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  1. I'd like to say this is hilarious, but you're so obnoxious and inadequate in confronting me with this, it's actually very unnerving. Even to come up with the most baseline of conspiracy theories, you somehow failed completely and managed to make me thoroughly upset at the same time no less.
  3. Here's the thing.
  5. [u]Platypus didn't move [i]or [/i]delete your post.[/u]
  7. How do I know this? Did he tell me because he's my secret best friend?
  9. No, I know this because you really just need the absolute bare minimum necessary operational braincell count to figure that out by yourself. Platypus is an [u]advisor[/u], which is quite [i]literally[/i] a novelty rank. He has absolutely [u]no[/u] power over anything forum related. The only thing he can do different from your average user is the ability to post threads directly onto the bulk without having to run them via VR&D.
  11. What I do know is who DID move/delete your post. It was Baronessa. Can she be blamed? Not at all, the staff have probably just about had it with your half assed, snarky critique of the forums, easy nature for derailment, overall low quality post average and soap-opera feint [i]absolute final farewell postS[/i](only for you to come back to usual pace no more than 48 hours later). And they're prone to remove anything that remotely hints towards a slither of that same behavior. I'd say they've been more patient and tolerant with your antics than you give them credit for, considering how little you do to cooperate with any forum members that do not directly serve the same overbloated, religious pattern of exclusively spamming research for your really cool Yu Gi Oh trading card singer and becoming unbearably defensive and paranoid with just about any rebuttals of your incoherent ramblings.
  13. Instead of harrassing me via DMs because you suspect I'm in some sort of power-trip alliance with another regular joe user with no special management abilities whatsoever, accusing me of conspiring against you for poking fun at your shenanigans (to which I can't even begin to explain how sorry I am that you were offended for), and just overall behaving like a clown both publically and privately, you could've probably researched or asked on what permissions each rank of the staff has or doesn't. What makes it all the more funny is how he and I have barely ever spoken outside from very casual chatter in group conversations.
  15. While you're at it dial back to the time where you started publically downplaying my notewatching and curation of Cobain's range as if it held a candle to your lackluster potential overinclussion of notes for Dimash whilst a) not having had made a single thread in your life, b) doing so in a way that no problems can be directly addressed or resolved.
  17. Since you can't seem to put two and two together in the most basic of situations, I'm going to reroute that for you to your initial claim: You [i]did[/i] say ""wrong things"" about me, which [i]does[/i] make your premise fall completely off. Did I attack you for it? Absolutely not, comrade.
  19. Save some face and do not DM me again, please.
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