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  2. *****MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER TO ORDER, all products sold on this site are for research purposes only. Not meant for human consumption. If consumed call poison control right away. Our products are tested at 99.8%-99.98% purity********
  4. - The states that these research chemicals are banned in will not be sold to please don’t even try my system won’t send the order.
  6. -Hello and welcome to we’re just getting started. This is currently what is available in stock and ready to go.
  7. We will have a grand opening special for the first 30 orders you will receive free expedited shipping. No shipping to the states that these chems are banned in so don’t even make an attempt my system will not ship to you. Also the first 30 orders will be placed in the *PLATINUM* group you’ll receive free sample packs of all of our tablets for research purposes only not meant for human consumption that includes all of our products sold on this site and the new site that will be up next month.
  8. -*PLATINUM* members will be the only members that have first class priority shipping 100% of the time. You will be the 20 that when our website says,”sorry we’re currently running low on product/sorry we can’t process anymore credit cards this month” you *PLATINUM* members will have a reserve like I said we will not be going anywhere. We know how important your research is to you and will not leave you without a solid vendor like us. The prices we have listed are non negotiable we are a domestic vendor that offers stealth FAST shipping. This is something your going to want to be a part of we will eventually have several other research chemicals in this category, We’ve done a lot of research before starting this and have the funds to back this business all the way to the top where our name belongs.
  10. -to order send payment first -cashapp say-for fitness video
  11. -bitcoin orders be sure to send the amount that was final
  12. - email to how much money you sent and by what means (cashapp or bitcoin) first and last name, address please make sure address is correct if it is incorrect I can not reship the product. Then state your order. Welcome to Etizbizz enjoy being a platinum member.
  13.  Example;        _________________      
  14.  YOUR NAME-        Jon Smith
  15.   Your address   1234 fake street
  16.                  Apartment 777
  17.                  Denver, Co 80013
  19.                  Cashapp- $255
  21.                  500mg-etizolam
  22.                  500mg-Bromazolam
  23.                  _________________
  26. Etizolam 50mg-$20
  27.         100mg-$35
  28.         250mg-$70
  29.         500mg-$100
  30. 1,000mg=1gram-$150
  32. Bromazolam 50mg-$30
  33.           100mg-$45
  34.           250mg-$80
  35.           500mg-$155
  36.           1gram-$200
  37. Order with bitcoin or cashapp
  38. -Cashapp- $smoovl18
  39. -bitcoin 1Eg55GumGj8nRs9giwBUyaVvu3DTHEiVqH
  40. - I will take the lose from the bitcoin transfer and the cash app transfer as most vendors charge an extra 5% to cover that cost. I’m offering these prices for a limited time once our website is up and running please post reviews of purity (any consumption reviews will be banned for life) and pics of receiving the order. Thanks for your time we look forward to doing business with you.😁
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