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  1. Epilogue
  3. It was morning when Enri woke up. She quietly left the bed, so as not to wake her sleeping husband. The air outside was very cold, and it made her want to get back into the bed that was warmed by their two bodies.
  4. 安莉在早晨醒来,注意着不吵醒睡在旁边的丈夫,静悄悄地离开了床。待在外面还很寒冷的空气里,不忍耐一下就又想回到用两人的体温暖和起来的床上了。
  6. The bed creaked as she got up, but her husband of half a year was too tired to react. He slept like a puppet whose strings had been cut.
  7. 床吱吱嘎嘎地响了起来,但半年前结婚的丈夫因为疲惫而没有任何反应,就像是断了线的木偶一样地熟睡着。
  9. Now that Enri was managing his life for him, he kept a more regular schedule. Thus, his deep sleep was purely because that was how he was.
  10. 由于安莉有在进行着生活的管理,他过的是日子比以前更有规律了。尽管如此还睡得这么死单纯是因为他的睡眠本来就是这样子的吧。
  12. ...Although it didn’t use to be like this.
  13. (……虽说以前好像不是这样的)
  15. When they had just gotten married, he had not slept this soundly.
  16. 感觉刚结婚的时候好像还没到这种地步。
  18. Maybe he was nervous… But now he’s used to it, so that’s good.
  19. (是紧张了么……。那么现在就是习惯了吧,是好事呢)
  21. Enri yawned and stretched.
  22. 安莉嗯地、伸了个懒腰。
  24. Her bare breasts jiggled.
  25. 裸露在外的胸部颤了一颤。
  27. Enri’s face flushed pink, and she reached for a piece of discarded clothing.
  28. 安莉的脸稍微有些羞红,赶紧找起了脱下的衣物。
  30. Granted, only Enri and her husband lived here, but dressing like this was hardly presentable.
  31. 虽说在这家里的只有安莉和丈夫,但这幅打扮也太不像样了。
  33. If her little sister Nemu were here, she would definitely not be dressed like this. However, she did not wake up here -- in the Emmott house -- but in the Bareare house.
  34. 如果妹妹妮姆要是在的话,肯定是不能这幅打扮的。不过妮姆她,现在并不是在这里——艾默德家——起床,而是在巴雷亚雷家。
  36. How could we disturb the newlyweds? The reason why she had listened to her mother-in-law Lizzie was because they had made the decision not to renovate the Emmott or Bareare houses. And so, this had happened.
  37. 怎么可以去打扰新婚夫妇呢。而之所以听从了义祖母莉吉的话,是因为得出了艾默德家或者巴雷亚雷家并不会改建的结论,所以就变成了这样。
  39. It had been two years since the incident where they had lost both their parents. That said, Nemu was still scarred by the incident and was unwilling to leave her big sister at night. It was only by the grace of some unknowable instinct that she had managed to accept the new arrangement.
  40. 失去双亲的那个事件已经过去了两年。虽说如此,让还是会因为那时的恐惧、而不愿在晚上离开姐姐的妹妹理解了的,还是有着某种直觉的缘故吧。
  42. Since she lived in a farming village, she often saw animals engaging in those activities. She might also have heard about what young couples got up to when they vanished into the forest after leaving the dancing circle on harvest festival nights. Before she knew it, she also knew what husbands and wifves did at night.
  43. 居住在农村的话,动物的那种行为会很常见。在收获祭的夜晚离开跳舞的一圈人消失在树林深处的年轻男女的行动之类的说不定也有听到过。不知不觉的就明白了夫妇会在夜晚做些什么吧。
  45. However, nobody had explained it to her in detail before. Enri and Nemu were not at an age where they would have heard such things. That said, someone needed to teach her what to do, and knowledge was as much a poison as a cure.
  46. 只是,并没有详细地说明过。安莉在妮姆那个年纪时也是,没有听过这种话的记忆。虽说如此,终究是有教她的必要的吧。知识即是毒也是药嘛。
  48. Lupusregina-san does say a lot of weird things...
  49. (露普斯蕾琪娜小姐估计会说些奇怪的东西啊……)
  51. Everyone in the village treated the aide of the village’s ruler with love and respect. Enri was one of them as well. However, they could not fully accept every aspect of her personality. Over the long time they had known each other, she had realised one thing: she was a criminal who delighted in peoples’ reactions to her crimes, and she was the type who could watch someone fall into a trap with a smile on her face.
  52. 对待有时,会访问村子的这个国家的支配者的亲信,大部分人都抱着尊敬和敬爱之情。安莉也是其中一人。然而,她的性格就没办法全都欢迎了。作为长久以来的交往的结果明白了一件事,她是所谓愉快犯的,那种满脸笑容地看着对方掉进陷阱里的类型。
  54. Enri had the feeling if she did not go out and say, “Please teach me”, Lupusregina would not teach her anything concrete.
  55. 希望能教教我,不这么说的话,是不会教给别人具体的东西的,有着这种预感。
  57. On the other hand, if she did not keep an eye on Nemu before she spoke to Lupusregina, Enri had the feeling that Lupusregina would describe all sorts of things to Nemu in exacting and loving detail.
  59. I can teach you all sorts of adult things any time you like. Enri had not forgotten those words from Lupusregina.
  60. 而另一方面,要是不在妮姆向露普斯蕾琪娜询问之前叮嘱她的话,感觉可能会告诉妮娜相当详细具体的东西。那些大人的知识随时都能教给你哟,安莉没有忘记露普斯蕾琪娜曾经这么说过。
  62. After making up her mind to find Lupusregina, Enri picked up her clothes which had fallen to the floor, and put them on.
  63. 下定了尽早找到露普斯蕾琪娜的决心,安莉捡起掉在地板上的衣服,披在了身上。
  65. After that, she headed for the kitchen, and turned the tap on.
  66. 接着就这样走向厨房,拧开水龙头的栓。
  68. She collected the water in a small container. She turned it in the opposite direction once it was full, and the water stopped flowing.
  69. 将流出的水用小小的容器接住。看准接满的时机,这次将栓拧向相反的方向,水就不再流下了。
  71. In the past, she had woken up to draw water from the well. Now, she could use this magic item to obtain fresh water. Its temperature stayed the same even in freezing or warm seasons.
  72. 以前的话早晨是从取水开始的。而现在只要使用这个魔法道具就能得到新鲜的水。而且无乱寒冷的还是温暖的季节都能保持一定的温度。
  74. This magic item, the Faucet of Spring Water, could apparently make 200 litres of water a day. It seemed to have been designed by the sage of a certain country.
  75. 叫作涌水的龙头的这个魔法道具好像能做到每天提供两百升的水。似乎曾经是某个国家的贤者将形状之类设计出来的样子。
  77. This was not a common item, even in big cities. Apparently, there were certain places where gigantic versions of this item served as a city’s water supply.
  78. 这在大都市似乎不是很罕见。根据时间和场合,这个魔法道具的巨型版听说还会被当做城市的水源。
  80. Enri wiped herself down with a moist towel.
  81. 安莉用湿毛巾擦拭了一下身体。
  83. “Uwah, it’s cold.”
  84. 「呜,好冷」
  86. While the water’s temperature was fixed, one would lose a lot of heat from wet skin if the air was cold. However, Enri grit her teeth and bore with it, then rubbed herself down with the towel. She had done so before she slept, but still she did it again.
  87. 即使水温是一定的,要是空气很冷的话从濡湿的肌肤上夺去的热量也会很大。然而安莉咕地忍住了,将毛巾擦向身体各处。虽然睡前也曾大致擦拭过一次身体,还得再来一次。
  89. So long as Enri remembered that incident -- when Lupusregina had called out to her while humming, a playful grin on her face -- she would never drop her guard.
  90. 只要安莉还没忘记那时——一边发出鼻音,一边嘿嘿笑着地搭话的露普斯蕾琪娜的事情,就绝对不会松懈吧。
  92. Still, magic items were really great.
  93. 不管怎么说魔法道具还真是伟大。
  95. Enri had thought that way countless times.
  96. 安莉无数次地这么想。
  98. Carne Village had a lot of residents now.
  99. 现在的卡恩村有着相当多的居民。
  101. While over 90% of them were Enri’s Goblins, this village could not support all of them.
  102. 虽说九成以上都是安莉召唤出的哥布林,这个村子并没有能够维持他们生活的基础。
  104. The first problem was accommodation.
  105. 首先是居住问题。
  107. The goblins had solved that by chopping down logs from the Great Forest of Tob and building simple housing. However, the problems of food and water were harder to deal with.
  108. 这个问题哥布林们从都武大森林砍来木头,建造了简单的住所总之是解决了。然而,食物不足和用水不足的问题就无计可施了。
  110. Their initial solution to the lack of food was the produce of the forest, but it did not have enough to support all the Goblins. Therefore, after asking Lupusregina for help, they had received food aid. Of course, that food was only borrowed and would have to be paid back, though fortunately there was no deadline attached.
  111. 食物不足最初是考虑着利用森林里的产物,但没能得到足以支撑增加的哥布林们生活的食物份量。为此,拜托了露普斯蕾琪娜,得到了食物的支援。这些食物终究只是借来的,要在将来——值得庆幸的是没有支付期限——还回去。
  113. The next problem was a lack of water. In the past, the village well had been enough, given that there had not been that many people. But now that the amount of people in the village had increased so drastically, they had to set up a roster to draw water all day long.
  114. 其次是用水不足。因为以前没有那么多人井水就足够了,但人数一下子增加太多,不得不安排人在井边值班,整天整天地取水才行。
  116. In addition, even that water was not enough, so they had to dig wells very far away. If they dug them nearby, they would be tapping the same water source, and there was no telling if the wells would dry up.
  117. 而且就算这样水也不够,必须跑去很远的地方挖井。在附近挖的话,因为水是来自同样的水源,无法断定水井不会就这么干涸掉。
  119. Fortunately, the Dwarves who had moved to this village had solved that problem.
  120. 而之所以能解决这个问题,则多亏了移居到这个村子里的矮人们。
  122. Are those people still making new magic items?
  123. (那些人,现在也还在制作新的魔法道具吗?)
  125. Until about two months ago, the sound of explosions and flashes of light had been a common occurrence, but now everything had settled down. At most, some of them would drink outside and get into fights, but that was all.
  126. 直到差不多两个月之前,还有过强光四射,爆音轰鸣的情况,但现在一切变得平和了。有时,会在外面喝酒吵闹,仅此而已。
  128. The existence of the Dwarves was now an integral part of the village’s functioning.
  129. 他们,矮人的存在,现在对于村子的运转来说已经是必不可少的了。
  131. In the past, there had been no blacksmiths in Enri’s village. Thus, she had to go to the city to buy tools, or beg the very rare travelling blacksmiths to make them for her.
  132. 曾经安莉的村子里没有锻造师之类的存在,只能去城市里买,或者拜托很罕见的流浪锻造师工作。
  134. There had been a blacksmith in the Goblin Army she had summoned, but having him bear the heavy burden of the village’s repair work would surely lead to problems. And then, the Dwarves had appeared, and they had taken up that job.
  135. 第二次召唤的哥布林军团里面倒是有一位锻造师,但让就让他一个人负责整个村里繁重的锻造工作很难不出问题。而在这时出现的矮人们,便接过了锻造工作。
  137. The most important thing was that their loyalty to the Sorcerer King rivalled that of the humans from Carne Village. This village had been saved several times by the magic caster who became the Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown. Anyone who heard someone badmouthing His Majesty would immediately go up and beat the offender into a pulp.
  138. 而且最重要的是,他们有着能匹敌卡恩村的人类们所拥有的、对魔导王陛下的忠诚之心。
  139. 这个村子被作为魔法咏唱者的恭魔导王陛下拯救了好几次。所以,村民们都对其感受到了巨大的恩义。要是胆敢在这个村子里侮辱魔导王陛下的话,不管是谁听到了都肯定会冲上去暴打一顿吧。
  141. The Dwarves seemed to feel the same way, and they often said things like, “That celebration made me feel proud of myself again” “Did you see how jealous they were?” “Drinking time!” and so on while they imbibed. Enri did not quite understand what they were talking about, but they could feel their gratitude to the Sorcerer King in their words, so the villagers opened their hearts to them.
  142. 而矮人们似乎也是同样的感恩戴德,喝酒的时候「那个庆典让老夫找回了自尊」「看到那些家伙满是嫉妒的脸没有!」「是喝酒的时候吧!」有着这样的发言,其意义本身安莉虽说并不了解,但其中含有的对魔导王陛下的感谢之情是能感觉得到的。所以村民们也坦然地接受了他们。
  144. After everything was over, Enri put on her clothes.
  145. 一切结束之后,安莉穿好了衣服。
  147. Her husband did not seem to have woken up yet, so she decided to get the chores done.
  148. 丈夫还是没有起床的迹象。那么就趁现在把家务处理好吧。
  150. Her husband had withdrawn from the task of potion-making which he had handled with her mother-in-law until now. Instead, he was involved in the storage and preservation of herbs, which might be essential now that the village’s population had increased. In addition, he also helped with Enri’s work as village chief. He worked hard for the village, so she had to work hard for her husband too.
  151. 丈夫他从至今为止和义祖母一起进行着的药水开发里抽出手来,转向了因人数增加有可能在将来需要的药物的贮藏工作。不仅是这样,安莉的村长的工作也有在帮忙。就是为村子劳动到了这种程度。那么自己也必须要为了丈夫好好努力才行。
  153. After stepping outside, the familiar scenery -- that of the ever-growing Carne Village -- came into view. Carne was now larger than an ordinary village because the Goblins Enri had summoned had added their own living quarters to it.
  154. 走到室外的话熟悉的景色——各种开发更进一步的卡恩村——进入了视野。现在的卡恩村已经扩展到了超出村落这个等级的大小。因为安莉召唤出的哥布林们的住所也建在一起。
  156. “Okay.”
  157. 「好勒」
  159. Enri clenched her fist.
  160. 安莉握紧了拳头。
  162. In order to make breakfast, she had to draw the ingredients from the food store.
  163. 要准备做饭的话,首先必须从食物保存库拿出食材。
  165. “Good morning, General-kakka.”
  166. 「早上号,将军阁下」
  168. The form of a black-clad Goblin emerged from a murky shadow.
  169. 从模糊的阴影里出现了身穿黑衣的哥布林的身姿。
  171. This was something she saw every morning, so Enri replied without any surprise:
  172. 因为这是每天早上都会看见的景象,所以安莉毫不惊讶地做出了回应。
  174. “Good morning. Nice weather we’re having.”
  175. 「早上好,天气不错呢」
  177. “It is as you say, General-kakka. According to the Goblin Weather Forecaster, it seems it will be sunny all day long.”
  178. 「诚如将军阁下所言。据哥布林天气预报士所说,本日似乎是全天放晴」
  180. “Really?”
  181. 「是这样啊!」
  183. Enri had long since abandoned any resistance to being called General.
  184. 对于将军这个称呼安莉已经放弃抵抗了。
  186. She had tried to tell them that she was no General countless times. Still, she had not managed to get through to them. At this point, being the Village Chief was pretty much the same as being the General, so she had decided to accept it.
  187. 无数次地,才不是将军,这么说过却依然无法说服它们,安莉现在已经是到了,村长和将军其实也就是差不多的东西嘛,像这样接受了的地步了。
  189. Incidentally, there was a unit called the Goblin Rear Echelon Support Unit. It was populated by people with rare vocations. Apart from the Goblin Weather Forecaster, there was also the Goblin Strategist, Goblin Blacksmith and so on, for a total of 12 jobs.
  190. 顺便一提军中有着名叫哥布林后方支援队的部队。里面所属的都是些珍惜职业的人。除了哥布林天气预报士以外,还涉及了哥布林军师,哥布林锻造师等全部十二个职业。
  192. “Oh, General-kakka, it seems your bodyguard has arrived. Your servant shall now excuse himself.”
  193. 「哦哟将军阁下,负责护卫的人好像已经来了,那么鄙人就此告退」
  195. The black-clad Goblin faded back into the Shadows, and the familiar Redcaps took his place by Enri’s side.
  196. 黑衣哥布林再次潜入影中,一如既往的红帽子哥布林代替他站到了安莉身旁。
  198. Personally, Enri did not like the Redcaps. They had an evil look on their faces; in short, they were very scary.
  199. 安莉个人并不是很喜欢红帽子哥布林。因为脸上透出一种邪恶的感觉。说白了,很可怕。
  201. In the past, Jugem had accompanied her, but as the former troop leader, he was now one of the many managers of the greatly-expanded Goblin force.
  202. 以前是朱格姆陪着自己的,不过他作为前任队长,成为了数量大幅膨胀的哥布林们的管理者的其中一人。
  204. After that, the task of her escort should have fallen to the silver-armored Goblins, but for various reasons, it had ended up with the Redcaps.
  205. 之后本来应该是由银铠哥布林负责护卫工作的,可由于某种理由最后还是交给了这位红帽子哥布林。
  207. Frankly speaking, there’s no need for escorts or whatnot.
  208. (直白点说,随身护卫什么的真的有必要么)
  210. She did not think anyone could evade the Goblins’ eyes and reach the heart of the village, but she could not completely ignore their worries.
  211. 不觉得有人能躲过哥布林们的眼睛到达位于村子中央的这里。不过,他们的担忧也是不能无视的。
  213. Trailed by the Redcaps, she headed toward the larder that adjoined her house.
  214. 安莉带着红帽子哥布林,走向了紧挨着家的食物保存库。
  216. After opening the door, she saw a cramped place packed with barrels and bottles, with many glass bottles lining the shelves. In its depths was a small mountain of grain, and hanging from the rafters were bales of vanilla and jerky.
  217. 打开库门,桶和瓶子放在狭窄的地方,架子上并排摆着很多壶和玻璃瓶,深处是堆成山的小麦,横梁上挂有像柳枝般垂下的大量干肉和香草。
  219. The reason why they had so much food was because the Goblins had put a lot of effort into opening up new fields.
  220. 能有这么多的食物,也是多亏了哥布林们在开垦上的尽心竭力。
  222. Currently, there were a lot of new crop fields surrounding the village in a large radius. While repaying the food they had borrowed would be difficult, they were at least self-sufficient for this year. In addition, they had captured chicken-like monsters and tried breeding them. If all went well, they would be able to fully repay the food they had borrowed.
  223. 如今在村子的周围,相当广大的范围里,都开垦出了田地。虽然返还借来的食物还很难,但今年的食物已经确保了不需要外借的量。而且还抓到了和鸡很像的魔物,也尝试了进行养殖。顺利的话,几年里就能把借来的食物全部还清吧。
  225. After selecting the ingredients for today’s meal, Enri headed back outside.
  226. 选好了今天的料理要使用的食材,安莉走到了外面。
  228. There was a massive wall in the corner of her vision.
  229. 视野一角有着巨大的墙壁。
  231. It might have been within the village, but the wall was not made of wood. It protected the Dwarven workshops, and standing sentry within it was the Death Knight who had slaughtered the knights that had terrorized Carne Village in the past.
  232. 尽管是在村子里面,但那并非木制的墙壁,它所保护着的是矮人工房。而在其周围,则配置着曾经蹂躏了袭击卡恩村的敌方骑士的死亡骑士作为着警卫。
  234. The wall which enclosed the Dwarven ateliers had been personally raised by the ruler of this nation and the savior of this village, the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. “When the Dwarven experiments fail, it gets 10 feet higher,” he had said.
  235. 这围住矮人工房的墙壁,是作为这个国家的支配者、村子的救世主的,安兹·乌尔·恭魔导王亲自制作的,「当矮人们的实验出现失败时,它的任务就是将受害抑制到最小」是这么说的。
  237. She had wondered if they could not simply build it outside the village, but obviously she could not say such a thing to His Majesty, who had showered them with his care.
  238. 能不能建在村子外面呢,虽然这么想,但不可能向受到了非常多关照的伟大的陛下说出这种事情。
  240. “I wonder what magic items Dwarf-sans are working on now?”
  241. 「现在,矮人先生们的工房里在做着什么样的魔法道具呢?」
  243. “Shall we investigate?”
  244. 「要调查一下吗?」
  246. “I’ve told you before, you can’t.”
  247. 「之前也说过了,绝对不行」
  249. While nobody had told her what the Dwarves were working on in their workshops, she was confident that it would not harm the village. Therefore, Enri could accept that fact.
  250. 虽然没有告诉自己矮人的工房里在做着什么样的物品,但因为绝不会是对村子有害的东西。所以安莉也能够接受。
  252. Should she try to stealthily gather information about them? The Goblins had suggested that several times in the past, but Enri had always shut down those suggestions with ironclad finality.
  253. 是不是应该隐秘地收集下情报呢,虽然哥布林们有着这样的提议,但安莉还是一如以往的把这种意见一刀两断地割舍了。
  255. Carne Village’s savior Ainz Ooal Gown had said that he wanted the village to accept these Dwarves. At the same time, he had told them that what they were working on was top secret.
  256. 他们这些矮人,是这个村子的恩人的安兹·乌尔·恭直接说出想要让卡恩村接受的对象。研究内容是机密这点在那时也就说过了。
  258. He might have been an undead being who hated the living, but as a magic caster who had saved the village several times, they trusted him more than anyone alive.
  259. 就算,对方是憎恶生者的不死者,但作为拯救了村子好几次的魔法咏唱者,却要比任何活着的人都值得信赖。
  261. Just then, the Redcaps slid in front of Enri. They did that under certain circumstances.
  262. 这时,红帽子哥布林嗖地挡到了安莉前方。他们会采取这样行动时必定是在某种情况下。
  264. Enri shifted her line of sight and saw the familiar beauty, surrounded by four Redcaps.
  265. 安莉移动视线,那里站着像是被四匹红帽子哥布林围住了的见惯的美女的身姿。
  267. “Hiya, En-chan. Feeling good today?”
  268. 「你好—呀。安酱,还精神嘛?」
  270. “Ah, good morning, Lupusregina-san.”
  271. 「啊,早上好,露普斯蕾琪娜小姐」
  273. Things had been like this ever since the person called Lupusregina met the Goblins. The Redcaps were few in number, but whenever Lupusregina showed up they were present in force. In addition, they wielded weapons that they would not normally carry around.
  274. 这个名叫露普斯蕾琪娜的人物自从与哥布林们相遇起就必然是这种感觉。明明红帽子哥布林的数量不是那么多,却必定会有能围住露普斯蕾琪娜的多数出现。而且还装备着通常不会拿着走来走去的武器。
  276. It was said that there were other Goblins present in the vicinity besides the Redcaps, but Enri had never seen them before.
  277. 据说除了红帽子哥布林以外周围还有其他人,但安莉从来没有见到过。
  279. Even Enri could tell that the reason why they had gone to such lengths was because the Redcaps -- no, the Goblins were wary of Lupusregina. That said, Lupusregina might be a mystery, but Enri did not think that she would do anything to a village which hosted a bronze statue of her master. In addition, she had saved Enri and Nfirea’s life in the past.
  280. 都做到这种地步,就算是安莉也看出来了红帽子哥布林们——不,是哥布林们都在警戒着露普斯蕾琪娜这一人物。可是,虽然确实是个迷之人物,但不觉得作为在这座村子中央置有雕像的那位大人的部下的她会对村子做些什么。而且她还救过安莉和恩菲雷亚的命。
  282. On the contrary, Enri could not help but worry that this would upset her.
  283. 反倒是让安莉不禁有些担心,会不会有损她的心情,
  285. She had spoken to the Goblin Strategist and he had said that he would talk to them about it, but it would seem nothing had come of that thus far.
  286. 和哥布林军师商量后,虽然也说会让他们注意一下的,不过结果好像没在现在体现出来。
  288. The sole saving grace was that when she had told Lupusregina about this, she told Enri not to worry about it.
  289. 和露普斯蕾琪娜也说了这件事,她回答说不用介意大概是唯一的救赎了。
  291. “I’ve only been here a while and already there’s people dashing out to surround me. Life is hard~”
  292. 「到这儿来之后没多久,就被冲过来围住了哟。好辛苦呢!」
  294. “You should know that there’s no way we wouldn’t be on guard against you arriving in that fashion.”
  295. 「以那种方式过来这边不可能不会警戒这点您也是很清楚的吧」
  297. The answer came from one of the Redcaps surrounding Lupusregina.
  298. 回答的是围住露普斯蕾琪娜的红帽子哥布林中的一位。
  300. His voice was calm, but there was a clear sense of wariness in his voice.
  301. 虽然平静,但安莉也察觉到了声音中的明确的警戒感。
  303. “Ah, er!” Enri raised her voice as she considered that the situation was developing in a bad direction. “How exactly did you come here, anyway?”
  304. 「那,那个!」考虑到这么下去不会发生什么好事的安莉提高了音量。「究竟是怎么过来的呢?」
  306. “Hm? I took Flatchest Vampire Airlines Frost 05, from Nazarick to Carne~”
  307. 「嗯?贫乳血鬼航空,冰巨05号。由纳萨力克发往卡恩村哟」
  309. “Eh? Flatchest Vampire Airlines?”
  310. 「诶?贫乳血鬼航空吗?」
  312. “Yup. It’s the name of the person in charge of all outdoor movement~”
  313. 「是的。是管理着在外所有移动方式的人的名字哟」
  315. “Pettan Ketsuki Koukuu-san, then?”
  316. 「是贫乳血鬼·航空小姐吗」
  318. “Yup. Pretty much, Oh, and if you meet her in person, just say I said it. Or rather, I hope you’ll mention my name. Otherwise, who knows what’ll happen to you~”
  319. 「是的。大致上没错哟。要是遇见了本人的时候,说是我这么说的就行了。不如说希望一定要提到我的名字。不说的话可不知道会发生些什么哟!」
  321. As she looked on Enri’s puzzled face, Lupusregina broke into a smile.
  322. 面对不由得脸上满是不可思议的安莉,露普斯蕾琪娜露出了笑容。
  324. “En-chan, you’re really funny. Really, you’re quite interesting…” Lupusregina’s eyes narrowed in an instant. “Really~”
  325. 「这边的安酱真是有趣呢。真的是,很中意呢……」露普斯蕾琪娜的瞳孔一瞬间变细了。「真的哟」
  327. Lupusregina’s bright red tongue peeked out from her slightly opened mouth and licked her lips.
  328. 分开的双唇间出现的露普斯蕾琪娜的鲜红的舌头,舔舐着她的嘴唇。
  330. It was not seductive. However, Enri felt something crawl up her lower back.
  331. 并非妖艳。然而,安莉感觉到像是有什么一下子爬过了自己的后背。
  333. In that moment, the Redcap standing by her sprang into action.
  334. 那个瞬间,守在一旁的红帽子哥布林行动了。
  336. He pulled Enri back and slid into the gap -- in front of Lupusregina -- which had appeared.
  337. 在将安莉拉向后方的同时,滑进了出现的空当——露普斯蕾琪娜面前的空间。
  339. In this highly tense atmosphere, Lupusregina shrugged, wearing her rarely-seen serious face.
  340. 在非常紧迫的空气中,少见的一脸认真的露普斯蕾琪娜耸了耸肩。
  342. “...I won’t do anything to her~ Can you relax? Still, if you want a fight, why don’t you all come at me? That way, I can deal with you without holding back.”
  343. 「……不会做什么的哟。能安心了么?不过,不相信想要干一场的话各位就请吧?那样的话,我也就能毫无顾虑地对应啦」
  345. The Redcap lowered his head, and returned to his original position.
  346. 红帽子哥布林低下视线,回到了原来的场所。
  348. “--And that’s that. By the way, Frost refers to Frost Dragons.”
  349. 「——就,这么回事哟。顺便一提冰巨是冰霜巨龙的简称呢」
  351. “Frost--Dragons?! By Dragons you mean the Dragons from legend, right? Amazing! Are those Dragons Gown-sama’s servants as well?”
  352. 「冰霜——巨龙么!龙是指传说中的那个巨龙没错吧!好厉害!那巨龙也是恭大人的部下吗?」
  354. “Yup. In the Sorcerous Kingdom, air freight is a big thing~”
  355. 「是的哟。在魔导国,空运之类各种方面都是大活跃中呢」
  357. “That’s amazing!”
  358. 「好—厉害!」
  360. Enri’s eyes were sparkling.
  361. 安莉的眼睛在闪闪放光。
  363. The Dragons in question were incredibly powerful monsters sung about in legends. Anyone who could subjugate them was no ordinary magic caster.
  364. 说到巨龙就是那种被在传说中讴歌的强大怪物。能支配它的毫无疑问不会是普通的魔法咏唱者。
  366. “Gown-sama is really amazing!”
  367. 「恭大人真的是好厉害呢!」
  369. “...Well, that’s true,”
  371. A troubled expression came over Lupusregina’s face.
  373. “A Dragon like that… hm~ someone like me… Well, it’s fine~”
  374. 「……虽说那是事实没错呢」露普斯蕾琪娜露出了困扰的表情。「像那种程度的龙就……嗯—,我之类的……。嘛,好吧」
  376. There were some things Enri wanted to ask about, but since she seemed to have accepted things, it was alright. Probably.
  377. 虽然有些想问的地方,但她已经释然了的话就没关系了吧。大概
  379. “Then, what is it today?”
  380. 「那个,今天是有些什么事情呢?」
  382. “Ah, yes, yes. Hm… I might not be able to come by for a while. I came to tell you that I hope you can take care of yourself.”
  383. 「啊,对了对了,嗯—,说不定有一段时间,可能不会过来这边了。所以来告诉你们希望能自己注意下各种问题哦」
  385. They had known each other for over a year, but this was the first time she had said such a thing.
  386. 和她的交往已经持续了一年以上,说出这样的话还是第一次。
  388. “What happened?”
  389. 「发生什么事了吗?」
  391. “Hm~ I guess it’s okay to tell you, En-chan. Actually, Ainz-sama seems to have been defeated in battle and died.”
  392. 「嗯—,安酱的话说也没关系吧。实际上安兹大人好像在战争中失败而去世了样子呢」
  394. Enri pondered the meaning of those words, and then she understood them.
  395. 安莉考虑起了这句话的意义,然后算是理解了。
  397. And then, she gave a perfectly reasonable response.
  398. 并做出了理所当然的反应。
  401. 「诶—!!!」
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