/bird/ AGL4 Knockouts edition

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  1. Start on Preset 2.
  2. Manually sub by ability.
  3. Make sure fullbacks are on corners after subbing.
  5. First Half:
  6. If down by 1, switch to centre
  7. If down by 2, switch to Preset 1.
  9. Halftime:
  10. If tied, switch to Preset 3.
  11. If down, switch to Preset 1
  12. If up by 2 sub out the lower conditioned AMF and put in the best conditioned 77 AMF (priority on Noot Noot) and make sure it has Counter Target. We must meme to the end, my friend
  14. 65:
  15. Sub out most tired non-medals.
  16. Switch back to Preset 2 if tied or down.
  18. 75 or later:
  19. If down or tied, switch to long ball and centre
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