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Pokemon Expert Tim

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  1. **Backstory-** Tim grew up in a small cottage just south of Pallet Town on Route 21. It was a meager upbringing, his father had died when he was only an infant and his mother could barely scrape enough by to feed them both. Tim was excited to turn 10 and finally get a trainer license and travel to recieve a starter pokemon. When the day finally came however he had to travel north for a very different reason.
  3.      His mother had became sick. Instead of travelling north to receive a pokemon, he got a job doing various chores for Professor Oak. Years passed by but his mother remained sick. By the age of 14, Tim had become a full-fledged Aide for the Professor. As an Aide, he saw dozens of trainers start their journeys. (Including the very likes of Red and the Professor's own grandson Blue Oak) Tim longed for the chance to take the Pokemon League journey and travel the countryside but he knew he had to keep working to support his mother.
  5.      At this time Tim had started writing letters to Bill in Cerulean. Occasionally Bill would visit his old mentor, Professor Oak. Whenever Bill came to visit, the Professor would brag about how Bill was his top student and had a very impressive pokemon collection. People had even started refering to him as the official Pokemaniac. Between the visits and the letters, Tim and Bill struck up a quick friendship. Bill started bringing a different pokemon from his collection each visit for Tim to study. Tim was determined to learn as much as he possibly could as it was his dream to eventually leave Pallet Town and become a pokemon master. Oak took notice of Tim and saw the potential he had as a trainer. "Quite a shame," Professor Oak thought, "What would have become if that boy had been given his chance?"
  7.      When Tim was 18 years old, his mother passed. He spread her ashes about the waters leading to Cinnibar but he did not mourn. He barely spoke at all. When he had returned to work at Oak's Lab, Tim was confronted by Oak. In Oak's hands were 3 pokeballs containing Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Oak handed them over and only said "Now Go!". Without saying anything Tim took the pokeballs and hugged Oak and embarked on his journey. Tim immidiately called Bill and told him what had happened. Bill arranged for Tim to be able to use his online Pokemon Storage System. Tim was finally getting his chance to go on his journey.
  9.      Tim was quite knowledgable as he had studied many years in preparation of the journey he might someday take. It didn't take him long at all to defeat 7 of the 8 gyms in Kanto catching a surfing Pikachu, a Cubone (who was by now a Marowak), and a Muk along the way. However when he returned to Viridian, the gym there was still vacant. The mysterious leader had left a year ago and the position had yet to be filled. The Pokemon League was closed as well as it was tasked with filling the spots that Agatha and Lorelei left when Agatha retired and Lorelei left to return to Four Island. It looked as if Tim wouldn't get to finish his journey and he sulked and decided to return to Pallet as one of Professor Oak's Aides.
  11.      Oak knew of Tim's potential and was determined not to see his journey ended. The Silver and Indigo League were having talks about merging to fill the now empty spots on the Indigo Elite 4, and they had asked Oak to travel to Johto to mediate. Oak decided to let Tim to travel with him to resume his journey in Johto and they travelled to New Bark Town together.
  13.      Before leaving, Tim left his pokemon with Bill. He wanted to start this new region with new friends. As they travelled to New Bark Town along the mountain Route 26, Tim spotted an injured Larvitar. Tim captured it and nursed it back to health and it became his first pokemon of his Johto journey.
  15.      Tim was already a pokemon expert at the start of his Johto journey, and as such he moved through the gyms even faster than in Kanto. By the time he was ready to challenge the new merged Indigo League he had a team of 5 powerful pokes. (Tyranitar, Dragonite, Crobat, Slowking, Mamoswine) After defeated all of the Elite 4 and Lance, Tim became the first trainer to become the Champion of the new League but he declined title because he wanted to continue his journey.
  17.     When Tim returned to Kanto, Oak congratulated him on his success. Oak had received an email from League HQ about building a magnet train to connect Kanto and Johto now that they were governed by one League. They had asked him to reccomend strong trainers to clear out the old abandoned power plant as they would need to get it up and running to power the new train. Oak asked Tim about the job and Tim accepted as he was looking for a challenge.
  19.      The protocol was pretty simple for clearing out the power plant. A party of about 10 trainers were to capture all the wild pokemon inside. Simple catch and release. Most pokemon were released out on Route 10 but a few were given to family or friends. The job was very easy, almost to easy for Tim. He had quickly gotten bored as he had captured many pokemon before and these paticular wilds were at a very unimpressive levels. Tim was almost in a lull when a loud crackling noise shocked him out of it. Two trainers who had moved ahead to the generator rooom ran out screaming that they had never seen anything like it. Tim was strong and was confident whatever it was he could handle it.
  21.      As Tim walked into the generator room he saw it. It was an extremely rare bird of legend Zapdos. Tim saw a gleam in its eye, almost as if it was saying "Ha. Just try to defeat me."
  23.      Tim and Zapdos battled valiantly. Zapdos' thunderbolts were power and Tim's pokemon struggled to keep up with them. Tim's Mamoswine took over however as it shrugged off Zapdos' taking no damage. When Zapdos swooped in to launch its power pecks, Mamoswine launched powerful Ice atttacks, damaging Zapdos much more than Zapdos could damage it. Mamoswine unleashed a powerful Blizzard attack on Tim's command encasing Zapdos in a block of ice. Tim threw his pokeball and after one, two, three shakes and......... click. Zapdos was captured. "Welcome to the team" thought Tim as he headed to the Pokemon Center to heal his pokemon and then onward back to Pallet.
  25.     When Tim returned back to Pallet Town, he showed Oak his newly captured pokemon. Oak was surprised never had one of his trainers ever captured such a powerful pokemon. Oak had just recieved word from his colleague Rowan that the Sinnoh League was accepting outside challengers and he passed the word onto Tim. Tim declined the offer, however, pointing out that he wanted to train with his new pokemon first.
  27.      While this was partially true, what Tim really desired was someone to travel with. Tim had been close with no one since his mother had died. Along his journeys he had seen groups of young trainers travelling together. He longed for a companion as he had only been close to his pokemon during his journey. For now, friends were what Tim seeked, not stronger opponents.
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