you still have some fun, though she has asked that you tone things down quite a bit. Irksome, but the mare is frankly hilarious at times and part of you feel that the conversations you have with her are worth it. You are heading over to her house for your usual tea, and you spot the mare standing outside. She has quite a few animals about her, and she seems to be getting them situated.
  43. "Fluttershy, oh Fluttershy. Good Morning~" you say in a sing-song voice as you descent from the heavens with an inside-out umbrella, which ceases to be as you land nearby.
  44. "Well hello there Discord! Are you doing well?" She seems to be somewhat preoccupied with getting her ducks in a row, literally.
  45. "When I'm here for tea, always."
  46. She bristles a bit and her ears fold back just a bit. "Oh dear. Discord, I'm afraid today we can't do tea here. I pet sat for one of Applejack's friends and they've insisted on repainting my home. Most of the furniture is already out of place."
  47. "No matter. Perhaps I could host today's tea?" You were feeling in quite good spirits and you weren't going to let teatime with Fluttershy be ruined by something.
  48. Her face lit up at your suggestion. "Discord, why, that's a wonderful idea!"
  49. "Why of course, I came up with it." you chuckle.
  50. She shoots you a glance but lets it slide. She is interrupted by her white rabbit Angel tugging at her mane lightly. She turns to the little lapine, "Yes, Angel?" He lets out some angry squeaking, thumping his foot impatiently a few times. "Oh.. oh dear. Discord?" She turns to you, "do you suppose Angel could come along too? I promised him that he could take a nap under my wing this morning, he shouldn't be a bother." She gives a smile that shows no end to her innocence.
  51. The bunny was a brat, but you couldn't say no to that face. "I suppose it won't be too much trouble." you sigh softly. "Shall we be off?"
  52. "Not quite yet, but I am nearly finished feeding everyone, so it shouldn't be long." You nod, and try to amuse yourself by shaping a bit of cloud that you pluck down without regard for perspective or distance. Soon enough, Fluttershy is finished, and Angel hops on her back, perched comfortably as she trots up to you.
  53. "Everyone is fed and happy, I'm ready to go whenever you are." She beams at you.
  54. Floating up to two legs once more, you snap your fingers, and there you are in your living room.
  56. "Oh my," proclaims Fluttershy, taking it all in. A sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table sit before you, the room in a comfy state of disarray with mismatched colors, literal dust bunnies, and some furniture on the walls and ceiling. "It's quite cozy" she observes.
  57. "Oh it isn't much, but it does the job. Shall I start on the tea and cucumber sandwiches?"
  58. "That would be lovely, Discord. Unless there's something I can do to help." Again she gives that smile that could melt snow.
  59. "Certainly. The kitchen is right through here." You float your way through a doorway, finding yourself in your cluttered kitchen. Not as cluttered as you would like, you sadly note.
  60. In the living room, Fluttershy sets Angel down on the armchair, "Alright Angel, stay put for now and I'll be back shortly." Fluttershy makes her way in after you. A dust bunny floats out from under the couch, carried by one of the many varied air currents of the house, and with it, Angel follows. Meanwhile, you and Fluttershy begin your work. She makes the cucumber sandwiches, and you brew up a mean pot of tea. Sugar, cream, lemon, and cookies are brought about and gathered up on a tray which you take with one-pawed ease to the living room, setting it down on the coffee table. Just as you are setting teacups down you hear the screaming, coming from outside.
  62. Your pupils shrink down to pinpricks and you begin to sweat.
  63. "O-One moment Fluttershy. I will be right back with you after I take care of whomever is at the door. It's nothing to worry about I assure you," you manage. With a snap of your fingers you find yourself outside, the screaming much louder, and that little monster of a rabbit tapping a foot expectantly on the ground before the now unfrozen mare.
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