Heropon Chronicles - Battle of Biter Valley

Jan 19th, 2015
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  1. Heropon Chronicles
  2. >Long ago, world was endless sea in endless sky, reaching as far as any Nopon imagine.
  3. >then two titans appear: Bionipon and Mechonipon
  4. >Titanpons locked in long, LONG battle.
  5. >Then titanpons pass away and dead bodies left.
  6. >Very long time pass.
  7. >Now our world, the body of Bionispon, under attack by giant metal beasts called Mechpon...
  9. Prologue: Battle of Biter Valley
  10. >It battle of Biter Valley
  11. >Warrior-pons fight valiantly against Mechpon
  12. >But it not good against Mechpon armor
  13. >Mechpon armor strong
  14. >"Flee!! All Nopon flee-flee!"
  15. >Commanderpon give order to flee the giant Biter, and all warrior-pons go to Colony Six to defend city
  16. >Except one heropon.
  17. >Dundun.
  18. >He wield magic stick, the Monapon
  19. >It take out Mechpon armor and kill metal beasts
  20. >"Yaaaaah! Yah! Yah!"
  21. >Only Dundun can wield Monapon, it very scary to use for otherpon
  22. >"…Mechpon going down weak right side. Mechpon smart…maybe."
  23. >He advance further, scrapping Mechpon down and down like food…
  24. >Soon, Dikupon and Bana go to find Dundun
  25. >He resting behind pile of metal tank
  26. >"Dundun! We have order to pull back to Colony Six!"
  27. >Big boom-boom make Dikupon flinch
  28. >"We set up last stand there!"
  29. >"Good idea," sigh Dundun. "Spend time in metal beast advance and Nopon done for."
  30. >"Count Bana in. We leave area-"
  31. >Smirk appear on Dundun's face. What Dundun do?!, Dikupon think.
  32. >"Or we stay and fight?"
  33. >Ohhhh no.
  34. >"WHAT?!"
  35. >"We go bye-bye if we fight, but we can change destiny if we fight! We have Monapon. Future is ours to take with it!"
  36. >He try to climb above tank, and Dikupon pull him down
  37. >"Dumb-dumb! Body can't handle Monapon! Dundun body make clear!" growled Dikupon.
  38. >"You very old, Diku-diku. Dundun fine. Still contorl Monapon."
  39. >Dikupon sigh. "Dikupon cannot tame beast. We fight now. Dundun need great heropon casket at home."
  40. >Dundun smirk. "So Dikupon can carry Heropon all the way home?"
  41. >"Dum-dumbs! We told to go back!" hiss Bana. "We leave now."
  42. >Dundun unfazed. "Well you come with us. Dundun says so. Claws verrry sharp!"
  43. >Bana very scared at fighting dangerous metal beast
  44. >Writerpon not surprised
  45. >"Second wave approaches!"
  46. >"Fight now or no fight, Dundun!" called Dikupon. "We give metal beast warm Nopon welcome!"
  47. >"Very well."
  48. >And so Heropon Dundun and Dikupon go to fight metalpon. To himself, Bana talk.
  49. >"Bana not die to metalbeast. No point in it. …Bana use Dundun as decoypon. Bana escape then.."
  50. >Battle wage on and on
  51. >Dundun Dikupon and Bana fight strong against Metal beasts
  52. >Power of Monapon allows Dikupon and Bana to slay metal beasts with weapons
  53. >Very very true as Bana slice up mechpon with claws.
  54. >But more metal beast appear
  55. >"You kid Bana…" Bana whisper
  56. >"It main metalbeast force. Mechpon bent on taking Nopon out."
  57. >"They bent if they beat us. We even odds now."
  58. >Battle resume now. Dikupon and Bana take out many metal beasts
  59. >"Dundun! Dundun alright?"
  60. >"Dundun fine," mumbled Dundun.
  61. >A slight laugh come from Bana.
  62. >"Even heropon reach limit," mock Bana, who turn and leave battle.
  63. >"Bana?! That way is-"
  64. >"Sorry, brotherpon!" laugh Bana. "Mechpon after Monapon, not Bana. Keep Mechpon occupied for Bana, for Bana leave now!"
  65. >"Bana, you…!"
  66. >"Bana organize funeral for heropon. Bana go now."
  67. >He waddle off towards vanity or death, leaving Dundun and Dikupon to face metal beast.
  68. >"If this joke, Dikupon not laugh," growled Dikupon."
  69. >SOOOOOO many mechpon in area.
  70. >"At least we no get more bad luck."
  71. >Dundun get up holding Monapon.
  72. >"Dikupon. Take care of survivors."
  73. >Dikupon shocked at Dundun. "What is Dundun doing?!"
  75. >Bana rush away from battle. He smile to himself.
  76. >"Dum-dumbs. Bana come and get Monapon after battle. Hero stick will be Bana's- WHOA!"
  77. >Karma hit Bana in noggin as he fall.
  78. >Then Bana see pointy-lights point at Bana.
  79. >He become very scared at doom.
  80. >"Nooo!"
  82. >Dundun hold Monapon up to himself.
  83. >He stare down at Mechpon with fierce stare.
  84. >"Vile Mechpon! If you think Nopon, Nopon of Bionipon, wait for Mechpon of Mechonipon to slay us all, Mechpon sorely mistaken!"
  85. >With declaration given and with Monapon alit with fury Dundun rush towards Mechpon, his last stand to determine fate of all Nopon.
  86. >And that is where tale begins.
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