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[Paradise] - Casual Injury Tables

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  1. >[Injuries]
  2.     Players who have the Casual Role are NOT REQUIRED to utilize this Injury Table if they don't want to, but Players who have the PvP Role who are having a Light Spar are Required to use the Relevant Injury Dice.
  4. While none of the Injuries on this Table will result from Death, they are set up to assist in Storytelling and to make Combat more random/fun for the Players! There will be Two Tables in this doc: True Casual and Chaotic Casual.
  6. True Casual will NOT result in lasting damage, but may result in things like Bruises, Scrapes, and Pulled Muscles.
  8. Chaotic Casual may result in things such as Missing Teeth, Broken Bones, and lacerations that require stitches. If an Injury leaves a scar, please note it in the 'Additional' section of the Character's Profile.
  10. (True Casual: 1d5)
  11. 1: You receive a punch to the face while leaves you with a black eye for 2 IRL Days.
  12. 2. You stumble and scrape your knee while fighting.
  13. 3. Deflecting a hit, you pull the muscles in your shoulder from the force of the blow. It will take 2 IRL days to heal.
  14. 4. You manage to hurt your own hand while fighting somehow. Your hand will be stiff for a while
  15. 5. You take a hit somewhere on your body and it leaves a nasty bruise for 2 IRL days.
  17. (Chaotic Casual: 1d12)
  18. 6. You take a hit to your mouth, knocking out one of your teeth. (Note which Tooth)
  19. 7. You misstep while fighting and get struck in the ribs. One of your ribs Cracks and will take 5 IRL days to stop hurting.
  20. 8. Something catches you while fighting and leaves a deep cut on your arm. You may need stitches. (Will leave a Scar)
  21. 9. Something catches you while fighting and leaves a deep cut on your face. You may need stitches. (Will leave a Scar)
  22. 10. The next strike you take is in just such a place as to snap the bone in your arm completely. You will be in a cast for 10 IRL days.
  23. 11. You take a strike to your ankle and roll it. You are unable to walk on that leg for the next 5 IRL days.
  24. 12. During combat your leg gets injured. The smaller of the bones in your calf snaps (fibula) and you will need a cast for 10 IRL days.
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