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  1. the Scepter of Solaria in its ring and staff form, and its evolved Crosier of the Cosmos look in necklace and staff form. Every royal child of Solaria born with a Light Source is granted the staff, and Stella’s the first one in a long time to use it. She uses the scepter for the entirety of S1, S1.5 and S2, but it’s broken during the fight against Darkar, reverting to its ring form with the middle gem cracked. Stella cannot use it anymore and she spends a long time researching a way to fix it. During S3, in a desperate attempt to save her dad, Stella overloads the ring with magic and uses it against a dragon, draining herself of her Aura but saving her dad in the process, earning Enchantix and fixing the ring as well, turning into the Crosier of the Cosmos. Its hidden form turns into a necklace as Stella had been wearing it as such after recovering from the Trix in that one time they stole it in S1.
  3. In the AU, Flora uses a pair of decorated tessen called the Petal Fans, which she uses for melee combat and spellcasting. The fans have a small Dragonscale of Wind embedded in the handle, which she uses to spread her pollen and seeds more easily as well as to redirect projectiles thrown at her. It was forged by her grandparents and given to her as a gift for her 13th birthday, and she treasures them a lot. She also occasionally uses them as actual fans, but not always, due to the sharp edges.
  5. Musa has a small, weird-looking harp with her most of the time, and can be seen playing on it from time to time. The small harp form is its hidden form; it can get bigger and become her String Sword, a rare instrument and weapon seldom seen in Melodius. Both forms are sharp and good for stabbing, and does occasionally use it as a dagger. When transformed, she can also use it as a makeshift “guitar” of sorts, amplifying her range. It was hand-made by her with the help of her father and brother.  During S5, she mostly uses it in its harp form since it’s kind of hard to use a sword underwater.
  7. Bloom took archery classes from the ages of 11 to 16, and has really good aim with her bows. After getting more accustomed with her magic, Bloom can create a bow and arrows out of her pink flames, and it’s her preffered method of long-range magic when flying. She can also split and summon more arrows around her, for extra coverage.
  9. During S5, Stella finds using the Crosier very impractical and hard underwater during their quest for Sirenix, so she instead borrows the Moon Mirror from her mother, a hand mirror that can amplify the reach and strength of light spells, perfect to counter the seas difusing her magic.
  11. Lastly, we see everyone’s Essence Dust bottles, used during Enchantix and occasionally in other forms. The girls bust them out for particularly strong convergences or to counter small curses after a fight. They have a hidden form of one of the many jewels in their Enchantix outfits - Bloom and Flora have it on their chest, Aisha, Musa and Roxy in their belts, and Tecna, Stella and Diaspro on their necklaces.
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