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  1. Honestly, the worst onboarding process I've ever had.
  2. - The mentor/trainer/buddy didn't get the info he should catch us, then we waited about 1 hour for him.
  3. - I didn't receive the information about start day, I needed to remind myself after the work week to get it
  4. - I don't have anything in my calendar, my buddy(?) has it in his own
  5. - I'm not sure who is my buddy or the person I should shadow
  6. - Today on the second day of work here I don't know what I should do,
  7. - I don't know when I will have 1 on 1 with my PO and if I will have the team's product technology overview meeting. I don't know to which databases I should connect, which servers belongs to our team, almost anything
  8. - We didn't get the full equipment, nobody knows when we will get the rest
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