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Debunking Holocaust Denial - The Fred Leuchter Report - #1

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May 4th, 2019
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  1. Transcript of:
  2. Debunking Holocaust Denial - The Fred Leuchter Report - #1
  6. [Music]
  7. one year ago I published two videos
  8. investigating the claims made by
  9. Holocaust Royalists who say that well as
  10. you guessed it the Holocaust never
  11. happened
  12. these Holocaust analysts who prefer the
  13. term revisionist claiming that you can't
  14. deny that which never happened don't
  15. believe that the Nazis systematically
  16. killed millions of people in their death
  17. camps I ended those videos by saying I
  18. thought was a waste of my time covering
  19. the subject again because I felt I was
  20. beating a dead horse at this point and I
  21. realized that the people who I was
  22. talking to you we're never going to
  23. change their mind they were looking for
  24. an excuse to excuse their bigotry and
  25. denying that the Holocaust ever happened
  26. is the perfect excuse so here I am a
  27. year later and looking at the comments
  28. section looking at the light to dislike
  29. ratio of those videos I can see that
  30. Holocaust denial ISM especially online
  31. is still a big issue so for that reason
  32. I've decided to come here to Poland - to
  33. Auschwitz to tackle the subject one more
  34. time
  35. [Music]
  36. [Music]
  37. this video offers a critical look at
  38. that part of World War two history
  39. called the Holocaust in particular of
  40. the alleged mass gassings of prisoners
  41. in German concentration camps like most
  42. of the subjects I cover on my channel
  43. Holocaust denial is perpetuated by
  44. people who appear reasonable to the
  45. uninformed but scratch beneath the
  46. surface and you will discover that they
  47. are deliberately spreading falsehoods
  48. and misinformation each myth or claim
  49. they make has been debunked a thousand
  50. times over yet they're still here to
  51. this day regurgitating this nonsense
  52. when I was a kid they always said yeah
  53. the Gaston with zyklon-b the problem
  54. being zyklon-b is actually a delousing
  55. agent it's a mostly harmless chemical a
  56. perfect example of this is people who
  57. still think that the law to report a
  58. document commissioned by Ernst zündel
  59. that was used to defend him at his trial
  60. in Canada for distributing Holocaust
  61. denial material proves that people were
  62. not gassed as in most of his public
  63. appearances Ernst zündel arrived at
  64. courts surrounded by supporters wearing
  65. hard hats they are bodyguards for a man
  66. who says the Holocaust is a myth and
  67. who's prepared to argue that before a
  68. judge and jury his own bill is charged
  69. under a rarely used section of the
  70. Criminal Code that he published
  71. statements he knew were false statements
  72. that could cause racial intolerance 45
  73. years of undetermined hatred is enough
  74. the Holocaust is nothing but
  75. undetermined hate propaganda opposing US
  76. history and I with the help of my
  77. friends from around the world chess and
  78. checkers I'm going to finish the Second
  79. World War by guarantee you in this video
  80. I would like to once again cover
  81. encounter what I considered to be the
  82. strongest arguments made by Holocaust
  83. denier lists all revisionist if you will
  84. that the Nazis did not systematically
  85. murder millions of people in their death
  86. camps I would also like to correct a few
  87. mistakes I made in my previous videos
  88. because mistakes are blood to these
  89. leeches so once again strap yourself in
  90. as robots talk about the gas chambers or
  91. lack thereof in feh virtually 40 odd
  92. years I believe unquestionably that
  93. there were gas chambers at these
  94. concentration camps
  95. and when I found that they want my next
  96. question is what do I do about it but
  97. all this bickering would be pointless if
  98. we could see a genuine gas chamber for
  99. ourselves that of course would most
  100. effectively end the argument so let's
  101. just jump in if these revisionists don't
  102. think that these buildings are crema
  103. torian's and gas chambers what do they
  104. think their function was which brings us
  105. to the building I'm standing in front of
  106. the gas chamber and crematorium pictures
  107. of this building have been featured in
  108. book after book on the Holocaust
  109. after all what better proof it all
  110. happened revisionists don't dispute that
  111. this is a real building from during the
  112. war we say that it was indeed a
  113. crematorium and des mortuary which also
  114. was used as an air-raid shelter for the
  115. SS men in the hospital and restaurant
  116. right across the street from it the
  117. Auschwitz people say it was indeed a
  118. mortuary into crematorium with a
  119. mortuary part which you're looking at
  120. right there later being used as the gas
  121. chamber they also say that it was used
  122. as an air-raid shelter this store opened
  123. into the air raid shelter as you can see
  124. it has a peephole and as we open it
  125. inwards you can see that it looks into
  126. or at a wall befitting an air-raid
  127. shelter the first wall here this
  128. vestibule
  129. leads into the air-raid shelter where a
  130. second door the second door you can see
  131. is supposed to be guest height that is
  132. the problem anyone is faced with
  133. worrying about this well they believed
  134. they were air-raid shelters and like all
  135. good conspiracies there is a tiny
  136. snippet of truth to this on September
  137. 13th 1944 a targeting error caused bombs
  138. to fall on outfits killing 15 SS men and
  139. 40 inmates only in late 1943 did the
  140. central construction office and
  141. Auschwitz Birkenau on orders
  142. Berlin begin to build air-raid shelters
  143. at both the main camp and Birkenau they
  144. opted to build warn and two-man shelters
  145. now these were placed at regular
  146. intervals around the perimeter of the
  147. camp now these smaller individual
  148. shelters had an advantage they were
  149. close by and they were open in the
  150. direction of the prisoner compound so
  151. that the SS guards could continue to
  152. cover the perimeter whilst using them in
  153. Auschwitz the main camp Auschwitz one
  154. this building was an obvious choice for
  155. an air-raid shelter because the SS
  156. guards could quickly take cover there in
  157. the event of a raid the plan for the
  158. air-raid shelter was dated September
  159. 1944 and it showed that they constructed
  160. additional walls in one of the rooms the
  161. reason they did this was to provide
  162. better support for the concrete roof and
  163. to minimize any damage if a bomb were to
  164. penetrate it it already had a gas tight
  165. door and an extra door was added as an
  166. emergency exit and there you have it no
  167. further construction was necessary when
  168. we first really see Tobin in his movie
  169. he stood by this door and he refers to
  170. it as the entrance into the gas chamber
  171. now in my original video I was talking
  172. about how the doors that he was talking
  173. about weren't original doors I mean for
  174. goodness sake warned them was just a
  175. wooden door that you'd find in your
  176. house but one thing that I forgot to
  177. mention was that this door actually
  178. didn't exist when this was operating as
  179. a gas chamber so I think straight off
  180. the bat you can see the level of
  181. research that Tobin and his fellow
  182. revisionists put into their work any map
  183. of this crematorium of this morgue of
  184. this bomb shelter of this gas chamber
  185. you can see timewise when these things
  186. occurred and Tobin is just flat-out
  187. wrong when he talks about this door so
  188. if this building was turned into an
  189. air-raid shelter what was it originally
  190. well originally pre-war it was an
  191. ammunition bunker however it was adopted
  192. for a new function in 1940 as a
  193. crematorium with its largest room
  194. functioning as a morgue later in 1941
  195. this room would be adapted as the first
  196. provisional gas chamber after the
  197. establishment of outfits to Birkenau two
  198. more provisional gas chambers bunker
  199. Warren and bunker two also called the
  200. little red house and of the White House
  201. the camp authorities shifted the mass
  202. murder there and gradually stopped using
  203. this first gas chamber
  204. then moves chromatin room 2 in 3 how
  205. they would use these bunkers again when
  206. they ran out of capacity towards the end
  207. of the war the Nazis tried to cover up
  208. their atrocities by destroying paperwork
  209. and destroying the physical evidence
  210. they blew up crematoriums they blew up
  211. gas chambers
  212. however crematorium 1 which was now a
  213. air-raid shelter survived after the war
  214. outwits was turned into a museum
  215. authorities felt that a crematorium /
  216. gas chamber was required at the end of
  217. the memorial journey for visitors
  218. however the four main crematoriums and
  219. gas chamber buildings where most of the
  220. mass murders took place
  221. lay in ruins in Birkenau therefore the
  222. museum authorities decided to restore
  223. crematorium / gas chamber 1 according to
  224. Nancy blueprints dated September 25th
  225. 1941 as a partial reconstruction this
  226. gas chamber speaks for the existence of
  227. all crematoriums and gas chambers at
  228. auschwitz birkenau so another thing that
  229. the holocaust nihilists claim is the I
  230. guess the The Smoking Gun that this
  231. thing never happened was that the
  232. chimney is not actually attached to the
  233. building back up on the roof dr. Tobin
  234. points out the crematorium chimney a
  235. chimney that is not found on any allied
  236. aerial photos at the time but we believe
  237. it was added later by the Russians
  238. but whoever added it did not bother even
  239. attaching it to the building Tobin seems
  240. to imply that the people who rebuilt
  241. this were too stupid to connect it to
  242. the building no that's not the case the
  243. chimney the original trimly because this
  244. one is actually rebuilt this was built
  245. by the soviets after the camp was
  246. liberated was actually connected
  247. underground and we know this because we
  248. have plans of this building we have
  249. plans of this building when it was a
  250. mold when it was a gas chamber when it
  251. was a bomb shelter and when it was a
  252. functioning crematorium we know how this
  253. chimney when it was there how it was
  254. connected I was underground
  255. once again it's another example of how
  256. lazy people like Tobin are and how they
  257. just want to spin a narrative to excuse
  258. their bigotry
  259. respect showed respect - silence
  260. [Music]
  261. the fact that this was restored is not
  262. hidden as revisionists like to believe
  263. now let's let's start again talking
  264. about this building here this this is a
  265. reconstruction this is no big revelation
  266. I mean for goodness sake there is even
  267. information outside of crematorium one I
  268. examined the facilities and I made a
  269. determination that they were incapable
  270. of supporting the use of hydrogen
  271. cyanide gas for purposes of execution or
  272. otherwise but additionally it would be
  273. necessary to move remove samples return
  274. them to the United States for testing at
  275. an independent laboratory to in fact
  276. confirm what my visual inspection
  277. indicated that these facilities never in
  278. fact contained hydrogen cyanide gas
  279. revisionist often claimed that a
  280. scientific study called the loiter
  281. report proves conclusively that there
  282. were no gassings at Auschwitz Birkenau
  283. in the report Fred leuchter concludes
  284. that there only in significant traces of
  285. Zaycon be that he found in the samples
  286. he took from Auschwitz Birkenau the
  287. story of the log to report starts in
  288. 1988 with Ernest Sandow a German
  289. Canadian whose / intron Canada for
  290. spreading false news about the Holocaust
  291. as part of his defense sogndal
  292. commissioned a self-proclaimed
  293. specialist on execution chambers to
  294. conclude a forensic examination of the
  295. gas chambers in Auschwitz Birkenau and
  296. other camps
  297. I'm an engineers from Boston in the
  298. United States and I'm here this snowy
  299. morning there without Schlitz is pulling
  300. the data starboard 28 that's
  301. approximately 10:30 a.m. and I'm here to
  302. examine it's a wedged guest some people
  303. feel it was an air-raid shelter other
  304. people feel that it was simply a mark
  305. and then there were those that feel
  306. structure-function does the gas chamber
  307. so who is this Reuter and why does he
  308. consider himself a specialist on
  309. execution chambers well he had
  310. previously contracted for several states
  311. helping them to maintain improve and
  312. document the equipment they used for the
  313. administration of capital punishment he
  314. claims that his work in this area is
  315. humanitarian providing a greater respect
  316. for both God and those to be executed if
  317. you're interested he actually goes into
  318. great detail about his work on electric
  319. chairs gallows and his own personally
  320. designed lethal injection system in the
  321. movie mr. death so how did this guy come
  322. to the conclusion that no one was gassed
  323. ruin the Holocaust
  324. well he traveled to Poland and shortly
  325. after arriving in Poland he and his
  326. group consisting of his draftsman a
  327. cinematographer a translator and his
  328. wife spent three days at the former ash
  329. wits concentration camp
  330. once there they filmed loiter illicitly
  331. collecting what he regarded to be
  332. forensic quantity samples which even by
  333. 1988 standards they're not they're huge
  334. fist sized chunks of material which he
  335. took from the wreckage of the former gas
  336. extermination facilities he did this
  337. while his wife and the translator acted
  338. as lookout Carol was outside at one of
  339. the entrances essentially freezing
  340. she was one of our lookouts we had her
  341. at one door the translator was at the
  342. other door Howard my draftsman and
  343. myself were inside taking measurements
  344. and recording the locations and bagging
  345. the samples and the cinematographer was
  346. making the videotapes so just to clarify
  347. he removed
  348. fist sized pieces of brick and concrete
  349. from the site with a chisel he is
  350. damaging the site and doing it with a
  351. smile and I really want to stress here
  352. that he did not have permission to do
  353. this and he must have known what he was
  354. doing was wrong otherwise he wouldn't
  355. have asked his translator and wife to
  356. act as lookout Loic turn collected all
  357. in all 31 fist size samples of brick and
  358. mortar from the crematoriums and gas
  359. chambers and one control sample from the
  360. delousing building in Birkenau the nazis
  361. regularly used allowing buildings in
  362. order to delighting embedding and combat
  363. typhus in the camp now vojta collected
  364. these samples in a covert random and
  365. undocumented manner there is no way of
  366. knowing whether the mortar and brick
  367. that Lucho sampled had actually come
  368. anywhere from the gas chamber rooms at
  369. one point he even collected chunks of
  370. breaking concrete from a puddle of
  371. melted snow on the floor of what he
  372. claimed to be a gas chamber actually it
  373. wasn't a gas chamber it was part of the
  374. crematorium of an area so here I am in
  375. block 3 in Auschwitz worn in a de-icing
  376. room now until that because of the hole
  377. in the wall behind me but also because
  378. of this here now this blue color and the
  379. wall here is a result of hydrogen
  380. cyanide reacting with iron in the wall
  381. to make a compound that we call Prussian
  382. blue this really deep blue color now a
  383. lot of denialists out there say that
  384. this is the proof that no one was gassed
  385. in Auschwitz because in certain gas
  386. chambers they can't see this blue color
  387. now there are many reasons why we don't
  388. physically see it first reason is that
  389. it takes not that much hydrogen cyanide
  390. to kill a human
  391. about 300 parts per million as opposed
  392. to about 16 and a half thousand parts
  393. per million to kill insects and bugs
  394. that was happening these deal absent
  395. chambers
  396. so the concentration was a lot higher
  397. here another reason is because the high
  398. concentration of hydrogen cyanide in
  399. this room was here for a lot longer it
  400. only took a couple of minutes to kill
  401. hundreds of people in one go but it took
  402. hours and hours and hours in rooms like
  403. this another reason one that's not
  404. really talked about why we don't really
  405. see much of this blue staining in the
  406. gas chambers is something that is quite
  407. awful when when people die there is a
  408. lot of mess and so as a result people
  409. were coming after after the gassing and
  410. they would remove the bodies and they
  411. would clean these rooms and they could
  412. clean with some harsh chemicals the
  413. walls that was just made of plaster and
  414. rub away any Prussian blue that may have
  415. formed where you get rid of these
  416. chemical markers according to the
  417. account of Joseph Saka
  418. a member of one of the Soka commandos
  419. after every killing we washed everything
  420. and sprayed it with a substance so that
  421. the odor of the gas would not remain we
  422. also washed the floor of the chamber
  423. with this type of procedure in place the
  424. plaster in the gas chambers will be far
  425. less likely to contain significant
  426. amounts of hydrogen cyanide or hydrogen
  427. cyanide related compounds another reason
  428. why you wouldn't expect to find large
  429. concentrations of Prussian blue in the
  430. gas chambers is that low PHS can have an
  431. effect on its synthesis and thus when a
  432. load of people were forced in there and
  433. they're all breathing out carbon dioxide
  434. that is gonna hamper its synthesis so
  435. this guy now has 31 samples which he
  436. stole so how do you suppose he's gonna
  437. smuggle them out the country he hid them
  438. in his dirty underwear I had a couple of
  439. heavy bags of samples which we mixed
  440. with a dirty linen dirty underwear and
  441. all sorts of things because we figured
  442. the customs people would not be willing
  443. to go through our dirty laundry he then
  444. gave them to a lab without telling them
  445. where precisely they came from in fact
  446. he lied to them he said they came from a
  447. industrial disaster site without really
  448. knowing what they were looking at the
  449. lab did their best to try and get some
  450. kind of results and they ground these
  451. samples down to get
  452. a composite sample there are many many
  453. problems here the first issue is he
  454. didn't have permission and the second
  455. problem is that he took huge chunks now
  456. this stuff is only really on the surface
  457. level if you take a massive fist sized
  458. piece of rock and you smash it up you're
  459. going to dilute down whatever film of
  460. this stuff is actually on the walls I
  461. mean it's just ludicrous to consider
  462. that these facilities could have been
  463. used as gas chambers
  464. James Roth the manager of the lab that
  465. carried out the analysis was also
  466. heavily critical of loiter and the fact
  467. that he did not come out and say what
  468. these samples were and where they came
  469. from and why he was testing them Roth
  470. who did not learn where these samples
  471. came from until he was on the stand in
  472. court later stated that hydrogen cyanide
  473. would only have penetrated about 10
  474. micrometers into the wall a tenth of the
  475. thickness of human hair Roth offered the
  476. analogy saying that the investigation
  477. was like analyzing paint on the wall by
  478. analyzing the timbre behind it
  479. lo Ito published his findings in his
  480. report which concluded with there were
  481. no execution chambers at any of these
  482. locations
  483. therefore the alleged gas chambers at
  484. the inspected sites could not have then
  485. been or now be utilized or seriously
  486. considered to function as execution gas
  487. chambers sundel submitted loiters
  488. reporters evidence in his trial and
  489. wanted loiter to be a witness for his
  490. defense
  491. however when loiter was questioned by
  492. the court about his credentials as an
  493. expert witness it was discovered that he
  494. wasn't a licensed engineer lawyers
  495. degree was in the humanities and he had
  496. no expertise in chemistry toxicology or
  497. cremation all specialized subjects he
  498. addressed in his report the court then
  499. refused to enter the report as evidence
  500. as they did not accept him as an expert
  501. witness Judge Ronald Thomas began to
  502. label Lucia's methodology as ridiculous
  503. and preposterous and dismissed many of
  504. the reports conclusions on the basis
  505. that they were based on second-hand
  506. information and refused to allow him to
  507. testify on the effects of zyklon-b on
  508. humans because he never worked with the
  509. substance and was neither a toxicology
  510. or chemist the judge dismissed his
  511. opinion because he said it was of no
  512. greater value than that of an ordinary
  513. tourist and in regards to Lucia's
  514. opinion he said his opinion on this
  515. report is that there were never any
  516. gassings or there was never any
  517. exterminations carried on in this
  518. facility as far as I am concerned from
  519. what I've heard he is not capable of
  520. giving that opinion he is not in a
  521. position to say as he said so sweepingly
  522. in this report what could have been
  523. carried on in these facilities in
  524. February 1999 the director of the
  525. Institute for forensic research in
  526. Krakow conducted a fair experiment where
  527. they extracted iron cyanide based
  528. compounds from the walls of the gas
  529. chambers now these people actually got
  530. permission to take these samples and
  531. they tested them and lo and behold they
  532. found hydrogen cyanide residue the liter
  533. report stated that the small amount of
  534. hydrogen cyanide he detected in the
  535. ruins of the crematorium are merely
  536. result of fumigation so just to point
  537. this out I know it's really obvious but
  538. he found Hudgins cyanide residue in a
  539. diluted down sample he found this he
  540. found evidence of this compounds used in
  541. this particular place and he just
  542. dismisses it because it doesn't back up
  543. what he already believes however the
  544. Institute for forensic research were not
  545. best impressed with the reports
  546. conclusion they point out that the
  547. control samples they took from living
  548. areas which had been fumigated once as
  549. part of the 1942 typhus epidemic tested
  550. negative for cyanide they also point out
  551. that the typhus epidemic occurred before
  552. the crematorium at Birkenau even existed
  553. the Institute for forensic research
  554. demonstrated that cyanide was present in
  555. all the facilities where as claimed the
  556. gassing took place so in all five
  557. crematoriums and in the cellar of block
  558. 11 and in the delousing facilities it
  559. has been over 30 years since the lucha
  560. report was dismissed in court and its
  561. author ridiculed and condemned for his
  562. poor methodology and disrespect for this
  563. World Heritage Site these people knew
  564. what they were doing was wrong which is
  565. they stole samples from these death
  566. camps which is why they smuggled them
  567. out of the country and which is why they
  568. lied to the laboratory that was running
  569. the test for them now normally in videos
  570. where I talk about bad methodology I
  571. normally say that people like this
  572. designed experiments to get the results
  573. that they wanted which is usually the
  574. case however in this case I don't
  575. believe that's what happened I believe
  576. there was so incompetent that they had
  577. no idea that they had unwittingly
  578. stacked the deck in their favor
  579. these people are idiots they're not
  580. experts they're just idiots
  581. so to conclude the loot report is junk
  582. science and his conclusions are not
  583. supported by the evidence
  584. [Music]
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