Thunderlane's Summer (Thunderlane/OC; nsfw)

Nov 29th, 2015
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  1. >"I can't believe you're really going, big brother!"
  2. >Rumble fluttered around the room, watching me pack.
  3. >It felt like he was more excited than I was.
  4. >But it was finally happening, my dream to join the Wonderbolts!
  5. >Well, it was starting, anyway.
  6. >I was starting Academy next week.
  7. >Rumble was going to live with his friend for awhile, but in the meantime he seemed intent on spending every minute he could with me.
  8. >"Don't become a bigshot and forget about me!"
  9. >He said and you chuckled, messing up his mane with your hoof.
  10. "I won't. In fact, grab that picture over there. The one of the two of us, so I really don't forget."
  11. >He buzzed off to my nightstand to retrieve the photo and I went back to packing.
  12. >Goggles, scarf, some nightclothes, couple of flight magazines for the train ride and--
  13. >"Hey...bro?"
  14. "What's up?"
  15. >Rumble returns with the photo I asked for and another one.
  16. >"I remember this guy, what happened to him?"
  17. >I took the two photographs.
  18. >The one of Rumble and I was put in the duffle.
  19. >The other, well...
  20. >I stared at it like I had seen a ghost.
  21. >In a way I wasn't far off.
  22. >"What ever happened to him? Wasn't he your friend and stuff?"
  23. >I shook my head.
  24. >Not really as an answer to his question, more as if to say 'quit asking'
  25. >Rumble looked at me funny.
  26. "You have any homework to do?"
  27. >He made a noise with his mouth and left, complaining about how adults are always making him leave to do homework.
  28. >I plodded back to my bed, plopping down in the middle.
  29. >The springs creaked.
  30. >I kept staring at the picture.
  31. >There was me with my wing wrapped around another pegasus.
  32. >It was summertime, we were on the train, Canterlot Castle in the background.
  33. >Had it really been a year?
  34. >The bed creaked more as I shifted my weight.
  35. >The memories were flooding back as if this picture had cracked a dam in my heart.
  36. >It was so vivid too, like it was yesterday.
  37. >There was thunder, lightning, and wind that howled like a timberwolf.
  38. >Typical summer weather.
  39. >We want so many sunny days and clear skies we forget the world needs rain.
  40. >So we have to pull a triple storm to make up for it.
  41. >Rumble was by the window watching the lightning.
  42. >He's so much braver than I was when I was his age.
  43. >But, then again, I didn't have an awesome older brother to protect me from stuff.
  44. >"Hey, big bro, look!"
  45. >Speaking of which.
  46. >Time for me to scare away a shadow the lightning made.
  47. "What is it, squirt?"
  48. >"There's a pony out there!"
  49. >No way, no pony in their right mind would be out in this storm.
  50. >But when I get to the window, sure enough.
  51. >There's a pegasus wandering around.
  52. >He looks up and sees the both of us in the window.
  53. >I can't make out what he looks like but he's soaked and looks lost.
  54. "Rumble, go get some towels, we need to help him before he gets sick!"
  55. >"But, he might be a monster!"
  56. >I give Rumble a serious-time look and that straightens him out.
  57. >He goes to get towels and I fling the door open.
  58. "Hey! Mister, are you alright?"
  59. >I yell as loud as I can over the pouring rain and the thunder.
  60. >The pony looked my way.
  61. >I felt my heart freeze in my chest.
  62. >Up till this point in my life, I was what you called 'curious'.
  63. >Ya know, just through I was admiring a nice rear or a solid pair of wings, even if they were on a stallion.
  64. >Nothing wrong with that, right?
  65. >But this time, there was no denying what I felt.
  66. >I'll never forget this moment, long as I live.
  67. >He had the most gorgeous blue eyes.
  68. >The lightning lit them up and I felt my heart leap into my throat.
  69. >Something about him made me think and feel things I never really felt before.
  70. >Not even with other stallions!
  71. >I swallowed and felt sweat begin to bead on my head as my cheeks flushed red.
  72. >Thunder clapped overhead, snapping me back to reality.
  73. >Rumble ran up next to me and dropped the towels on the floor.
  74. >I called out to the pony again.
  75. >He looks back and forth between Rumble and I.
  76. >Another flash of lightning happens.
  77. >Really bright that time, it practically blinds me.
  78. >When I can see again, he's running over.
  79. >I get a better look at him now.
  80. >Grey coat, light blue mane.
  81. >And those blue eyes that made my heart tremble.
  82. >He's a little taller than me.
  83. >A bit bigger too, not too muscular, but he definitely works for a living.
  84. >My mind gave me an image of him running to me and giving me a hug and I felt my heart flutter.
  85. >Ya know the kind of jolt that makes you almost-cough?
  86. >He reached the door and we moved aside to let him in.
  87. >I quickly closed it behind him and grabbed the towels from the floor.
  88. "What were you doing out there? You're gonna get sick!"
  89. >He seemed confused at first.
  90. >"I....I was lost but...I don't remember where I was going..."
  91. >I tossed a towel over his back and wings and give him the other.
  92. >I felt my hoof tingle where they touched his body, goosebumps forming under my fur.
  93. "Dry up, you need to get warm."
  94. >He nods and takes the towel in his wings and starts drying his mane.
  95. >"Thank you....umm..."
  96. "Thunderlane."
  97. >I smile.
  98. >Rumble is staring at him.
  99. >"You're all wet!"
  100. "And this is my little brother Rumble"
  101. >He nods to me, then says hello to my little brother.
  102. >Rumble asks him something else but I can't think through the fog in my mind.
  103. >My heart is pounding like I just finished one of Rainbow Dash's training regimes.
  104. >"What's your name, Mister?"
  105. >He pulls the towel off his head and tosses his mane.
  106. >It was damp and wild, landing mostly to the side, but a bit of it covered his face.
  107. >It's like one of those scenes from a movie...or those fashion magazines I would never admit to owning.
  108. >My hooves began to twitch as I felt my knees buckle.
  109. >"Umm..."
  110. >There's another clap of thunder.
  111. >"Summer Rain"
  112. >He says, almost hesitantly.
  113. >But his voice was a perfect mix of bass and baritone and felt like honey in my ears.
  114. >I felt my cheeks continue to betray my feelings.
  115. >My goofy smile and droopy eyes didn't help, I imagine.
  116. > "Explains your cutie mark! Take a look, bigbro!"
  117. >Yes, of course, Rumble.
  118. >Why wouldn't I want to look at his toned body, his strong legs?
  119. >
  120. >I feel the area around my own rear tense as I look at his....cutie mark.
  121. >"See look! A big storm cloud with raindrops!"
  122. >It's exactly like he described.
  123. >Big cloud with dozens of raindrops.
  124. >A million pegasi must have something like that.
  125. >Nothing to phone home about.
  126. >His butt however, dear Celestia.
  127. >My eyes can't help but wander to it and I have to bite my lower lip.
  128. >And what lies between his....cutie marks...I couldn't quite see because of his wet tail but...
  129. >My imagination filled in the blanks.
  130. >I swallowed hard and wiped some sweat from my brow.
  131. "Yea, you're right, Rumble. It's.....*ahem*...really nice."
  132. >I wonder if he realized I wasn't talking about his cutie mark...
  133. >Summer Rain smiled.
  134. >He me
  135. >His eyes are looking into mine.
  136. >My throat is dry and I can't think anything else to say
  137. >Rumble yawns loudly, clearly bored and not realizing his older brother was hit by an arrow.
  138. >"Think I'm gonna go color, Big Bro. Nice to meet you, Summer Rain!"
  139. >Rumble runs off to my room where his stuff was.
  140. >Leaving me all alone with this stallion.
  141. >All.
  142. >Alone.
  143. >"Thanks for helping me out, Thunderlane. I'm new in town. Was supposed to get here sooner and look for a place but the weather caught me"
  144. >He laughed, and almost sounded nervous.
  145. >I didn't notice.
  146. >Heck, I barely comprehended what he said.
  147. >My head was spinning with desire.
  148. >Not just sexual either.
  149. >Something about him just...drew me in.
  150. >Is this what love at first sight feels like?
  151. >Ask me that 10 minutes ago and I would have laughed and said that stuff isn't real.
  152. >Who knew?
  153. >"So, once the rain lets up, I'll get out of your mane. Thanks for--"
  154. "Youcanstayhere!"
  155. >I blurted that out way to fast and way too eagerly.
  156. >But I couldn't let him leave!
  157. >What if I couldn't find him in the morning?
  158. >Summer Rain smiled before I could make a larger fool of myself.
  159. >"Are you sure that won't be a problem? Your brother won't mind?"
  160. "He's going home tomorrow! I mean...he doesn't live here he's just visiting! I live alone! Just me! I'd like a roommate!"
  161. >Why am I yelling...?
  162. >I mean the storm is loud but we're inside.
  163. >Ok, Thunderlane, take a breath.
  164. >"Thanks again, Thunderlane! Guess I owe you two?"
  165. >I laugh nervously and rub the back of my head.
  166. >He sits on my couch.
  167. >I trot over and survey the remaining surface area on the couch.
  168. >I mentally measure the closest I can possibly sit without it being awkward and join him.
  169. >Smooth, really smooth...
  170. >You could fit an entire wagon between the two of us.
  171. >I have to think of a reason to get up and sit closer!
  172. >"So, what's Ponyville like? "
  173. >He asked, his blue orbs melting my soul into putty.
  174. >We talked well into the night, him and I.
  175. >My 'reason' turned out to be a glass of water, a bathroom break, and making sure Rumble was asleep.
  176. >Each time I sat a little closer.
  177. >Wings were touching.
  178. >Other than occasionally freezing when I made contact, I did most of the talking, he seemed to prefer listening.
  179. >Which is weird cause I'm usually the quiet one.
  180. >Ya know, head on a bob, letting a mare prattle on about stuff I don't wanna hear.
  181. >But not around him.
  182. >I felt like I could tell him anything and he never looked uninterested.
  183. >Just smiled and nodded, asking follow-up questions at just the right times.
  184. >I felt light as a feather.
  185. >I don't think my heart ever slowed down.
  186. >The hours flew by, and before I knew it I was barely able to keep my eyes open.
  187. >When I yawned for what had to be the hundredth time in the last ten minutes, he suggested we call it a night.
  188. >It was so hard not to ask him to join me in my bed.
  189. >And to tell you the truth, it was more my brother sleeping in his sleeping bag in the bedroom that stopped me.
  190. >I found him a blanket and pillow before I left.
  191. >He thanked me for them and began to set himself up on the couch.
  192. >Tossing the blanket with his mouth.
  193. >Fluffing the pillow.
  194. >Facing away from me while swaying his tail back and forth.
  195. >My loins were quivering.
  196. >I needed all my willpower to keep my fifth leg from appearing.
  197. >"Well, that should do it"
  198. >He turned around from the couch and touched my shoulder with his hoof.
  199. >"Thank you for being so nice to me, Thunderlane. I owe ya one, buddy"
  200. >He's touching me.
  201. >He called me buddy.
  202. >His face is so close to mine.
  203. >My wings have officially betrayed me.
  204. >He chuckles when my only answer is my wings 'pomf'ing.
  205. >I'm glad because a second longer and I might have kissed him.
  206. >I'm not....ready for that just yet.
  207. >As much as my body seems to want it.
  208. "Good...goodnight...buddy! Heh heh!"
  209. >"Goodnight, Thunderlane"
  210. >I blow out the candle before heading to bed.
  211. >Rumble is already asleep so I try to be quiet.
  212. >But the second I get in my bed and under the covers.
  213. >I hug a pillow tight and start giggling like a schoolgirl.
  214. >What the heck was going on with me?
  215. >Why even ask, this is a good feeling, why should I care?
  216. >This stuff never happened to me before.
  217. >I'm not gonna ruin it by thinking about it!
  218. >It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, hooves tight around a pillow, a smile on my face as I dreamed of him.
  219. >Summer Rain.
  220. >No matter how much I tried to focus on his wings, or his butt, or any other part of his body.
  221. >My mind sleepily brought me back to one feature on his body.
  222. >One, up till now, I rarely paid much mind to.
  223. >Those eyes.
  224. >They were beautiful.
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