Lineage 2 Hellbound - PATCH NOTES

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  4. 1.  Characters
  5. Maximum level increased from 80 to 85 Maximum subclass level remains the same - 80
  6. New skills main-class
  7. Added new skills main-class. These new skills are determined by the type of your sub-class. The type of skills you can acquire is determined by your sub-class and its level.
  8. • Subclass lv65: main class gains attack / defense skill.
  9. • Subclass lv70: main class gains attack / defense skill.
  10. • Subclass lv75: the main class gets a skill to increase attack / defense of the 2nd level OR a specific skill depending on the subclass.
  11. • Subclass lv80: the main class gets a transformation skill depending on the subclass.
  12. Even if you decide to remove your sub-class, all the above skills will not disappear. The main class can receive four skills from each sub-class. Accordingly, if you have three sub-classes, then the maximum number of unique skills is 12.
  13. Getting these skills
  14. • Go to the sub-class and talk with the master of your specialty in order to receive a certificate of unique skills.
  15. • Take the certificate to the Avant-Garde NPC in the Ivory Tower to gain the skill.
  16. • You can acquire the skill only by the main class. For the main class there are no level restrictions.
  17. • Certificates of special skills can not fall, collapse, they can not be sold.
  18. The number of certificates is limited, so you should be careful in their use. For example, if you use the certificate of the unique skill of the first sub-class at level 65, then deleting the sub-class will no longer take the skill at level 65 in this sub-class.
  19. • You need to complete the quest More Than Meets the Eye (Transformation Quest) to get a certificate for the sub-class.
  20. Skills when getting subclass 65 and 70 lvl
  21. At these two levels, general passive skills are studied, it is possible to learn the same skill twice, and the effect is added. Naturally, you can choose six different skills, thus providing the best “sharpened” and unique character.
  22. • Physical Defense - Increases p.def (~ 9)
  23. • Magic Defense - Increases m.def (~ 15)
  24. • Physical Offense - Increases p.atk (~ 11)
  25. • Magic Offense - Increases m.atk (~ 22)
  26. Skills when you receive a subclass of 75 lvl
  27. After receiving a subclass of 75 lvl, you can get either a passive increase skill or a specific skill dependent on the subclass
  28. • Great Physical Defense - Strongly increases p.def (+29)
  29. • Great Magic Defense - Strongly increases m.def (+50)
  30. • Great Physical Offense - Strongly increases p.atk (?)
  31. • Great Magic Offence - Strongly increases m.atk (+29)
  32. • Critical Rate - Increases the critical (+30)
  33. • Magic Casting - Increases cast.spd (+11)
  34. Specific skills dependent on the class of the subclass (the first two of each are passivated, the third is a counterbuff with a chance of triggering ~ 1/25):
  35. Summoner Class ( Warlock , Elemental Summoner , Phantom Summoner )
  36. • Boost HP / MP - increase max. HP and max. MP (+130/80 HP / MP)
  37. • Resist Element Attribute - increase in resistance to elemental attacks (+5 attributes)
  38. • Counter Spirit - when receiving a strike there is a chance to get a soul (+ 10% m.atck, c.speed, atk.speed, p.atck)
  39. Healer Class ( Shillien Elder , Elven Elder , Bishop )
  40. • Boost Prayer - increase the effectiveness of treatment (heal effect + 6.0%)
  41. • Resist Divine Attribute - increase resistance to divine attacks (+5 attributes)
  42. • Counter Heal has a chance to recover a part of HP when receiving a strike (+167 hp)
  43. Warrior Class ( Gladiator , Warlord , Bounty Hunter , Tyrant , Destroyer , Soul Breaker , Berserker )
  44. • Boost CP - increase max. CP (+738 CP)
  45. • Resist Mental - increase resistance to the attributes sleep, hold, paralize and shock (+ 5%)
  46. • Counter Haste - when receiving a strike, there is a chance of increasing the attack speed for a while (+ 30% atk.spd. For 15 seconds)
  47. Knight Class ( Paladin , Dark Avenger , Temple Knight , Shillien Knight )
  48. • Boost HP - increase max. HP (+400 HP)
  49. • Crit.dmg Reduction - increase in resistance to critical damage. (-5% crt.dmg.)
  50. • Counter Defense - when receiving a strike there is a chance of increasing physical and magical protection for a while (+ 20% p.def and m.def., Duration 15 sec.)
  51. Enchanter Class ( Prophet , Warcryer , Inspector , Swordsinger , Bladedancer )
  52. • Boost Mana - increase max. MP (+148 mp)
  53. • Mana Recovery - increase MP recovery rate (+0.5 mp / tick)
  54. • Counter Barrier - when receiving a strike there is a chance to get a temporary invulnerability (5 sec, 3% chance)
  55. Rogue Class ( Hawkeye , Silver Ranger , Phantom Ranger , Treasure Hunter , Plainswalker , Abyss Walker , Arbalester )
  56. • Boost Evasion - increase evasion (+4 evasion)
  57. • Long Shot - increase the maximum shot distance (+100 bow range)
  58. • Counter Focus - when receiving a strike there is a chance to get a temporary increase in critical (+ 30% critical, 15 sec)
  59. Wizard Class ( Sorcerer , Spellsinger , Spellhowler , Necromancer )
  60. • Anti-Magic - increase M.def (+20 m.def)
  61. • Mana Gain - increase recoverable mana when recharge (+14 mp per recharge)
  62. • Counter Mana Steal - when receiving a strike, there is a chance to recover a part of MP (17 mp, 3% chance)
  63. Skill reset
  64. The Avant-Garde NPC in Ivory Tower can remove your special skill that you gained through your sub-class. It costs 10,000,000 Adena. Warning : this will remove all learned skills and certificates that you have, then you must return to the sub-class wizard to get the certificates again.
  65. Skills when receiving the subclass 80 lvl
  66. • When you reach level 80 with your sub class, you can learn the transformation skill, the type of which is determined by your class.
  67. • This skill can be used when you return to the main-class.
  68. • In order to get the transformation skill, you must have completed the quest More Than Meets the Eye . Once you have reached level 80 in your sub-class and received a sub-class skill certificate from the sub-class wizard, you can purchase the Tansformation Sealbook.
  69. • You can learn the transformational skill from the Avant-Garde NPC in the Ivory Tower, for this you need to talk to him, being in the status of main-class.
  70. 2.  New Transformations
  71. There are new transformations (normal and rare). They can be used upon completion of the quest More Than Meets the Eye and having learned the skill "transform onyx beast".
  72. • In a transformed form, Soulshot and Spiritshot do not produce their effect.
  73. • In a transformed form, the effects of Hero (glow) disappear.
  74. Normal transformations
  75. Added transformation types (warriors, healers, magicians, etc.) for 70-80 levels. Such a transformation is mapped to class features. There are five types of such transformations. Three of them contain the skills of a warrior, one - the skills of the healer and the last - the skills of the magician. After you get the transformation book, you can get the skill from Avant-Garde in the Ivory Tower.
  76. Transformations are available in this category:
  77. • Heretic
  78. • Vale master
  79. • Saber tooth tiger
  80. • Oel mahum
  81. • Doll blader
  82. Each transformation lasts 30 minutes and has special skills (3-4 pieces)
  83. Note : In all transformations, there is a Transform Dispel skill that allows you to cancel it.
  84. Rare transformations
  85. Such transformations have stronger abilities than ordinary transformations. Books of these transformations can be obtained by hunting for raid bosses. For such transformations, restrictions on the level of:
  86. • Zaken - can be used by a player of level 60 or higher
  87. • Anakim - can be used by player level 70 and higher
  88. • Benom - can be used by player level 70 and higher.
  89. • Gordon - can be used by player level 76 and higher
  90. • Ranku - can be used by player level 76 and higher
  91. • Kechi - can be used by player level 76 and higher
  92. • Demon Prince - can be used by a player of level 76 and higher
  93. Each transformation contains its own unique set of skills. Duration 30 minutes.
  94. 3.  Pets and Servitors
  95. New pets
  96. • All pets can reach level 86. You can purchase a book from NPC Pet Manager on how to grow and care for your pets.
  97. Fenrir (Great Wolf ride form)
  98. • If you summon Great Wolf at level 70, you can exchange it for Fenrir. To do this, you need to chat with Pet Manager NPC.
  99. Improve Baby Buffalo, Kookaburra and Cougar
  100. • Baby Buffalo, Kookaburra, and Cougar can also be improved with the NPC Pet Manager. Improved pet can buff its owner.
  101. Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir and Red Dusk / Red Star / Red Wind Strider
  102. • Members of clans whose clan halls are located in the cities of Rune and Aden can improve their pets. To do this, talk to Clan Hall Gatekeeper, who stands outside the clan hall. Great Wolf can be exchanged for Great Snow Wolf. Fenir-a - on Snow Fenir-a, and Strider-a on Red Star-a, Red Dusk-a or Red Wind Strider, respectively.
  103. • These pets receive unique skills, their protection and running speed increases. Pets can not be called if the clan does not own the clan hall, but can be exchanged for ordinary pets at the request of the owner. This can be done with the NPC Pet Trader Mickey in the cities of Aden and Rune.
  104. • Improved pet collars cannot be thrown away, removed, or sold.
  105. Servitors - Servitors
  106. • A system has been added that allows summoners to transfer some attributes to pets. This only applies to the Elemental Summoner , Warlock and Phantom Summoner classes .
  107. • If the summoner uses a weapon with attributes, then 80% of the attribute strength is automatically transferred to the servant. In this way, only attack attributes can be distributed, but not defenses.
  108. • Death Penalty does not affect the servants (if the summoner receives a penalty, the servant will not receive it).
  109. • When the weapon's properties do not match the attribute capabilities of the servitor, the attribute's actions are not transferred to the servitor.
  110. System improvements
  111. • Pet weapons can be upgraded to Great and Fennir weapons.
  112. • Added messages about the damage caused by the servant and pet.
  113. • Now on pets act Herby.
  114. 4.  Hunting land
  115. Hellbound - Steel Citadel
  116. Steel Citadel is the habitat of the raid of the boss of Beleth. This is a very attractive and difficult location, consisting of various battlefields. To get to Steel Citadel, you need to gain confidence in the locals and pay them money for a rather long time. Steel Citadel is a huge castle, which includes 4 sections - Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, Tully's Workshop and Tower of Naia. If you have disconnected while inside Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum or Tully's Workshop, you must connect back within 10 minutes, otherwise you will be thrown into the oasis next to Steel Citadel.
  117. • Base Tower is a two-story labyrinth. It needs to be passed in order to get to the Tower of Infinitum, and for this you will need a high level of trust from local residents.
  118. • Tower of Infinitum is the habitat of RB Demon Prince and Ranku. You can get to the Tower of Infinitum only after passing the Base Tower, and you need to go through it in order to get to the Tully's Workshop.
  119. • Tully's Workshop is the RB residence of Darion. It consists of 8 floors. To go to the Tower of Naia You need to defeat Darion, he lives on rooftops. On the 5th floor is the RB Tully.
  120. • In the Tower of Naia are the raid boss of Epidos and the epic boss of Beleth. Tower of Naia is the location in which you will need to complete tasks in each section to get to the next one.
  121. Changes in locations
  122. • The rewards for monsters found on Primeval Isle have been significantly increased.
  123. • The power of the mass magic of epic-boss Core has been significantly increased.
  124. • For monsters living in the location Hellbound - Magic Barrier, is now given a proportional reward.
  125. • NPC Shade, Dark Water Dragon raid boss servants will not be reborn after a certain number of deaths.
  126. • The problem with the Dark Water Dragon raid boss when he didn’t attack while attacking his servants was fixed.
  127. • NPC Jirrone, Buron and Bernarde can now tell even more about Hellbound.
  128. • When Baylor is killed, the temporary location will collapse in 5 minutes.
  129. • Core epic-boss servants will not return to their seats after being disturbed.
  130. • The number of monsters in the Chromatic Highlands location has been changed.
  131. 5.  New Skill
  132. New high-level skills
  133. New skills have been added, which can be studied at level 81. Unlike previous skills, SP does not waste on learning these. The skill is automatically learned after double clicking Forgotten Scroll. Forgotten Scrolls fall from Baium, Frintezza, Antharas, Valakas and Beleth. New skills available for level 81 are listed below.
  134. For all classes
  135. • Protection of Rune - increases M.Def (+ 15%)
  136. • Protection of Elemental - Increased protection against elemental attacks (+20 attributes)
  137. • Protection of Alignment - Increased protection against holy and dark attacks (+20 attributes)
  138. (note - Buff of type Protection of ... this is passivation + trigger. When a trigger is triggered, an increase of 1000 m.def is given, as well as resistance from all attributes +20; duration 10 seconds)
  139. For all fighter classes
  140. • Fighter's Will - increases P.Atk. If melee weapons are used
  141. • Archer's Will - increases P. Atk. If ranged weapons are used
  142. (Fighter's Will and Archer's Will - this is passivation + trigger)
  143. Knight classes
  144. • Anti magic Armor - instantly and significantly increases M. Def.
  145. Hell knight
  146. • Seed of Revenge - Increases P. Atk., Also increases the chance of a critical hit, depending on the increase in spell level.
  147. • Insane Crusher is a remote attack when the Seed of Revenge reaches level 3. It can only be used with blunt weapons. Overkhit is possible. Strength 9014.
  148. • Hell Scream - Reduces P. Def and M. Atk., Turns the target to flight.
  149. Phoenix knight
  150. • Spirit of Phoenix - Increases P. Def., Also increases protection against dark and fire magic, depending on increasing spell level.
  151. • Flame Icon - Significantly increases group combat abilities.
  152. Eva's Templar
  153. • Eva's Will - Increases M. Def., Also increases water magic attack and critical hit chance, depending on the increase in spell level.
  154. • Touch of Eva - Significant HP recovery for team members and increased HP regeneration
  155. Shillien templar
  156. • Pain of Shillien - Increases critical strike power, also increases air magic attacks and adds vampirism effects, depending on the increase in spell level.
  157. • Touch of Shillien - Significantly reduces the number of CP closest enemies and removes buffs
  158. Adventurer , Wind Rider , and Ghost Hunter
  159. • Sixth Sense - Increases dodge when the HP level drops below 30%.
  160. • Expose Weak Poin - Decreases P. Def. goals and increases the chance to hit the target with a critical hit.
  161. Adventurer
  162. • Exciting Adventure - Increases run speed, dodge, chance of passing deadly attacks, chance of triggering deadly skills (Deadly Blow, Backstab, etc.)
  163. Wind rider
  164. • Wind Riding - Increases run speed, dodge, chance of passing deadly attacks, chance of triggering deadly skills (Deadly Blow, Backstab, etc.)
  165. Ghost hunter
  166. • Ghost Walking - Increases run speed, dodge, chance of passing deadly attacks, chance of triggering deadly skills (Deadly Blow, Backstab, etc.)
  167. Sagittarius
  168. • Flame Hawk - Shot by an arrow filled with phoenix energy
  169. Moonlight Sentinel
  170. • Arrow Rain - From the sky falls rain of arrows
  171. Ghost sentinel
  172. • Ghost Piercing - Ghost arrows are able to pierce any material
  173. Dreadnought
  174. • Dread Pool - Reduces the speed of running of nearby enemies, puts them to flight
  175. Duelist
  176. • Weapon Blockade - Blocks the use of the enemy's weapons by blinding. A target cannot use a weapon while experiencing an effect.
  177. Grand khavatari
  178. • Force of Destruction - Deals damage and constantly reduces HP.
  179. Titan
  180. • Demolition Impact - A disruptive impulse comes forth
  181. Maestro
  182. • Golem Armor - Transformation into a golem with increased combat capabilities.
  183. Archmage
  184. • Flame Armor - Increases resistance to fire and creates damage to the attacking target.
  185. Mystic muse
  186. • Frost Armor - Increases resistance to water and reduces the speed of movement of the attacking target.
  187. Storm screamer
  188. • Hurricane Armor - Increases resistance to air and reduces the attack speed of the attacking target.
  189. Soultaker
  190. • Vampiric Mist - Deals damage to nearby targets and restores HP (Approx. Analogue of Vampiric Claw, mass only) Power 117
  191. Arcana Lord , Elemental Master and Spectral Master
  192. • Servitor Barrier - Makes pet invulnerable. Consumes 5 spirit ore
  193. • Excessive Loyalty - When the master takes damage, the servant’s combat abilities increase.
  194. • Mutual Response - When the master is attacked, the servant's HP and MP recovers.
  195. Cardinal
  196. • Sublime Self-Sacrifice - Consuming HP, makes group members invulnerable
  197. Eva's Saint
  198. • Blessing of Eva - Restores HP, MP, and CP, and there is a chance of removing debuffs from the target.
  199. Shillien saint
  200. • Lord of Vampire - Restores a part of an HP character from damage inflicted on the target.
  201. • Throne Root - Cast a Hold spell on the closest target, temporarily consuming HP
  202. Dominator
  203. • Seal of Limit - Reduces the recovery of HP, MP and CP nearest targets.
  204. Trickster
  205. • Wild Shot - Ranged attack on enemies from a crossbow
  206. Soul hound
  207. • Lightning Shock - Puts paralysis on the closest targets.
  208. Other new skills
  209. Added Kamael level 80 and lower skills that can be purchased from the NPC Skill Tariner.
  210. For all Kamael
  211. • Soul Cleanse - Removes all debuffs
  212. Berserker and Arbalester
  213. • Soul Barrier - Increases defense against magic and bow attacks.
  214. Soul breaker
  215. • Curse of Life Flow - Recovers HP when damned character attacks.
  216. • Soul Strike - Soul Strike Attack
  217. • Soul Vortex - Reduces run speed, attack speed and spell casting speed.
  218. • Soul Vortex Extinction - Deals damage by blowing Soul Vortex
  219. Trickster
  220. • Betrayal Mark - Deals damage to the group in which the attacked target consists
  221. Berserker
  222. • Rush Impact - Immerses the target in a state of shock and deals damage
  223. • Mass Disarm - Disarms nearby enemies.
  224. Soul Breaker and Inspector
  225. • Lightning Barrier - Paralyzes the enemies that attack you.
  226. Arcana Lord , Elemental Master , Spectral Master , Eva's Templar , and Shillien Templar can learn the new skill of Summon Smart Cubic. Smart Cubic removes debuffs from character. Added songs and dances, giving protection from attacks from the bow. These skills open at level 75.
  227. Sword sword
  228. • Song of Windstorm - Increases the group's defense against bow attacks (+ 30%)
  229. Spectral dancer
  230. • Dance of Blade Storm - Significantly increases the group's defense against bow attacks (+ 99%) and reduces M.Atk. (-99%), duration 15 seconds
  231. Added combo packs
  232. Prophet
  233. • Improve Combat - Shield + Might (Level 70)
  234. • Improve Condition - Bless the Body + Bless the Soul (Level 70)
  235. Elven elder
  236. • Improve Shield Defense - Bless Shield + Advanced Block (Level 70)
  237. • Improved Movement - Wind Walk + Agility (Level 70)
  238. Shillien elder
  239. • Improve Magic - Empower + Magic Barrier (Level 70)
  240. • Improve Critical - Focus + Death Whisper (Level 70)
  241. Warcryer
  242. • Chant of Combat - Shield + Might (Level 70)
  243. • Chant of Critical - Focus + Death Whisper (Level 72)
  244. • Chant of Blood Awakening - Vampiric Rage + Haste (Level 74)
  245. 6.  Skill changes
  246. Sharpening skills
  247. • The skills of the second profession can be sharpened to 30, and the skills of the third profession - to 15.
  248. • Fixed an issue with blocking MP recovery after using the Sweeper skill at some sharpening levels on Power.
  249. Changes in existing skills
  250. • Changed the pronunciation of the Over the Body spell. Now, in order to pronounce it, it is necessary that the character's CP level is not lower than 80%. After casting the spell, the CP drops to zero.
  251. • The duration of the Divine Power skill has been reduced, however, the number of HP recovered by the HP skill has increased significantly.
  252. • Starting from a certain level, the range of attack increases with the skills Shoulder Charge, Blade Rush and Storm Assault.
  253. • The Seed of Fire skill adds elemental damage with fire magic to physical attacks.
  254. • The Seed of Water skill adds elemental water magic damage to physical attacks.
  255. • The Seed of Wind skill adds elemental wind damage to physical attacks.
  256. • Parameters P. Atk., M. Atk., P. Def. and M. Def. In the transformation of the Final Form were significantly increased.
  257. • Aggression and Hate Aura skills have been added to properties that add a chance to block a character’s choice of target for three seconds. During this time, the target will not be able to single out anyone except the player who imposed the aggression.
  258. • The skills Aura Symphony, Inferno, Blizzard, Demon Wind, Elemental Assault, Elemental Symphony and Elemental Storm can now be used without energy. The cooldown and spell power has been changed.
  259. • When a character gains Magic Resistance, Magic Immunity and Anti Magic skills, his protection from magic increases.
  260. • The clan buffs of the Overlord class have been modified so that they now also overlap the pets and servants of clan members.
  261. • The amount of SP needed to learn some skills from the Kamael race has been changed.
  262. • The skills of the hero Harmony of Noblesse and Symphony of Noblesse can now only be used during a siege.
  263. • The Counter Chance, Counter Rapid Shot, Counter Dash and Counter Mind skills have become passive.
  264. • The following skills can cause an extra effect during a battle:
  265. o   Blunt Mastery: Decreases the MP needed to use skills and increases the chance that the Stun skill will trigger.
  266. o   Dagger Mastery: Decreases MP required to use skills and increases critical hit chance.
  267. • Types of sharpening some skills have been changed:
  268. o   Aggression: Enchant Additional Defense »Enchant Additional Attack (reduces P. Atk. Targets)
  269. o   Hate Aura: Enchant Additional Defense "Enchant Additional Attack (reduces P. Atk. Targets)
  270. o   Shield Stun: Elemental Break Fire / Water / Wind / Earth »Elemental Reduce Fire / Water / Wind / Earth (reduces resistance to fire / water / air / earth magic)
  271. • When the Rapid Shot skill is used with a crossbow, the attack speed increases.
  272. • The number of XP and SP needed for sharpening skills has been changed.
  273. • The bug with which the Holy attribute increased (with the honored skill of Dance of Light) was removed.
  274. • The rollback and duration of the Seal of Blockade skill have been changed (the rollback has been increased, the duration of the skill has been reduced) and now the skill deals more damage.
  275. • A bug in which classes with low WIT XP were not fully restored when using inlaid weapons (inlay on Resurrection) was removed.
  276. • Solved the problem with the work of skills Harmony of Noblesse and Symphony of Noblesse in the protection of Bandit Stronghold and Beast Farm.
  277. • The problem with displaying the pronunciation spell when the character is sitting on the pet has been solved.
  278. • The HP recovery penalty from using the Kamael Guilted Body passive skill has been reduced from 30% to 5%. For example, the amount of HP that a character from 1,000 HP will receive is not 700 HP, but 950 HP.
  279. • Information on skill rollbacks is now displayed in the system messages window.
  280. 7.  Clans
  281. Change in siege participation
  282. • Now only level 5 clans can participate in sieges. Also, only fifth-level clans can gain the skill Seal of Ruler.
  283. Clan level change condition
  284. • The amount of SP needed to raise the clan level one through five has been reduced.
  285. • To raise the level of the clan from eighth to ninth, 120 people are needed (there used to be 140).
  286. Fortresses
  287. • A clan leader with a fortress can fly on a wyvern. To do this, you need to talk with the NPC Wyvern Manager in the fortress.
  288. • Entering the fortress, you will see the information on the interior on the mini-map.
  289. • 75 hours after the clan captures the fortress, the fortress will be transferred to the rebel army (NPC).
  290. • You will be able to register for an attack of the fortress only when it is less than two hours before the arrival of the rebel army.
  291. • The fortress manager now displays the time until the invasion of the rebel army, fortress information, and harvest contracts in the fortress area.
  292. • Changed the skills of the captain, guarding the barracks.
  293. • Introduced rewards for valor and reserves in the fortress.
  294. Clan halls
  295. • The owners of the clan halls in the city of Aden can no longer fly to wyverns.
  296. • All members of a clan that has a clan hall in the cities of Aden or Rune can exchange Great Wolf, Fenrir and Strider pets for Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir and Red Strider.
  297. 8.  Alliances
  298. general information
  299. • The time during which you cannot create a new alliance after the old dissolution has been changed from ten days to one day.
  300. • Canceled fines exp. for the leader of the alliance with its termination.
  301. Siege
  302. • Alliances are no longer considered friendly troops under siege.
  303. • During the siege, alliances can be registered as opposing forces.
  304. • Also, on the siege, clans of opposing sides can form alliances.
  305. • When a clan establishes an engraving of the Holy Artifact (Holy Artifact), other clans from the alliance do not become defenders and move to the starting point of fighting outside the castle.
  306. Wars
  307. • Now the alliance can declare war on another alliance. Also, you can create an alliance with a clan that is in war.
  308. Seven Seals
  309. • The alliance of the clan, which owns the castle, can participate in seven seals of darkness (Revolutionaries of Dusk).
  310. • If the warriors of darkness (Revolutionaries of Dusk) take possession of the Seal of Struggle (Seal of Strife), then alliances of clans who own castles will not be able to take part in defending the castle. When the siege begins, registration for protection will be automatically canceled for all clans, except clans - owners of the castle.
  311. 9.  Quests
  312. New quests
  313. • Added 22 new quests. For quests of level 30-40, if you are 6+ levels more than the requirements of the quest, then when you pass it you will receive a penalty on the reward.
  314. List of new quests
  315. Change in existing quests
  316. The reward for obtaining a second profession for all races, except for the race * Kamael, has been increased.
  317. • The maximum level of the Soul Crystal, which can be increased by the quest Enhance Your Weapon, has been increased to 15. You can get it by killing the epic bosses Beleth , Antharas or Valakas .
  318. • Isle of Prayer - when you have a level 14 soul crystal from Baylor raid boss at Crystal Caverns , you can attack Baylor with the help of "Good Crystal Golems" and not lose your soul.
  319. • The recommended level for completing the quest Repent Your Sins has been increased to level 85.
  320. • The reward for the Kamael race for completing the quest An Arrogant Search has been changed.
  321. 10. Subjects
  322. Weapons and Armor
  323. Introduced new top weapons and armor S80
  324. Weapons
  325. Dynasty staff
  326. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Mana Up
  327. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Conversion
  328. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Acumen
  329. Dynasty Crusher
  330. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Anger
  331. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Health
  332. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 14: Rsk. Focus
  333. Icarus sawsword
  334. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  335. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Health
  336. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Light
  337. Icarus heavyarms
  338. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  339. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Health
  340. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Light
  341. Icarus spirit
  342. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Acumen
  343. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Mana Up
  344. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Conversion
  345. Icarus spitter
  346. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Cheap Shot
  347. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Guidance
  348. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  349. Icarus disperser
  350. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  351. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Evasion
  352. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Critical Damage
  353. Icarus trident
  354. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Anger
  355. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Critical Stun
  356. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Light
  357. Icarus hammer
  358. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Anger
  359. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Health
  360. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Rsk. Focus
  361. Icarus hall
  362. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Mana Up
  363. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Conversion
  364. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Acumen
  365. Icarus hand
  366. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Rsk. Evasion
  367. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  368. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Haste
  369. Icarus Stinger
  370. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  371. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Health
  372. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Light
  373. Icarus Wingblade
  374. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  375. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Health
  376. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Light
  377. Icarus shooter
  378. • Red Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Cheap Shot
  379. • Green Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Guidance
  380. • Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15: Focus
  381. Armor
  382. • Dynasty Platinum Plate: Shield Master, Weapon Master, Force Master, and Bard
  383. • Dynasty Jewel Leather Mail, Dagger Master, Bow Master, Force Master, Weapon Master, Enchanter, and Summoner
  384. • Dynasty Satin Tunic: Healer, Enchanter, Summoner, and Wizard
  385. Shirts
  386. • Now shirts of grade C and higher can be exchanged in a fortress or castle for shirts that increase HP, MP or CP. The effect will appear only if the shirt is sharpened by +4 or more.
  387. Agathion
  388. • Now Agathion can be purchased at the Giran Luxury Shop from Armor Manager (for stones that fall from raid bosses). When you get agathion there is a chance that you will get either a satry, a type or a new one. If you got the old type, you can click on it 2 times and get a reward instead.
  389. Talismans
  390. • Talismans and C grade bracelet are introduced into the free sale, they can be bought in Giran (Jewelery Shop), Rune (Magic Shop), Aden (Accessory shop). (note - talismans are a kind of buffs, increase the HP, MP, CP, P.Atk, M.Atk, P.Def, talisman at Atk.Spd., the higher the bracelet grade, the more you can hang talismans on it, C gr bracelet - 1 talisman).
  391. Free sale of C grade weapons and armor
  392. • Now you can buy low-C clothes and weapons in regular stores of weapons and armor (Giran, Aden, Fleece). Henceforth, in the Luxor only the Middle C weapons and armor are sold.
  393. Other changes
  394. • Now in the description of the quest items the name of the quest to which they belong is written.
  395. • The cast time for Blessed Scroll of Resurrection has been reduced from 15 seconds to 3 seconds.
  396. • The active skills that you received during inlaying can no longer be used for 30 seconds after you have put the weapon on.
  397. • The active skills you gained during inlay now continue to roll back, even if you have removed the weapon. Example: if the remaining rollback time is 10 minutes, the item was dressed for you for 5 minutes and you removed it, and after 3 minutes you put it back, then the remaining rollback time of the skill will be 2 minutes.
  398. • Changed bonuses from Aphella set
  399. o   max CP max.
  400. o   Heavy: Increased M. Def., Reduced the possibility of receiving a critical strike from the enemy (+ increased Crit.Rate)
  401. o   Light: Increased Evasion, reduced critical damage you receive from the enemy (+ increased attack speed)
  402. o   Robe: Increased P. Def., Increased run speed (+ increased M. Atk.)
  403. • The regular Aphella set can be replaced by the improved Clan Merchants Mulia and Ilia for Clan Reputation poits, Knight's Epaulettes, and Adena.
  404. • The effect of CA Light has been improved.
  405. • Fixed a bug with the Trevor trader who didn’t want to trade clothes for newbies in Kamael Village.
  406. • All the books that are needed to learn skills from level 40 to level 74 are now sold in stores in the starting cities. (All books for learning skills that do not require a joint venture to learn, still need to knock out monsters). NPCs that sell these books
  407. o   People: Talking Island (NPC: Silvia)
  408. o   Elves: Elven Village (NPC: Krimis)
  409. o   Dark Elves: Dark Elven Village (NPC: Minares)
  410. o   Orcs: Orc Village (NPC: Wosca)
  411. o   Gnomes: Dwarf Village (NPC: Mion)
  412. o   Kamael: Kamael Village (NPC: Miflen)
  413. • Now on all books to learn 74+ skills written lvl, where you can learn this skill.
  414. • All problems with the materials needed to craft the following items have been resolved:
  415. o   Sealed Imperial Crusader Gauntlet
  416. o   Sealed Imperial Crusader Boots
  417. o   Sealed Imperial Crusader Shield
  418. o   Sealed Imperial Crusader Helmet
  419. o   Sealed Draconic Leather Armor
  420. o   Sealed Draconic Leather Gloves
  421. o   Sealed Draconic Leather Boots
  422. o   Sealed Major Arcana Robe
  423. o   Sealed Major Arcana Gloves
  424. o   Sealed Major Arcana Boots
  425. o   Sealed Major Arcana Circlet
  426. o   Basalt Battle Hammer
  427. o   Dragon hunter ax
  428. o   Saint spear
  429. o   Demon splinter
  430. o   Arcana mace
  431. o   Draconic bow
  432. • All problems with the quantification of crafting resources (Compound Braid and Asofe) for the following things have been fixed:
  433. o   Draconic bow
  434. o   Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet
  435. 11. Monster show
  436. • Fantasy Isle now has a parade of all types of monsters and NPCs.
  437. NPC parade
  438. • Several times a day, in accordance with the playing time on the Fantasy Isle, an NPC parade will take place. With it, you can get acquainted with a huge number of NPC, which you can find in the expanses of Aden and Elmore. The parade takes place at a specific time, and the appearance of the NPC will depend on the weather and time of day.
  439. Monster speeches
  440. • During the NPC parade, some NPCs will arrange shows (for example, to sing or show circus numbers).
  441. Underground Coliseum
  442. • An underground coliseum has been added to the game, in which you can enjoy a new kind of command PvP. You can get into it for free from Fantasy Isle or from any (except Newbie Guide) GK.
  443. Registration for the fight
  444. • You can register for a fight at any time and as much as you want.
  445. • After you have collected a party, which consists of no less than 7 people, the party leader must register to fight with the appropriate NPS.
  446. • The frequency and sequence of battles depends on the registration of teams.
  447. Rules of the game
  448. • Games are played in Death-Match mode, i.e. as long as the team is alive, it fights with other teams that teleport in turn.
  449. • Before the party leader registers a team, each member of the party must choose the place where he will appear. The choice of position corresponds to the position of the player in the party window.
  450. • When the game starts, the Resurrection Tower appears, all dead players will rebel around it. If your tower is destroyed, you cannot be resurrected by yourself, but you can be resurrected with an item or skill.
  451. Winner selection
  452. • The winner is determined by the number of murders.
  453. • If the number of killings of two teams are equal, then the winner will be a team with a smaller number of deaths. (comment - omg suicide party member or what?)
  454. • If the number of deaths and killings of the teams are equal, then the team that first registered for the match wins.
  455. • You can also win if you kill all your competitors.
  456. Types of Colosseum
  457. There are 5 types of Colosseum:
  458. • 40-49 lvl
  459. • 50-59 lvl
  460. • 60-69 lvl
  461. • 70-79 lvl
  462. • With no restrictions
  463. 12. Interface changes
  464. Quest status window
  465. • To simplify the quest, a quest status window was entered. You can enable it in the quest menu (Alt + U) by selecting the desired quest and clicking the "Notification" button at the bottom of the window. You can create windows for up to 5 quests.
  466. Hotkeys
  467. • Now you can change all hotkeys.
  468. Wholesale trade
  469. • The wholesale function is now a separate action and is in the Actions menu (Alt + C).
  470. Skill window
  471. • Passive skills are now grouped into categories as well as active. (Alt + K)
  472. System chat
  473. • The structure of the system chat is completely redesigned. Now it identifies the nicknames of the attackers, defenders, information about magic, etc.
  474. Olympiad
  475. • Added a reminder function about the Olympiad, in order to make it more convenient to view it.
  476. • Olympiad Manager will now announce the arena where the fight will take place, 60 seconds before it starts.
  477. • When you select the “Watch match” menu, you can view the status of each arena.
  478. Adjustable number of players on the screen
  479. • In the options added a slider that adjusts the number of displayed players.
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